06:05 lazyb0ypjustice: you could be more verbose explaining what you are doing?!
06:06 lazyb0yfor exanmple: does the server provide the directory that the client tries to mount?
06:37 lazyb0yand: which versions of FAI anbd the underlying distribution do sou use?
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08:47 kazamatzuriis there a documentation anywhere, how to build a custom kernel for fai? the install kernel doesnt have high mem support, and if i try to boot another kernel after installation, the whole setup gets screwed, (nvidia,vmware modules...)
08:49 kazamatzuripjustice: are you sure the nfs server is up and running, and the client is allowed to access the share?
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10:34 lazyb0ykazamatzuri: you can use a default debian kernel
10:34 lazyb0y(just have to get the initrd config right for pxe booting)
10:35 lazyb0yand, for old fai versions with the special fai-kernels package, there's a readme file that explains hot to rebuild it
10:36 kazamatzurihm, ok. i tried a default kernel with initrd, and it screems about some script live/scripts .. probably that's the problem then
10:36 kazamatzurii'm using 3.2.4, or is there a even newer one?
10:38 h01gerkazamatzuri, if it screems about live script: do you have the koeln repository in your nfsroot?
10:38 kazamatzuriyes, actually i have
10:38 Mrfaiyou can use a default debian kernel, but you need to create teh initrd from inside the nfsroot. This is not the default initrd of a default Debian kernel. It also includes some scripts from teh live-initramfs package.
10:40 kazamatzuriok, then i'll try that. thanks
10:43 lazyb0ykazamatzuri: theres an howto what you must take care of when using 3.2.4 in thew wiki - please read this first if you didn't do that yet!
10:43 lazyb0yit should explain everything necessary, and if not, I'd like to know and fix it...
10:44 lazyb0yMrfai: BTW, mabye it would be interesting toi link to that wiki article somewhere at the download pages
10:45 lazyb0yin case it's not easy to find: http://faiwiki.debian.net/index.php/FAI_3.2_Usage_Changes
10:45 h01geror put it as a readme/howto into the package itself..
10:46 kazamatzurilazyb0y: hehe, tx. i've read most of the howtos, but i hadn't found that one. *reading now*
10:48 kazamatzurilazyb0y: fai-chboot sets the pxe config files correctly
10:51 MrfaiYou should not use faiwiki.debian.net, use faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de instead. This is the official URL
11:02 insomniaMrfai: dass root-pw in der /srv/fai/config/class/FAIBASE.var ist ein wort das md5 verschlüsselt ist, oder?
11:04 h01gerMrfai, you/we should configure the webserver to redirect faiwiki.debian.net urls to faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de ones :) its a one-liner in apache conf
11:05 h01gerand please include  http://faiwiki.debian.net/index.php/FAI_3.2_Usage_Changes in the package, its such a FAQ
11:06 Mrfaih01ger: can you give me the one-line for the redirect?
11:06 Mrfaiinsomnia: yep
11:07 insomniaMrfai: komisch habe ein Wort jetzt in md5 verschlüsselt, den client installiert und kann mich als root nich mehr anmelden
11:08 sepwhat would be the most locical solution ? gather and distribute ssh hosts keys after installation (things like ssh-keysync) or install a pregenerated ssh host key using fai during installation.
11:08 separe there sulutions for this in fai allready ? '
11:08 septo keep the host key identical between reinstalls ?
11:09 h01gerMrfai, if you send me a short mail reminder, yes. currently i'm busy with work..
11:09 kazamatzurisep i use a generated hostkey for all the installed host and a authorized_keys containing the masterserver key
11:10 kazamatzurimakes administrative tasks afterwards more easy
11:10 kazamatzuri that way you can connect from masterserver -> clients but not otherwise.
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11:15 sepkazamatzuri, ack thanks
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11:52 mettlerhi
11:54 mettlerhow do i install debian etch or for example gutsy, would it be best to have 2 different nfsRoots? build with the appropiate sources.lists?
11:55 mettlercause when i run fai-setup it builds the base.gz for etch
11:58 Mrfaiyou can use the same nfsroot for different distributions.
11:59 Mrfaiserch for basefiles in http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/index.html#search
12:02 stockholmMrfai: i would like a mechanism to allow multiple apt-sources lines for building the initial tar.gz (for basefiles)
12:03 mettlerbasefiles was the keyword!! thx
12:03 stockholmMrfai: i want an alternative apt (which allowes https) and get stuff from there later on. but in order to allow a https sources.list line it needs to have a new apt already
12:04 Mrfaistockholm: use fcopy in a hook to copy different source.list before starting the installation of packages
12:05 stockholmi created a basefile.tar.gz manually
12:07 stockholmMrfai: your suggestion does not take into account that the new apt needs to be installed in the nfschroot first
12:11 mikapdoes anyone of you suffer from #465753? (libc6: symbol _dl_out_of_memory, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined)
12:11 mikapI'm affected because my chroot for debootstrap of FAI is based on etch :-/
12:49 sepcan i somehow mark a Volumegroup or logical volume for preservation with setup-storage from svn ? '
14:14 kazamatzuriMrfai: the apropiate hook for that would be 'prepareapt'? or rather debconf, because it's earlier?
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14:17 mettlerhmm,   "put a tar file into the subdirectory basefiles/ and name it after a class..." for example: $fai/config/basefile/FAIBASE.tgz ? ...gives me: ftar: No matching class found in /var/lib/fai/config/basefiles//
14:19 lazyb0yMrfai: I used to use the original url for a long time, but, let's face it, faiwiki.debian.net is much easier to remember, spell and type than faiwiki.infiormatik.uni-koeln.de ...
14:21 lazyb0yI don't see what the redirect should bring - make people that come there the first time see that it's redirected? they will still type the short url if they type it, because the reasons said above, and be wondering it this .net url wil be removed some day (which is the only reason why it should not be used - we don't have full control and the owner might decide to remove it)
14:48 mettlerhmmm fai finds my basefiles when i name them *.tar but then it complains it would be a compressed file "use -z option"...
14:48 mettlercan't get any other basefiles to work
14:51 insomniaKann ich mit fai auch ein selbstgeschriebenes Script am Ende der installation ausführen lassen?
14:52 mettlerjau kannst du
14:54 insomniawie denn?
14:58 insomniaoder wo finde ich es in der doku? habe es da bis jetzt nich gefunden
15:02 mettlerhttp://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide/ch-instprocess.html  punkt 7
15:06 insomniamettler: thx
15:08 mettlerhttp://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide/ch-config.html#s-cscripts  fuehrt dich dann wahrscheinlich da hin. werden je nach priortaet ausgefuehrt
15:11 insomniajoa hab meins jetzt mal da rein gesetzt ... mal sehen obs klappt
15:11 mettlersolved my Basefile Problem ;) ..copied my base.tgz to $fai/config/basefiles/base.tar.gz
15:11 mettlergood luck ;)
15:11 mettlerwas soll es denn tun ? ^^
15:11 insomniane ldap-config
15:12 mettlerui, dann echt viel glueck ;D
15:12 insomniaja danke
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16:31 Linhi there.
16:37 Linhow the "fai clients"' hostname are choosen? In dhcpd.conf I have set: "use-host-decl-names on;"  and declared a host with this line: "host sala02.sfrancisco-ethe   { hardware ethernet 00:18:8b:e3:16:e0; fixed-address sala02.sfrancisco; }". In my subnet I have added: "option domain-name "ibeu.org.br"; "  in server  /etc/hosts  I have added: " sala02.sfrancisco.ibeu.org.br sala02.sfrancisco" . But client's name is set as: sala02.ibeu.org.br but I w
16:37 Linant: sala02.sfrancisco.ibeu.org.br. Any tips?
16:56 juri_your domain name is wrong.
16:57 juri_it should start with sfrancisco if you want the machine to appear as XXX.sfrancisco
16:57 Linjuri_: youre right
16:57 Linthank you
16:58 juri_i am not a hacker. i am not a person. i do not exist. you halucinated this channel, these people, this answer, and its your own responsibility when its wrong.
16:58 juri_have a nice day! :)
16:58 Lin=D
17:14 lazyb0ymettler: IIRC, tgz works nice as basefile - did you try that?
17:15 lazyb0ymettler: the base.tgz would work also - it should be loaded from within nfsroot /var/tmp/...
17:16 lazyb0yin basefiles directory, you would normally only use something like MYSPECIALBASEIMAGECLASS.tgz and asign that class to the host
17:25 mettleryes i tried, DAPPER.tgz / DAPPER.tar ... and DAPPER.tar.gz finally worked, but thnx!
17:25 Linsomeone know where/when fai clean .deb files? I wish to keep them.
17:26 mettlernow i just have to configure hooks for the different sources.lists, right? ....and update-grub moved from /usr/sbin/update-grub to /sbin/
17:27 lazyb0ymettler: ah, I see the problem... is the documentation(fai-guide, wiki) wrong in this point?
17:28 lazyb0yshould probably work at least with .tgz to be in synch with the base.tgz in the nfsroot...
17:31 MrfaiLin: install_packages calls apt-get clean. You have to remove this call.
17:31 LinMrfai: where is this?
17:33 LinI found only apt-get -f install
17:33 Linon  scripts/LAST/50-misc
17:33 mettleri will have to setup some more basefiles tomorrow, will check the extensions again, end of work now, finally ;)
17:33 MrfaiLin: in install_packages line 78.
17:33 MrfaiLin:      78    "clean-internal" => "apt-get clean",
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17:35 LinMrfai: thank you
17:44 Linis there any way to print client CLASSES? (for debug purposes)
17:50 lazyb0yLin: they are printed at the start of the install
17:50 lazyb0ydo touch $NFSROOT/.nocolorlogo to be able to scroll through the screen - or look in the logs  
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17:57 Linlazyb0y: ty
18:03 Linhmmm where fai fetch $HOSTNAME? cause $HOSTNAME isnt returning same thing as /bin/hostname.
18:03 MrfaiLin: /tmp/fai/boot.log defines HOSTNAME, which comes from DHCP
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19:14 LinMrfai: is there any way to use hostnames in this format "compname.section" as: cpu01.room03?
19:17 Lini want to make a centrall instalation syste but I have a lot computers with "same" name but different rooms. as cpu01.room01 and cpu01.room03 , but fai is fitting both them in same CLASS cpu01 .
19:20 lazyb0yLin: hmm, possibly FAI makes a separation at he dot at some point when setting the HOSTNAME variable...
19:20 Linlazyb0y: it does.
19:20 lazyb0yso, you could look up where it does and see if you can replace the code in error with something better
19:20 Lin/usr/bin/hostname reply: cpu01.room03  but echo $HOSTNAME reply cpu01 only
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19:21 Linlazyb0y: hmm. ok I will take a look
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19:27 Linlazyb0y: do you know where/when  boot.log is created? if so I can track from there.
19:31 lazyb0yhmm, I'd search for the HOSTNAME pattern in the subroutines libs, or the main fai script
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19:53 MrfaiLin: boot.log is created by /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/usr/lib/fai/dhclient-perl
20:03 Linhmm Mrfai i dont have this same version
20:04 Lin3.1.8 is my version
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20:46 Mrfai3.1.8 just uses another default dir for the nfsroot. dhclient-perl is also available in your version
21:01 LinMrfai: do you know if there is anyway to use a hostname with dot without code changes? as I said before:  cpu01.room03?
21:02 Lin$ENV{new_host_name} = (split '\.',$ENV{new_host_name})[0];
21:14 torkelLin: you can redefine HOSTNAME in one of your class files
21:18 Lintorkel: the classes are defined in config/class/50-host-classes file. I having problem exaclty here. Because my classes are not being correctly set, imho because HOSTNAME isnt honoring my name set on dhcp.conf BUT /usr/bin/hostname does.
21:20 torkelLin: why don't you use /usr/bin/hostname then?
21:23 torkelor using something like HOSTNAME=`/usr/bin/hostname` in 50-host-classes
21:24 Lintorkel: Im trying to do less harm as  possible to original files.
21:27 torkelLin: they are _example_ files. There is no way you will get away without changing them :-)
21:27 torkelLin: not if you are trying to do something more advanced...
21:32 Lintorkel: got it.
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21:56 pjusticemake-fai-nfsroot kicks out a few of these:
21:56 pjusticeCan not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?)
21:56 pjustice /sys/class/net/ is not available, persistent interface names not saved.
21:56 pjusticeAre they of any concern?
22:15 Linwhat is the better place to set a http_proxy  to be used on packages instalation?
23:45 LinDunno why, but "install_packages" do not show all packages to be installed in software.log is there any explanation to this?
23:46 juri_global warming?
23:46 juri_(i don't have a good explanation)
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23:51 Linjuri_: =D
23:57 Linit install everything except sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin, then after apt-get clean it runs, install_packages: executing chroot /tmp/target aptitude -R -y -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" install sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin  and for some dependency problem it removes a lot of packages. Any one knows how can I debug this?
--- Thu Feb 28 2008

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