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10:44 rehi everyone
10:44 rei got a little problem somehow similar to this
10:44 rehttp://www.mail-archive.com/linux-fai@rrz.uni-koeln.de/msg03102.html
10:45 reanyone got an idea why, this pops up, when trying to mount the disks "unknown filesystem type ext3"
10:45 oz_no ext3 module loaded?
10:45 re:-)
10:45 reim kind of new to this stuff
10:45 oz_re: it wasn't meant funny...
10:45 rebut i have an running fai config etc. that works for ubuntu 6.06. so
10:45 repopuu
10:46 rei will write a llittle more
10:46 re:)
10:46 reoh yes i now
10:46 rehow to load the ext3 modules?
10:46 lazyb0yre: you probably don't have the same kernel package installed in your nfs root as the kernel you boot
10:46 oz_insmod ext3 or modprobe ext3
10:47 reyou probably don't have the same kernel package installed in your nfs root as the kernel you boot
10:47 reaa
10:47 lazyb0ycan you please tell us,m as i see ubuntu mentionend: which fai version are you running, on which os, and what are you going to install on yopur clients?
10:47 rethat could be the problem
10:48 lazyb0ythat most certainly is it, at least from my experience :)
10:49 rethe kernel in nfsroot is 2.6.20-15-generic
10:50 reand the kernel i boot with is the
10:51 reso i am trying to boot from usb stick. so i am going on with creating a fai-cd on usb stick an booting with root=/dev/nfs and boot=live?
10:52 reso the kernel packages shopuld match?
10:54 lazyb0yah, your dpoing usb-stick and fai-cd, another interesting information...
10:55 rehehe
10:55 rei guess there lot more i should wirte...
10:55 re*g*
10:56 rei am a little confused right now... going to sort my braibn an then coming back :-)
10:56 lazyb0ystill, in any case, if you _boot_ some kernel, and you want to use and ext3 filesystem, you should have the matching modules in your /lib/modules of the running system
10:57 lazyb0yI am not so into the fai-cd, but you should simply lock into the console when your fai-cd has booted, and compare "uname -a" with the availbale versions of modules in /lib/modules/*
10:57 lazyb0ywhat's so confusing?
10:57 lazyb0yif you boot some kernel, and need ext3, you need the ext3 modules matching your kernel version
10:59 lazyb0yas of " i guess there lot more i should wirte..." - it's not a very advanced knowledge, that, when asking for help, telling people 1) what you are trying to achieve 2) what you do to get there 3) what you get instead and 4) what the circumstances are (e.g. versions involved, distributions involved, etc.)
10:59 oz_????
10:59 oz_I get a parse error...lazyboy?
11:00 lazyb0ybut, just for the next time you ask - you're welcome anyway
11:03 lazyb0yoz_: can you specify your question? :)
11:03 oz_lazyb0y: it wasn't a question :-)
11:03 oz_too late to worry, just forget it.
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11:05 lazyb0yMrfai: alive and recovered fomr carnival?
11:14 Mrfaiyes, but I have a cold now :-(
11:33 lazyb0yMrfai: not enough wodka?!
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11:34 kuggi could have some wiskey now. Preferably the second one from the wiskeybof at debconf
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12:51 rethx lazyboy, the missing kernel module stuff was exactly my problem :)
12:52 rebye bye
13:00 lazyb0yre: have fun! :)
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18:06 belialhy@al
18:07 belial mal ne kleine frage: dir/euch schon mal passiert das nach der installation von mailman ihr aus dem ssh fliegt und nicht mehr reinkommt ? passwort falsch .....
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18:33 lazyb0ybelial: mal ne frage - was hat das mit FAI zu tun?
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21:52 alleesiretart: you fai merge for hardy looks promising.  AFAICS pxe demohost PXE install only suffers by a missing kernel entry in menu.lst (running update-grub in chroot does not fix it)
21:53 alleesiretart: I'll look at menu.lst tomorrow night
21:53 siretartallee: cool
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--- Tue Feb 12 2008

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