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12:30 Lin2hi there!!!
12:30 Lin2just a simple question about fai-cd
12:32 Lin2fai-cd is complaining about ERROR: Please create NFSROOT by calling make-fai-nfsroot or fai-setup , bu my nfsroot was created with sucess. is there any conf/variable to make fai-cd search in right places? my nfsroot is in /srv/fai/nfsroot. Im using  fai-server version 3.1.8 from offciail debian packages. Any tips are welcome.
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12:35 Lin2as I could notice fai-cd search for: export NFSROOT=$(source $cfdir/make-fai-nfsroot.conf; echo $NFSROOT)
12:35 Lin2is this right?
12:35 Lin2yes.. it is. =D
12:41 Lin2hmmm after this test it does a test for [ -d "$NFSROOT/etc/fai" ] || die and returns false and dies. *but* $NFSROOT/etc/fai exists
12:50 Lin2!seen mrfai
12:50 Lin2!last mrfai
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13:01 Lin2why make-fai-cd umount /boot
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21:23 kuggthis is a bit offtopic but anyway, im going to germany/berlin/ccc tomorrow but I still dont have a cheap youth hostel/hotel to stay at any recomendations?
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--- Fri Dec 28 2007

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