02:58 holstI must acknowledge myself beaten by this package :( godnight
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16:01 lazyb0y_holst: hmm, if you're doing fai-cd you don't need nfs...
16:01 holstlol
16:01 holstI just logged in
16:01 holst2 seconds later I waw
16:01 holstwas* highlighted here
16:01 lazyb0y_siretartm holst: the last I heard was that fai-cd worked on gutsy, but I cannot confirm
16:02 holstI have invested 12 hours work at it
16:02 lazyb0y_holst: ? you logged into you newly installed machine with fai, running on gutsy, installing gutsy?
16:02 holstyes
16:02 lazyb0y_and, did you do net install or fai-cd in the end?
16:03 lazyb0y_would be great if you could document how you solved the problems that occured
16:03 holstwell, in my lab environment with vmware the pxe is filtered
16:03 holstso I tried to floppy
16:03 holstthat didnt work either
16:03 holststucks at GRUB <nothing more typed out>
16:03 holstthe fai-cd ALMOST work
16:03 holstbut I get error with GRUB/10-setup
16:03 lazyb0y_if floppies are too small, you can build a boot-cd with make-fai-bootfloppy
16:03 holstinstall-grub failes
16:04 holstlazyb0y_: with -B it works
16:04 holsti.e., with 2.88MB disk
16:04 holstand also, when using fai-cd, I get a problem with network interfaces
16:05 holstyou should be able to just use ip=dhcp right?
16:05 holsti must manually edit /etc/network/interfaces and fix it and then restart the network
16:05 lazyb0y_hmm, with fai-cd ip doesn't matter at all - you have everything you need on the cd :)
16:05 holstwell, that is the problem. I didnt want to do it that way. Instead I wanted to use a custom sources.list
16:06 holsti dont want to mirror a mirror because we have 1000Mbps interconnectivity to certain repositories
16:06 holstso I need to have network working from the install CD
16:06 holstand the generated /etc/network/interfaces is *broken*
16:07 holstI dont know why
16:08 holstI might give it another try later, but I must go an errand now. Will you be around something later?
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16:09 lazyb0y_holst: interesting idea to use the fai-cd with an external mirror :)
16:09 lazyb0y_still, you _should_ have a mirror, even if you uplink is great - you should save the external mirror's bandwidth...
16:10 holstI read that too much bandwidth are being used by students for "no good stuff"
16:10 holstso I thought I would fix the statistics a bit :P
16:10 lazyb0y_about the interfaces file: I don't have it at hand where it is created, it should be possible to fix the script that generates it
16:11 holstthat would be interesting
16:11 lazyb0y_interesting reason to drain the ubuntu mirrors :)
16:11 holstbut maybe I can put just the install cds deb file on the mirror?
16:11 holstnot having to dl 20GB of debs
16:12 lazyb0y_holst: you can do that, too, or just use apt-proxy
16:12 lazyb0y_I prefer to have full mirrors in the original layout :)
16:12 holstyes and have [cdrom] enabled there pointing to file:///srv/cdmirror
16:13 lazyb0y_again, about interfaces file: if you always have the same, simple config, to use dhcp, you could just create a correct config and copy it with fcopy
16:16 holstgood idea. I am inspired again. I will try it when I get back
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17:12 boredhello ppl.. im trying fai first time and i'm getting this error when i run fai-setup.. dpkg-divert: cannot open diversions: No such file or directory .. any ideas?
17:13 MTbored, please paste all of the output to paste.debian.net and post the link here
17:17 boredsorry i realised what the problem is.. dint have enough space in the partition
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18:42 pllHi all, I'm trying to set up a new FAI server to install etch.  For some reason, the kernel package isn't installing.  I keep getting an error message: Unpacking linux-image-2.6.18-5-686 (from .../linux-image-2.6.18-5-686_2.6.18.dfsg.1-13_i386.deb) ...
18:42 pllOk, Aborting
18:42 plldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.18-5-686_2.6.18.dfsg.1-13_i386.deb (--unpack):
18:43 pllany ideas?
18:45 pllI've tried wget'ing the .deb from different mirrors, and while ssh'ed into the install client and chroot'ed into /tmp/target I've tried dpkg -i --force-all to no avail.  Same error.
18:50 MTpll: I think some part of the error message is missing
18:50 MTall that I can see here is ... (--unpack):
18:51 MTbut I guess there is some more after the colon ...
18:51 oz_pll: maybe /var on the installed box is too small?
18:52 oz_pll: what does software.log tell you?
19:02 holstwhat does $NFSROOT/var/tmp/base.tgz do?
19:03 MTthis is unpacked after partitioning
19:03 MTto save a lot of time
19:03 MTit is done instead of calling debootstrap
19:03 MTthe base system
19:04 holstso base.tgz is unpacked to /target?
19:04 holstand then config/FILES/ is fcopied over?
19:05 holstI am sorry to bother with questions, but its very tough to debug this stuff without having a clear understanding of the process
19:07 oz_holst: you have to call 'fcopy <file>' in some script on the client
19:07 oz_else nothing is copied from config/FILES
19:08 holstaha
19:08 holstso etc/network/interfaces will not appear in the target unless I say so?
19:09 holstnow i have files/etc/network/interfaces/FAIBASE which holds my config
19:12 holst(30-interaces did that)
19:13 plloz_: I run apt-get install linux-image-2.6.18-5-486 and it dies with:
19:15 pllUnpacking linux-image-2.6.18-5-486 (from .../linux-image-2.6.18-5-686_2.6.18.dfsg.1-13_i386.deb) ...\nOk, Aborting\ndpkg: error processing\n/var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.18-5-486_2.6.18.dfsg.1-13_i386.deb (--unpack):\nE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
19:15 pll(pretend all the versions in the above manually-typed stuff actually agree :)
19:15 oz_pll: what does 'df -k' on the client tell you?
19:16 pllfarm-420:/tmp/fai# df -k
19:16 pllFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
19:16 pllrootfs                10325792   2731616   7069664  28% /
19:16 pll/dev/root             10325792   2731616   7069664  28% /
19:16 plltmpfs                   517744         4    517740   1% /tmp
19:16 plltmpfs                    10240        32     10208   1% /dev
19:16 plltmpfs                    10240        24     10216   1% /var/run
19:16 plltmpfs                    10240       292      9948   3% /var/log
19:16 plltmpfs                    10240         0     10240   0% /var/lock
19:16 plltmpfs                    10240         0     10240   0% /var/discover
19:17 plltmpfs                    10240         0     10240   0% /var/lib/discover
19:17 plltmpfs                    10240         0     10240   0% /etc/sysconfig
19:17 plltmpfs                    10240        20     10220   1% /etc/lvm
19:17 plltmpfs                    10240        12     10228   1% /var/lib/cfengine2
19:17 plltmpfs                    10240       292      9948   3% /tmp/fai
19:17 plltmpfs                 10325792   2731616   7069664  28% /var/lib/fai/config
19:17 pllfarm-419://srv/fai/config
19:17 pll                      10325792   2731616   7069664  28% /var/lib/fai/config
19:17 pll/dev/sda2            479683276    465916 454850772   1% /tmp/target
19:17 plltmpfs                    10240        32     10208   1% /tmp/target/dev
19:17 pllf
19:17 pll
Last message repeated 1 time(s).
19:17 pllSo, I should have plenty of room.
19:17 pllI'm using 2 partitions, 1 swap, 1 for everything else, on a 500GB drive.
19:18 pllI've tried installing with a separate /boot of < 100MB at the front of the disk as well.
19:30 MTpll, I think you need to have some kernel-img.conf
19:31 holsthmm
19:31 MTI'm not actually sure which of the lines is the crucial one, but mine is:
19:31 MTdo_symlinks = yes
19:31 MTrelative_links = yes
19:31 MTdo_bootloader = no
19:31 MTdo_bootfloppy = no
19:31 MTdo_initrd = yes
19:31 MTlink_in_boot = yes
19:31 MTsilent_modules = yes
19:31 holstI have a problem, inside the chroot
19:31 holstwhen i run /etc/init.d/networking start
19:31 holstit complains about /var/run/network directory missing
19:32 holstso it cannot create the statefile
19:32 holstis this something somebody know about?
19:32 MTwhich chroot?
19:32 MTthe NFSROOT?
19:32 holstoh, chroot /target
19:42 pllMT: I'll try the kernel-img.conf thing.  But where does that get put?
19:43 pllIs that an $NFSROOT/etc file, or something that needs to be in $FAI/config/files/... ?
19:43 MThmm, do you still have your client available?
19:44 pllyeah.
19:44 MTplease check whether it already has a kernel-img.conf file
19:44 MTin /target/etc/kernel-img.conf
19:44 pllthere is a /etc/kernel-image.conf which only has a 'do_boot_enable=no' line
19:45 pllhold on a sec on the /target...
19:45 pllnope, no /tmp/target/etc/kernel-image.conf
19:45 MTah, which fai version?
19:45 MT3.1.8?
19:46 pllerr, what shipped with etch?
19:46 MTthat one, ok
19:46 pllshould I upgrade? would that make me happier?
19:46 MTjust a sec
Action: pll hasn't set up an fai server since 2.8.x
19:47 MThmm
19:47 MTah - are you using your good old config space?
19:47 MTor did you start from scratch?
19:48 pllNope, started from scratch.  The old config was too old and crufty.
19:48 MThmm, then you should have a file files/etc/kernel-img.conf/DEFAULT
19:48 pllWe've basically got nothing in the config space.  A class, a disk_config file, etc.
19:48 MTin your (new) config space, right?
19:48 pllAhh, no we don't....
19:48 MTah, you didn't start from the example config space
19:48 pllnope.
19:49 MTok, please merge the following from the example config space:
19:49 MTfiles/etc/kernel-img.conf
19:49 MTand hooks/instsoft.FAIBASE
19:49 MTor rename that one to hooks/instsoft.DEFAULT
19:50 MTthat will take care of installing kernel-img.conf before installing the software packages
19:51 pllOkay, can do.
19:51 pllthanks.
19:54 pllThe fai-doc package contains only an instsoft.FAIBASE. It appears to okay to just rename that to instsoft.DEFAULT ...
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19:54 MTyep
19:56 pllis kernel-img.conf a 2.6 kernel thingy?
19:56 MTI think this is an entirely Debian specific thing
19:57 MTfor the Debian kernel package only
19:57 pllHmmm, well, there seems to be a man page for it, I probably ought to read it :)
19:58 pllThanks for the clue.
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21:19 lazyb0y_holst: about " its very tough to debug this stuff without having a clear understanding of the process" - you could start with reading the fai guide! :)
21:21 holstI have, and usually stuff breaks all bets are off
21:21 holstfai-cd not being supported under ubuntu but still i shipped with ubuntu, i dont even know how to interpret that
21:25 holstIm working with pure debian now
21:25 holsttrying to get it working there first
21:49 lazyb0y_holst: I think it might be easier to use a debian server to install debian as well as ubuntu systems
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