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01:08 pllthanks lazyb0y :)
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09:53 kazamatzurihi all
09:54 kazamatzurionce more i've got a little question ;) : i'm trying to get the installed machines to boot the new system, but _without_ enabling boot from harddisks in the bios
09:55 kazamatzuriso i've put the kernel and initrd in the tftp and set the default-config for all hosts (initrd, kernel,..)
09:56 kazamatzuribut the machines still can't find the local harddisks. they complain about not finding /dev/sda1 (which is the root)
09:56 kazamatzuriam I missing something crucial here?
09:59 oz_probably your hdd controller is not recognized
09:59 oz_missing module, I guess
09:59 kazamatzurithe initrd should fix this, shoudn't it?
10:00 oz_you may need to point the initrd to the right module...
10:00 kazamatzurihm
10:01 kazamatzurior i build a kernel without modules at all
10:01 kazamatzurii'll try that
10:01 kazamatzurithanks for the input
10:15 siretart/usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux: line 70: /etc/syslog.conf: Permission denied
10:15 siretarthas anyone already seen problems like that while installing?
10:15 siretartit seems that redirections don't work on the install client
10:18 torkelsiretart: hasn't it always been like that?
10:20 siretartI'm not sure, but it cannot possibly intendend like that, no?
10:20 torkelsiretart: is the fai package currently in hardy supposed to work?
10:20 torkelI get: Can't set permissions on mtab: Operation not permitted
10:20 torkelCan't mount
10:20 siretartI'm currently testing with qemu
10:20 siretartthat mtab: Operation not permitted is not the reason why it cannot mount
10:20 siretartI get that message as well, but the mount still succeeds
10:21 torkelsiretart: ah, ok. I need to investigate further then
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10:57 PsYhi, can anybody tell me how to add users on the fai-client during install?
10:58 PsYi've searched the manual and googled some, but could not find anything useful
10:59 oz_PsY: create a script with 'adduser'
10:59 PsYyes, that is what i tried, but it seems to create a user on the fai server instead
10:59 PsYor it tries to do so :)
10:59 oz_$rootcmd adduser
11:00 oz_PsY: it's best done with a post-install script
11:00 PsYthe variable $rootcmd takes care of that?
11:00 oz_<- got to go
11:00 PsYtnx, i'll try that first
11:00 oz_PsY: it's described in the manual *hint* :)
11:00 PsYhehe, i'll figure it out from there
11:02 PsYis see it now, tnx for your help
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17:25 pllhow do I check out the setup-storage code from svn?
17:28 pllbah, just figured it out, it's not down /trunk...
17:29 kugggreat
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17:46 pllegad, lazyb0y told me yesterday that "setup_harddisk is an ugly beast of code"...  I think I'm less scared of that than config-storage :)
17:48 kuggconfig-storage is quite nice I would say, dont be scared. Im trusting it with _my_ drives ;)
17:52 pllkugg: The 20 minutes of time I've spent looking at the code concern me.
17:53 kuggok
17:53 pllIt could be I don't understand the design decisions in there, but it seems that the code is very limiting.
17:54 pllFor example, there's the use of 'unshift @INC,...' and a bunch of requires.  Which isn't good practice.
17:55 pllAnother example is the the hardcoded use of 'parted' and the hardcoded list of file system types within a regexp...
17:55 pllThe code may work, but it looks unwieldy, limiting, and eventually as tough to debug as setup_harddisk is now...
18:00 pllI'm also not quite sure why it's now limited to using parted, which has support for significantly fewer partition types than (c,s)fdisk...
18:01 pllI can understand making it more flexible, but not more limiting.  Of course, I'm perhaps the only one who cares about using a partition type 99.999% of the world doesn't have a use for :)
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--- Wed Feb 20 2008

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