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15:57 pll`Hi folks.  I've got a Dell Precision T3400 which had a Broadcom 5756 NIC (which should be using the tg3 driver) I'm attempting to install via FAI 3.2.4.  Other systems work just fine against the FAI server,  but this system attempts to load the NFSROOT and then fails.
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15:59 pllThe PXE phase works fine, and the tftp kernel makes it across, but when it attempts to mount the NFSROOT, it can't, presumably because it can't bring the NIC up.  I've tried with 2 different machines on different network ports and I get the same behavior.  The same systems however will run RedHat and Ubuntu just fine.  Same or older drivers across the board.  So, something is different wrt FAI.  Any ideas?
16:00 siretartpll: what exactly fails?
16:00 MrfaiDid you check the the kernel loads the tg3 driver? Does the tg3 in Debian kernel 2.6.18 support this NIC?
16:00 Roelsdual nics? swapping?
16:00 MrfaiWithou bringing up the NIC, the kernel can;t mount the NFSROOT
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16:07 pllsiretart: I get an error something like "Failing to mount nfsroot - looping forever" (or something similar)
16:07 pllMrfai: This NIC has supposedly had support from very early on.
16:08 pllRedHat is using a 2.6.9 kernel and that version of the tg3 driver supports it.
16:08 MrfaiCheck on your install server, if you get IP packets from the install client. Do you see mount requests?
16:08 pllWill check.
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16:18 pllHmmm, It seems the kernel loads, the NIC comes up, the FAI server sees lots of NFS mount requests, then panics with "Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel."
16:19 Roelswhat's your pxe config ?
16:19 pllThe install client also seems to spam the network to the point where any other system on the same switch freezes (my desktop went to a load avg of 22!)
16:20 pllappend ip=dhcp FAI_ACTION=install root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768  FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt
16:20 pllSo, I probably need an init= in there somewhere, huh?
16:20 Mrfaiboot=live is missing
16:21 Mrfaiuse fai-chboot for creating your pxelinux.cfg files!
16:22 pllAhhh, I didn't set up the server.  That explains it.  Thanks, I'll try again and report back.
16:22 pllWhy does this line work with other clients though?
16:22 pllI'm guessing it shouldn't?
16:27 pllOkay, that's getting further.  Now I get a modprobe complaint about:
16:27 pllmodprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.18-fai-kernels/modules.dep: No such file or directory.
16:28 Roelsbad kernel package I would say
16:29 pllI'm thinking the initrd doesn't match the kernel...
16:29 pllGrrr.  It looks like this server wasn't set up correctly...
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16:45 pllHmmm, I just noticed that setup_harddisks doesn't handle nfdata partitions.  We had added this capability to setup_harddisks years ago, and I thought it had been added to FAI...
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17:48 lazyb0ypll: setup_harddisk is an ugly beast of code, and thomas is not very happy to touch it - it's more likely that such things will go into setup storage - so you should add that feature, if not yet there, to the wishlist for the new thing
17:49 lazyb0yand, even if the patch has only some 15 lines - setup hardddisk is a crucial thing, and the slightest error can lead to data loss - so I guess your patch will not make it in
17:50 lazyb0y(but it is not my decision! - only one person can decide such things - i just want to warn you :) )
18:11 plllazyb0y: I appreciate the feedback.
18:13 pllfwiw, this patch has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hours of testing on it.  We been using it across our lab of 400+ systems for over 5 years now, *and* we base our own product on top of it.  We have *never* incurred data loss because of it.
18:15 pllWhile I agree that setup_harddisk is an ugly beast of code, this change is extremely simple, and is really only 4 line changes: 1 comment gets added, 1 line of code gets added, 2 lines get changed.
18:15 pllin an ideal world, I'd rewrite all of setup_harddisk :)  I too agree it's ugly! :)
18:28 lazyb0ypll: o.k. - you'll have to repeat the explanations for thomas :)
18:28 lazyb0yabout the rewrite: you know about setup storage?
18:29 lazyb0yso, setup_harddisk _is_ already rewritten - it not only needs further testing!
18:29 lazyb0ys/not/now/
19:13 plllazyb0y: No, I didn't know about setup storage...
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20:55 lazyb0ypll`: but you know not thta you find inormation on it here:
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21:41 pll`lazyb0y: yes, thanks...
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21:51 pllis there anyone here who can create me an faiwiki account?
22:20 lazyb0ypll: me - I just need your email address
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23:27 lazyb0ypll: soory, i just realize, I should find yxour addres at the very top of the mailing list posts :)
--- Tue Feb 19 2008

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