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10:16 istazhi all
10:17 istazstupid question : what method do you use to generate the FAI password in FAIBASE.var ?
10:18 istazI don't remember how i did it before; my co-worker tell me he used htpassw but it doesn't seem to work
10:18 Mrfai man mkpasswd
10:18 Mrfaiecho "yoursecrectpassword" | mkpasswd -Hmd5 -s
10:18 istazthanks a lot
10:30 istazif you put a file in a certain class in the directory /fai/files, the script which fcopy it should be compulsorily in the same class?
10:31 MrfaiYou may also put the fcopy command in the class DEFAULT, then this one fcopy commands can handle you templates for all classes.
10:34 istazonly in class DEFAULT? cause I have two différent version of my file /etc/cups/printers.conf one in class SALLE_9 and one in class SALLE_3 and I have put a fcopy in an script in my class MAIN (to which every computer belongs) and it didn't copy anything
10:35 MrfaiIt's ok to out the fcopy command in your class MAIN. Read shell.log to see why this fcopy did not anything.
10:37 istazpermission denied.  
10:37 istazok it's my fault /o\
10:37 istazwhich permission does fai need to acceed the files?
10:38 istaz*access
10:48 sepis it possible to order the nics in a different way using fai config ? i have one onboard and one pci. card the onboard have pxe, but the pci get eth0 after the kernel boots
11:31 Mrfaiistaz: read and execute
11:31 Mrfaisep: known problem
11:32 Mrfaisep: not easy to fix, try to influence the order of modules that are loaded by the kernel. This is done inside the initrd
11:32 lazyb0ybut fai runs as root in the nfsroot - so it's a bit strange - sure that the target is mounted read-write, and you don't have some other strange problem?
12:00 istazMrfai: for all user? ?
12:03 lazyb0yistaz: as I said above: fai runs as root on installation, so, not for all but only for root...
12:04 istazlazyb0y: I don't have the no_root_squash option enabled so it make sense that it doesn't work
12:05 istazin fact since I stupidly created my user on the server as "fai" I forgot that i wasn't the same user accessing the data
12:06 lazyb0yistaz: when you don't have no_root_squash for the nfsroot (ineterstiung question: why???), I guess you have many other problems, haven't you?
12:07 lazyb0yand when your server has a normal user account called fai, you'll also have trouble saving logs and calling chboot...
12:07 lazyb0yfai-chboot, that is
12:14 istazlazyb0y: no idea why, I didn't write the config file, I juste took up the maintaince of the system wich was designer more than 2 years ago
12:16 istazand it doesn't seem like it's using fai-chboot
12:16 istazfai was at version 2.10
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12:20 istazlazyb0y: in fact I don't even know what chboot is for
Action: istaz is doing a man fai-chboot
12:23 istazoh it's for network booting, we don't use that, we boot via CD. PXE doesn't work well with our optical fiber network
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12:27 sugarmiceMorning guys.  I've got an odd problem with the way certain machines are built by our FAI server, and I'm somewhat confused by it
12:28 sugarmice99% of the time, it builds machines absolutely correctly
12:28 sugarmiceBut some machines, while it builds without errors, the resulting machine can't configure its network interfaces
12:28 sugarmiceAnd this appears to be because /dev/shm is completely empty (mounted, but empty)
12:29 sugarmiceAnyone have any idea what I need to look at here?  This is FAI 3.1.8, building 32-bit etch machines
12:39 lazyb0yistaz: ah.
12:40 lazyb0ysugarmice: random problems are great :)
12:40 lazyb0ysugarmice: so, it's the same machines, and the same configs which sometimes work and sometimes don't?  and their install logs look always "correct"/without errors?
12:43 sugarmiceThe state seems to be stable; a give machine will either always work, or never work.
12:43 sugarmiceIt looks like some sort of race condiion
12:44 sugarmiceI've just looked at a problematic machine, and the problems seems to be that /etc/init.d/ifupdown is not being run
12:44 istazsugarmice: you install all of them at the same time?
12:44 sugarmiceNo
12:52 sugarmiceOr if it is being run, it's failing.  This may not be a FAI bug at all, of course - it may be a race condition in the standard etch distribution
12:58 sugarmiceI don't seem to be able to find any error messages printed by anything in /etc/rcS.d though - where does that stuff go?
13:03 istazhum ... I created a password the way MrFai indicated but I noticed something strange
13:03 istazif I do a : fai@di-fai:/fai/config$ export ROOTPW=$1$Yzigllbq$xGz80FWIL7q.kAGCMqnQd/
13:03 istazthen fai@di-fai:/fai/config$ env |grep ROOT
13:03 istazROOTPW=.kAGCMqnQd/
13:04 istazit get trunkated
13:05 istazif I do a : fai@di-fai:/fai/config$ export ROOTPW=\$1\$Yzigllbq$xGz80FWIL7q.kAGCMqnQd/
13:05 istazoups
13:06 istazif I use \$1\$ it works
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13:18 istazok I just had to use ' instead of ". Where are you basic bash knowledges when you need them?
13:52 glancecd
13:52 glanceerr
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13:58 chtpnabend. habe einige probleme ein 32 bit nfsroot zu bauen auf einem 64 bit system. der client bekommt immer 64 bit kernel per pxe (pxelinux.0), obwohl ich fai-setup aufrufe mit "FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP = .. -- arch i386" in /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf. hat jemand eine idee, was ich noch beachten muss?
13:59 oz_chtp: benutze ein 32 Bit system zum bauen der nfsroot...
13:59 oz_dann auf den 64bit server kopieren.
14:00 chtpoz_: habe dummerweise kein 32 bit system mehr :-(
14:00 oz_chtp: ? warum das eine 32bit nfsroot?
14:00 oz_s/das/dann/
14:00 chtpoz_: hm, dieses --arch flag ist doch genau dafür gedacht oder nicht?
14:01 chtpoz_: für embedded devices. auf den will man aber nicht wirklich ein fai bauen.
14:02 oz_chtp: na, ein 32 bit system ist schnell beschafft, oder?
14:02 oz_das andere wär eine komplizierte sache
14:03 chtpoz_: ich überlege gerade ein chroot mit 32 bit aufzubauen und darin fai zu installieren. war wäre denn dein anderer vorschlag?
14:06 oz_chroot oder eben ne andere 32 bit kiste
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16:35 istazjust a tought (I don't know if it's has already been fixed in the latest version) : I have seen that you can now put your base.tgz
16:36 istazin basefiles/
16:36 istazbut if you provide a different base.tgz you probably also want a different sources.list
16:37 istazI modify mine by hand but it would be nice to have it done automatically
17:30 lazyb0ychtp: ich verstehe dein problem nicht ganz. Du sagst, du hast probleme beim nfsroot bauen, und dann "der client bekommt einen 64 bit kernel" - das nfsroot bauen hat doch mit pxe nix zu tun?!
17:30 lazyb0yein 32 bit nfsroot sollte kein problem sein, wenn man die --arch setzt in den fai debootstrap options
17:31 lazyb0yund welchen kernel dein system per pxe bekommt, stellst du am besten in der pxelinux config ein
17:31 lazyb0yhmm, ah, moment, und da machts auch schon klick vielleicht :)
17:32 lazyb0ywelches fai nutzt du denn? 3.2.x?
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