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11:09 insomniaservus, habe mal wieder ne frage
11:11 insomniaboote einen client über PXE, der kriegt auch eine IP etc. und dann stoppt er mit der Meldung VFS: Connot open root device "/exports/nfsroot" or unknown-block(0,0)
11:11 insomniaPlease append a correct "root=" boot option
11:12 Mrfainutzt du fai-chboot? man fai-chboot
11:13 insomniaok ich lese mal
11:45 insomniamhh finde meinen fehler nicht genau ... das Problem ist das ich auf dem einen server den dhcp und den pxe-kernel habe. das verzeichnis das er jetzt über nfs sich holen soll, liegt jedoch auf einem anderen server. wie kann ich das realisieren und wo muss ich den zweiten server definieren
11:45 insomnia?
12:21 Mrfaidie variable root-server im dhcpd.conf kann das machen, oder nfsroot= im pxe config file
12:26 insomniathx
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14:12 sinderhat jemand fai mit Ubuntu hardy zusammen erfolgreich laufen? Stolpere im Moment ueber dieses nicht-schreibbare unionfs Problem, aehnlich wie bei gutsy: http://www.staz.be/wiki/FAI_Gutsy
14:14 sinderder empfohlene Umweg, ein gutsy oder hardy base.tgz in eine alte feisty-nfsroot Umgebung zu kopieren scheitert bei mir im Moment daran, dass dem feisty fai-kernel einige noetige Module fehlen... 8-(
14:15 sinderich scheine im moment zu bloed zu sein, einen geeigneten fai-kernel hinzufriemeln...
14:24 stockholmMrfai: hi! wie gehts?
14:24 stockholmMrfai: hattest du die nase voll von irc?
14:25 Mrfaihi stockholm. Mir geht's sehr gut (privat), aber viel zu tun (privat und dienstl) :-) Und dann war auch noch Karneval, da war ich total offline.
14:25 Mrfaistockholm: und du bist wieder back in good old germany?
14:25 stockholmah, karneval. habt ihr das da viel?
14:26 stockholmköln, gell?
14:26 stockholmja meine schwägerin hat das auch :-)
14:26 Mrfaiyep. Das heisst eine Woche offline und party
14:26 stockholmja, genau, wir versuchen und wieder an .de zu gewöhnen
14:27 Mrfaistockholm: gleicher Arbeitgeber?
14:28 stockholmja, übers netz
14:28 Mrfaiok, also immer noch FAI related Arbeit.
14:28 stockholmganz nett, aber zur zeit schwer was gemacht zu bekommen weil die kinder viel zwischendrin wollen
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18:52 pllHi all, is it really true that for a separate /boot partition that it *must* be the on a primary partition?
18:52 plland that it must still be ext2 ?
19:11 eylisianpll, I'm scoping docs right now. If I see ref to it I'll post.
19:12 eylisianI don't know enough about fai building to say.
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Nick change: MT_ -> MT
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20:37 plleylisian: thanks.  We've confirmed that it cannot be a logical partition, but it can be an ext3 partition.
Action: eylisian looks up at the throbbing xchat icon...
20:38 eylisianpll, Thanks.
20:38 eylisianI am just now embarking on FAI. I have a mirror already and thats all I can say I know about ;)
20:40 eylisianI have been trying to subvert Cobbler (RH thingie) into serving both rpm and deb based installs but it's not going well. So FAI might be the trick as i am reading about it installing different distros.
20:40 plleylisian: good luck...
20:41 eylisianThanks for that too. =) Just time really, looks pretty straight forward.
20:41 pllmy biggest complaint with fai is that (purely imo) the docs aren't that well written and the code isn't well documented.
20:42 plleither force everyone to the wiki and only use that, or update the "official" manual so that it contains everything.
20:42 pllAs it currently stands, the manual is part manual, part manifesto, and there are too many places to look for too many different things.
20:43 pllbut other than that, FAI is a lot better than anything else I've seen out there...
20:43 eylisianack. I am going to wade through it as best I can, docing here on our wiki at work. If it's worthy I'll ask about submitting it.
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Action: eylisian looks at the fai doc...
22:21 eylisianwhich comes first? do I edit fai.conf, FAI_DEBMIRROR= filling in what I think is going to be my nfsroot, or do I run the setup first. The doc is ambiguous to me.
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22:24 eylisianwill it become /srv/fai/nfsroot & I just need to supply that?
Action: eylisian has light go on in head...
22:26 eylisianmynfs debmirror... ah. sorry to be so dense.
23:43 eylisianI have a working mirror that hosts get updates from now on the network, i can build clients with it as well. The FAI doc says that FAI_DEBMIRROR nfs mount isn't needed if using http for access. Do I pass the mirror http addr here then?
Action: eylisian tries it w/ out anything...
23:45 eylisianoooooooh, it gets me further along w/ out anything =)
23:47 eylisianE: Broken packages ... ouch ... off to google it. it almost completed though, which is better than when I was trying to pass off the repo as an nfs mount.
--- Fri Feb 8 2008

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