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06:47 glanceanyone here that have installed ubuntu hardy with fai and fixed the update_grub_changeprompt_threeway problem?
06:48 glancethe thing is that update-grub needs permission from debconf to update the menu.lst and some magic doesn't do right.
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07:15 torkelglance: preseed debconf?
07:18 theBrohow do I update the install kernel image on fai server? Installing lenovo T60 does not work currently, seems to fail because of bad drivers (seems that the install kernel (under tftp root) is not updated with FAI upgrades)
07:19 theBrocan I just copy a standard debian kernel (along with initrd image)  and be happy with it
07:40 glanceive did. but it doesn't bite.
07:43 glancetheBro: you need to have a initrd with the live-stuff in it.
07:43 glancerebuild the nfsroot is the easiest way to update it.
07:43 glancethen you get the right modules in the nfsroot and so on....
07:44 torkeldepending on what version of FAI you are using though...
07:44 theBrojust run dist-upgrade yesterday so it should be something like 3.2.4
07:45 theBroeverything works with T41 laptops but T60 uses different HW and that gives me problems (SATA disks and different net chip)
07:47 theBrothe current problem is that the kernel that is booted up with TFTP does not support the net card on T60
07:47 glanceare you shure it works with the debian kernels?
07:48 theBroT41 uses the fai install kernel for booting
07:49 theBrodebian kernel doesn't seem to work as install kernel (tried with initrd with nfs stuff in it)
07:50 theBrois the faiwiki guide for custom install kernel still valid (
07:51 theBronope, it has the KERNELPACKAGE option that is no longer used...
07:52 glanceuse the NFSROOT file to define wich packages to install in the nfsroot.
07:56 theBrohmm, it seems that the stock debian kernel might actually work for install kernel now that I included a lot more drivers on intird image
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12:36 stockholmhi
12:36 stockholmis there some fai short form for "chroot $target sh -c "blah"" ?
12:40 oz_$rootcmd sh -c "bla" could be...
12:40 oz_but feel free to alias it. ;)
12:41 torkeloz_: shouldn't it be $ROOTCMD ? or is both available?
12:42 oz_torkel: I am never sure with case sensitivity...
12:52 lazyb0y_h01ger: no, I didn't knoiw about that page yet. who did it and where is it?
12:53 lazyb0y_h01ger: ah, forget it, you mean the work meeting page...
12:54 lazyb0y_(i thought extremadura is using fai already, and there is some docs about it...)
12:54 lazyb0y_I will subscribe to the page, but please don't use it for discussion!  if there are things to be discussed, please use email
Action: h01ger nods
13:01 lazyb0y_h01ger: BTW you searched for Benoit? Because you don't know him and want to check who he is? :)
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13:07 h01gerlazyb0y_, no. because i want to read what he has written :)
13:09 lazyb0y_ah, about gosa - yes, I'd also like to know how it really works...
Action: oz_ recently saw "linbo" in action
13:10 oz_some guy told me that mr. knopper wrote some opensource alternative to rembo
13:10 oz_looked quite okay
13:11 oz_it's part of some project from Baden-Wuertemberg, the guy told me.
13:11 stockholmi like the "add user" stuff i have produced.
13:12 stockholmit could be nicer if it was in fai proper
13:12 oz_stockholm: "add user" has nothing to do with system installation, imho
13:13 stockholmis there interest in adding static users with ssh keys and password hashes?
13:13 stockholmoz_: see, fai is not about system installation
13:13 stockholmit is about system administration
13:14 lazyb0y_adding users at first install time is quite exactly what fai is about imho
13:15 lazyb0y_and adding them at fai softupdate is also what fai is about :)
13:15 stockholmlazyb0y_: mine is even capable of adding more users and modifing them with softupdates
13:15 lazyb0y_otherwise, we woul djust use debian-installer and cfengine
13:15 lazyb0y_wow - did you announce it on the mailing list, and document/upload it in the wiki?
13:16 stockholmlazyb0y_: i finished a working prototype yesterday night at 1
13:16 stockholmlazyb0y_: so no
13:16 lazyb0y_hmm, I also heard of linbo, but I cannot find anything aout it on the net
13:16 lazyb0y_ah
13:32 oz_stockholm: I don't see much of a difference
13:32 oz_bi it's still FAI and not FAA ;)
13:32 oz_but that's just my 5 cents
13:32 oz_lazyb0y_: I saw a sample install in Schwäbisch-Gmund last week
13:32 oz_it looked quite nice, imho
13:33 oz_what would you suggest for the administration of desktop systems?
13:33 oz_if the systems change often?
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14:40 stockholmoz_: have you used softupdates yet?
14:53 oz_stockholm: yes
14:54 oz_but $customer missed the possibility to feed back changes for the client automatically...
14:54 oz_can faisoftupdate do that?
15:08 stockholmi dont understand the question
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15:12 oz_stockholm: ppl ask me how one can update the configspace automatically from a changed installed client
15:13 stockholmthat seems DANGEROUS. :-)
15:13 oz_stockholm: not so dangerous, if you keep your configspace in svn ;)
15:14 Mrfaioz_: this is not possible.
15:14 oz_stockholm: that is a feature I was often asked for
15:14 Mrfaioz_: And you should not change the install client manually. You must make your changes only in the config space.
15:15 Mrfaichange your config space and then call softupdate, but never change thing on the install clients.
15:15 oz_Mrfai: I just look for a way to change the configspace by a script triggered on the client
15:16 oz_Mrfai: I never used softupdate like this, I'll do it later
15:18 oz_Mrfai: but I think some hack using 'debsums' could do it
15:20 stockholmMrfai: did you see the "user add" feature i wrote about? is there interest for that?
15:28 Mrfaistockholm: put your script into the wiki
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--- Thu Mar 6 2008

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