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14:44 tostadohi
14:46 tostadoi need help. we install ubuntu feisty clients with fai (ubuntu gutsy server) and need to enable german environment. we cant get german special characters on the console...
14:47 tostadodpkg-reconfigure console-data doesnt work for us
14:48 MThmm, we're using Debian etch and have the same problem
14:49 MTbut thus far we haven't got a solution ...
14:49 MTmaybe you should ask on the mailinglist
14:50 tostadodid zou fix it somehow _
14:50 \shconsole-data is not state of art anymore
14:50 sepskitostado, installed all the neede locales ? dpkg-reconfigure locales
14:50 tostadoyes i tried that too...
14:51 tostadoroot@supergrobi:~# dpkg-reconfigure locales
14:51 tostadoGenerating locales...
14:51 tostado  de_AT.UTF-8... up-to-date
14:51 tostado  de_BE.UTF-8... up-to-date
14:51 tostado  de_CH.UTF-8... up-to-date
14:51 tostado  de_DE.UTF-8... up-to-date
14:51 tostado  de_LU.UTF-8... up-to-date
14:51 tostadoGeneration complete.
14:52 sepskiand the lang and languages variables are sane ?         set | grep LANG
14:53 tostadoset | grep LANG  gives no output
14:54 \shtostado, check /etc/environment
14:56 tostadook
14:57 tostadoright now there are no LANG entrys in /etc/environment
14:57 tostadoi will put them there
14:58 \shtostado, like LANG="de_DE.utf8" e.g.
14:58 \shtostado, like LANG="de_DE.UTF8" e.g. (more correct9
15:00 tostadook
15:01 tostadoit did change something, the y and z are now correct
15:01 tostadobut not umlaute
15:02 tostadoright now something else is displayed when i press o-umlaut, but its garbage anyway...
15:02 \shtostado, relogined?
15:02 tostadoyes
15:03 tostado set | grep LANG outputs LANG="de_DE.UTF8"
15:04 \shtostado, ok now for /etc/default/console-setup
15:05 \shtostado, dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
Action: \sh grabs a coffee and some nicotine :)
15:06 tostado:)
15:07 \shtostado, btw...why are you installing feisty clients, when gutsy is more mature? :)
15:08 tostadobecause there is a bug with installing gutsz with fai, related to the unionfs driver in gutsy in combination with nfs mounts
15:09 tostado:(
15:09 tostadoi really would like to do so
15:09 \shtostado, you can find better fai packages on the ppa of the fai team in ubuntu ;)
15:09 \sh
15:09 \shcheck for personal package archive
15:10 tostadothats what we are using
15:10 tostado
15:13 \shtostado, hmm...yeah
15:13 \shcrap
15:13 tostadoim looking for a link describing a workaraund for that problem
15:13 tostadobut i cant find it
15:13 tostadoit did cost us a lot of time to find out...
15:14 tostadobut i will keep going on with console/setup
15:14 tostadoencoding on the console is utf-8 right
15:15 \shtostado, well, when I read the comments correctly, there was a fix which was unfixed again...when I find the fix, you can compile your own kernel...or just wait for hardy ,-)
15:15 \shthat reminds me to merge fai up to latest version for hardy
15:15 tostadoits alright if we just wait for hardy we are still busy with the right fai setup...
15:16 tostadook, console setup reconfigured nothing changed...
15:17 tostadoVERBOSE_OUTPUT=no
15:17 tostadoACTIVE_CONSOLES="/dev/tty[1-6]"
15:17 tostadoCHARMAP="UTF-8"
15:17 tostadoCODESET="Lat15"
15:17 tostadoFONTFACE="Fixed"
15:17 tostadoFONTSIZE="16"
15:17 tostadoXKBMODEL="pc105"
15:17 tostadoXKBLAYOUT="de"
15:17 tostadoXKBVARIANT=""
15:17 tostadoXKBOPTIONS=""
15:17 tostadoBOOTTIME_KMAP_MD5="ee2642e7945b700925467c130f600efb"
15:18 \shtostado, /etc/init.d/keyboard-setup restart?
15:20 tostadomom
15:20 tostadono nothing changed
15:20 tostadostrange
15:20 \shre-.login...or try a reboot
15:21 \shwell, I'll check it from here...give me a sec
15:22 \ console is fragged because of stupid xorg driver...starting up laptop
15:22 tostadowhat i find strange is that i didnt find any information or howtos related to this problem, and i am not the only one with it... nothing in the fai wiki, no example GERMAN classes...
15:23 \shtostado, well...ubuntu is not debian ;) but most likely the ubuntu changes are hitting debian too
15:25 tostadoyes i know... its just that:
15:25 tostado> (15:48:53)  MT:  hmm, we're using Debian etch and have the same problem
15:25 MTwell, honestly, we've never looked into that terribly much
15:25 tostadoso its not ubuntu only
15:26 MTbut yes, it does not work out of the box...
15:26 \shwell, when I do this on my gutsy console it works
15:26 tostadodoes anyone here install ubuntu clients with german environment
15:26 \shdpkg-reconfigure console-setup regenerating your initramfs?
15:27 \shtostado, I did that in my old company but with dapper
15:27 \shdid a reboot help?
15:28 tostadoi will try and come in in a few moments
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15:38 tostadore
15:39 tostadook, now i have different garbage when i press o-umlaut i.e. :)
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15:42 \shtostado, you installed all german language stuff?
15:42 tostadobut i found someting interesting... i created a file with umlauten - on my lokal system looks odd
15:43 tostadobut when i login from another, good configured system the umlaut looks ok
15:43 tostadoso maybe its just a font problem on the console
15:44 tostadomaybe not
15:45 tostadoi will show you what we install
15:46 tostadoPACKAGES aptitude GNOME
15:46 tostadomozilla-firefox-locale-de-de
15:46 tostadothunderbird-locale-de
15:46 tostadoPACKAGES aptitude KDE
15:46 tostadoenigmail-locale-de language-pack-de language-pack-de-base language-pack-kde-de language-pack-kde-de-base
15:46 tostadomozilla-firefox-locale-de-de thunderbird-locale-de
15:46 tostadomyspell-de-de
15:51 \shhmmm...
15:52 \shwhat's in your /etc/console-setup/ dir? use pastebin pleas...e.g. :)
15:54 tostado
15:56 \shtostado, looks check the md5 checksum of boottime.kmap.gz with your md5 sum in /etc/default/console-setup
15:58 tostadook pasted again they differ
16:01 tostadosorry now i know what you mean but they differ also
16:02 \shtostado, check the contents of this with your /etc/default/console-setup ... it works here with a simple dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
16:04 tostadook the only difference is fontface VGA instead of fontface FIXED
16:05 tostadoi can try to fix that
16:06 tostadono nothing changed :(
16:07 tostadostrange. if i log in from remote and create a file with umlaut its displayed correct remote but lokal it looks bad
16:07 \shtostado, ok now I'm at the end with my latin language...can you join freenode and ask in #ubuntu or better #ubuntu-devel which packages needed for console fonts? for me everything looks correct..But I don't have a feisty anymore to test
16:07 tostadoso its more a font problem than a kezboard one
16:08 tostadook
16:08 tostadothanks anyway :)
16:09 tostadohope we get it fixed
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--- Sun Jan 20 2008

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