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11:37 Schnitzhi all
11:39 Schnitzi have a question regarding fai...when booting via pxe it tries server files to get from tftp linke pxelinux.fg/MAC-ADDRESS-STUFF and at last default but there is no such thing in my tftp directory after running fai-setup
11:39 Schnitzthen it stops after could not find kernel image: linux
11:40 Schnitzi assume that the config file in pxelinux.fg should give information about the kernels name because thats what it does in the files that ship with ubuntu (for normal installation, they just offer you to boot via pxe, no automagic)
11:41 Schnitzis the missing config file meant to be created automatically?
11:43 Schnitzi can continue booting by typing vmlinuz-install at the commandline but i think thats not the way it's meant to be
12:09 Schnitznever mind managed to create it with fai-chboot, excuse me!
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12:45 Schnitzlooks like i run in the next problem
12:45 Schnitzinstallation aborts and i get a bash in /
12:46 Schnitzeverything seems to come from nfs and be a read only file system
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13:34 spqthis is not a problem
13:35 spqbut what did fai say why it gave you to a prompt?
13:35 spqthere must have been an error
13:37 Schnitzthere was an eror
13:37 Schnitzit complained about serveral files it couldn't create because of the read-only stuff
13:38 Schnitzi guess something with the ramfs went wrong because i think / should be RW while someone tries to create /target ;-)
13:39 spqhm
13:39 spqno, you should have /tmp as rw tmpfs
13:40 Schnitzbecause you know i redid the whole fai setup stuff and now suddenly i have also a ramdisk for my boot kernel ;-) that looks WAY better i think
13:40 spqi dont like ramdisks ^^
13:40 Schnitzi checked using mount and df, there was no read/write fs instead of /dev
13:40 Schnitzerr i mean no RW file system except /dev
13:40 Schnitznobody likes ramdisks but if scripts create them and they contain what i want i can lie with it
13:41 Schnitzramdisk? i meant initrd ;-P
13:41 Schnitzsorry not 100% present ;-)
13:48 spqi meant initrd too
13:48 spqi everytime build my own monolythic kernel for pxe booting purposes
13:51 Schnitzi'm not that big kernel building freak anymore i was some years ago ;-)
13:51 Schnitzbut now the fai installation is running smoothly
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13:55 Schnitzgreat it worked :-)
13:58 spqnice
15:05 Schnitzlooks like i'll love this tool ;-)
15:49 Schnitzis there another mechanism than writing a script on your own for configuring network interfaces with static ips?
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16:01 Mrfaithe fai examples already include such a script: FAIBASE/30-interface
16:02 Schnitzthanks
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16:04 Schnitzwhere do i have to set the vars like IPADDRESS? i'd like to use the ones first supplied with dhcp
16:09 Mrfainormally set by dhcp
16:11 Schnitzthat's exactly what i need...just was unsure because i think there are a lot of scripts on top which i don't know
16:11 Schnitzthanks for your help
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--- Sat Dec 29 2007

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