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09:29 insomniaMrfai: ich hab einen verbesserungs vorschlag für 30-menue-source
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09:45 Mrfaiok
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10:33 atlantidei want to know what i can do with " You have to setup BOOTP support no manually " instead of "BOOTP environment prepared"
10:35 Mrfaioh, this is a typo and it's wrong in the documentation.
10:35 Mrfaimake-fai-nfsroot will no setup your BOOTP environment, so you have to do it manually.
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10:55 insomniaist irgendwo beschrieben wie ich es einrichten muss wenn ich etch und lenny verwenden will?
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11:29 atlantidei am tried to use fai for installation this is message error ""WARNING: directory /var/lib/fai/config/class not found
11:31 Mrfaiatlantide: put your whole fai.log on
11:32 atlantidethe full message error is in
11:32 MrfaiLine 14: mount: can't get address for
11:32 MrfaiThis is your problem
11:33 MrfaiIn line 11 there is something missing in the kernel parameters
11:33 Mrfaisomthing like this:  FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://kueppers/srv/fai/csetch
11:37 atlantidei have installserver= and FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://$installserver/srv/fai/config
11:45 atlantidei change to FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://tlon/srv/fai/config and FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://, i have the client screen /tmp/fai/logfifo: not a regular file
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11:59 Roelshi there
12:00 RoelsI have this issue with an AMD64 fai install; everythings runs fine untill the grub-setup on the client
12:00 Roelsit cannot find the
12:00 Roelsshell.log:sed: can't read /target/boot/grub/ No such file or directory
12:00 Roelsshell.log:grep: /target/boot/grub/ No such file or directory
12:00 Roelsshell.log:Can't open /target/boot/grub/
12:00 Roelsshell.log:ERROR: postinst returned code 1
12:00 Roelsshell.log:GRUB/10-setup        FAILED with exit code 1.
12:01 Roelsthe disk_config is the same as the fully-installing i386 fai environment
12:01 Roelseven on the same hardware
12:22 atlantidemy pb isnot resolve, fai isnot stable on 3 months my system run well on 4 days
12:35 siretartMrfai: allee: I have just uploaded a new fai to the PPA which should work on hardy
12:36 siretartwe are currently testing the packages, and if everything works fine, I'll upload to ubutnu
12:44 alleesiretart: great.  I give them a try later today
Action: allee reminds himself: there was the /var/run/{network,...} prob if /var is a seperate pratition. Addition of en langpack. Need to check them ...
13:00 insomniawie kann ich in mein nfsroot lenny hinzufügen wo momentan schon etch drin ist? Und wie kann ich dann später in den klassen definieren ob er nun etch oder lenny verwenden soll?
13:03 Mrfaidu must mit debootstrap nur ein base.tgz fuer lenny erzeugen und es LENNY.tar.gz nennen. Ablegen im Verzeichnis basefiles im config space. Dann die Klasse LENNY definieren und die source.list noch anpassen.
13:03 Mrfaidie nfsroot bleibe weiter eine etch nfsroot
13:04 istazsiretart: the problems with unionfs have been in resolved in hardy?
13:05 insomniagut dann versuche ich das mal
13:11 siretartistaz: well, we found a workaround
13:11 istaz?
13:12 siretartistaz:
13:12 istazwow that's much more simpler that my workaround
13:13 istazwhich involved creating two different nfsroot
13:13 istazI will have to try that later
13:13 olegsiretart: GRUB/10-setup aus neuen (ppa package) funzt 1a! Thx
13:18 istazsiretart: another bug I found today is that ubuntu doesn't  use console-data anymore but console-setup instead. So the script provided in the examples which set the keymap according to $KEYMAP  in the .var files doesn't work anymore
13:22 Roelsok, seems grub cannot be run from within the amd64 chroot
13:22 Roels /usr/sbin/grub-install: line 484: /usr/sbin/grub: cannot execute binary file
13:22 Roelsetc
13:29 siretartoleg: ausgezeichnet :)
13:30 siretartistaz: oh, would you mind filing a bug about this? (prefereably with a patch)
13:41 mettlerallee there was the /var/run/{network,...} prob if /var is a seperate pratition - Iam currently fighting with this one, have to reboot twice after installation - are there any fixes?
13:44 alleemettler: AFAIK no :(
13:46 mettlerdamn! what is the problem with this prob? ;D it complains it wouldn't be able to mount /var/lock & /var/run... but after 2nd reboot its all fine - any trouble with that,that i don't see?
13:47 insomniaMrfai: meinst du mit config space fai/config/ ?
13:47 alleemettler: the init script create them
13:48 Mrfaiinsomnia: Ja. /src/fai/config auf dem server.
13:48 mettlerso no problems at all? just warnings @first boot?! kk
13:48 insomniaja weil bei mir da kein ordner basefiles ist, aber dann erstelle ich den da
13:53 istazsiretart: in launchpad I suppose?
13:53 siretartallee: okay, christian now tested the example config space, and it worked for him :)
13:53 siretartistaz: - yes
13:53 istazsiretart: the fix I have is to do : deb
13:54 istazsiretart: the fix I have is to do : debconf-get-selections|grep console-setup >> /fai/config/debconf/FAIBASE
13:56 siretartistaz: could you perhaps paste me the diff in FAIBASE in the bugreport? I'll add it to the next upload then
13:58 mettlerbrauche mal einen tipp zum kernel, hab eine NetXtremII netzwerkkarte, und keine treiber dafuer im 2.6.18 -
14:00 mettlerhab die 2.6.18'er config in die 2.6.24 sources ge'oldconfigd, leider krieg ich aber die initrd nicht netboot faehig ;(
14:02 istazsiretart: If you want everybody to have a Belgian keyboard layout I can do it yes ;)
14:02 istazI will try to make some sort of script
14:06 siretartistaz: oh, I see. hmm.
14:07 Roelsright
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14:43 istazbugreport :
14:44 istaznow I have another funny bug  : If I try to go to my console 1-6  it doesn't display anything anymore o.O
Action: oz_ almost fixed his fai-softupdate
14:54 oz_istaz: debian still uses inittab...
15:03 istazoz_: I'm doing ubuntu installation
15:03 istazand the getty process exists
15:04 istazit looks like the monitor doesn't get any signals
15:06 siretartallee: Mrfai: it would be great if you could give me your opinion on
15:07 istazsiretart: it wasn't a proposal, just my dirty lazy hack
15:10 istazI suppose it will still  work if you install console-data manually (it is still in ubuntu repositories) so maybe you should not remove it but just comment it
15:11 Mrfaisiretart: console-setup gibt es auch schon in etch. Weiss aber ncht ob consele-setup oder console-data bei lenny default ist. MAn koennte doch die debconf antworten fuer beide Pakete in FAI reintun.
15:12 MrfaiAllerdings nicht alles, sondern nur was wirklich notwendig ist
15:13 siretartMrfai: ich habe leider keine ahnung von console-setup. was waere denn notwendig? so wie ich es sehe, ist es mit einer einzelnen variable in GERMAN.var nicht mehr getan, sondern die sache wird aufwaendiger
15:13 torkelsiretart: you already have a debconf template for GERMAN in the examples, add the (most common) console-setup data to that? and remove console-data from examples and the KEYMAP from the GERMAN class file
15:13 siretartMrfai: daher mein vorschlag das aus dem ubuntu fai erstmal ganz rauszunehmen, und beobachten, was du mit console-setup in debian tust :)
15:14 alleesiretart: heh, good question.  AFAIR during normal install I'm only asked 2 question about keyboard
15:14 siretartoh, sorry, ELANG
15:14 siretarttorkel: indeed
15:14 Mrfaithe idea of torkel is good.
15:15 torkeland perhaps add one for english?
Action: istaz whish he had studied German
15:15 alleelooks like these are console-setup/model and console-setup/variant
15:15 torkelistaz: I did, ¨20 years ago :-)
15:15 Mrfaithe only things that will be different then, is that the keyboard layout _during_ installation will not be set
15:15 siretartI think we can live with that
Action: allee nods
15:19 siretartbut still, shall I rip out all console-data from the example config space?
15:19 siretartI'm inclined to do so
15:19 torkelsiretart: imho yes
15:19 istazI didn't understood what Mrfai said, is it still used in Debian?
15:22 siretartistaz: both are available, but it is unsure which is going to end up as default for lenny
15:22 siretart(that's what he said, roughly translated)
15:23 siretartfurthermore, he suggested preseeding for both could be provided
15:23 siretartMrfai: afaiui, console-data does not offer configuration via debconf. else you would surely have used it in the first place, no?
15:31 siretarterr, btw, can someone tell me the defaults of console-setup on a standard german installation?
Action: siretart always installs with us layout
15:31 Mrfaiconsole-data has debconf support
15:32 siretartoh yes
15:33 siretartbut why does then the 10-misc script then use debconf-set-selections manually instead of using configspace/debconf?
15:37 Mrfaibecause debconf preseeding was not working for console-data without calling debconf-set-selection in the last part
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15:44 siretart'was?
15:44 siretart'
15:44 siretartand would it work for console-setup then?
16:30 istaz_anyone has an idea for my empty tty problem?
16:31 istaz_just noticed that the tty are working get displayed, until X start and then they don't show up anymore
16:31 istaz_(but still works)
16:32 istaz_(and I have an older fai installation right next to it which works perfectly fine)
16:35 alleesiretart, Mrfai :  IMHO the GRUB/10-setup (kubuntu) or menu.list/postinst (debian) miss at the end:
16:35 alleeainsl -s $target/etc/kernel-img.conf  'postinst_hook = update-grub'
16:35 alleeainsl -s $target/etc/kernel-img.conf  'postrm_hook = update-grub'
16:36 alleeotherwise installation/removal of new kernels will not update menu.lst
16:37 siretartallee: I think this is a good change, however I'm unsure that it will have any effect since nowadays kernel-package isn't used anymore AFAIUI
16:38 siretartallee: are you still testing the ppa fai package?
16:38 alleesiretart: yes
16:38 siretartok
16:39 istaz_it has only been updated for gutsy?
16:40 istaz_s/gutsy/hardy
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16:42 alleeafter installation and <return> to reboot, fsck runs:  superblock has features different from backup.    Only me?
16:46 siretartperhaps the fs was created without journalling?
16:46 siretartor is it perhaps because of xattrs?
16:46 siretartistaz_: we decided to skip gutsy
16:47 siretartistaz_: nobody stepped up to fix fai in time for gutsy, so we focused on hardy. backports should be possible
16:48 istaz_ok
16:48 alleesiretart: I install linux-image-server and without the post/preinst hooks in kernel-img.conf menu.lst gets not updated.  kernel-package in not installed but adding the hook and running dpkg-reconfgiure linux-...   updates menu.lst
16:48 istaz_I understand you, hardy is going to be the LTS anyway
16:49 alleesiretart: So I'll commit this additon to 10-setup.
16:56 siretartallee: ok
16:56 siretartallee: it seems the kernel postinst scripts look at that file anyways, which is great!
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