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08:49 lazyb0ystockholm: ah, you only planned using them for some logging purposes? then, yes, it might be easier use central llogging if you have that anyway - one service less to setup, monitor, debug...
08:50 stockholmexactly
08:50 stockholmi am just wondering what i am losing
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09:15 mettlermoinmoin
09:23 stockholmich würde gerne sowohl in class/50-host-classes als auch in anderen scripten (die später ablaufen) eine environment variable abchecken. ist die in 50-host-classes schon verfügbar wenn ich die als DEFAULT.var in class/ setze?
09:23 stockholmoder wie kann ich das machen?
09:26 stockholmMrfai: ?
09:27 stockholmdu weisst das.
09:37 Mrfainein, *.var wird nach dem 50-host-classes ausgefuehrt
09:49 stockholmMrfai: hast du dann eine alternative lösung?
09:49 stockholmich möchte nicht die gleiche lange liste mehrfach pflegen müssen.
09:49 stockholmsondern einfach in einer environment variable rumreichen
09:52 Mrfaistockholm: leider keine Zeit im Augenblick mir was zu ueberlegen und genauer darauf einzugehen
09:54 stockholmMrfai: ok, ich hätte gedacht es gibt schon was fertiges. ich bin ja froh dass ich jetzt fragen stellen kann auf die du nicht mehr "rtfm" sagst :-)
09:55 stockholmallerdings gibt das abzüge in den laufenden supportzahlungen
09:57 neil|workpjustice: I just came across I am also having problems with custom kernels and pxe boot in lenny/sid
10:07 h01gerstockholm, in fai.conf? in class/10-first-script?
10:14 stockholmh01ger: oh, kann man in fai.conf environment variablen setzen?
10:15 stockholmwird fai.conf zur runtime des nfs-roots gelesen?
10:15 stockholmwohl kaum
10:20 h01gerdoch
10:21 stockholmmuss ich die dann "export environmentvar="blah"" exportieren?
10:23 h01gerne
10:24 MrfaiDer Befehl set -a exportiert alle variabeln die in FAI irgendwo gesetzt werden
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10:27 atlantidei want to install a new client message and i have this message "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off (inittramfs)" can you help ?
10:54 atlantidei want to install a new client and i have this message "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off (inittramfs)" can you help ?
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11:09 atlantidei want to install a new client with fai and i have this message "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off (inittramfs)" can you help ?
11:32 h01geratlantide, we can read
11:33 h01ger+try a search engine
12:11 atlantideok
12:13 atlantidecfengine2 is install i will remove it
12:14 atlantidecfengine2 is install i will remove it from my server fai
12:18 atlantidei ve the same pb
12:24 atlantidecfengine2 is installed i will remove it from my server fai but i have the same pb
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14:03 atlantidei have this message with my client "Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init" for installation
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14:08 h01geratlantide, which version of fai are you using?
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14:13 atlantide 3.2.4
14:13 h01gerdid you upgrade from 3.1.8 or fresh install?
14:13 h01gerdo you have the uni koeln sources in the nfsroot too?
14:14 atlantidefresh install and sources of  uni koeln
14:18 atlantidei can show you /var/log/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.log if you want on
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14:21 atlantidethere are an other message "mount:Mounting /proc on /root/proc failed: No such file or directory"
14:29 h01geryou checked in the nfsroot if there the sources.list also include uni koeln?
14:34 atlantidethere are an other message "nfs: server not responding, time out"
14:39 atlantideexcuse i don't understand well, i must check in /etc/fai/s/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
14:40 atlantideexcuse i don't understand well, i must check in /etc/fai/apt/sources.list or /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
14:44 atlantideyou can see
14:57 atlantidemy fai-server the nfs-server is running i make the test on an other machine this the result "
14:57 atlantide  20184704   9387264   9772160  49% /toto"
15:05 mettleryour test says that you can mount it?
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15:11 atlantideyes
15:15 mettlerhm you get any NFS_logs/errors when the client boots? it asks the right server for the rootfs?
15:21 atlantidewhen i do "ake-fai-nfsroot -v" i 've this message on ligne 6 ""shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type
15:24 atlantidemake-fai-nfsroot -v
15:25 oz_atlantide: can you put the entire error output on ?
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15:37 atlantidethe entire error
15:42 pjusticeneil|work, I think I'm ok with the stuff on that page.  I'm actually not doing custom kernels.  The unionfs+nfs problem is known; the fixed kernel bits may be in sid, but are not in lenny yet.  I see there's at least a nod towards supporting aufs in place of unionfs in fai, but I haven't yet figured out how to club it into working.
15:45 oz_atlantide: the run does not end with an error?
15:45 oz_I'd strace the run and look for the error in line 5 and 6
15:46 oz_to find the error, one needs to know what file or dir fai expected
16:00 atlantide
16:04 pjusticeatlantide, is your current directory the nfsroot directory when you run the command?
16:10 atlantidemy current directory is /root because root
16:14 pjusticehmm, so much for that idea
16:31 atlantidepjustice, your question is not clear excuse me
16:33 pjusticeatlantide, if your current directory is the nfsroot directory, and you run make-nfs-rebuild, your current directory would be deleted, and might cause the error you see.  But you say you're not doing that, so my idea is wrong.
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21:42 stockholm# how to access the fai config space
21:42 stockholm# default if undefined here: nfs://`hostname`/$FAI_CONFIGDIR
21:42 stockholm# supported URL-types: nfs, file, cvs, cvs+ssh, svn+file, svn+http,
21:42 stockholm# git, git+http,
21:43 stockholmthere is no svn+https available?
21:43 stockholmor svn+ssh?
22:12 stockholmlooking at the code helps.
22:12 stockholmit does support svn+https and svn+ssh
22:14 stockholmbut what is this?
22:14 stockholmFAI_ACTION: softupdates
22:14 stockholmERROR: User defined action /var/lib/fai/config/hooks/softupdates not found.
22:14 stockholmEnd of /usr/sbin/fai
22:14 stockholmh01ger: ?
22:15 stockholmwhat does my softupdate hook need to look like?
22:16 stockholmah it is not suftupdates but softupdate
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