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20:48 holsthi!
20:48 holstanyone around or still vaccation?
20:49 holstI am trying to setup FAI for www.nada.kth.se (or www.csc.kth.se as we are called now)
20:50 holstits only about 10 PhD/researcher computers in the test right now but still I think the FAI backend is worth while
20:50 holsthowever, I have run into some problem
20:50 holstwhen I generate the fai-cd image (as suggsted by a friend as a good start before full PXE boot) it doesnt contain any kernels
20:51 holstany usual misstakes here?
20:51 holstoh, did I say its Ubuntu? 7.10
20:51 maswanI don't know, TBH, we just use PXE boot for everything (hpc2n.umu.se)
21:00 holstwell, that is encouraging at least :)
21:02 juri_the cd image has no kernels? check your /etc/fai/NFSROOT
21:02 juri_(yay! another fai-cd user!)
21:08 holstwell
21:08 holstthe image itself has kernels
21:09 holstthey just install onto harddisk
21:09 holstDONT install
21:09 holst/etc/fai/NFSROOT lists the kernel package (linux-image-generic)
21:10 holstI am installing in a vmware session, I hope that isnt affecting it
21:11 holstit creates the partitions, all very good
21:12 holstI will boot with knoppix and see what the log file says
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21:28 holsthmm
21:28 holstI cannot find the packages
21:29 holstalso, /etc/apt/sources.list is empty (only a comment from #fai-cd)
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21:30 holstmaybe I misunderstood the purpose of fai-cd, I thought I could use it to bootstrap a normal netbased install
21:31 holstbesides, who uses floppies anymore? :)
21:34 siretartholst: I don't think fai-cd works on ubuntu yet. needs more investigation what's going wrong there
21:36 holstok, I will try and get the floppy variant working instead
21:36 holstThe kernel configuration is $NFSROOT/boot/config-$KERNELVERSION.
21:37 holst$NFSROOT is /srv/fai/nfsroot
21:37 holstbut under nfsroot is live/filesystem.dir/
21:37 holstno boot/
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22:17 holstthe NFSROOT interpretation is different between make-fai-bootfloppy and fai-cd
22:17 holstis this correct?
22:18 holstbootfloppy uses the unaltered NFSROOT from /etc/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
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22:19 holstbut fai-cd uses instead, NFSROOT="$NFSROOT/live/filesystem.dir"
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22:44 holstwee
22:44 holstNFSROOT isnt defined in the stock kernel
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22:47 holsthttp://www.staz.be/wiki/FAI_Gutsy
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--- Wed Jan 2 2008

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