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12:08 mikapMrfai: any plans for a new release which addresses #456978? :)
12:26 Bluemoon_tach
Nick change: Bluemoon_ -> Bluemoon
12:27 Bluemoonein frohes und gesundes neues jahr wuensche ich noch
12:44 Mrfaimikap: do you have a patch? Do you like to have a 3.2.5 version before releasing grml 1.1 or just wanna have a fix for it?
12:45 mikapMrfai: for grml 1.1 itself it isn't a problem, it's a problem for our autobuild-system which supports logging now as well but I can't activate it really because the logs are on the wrong place ;)
12:45 mikapMrfai: no, I don't have a patch yet - but if you would accept one I'd work on one
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12:50 Mrfaimikap: If the patch is fine, I will accept it.
12:50 mikapMrfai: ok
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14:42 h01gerMrfai and #fai: happy gnu year!
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15:01 sugarmiceAfternoon chaps - our FAI installer has just broken, but I don't know whether it's FAI's fault or some recent change in etch, and would appreciate some advice...
15:01 sugarmiceThe install appears to work, but when the machine reboots, the network fails to come up
15:02 sugarmiceIt seems that udev isn't working properly, and when I looked at the logs of the install in detail I saw this:
15:03 sugarmiceUsing mkinitramfs-kpkg to build the ramdisk.
15:03 sugarmiceln: target `/tmp/mkinitramfs_xo4147//lib/udev/' is not a directory: No such file
15:03 sugarmice or directory
15:03 sugarmicenow that looks suspicious to me, but I don't understand enough about kernel building to know where to start looking.  Any ideas?
15:06 h01gerdid you rerun fai-setup?
15:06 h01geraeh,
15:06 h01germake-fai-nfsroot i mean
15:07 sugarmiceNo, but I'm a bit frightened of that, because it's a 32-bit chroot on a 64-bit server which also has a 64-bit FAI chroot as well
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15:08 h01gerthe kernel was updated in r2
15:09 sugarmiceDoes that mean I need to make sure that FAI's kernel is the same one?  I thought that didn't really matter...
15:11 h01gerwhich fai version are you using?
15:12 sugarmice3.1.8
15:12 sugarmiceI'm running make-fai-nfsroot now
15:13 h01ger3.1.8 still uses fai-kernels. (which was updated in r2 too, but that indeed shouldnt matter)
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15:30 sugarmiceHmm - well, make-fai-nfsroot seems to have given me a new nfsroot that doesn't work at all.  :-(
15:31 sugarmiceBut that may just be this machine - I can't completely rule out some really obscure hardware failure mode
15:39 pllsugarmice: I saw a similar failure with one of my systems yesterday.  I'm using fai 3.1.8 also.
15:39 pllWe have about 8 different hardware platforms, and all but one "just worked".
15:40 pllas far as I can tell, there's nothing overly special about this failing platform either from a CPU or NIC perspective.
15:40 pll The NIC comes up, but it won't actually communicate with anyone on it's segment.
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16:15 sugarmiceAh - interesting/  That's slightly different from me.  The NIC doesn't come up at all
16:15 sugarmiceI'm just trying to install a VMWare virtual machine to see whether it's hardware specific
16:55 sugarmiceYup - it looks like the VMWare machine built perfectly.  It's just this one server (which unfortunately was a production machine which needed reinstalling following a failed disk)
16:59 sugarmiceI'm going to futz with the hardware a bit and see if isn't some other component that's failing.  Thanks for your help guys
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17:36 Linhi there.
17:37 LinI have a client computer that isn't recieving the right hostname. It is taking the IP Addres' first octect as name. I really dont know where to change this. Any tips?
17:49 Linguten tag!
17:50 Linhallo!
17:51 Lindas ist ein lied von Klaus Hoffman =D
17:51 Linich bin lerne deustch.
17:55 sepskiLin, does it work with other computers ?
17:55 Linin fact.. dont
17:55 Linall computers get 192 as his name. I have other 3 fai servers. they work fine.
17:55 sepskiusualy it's the dhcp server config missing the decl hostname  whatever statement.
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17:55 Linhost lab01.botafogo  { hardware ethernet 00:04:75:00:00:00; fixed-address lab01.botafogo; }
17:55 Linsomething as this?
17:55 sepskino
17:56 sepskisomething like use-host-decl-names       on;
17:56 Linuse-host-decl-names on;
17:56 Linhell
17:56 Lin=)
17:56 Linis unseted on that server
17:56 Linsepski: very thank you
17:56 sepskinp
17:57 Linwhat is a decl-name
17:58 sepskian abbrivation ?
17:58 Linthe  name  provided  for the host declaration will be supplied to the client as its hostname.
17:58 Lin=D
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20:35 pllHi all.
20:36 pllDoes fai match a system to a disk_config class on a first-match basis?  Or a more explicit-match basis.
20:36 plliow, if there is a disk_config/DEFAULT and a disk_config/ will host match more explicitly than DEFAULT ?
20:36 pllOr can I not have a DEFAULT disk_config class ?
20:40 sepskii think it uses the last value in the class list that match.
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21:10 pllsepski: so it's a last-match wins?
21:11 sepskiafaik
21:11 pllthanks.
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--- Sat Jan 5 2008

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