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08:29 mat1how to solve: ERROR: live-initramfs was not installed inside the nfsroot.?
08:29 oz_add live-initramfs in NFSROOT
08:30 Mrfaiand check your sources.list.
08:30 mat1thanks
08:30 Mrfailive-initramfs is not needed in NFSROOT if you are using recent fai versions
08:31 Mrfaibecause fai-nfsroot depends on live-initramfs
08:31 mat1if upgraded yesterday to 3.2.4
08:31 mat1aptitude install fai-quickstarts doesn't depend on fai-nfsroot, or am I wrong?
08:33 Mrfaithat's ok, because fai-nfsroot must not be installed on a normal system. It's only needed inside the nfsroot when you call fai-setup or make-fai-nfsroot
08:34 mat1but if you install fai-quickstart, you will probably run fai-setup.
08:34 Mrfaiyes
08:35 Mrfaicheck /etc/fai/apt/sources.list. Add the koeln repository which is mentioned on the FAI web page
08:35 mat1ahh.. *klick* I didn't want to run "aptitude install fai-nfsroot"
08:36 mat1on my server
08:36 mat1ok
08:38 Mrfaiyep
08:44 mat1when running fai-setup again it warns me about untrusted/unverified packages: *** WARNING ***   Ignoring these trust violations because... Is this correct? ATM I don't know how to supply a key for the koeln repo serving 3.2.4 fai
08:44 mat1...
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08:58 Mrfaiyou can ignore this
09:25 mat1with the new fai version 3.2.4 there is the new /etc/fai/NFSROOT, and the fai-kernel package is deprecated, but my fai-client now complains about missing modules... the exact error message is not available, cause DHCP info messages spamming the screen, and shell access is not available at this stage... any ideas?
09:33 Mrfaimaybe ther kernel you boot does not match to the lib/modules inside the nfsroot
09:50 mat1when choosing a new kernel in pxe-linux.cfg/XYZ have I to rerun the fai-setup script?
09:55 mat1yes it was probably a initrd-kernel mismatch
09:56 mat1but now BusyBox complains: /bin/sh can't access tty; job control turned off
10:04 mat1live.log gives: mount call failed 13
10:06 mat1it sis my NFS export
10:06 oz_mat1: any NFS related msgs in daemon.log on the nfs-server?
10:15 mat1yes, bu I don't understand: refused mount request from frontend.service for /srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 (/): not exported
10:15 mat1but exportfs -av says:
10:15 mat1exporting
10:16 mat1is he trying to mount "/srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768" instead of just "/srv/fai/nfsroot"??
10:17 mat1in other words, does he get the options right?
10:18 oz_can you da a 'cat /proc/cmdline' on the box?
10:20 Mrfaimount error 13 means permission denied
10:21 mat1mhmm cat proc/cmdline is the same as the appendline in the pxe conf
10:23 oz_what's in it?
10:33 mat1vmlinuz-2.6.18-5-amd64 initrd=initrd.img-2.6.18-5-amd64 ip=dhcp FAI_ACTION=install root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=X.Y.Z.X:/srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 boot=live FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt
10:35 mat1when in initramfs => mount command: "mount -t nfs X.Y.Z.X:/srv/fai/nfsroot /mnt" failed and says invalid argument *wondering*, but the nfsserver is ping-able
10:35 mat1sorry for the delay in my answers
10:35 Mrfaimat1: you NFS server support NFS v3? Or only v2? check the error messages on your NFS server
10:36 mat1I assume he supports v3 and v4
10:37 mat1nfsstat, produces such output where I assume this from
10:38 mat1nfs-kernel-server from etch
10:39 mat1my exports looks like this: /srv/fai/nfsroot X.Y.Z.0/,ro,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)
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10:40 Mrfaicheck your daemon.log on your NFS server.
10:40 mat1mountd[2766]: refused mount request from frontend for /srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 (/): not exported
10:41 mat1can't interpret this.. :-/
10:43 oz_mat1: it says that your client tried to mount  /srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 on /
10:43 oz_but it should ask for /srv/fai/nfsroot
10:43 Mrfaiseems hat it interprets ,v3,tcp.... as part of the path
10:43 mat1ahhh
10:43 oz_you mount options are wrong
10:44 mat1how do I do them right?
10:44 Mrfaimat1: use fai-chboot for creating your pxelinux.cfg files
10:47 mat1I've here another tool I must use for PXE access, so I run allways fai-chboot and take those arguments in the other tool
10:47 mat1but the fai-chboot just says: nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot
10:47 mat1how does it know from which server?
10:48 mat1and with which options?
10:49 Mrfaithe server IP address can be defined in dhcpd.conf. There's an option root-server
10:50 mat1a of course
10:50 MrfaiBut it may also work with adding the IP address. But you have to remove those v3,tcp,.. stuff
10:51 oz_I think there could be something wrong in the pxe config file
11:01 mat1thanks without the v3,... options suffix it works
11:04 mat1oz_: hmm, maybe you are right.. but with many other installers the config work.. thank you for the hint
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12:09 cVsupi use fai script setup_harddisk
12:09 cVsupbut it not find disk1
12:09 cVsupsomebody can help me?
12:09 cVsupProbing disks:
12:09 cVsupDisks found: hda
12:09 cVsupUsing config file: disk_config
12:09 cVsupMapping disk name disk1 to
12:09 cVsupERROR: could not read device /dev/
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12:31 cVsupsomebody alive?
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13:03 MrfaicVsup: yep.
13:04 cVsupMrfai, you can help me with setup_harddisks script?
13:04 MrfaiDo you have an entry for hda in /dev?
13:04 cVsupyes
13:04 Mrfaiis udev running?
13:04 cVsuphm... whait
13:05 cVsupMrfai, but setup_harddisks not use udev
13:06 lazyb0y_cVsup: did you login to the install client console and check if the disk is really there?
13:06 lazyb0y_e.g. by trying to look at it with cfdisk?
13:07 cVsuplazyb0y_, no
13:07 cVsupi run setup_harddisks in other system
13:07 lazyb0y_cVsup: what do mean you run it in other system?
13:08 lazyb0y_you are doing a fai install, aren't you?
13:08 cVsupi am use gentoo linux
13:08 cVsupand tryning use for it
13:08 lazyb0y_wow, interesting, but can you then elaborate a bit how you use fai with gentoo?
13:09 lazyb0y_or how you use setup harddisks exactly
13:09 lazyb0y_I think this is very important for the debugging - neither fai nor setup harddisk is very much tested with gentoo, if at all
13:10 lazyb0y_is your nfsroot gentoo, also?
13:10 lazyb0y_and, by the way, if you are doing experimental stuf anyway, you might want to consider using the new setup storage, instead
13:11 cVsuplazyb0y_, the big problem is create and formating partitions
13:11 cVsupsetup_harddisk found devices
13:11 lazyb0y_cVsup: sure, that's what setup harddisk is used for
13:12 cVsupbut it not associated disk1 with first device
13:12 lazyb0y_still, what exactly is the environment you run setzup harddisk in
13:12 lazyb0y_it's only tested to run in a debian based nfsroot
13:13 cVsuphm...
13:13 lazyb0y_there can be many reasons - one being that kernels used in gentoo have disk information on a different place than kernels on debian etch, with which setup harddisk is tested
13:13 cVsupi use gentoo stage3
13:13 cVsupyes
13:13 cVsupbut look the error
13:14 cVsupsetup_harddisks version 0.43fai
13:14 cVsupProbing disks:
13:14 cVsupDisks found: hda
13:14 cVsupUsing config file: disk_config
13:14 cVsupMapping disk name disk1 to
13:14 cVsupERROR: could not read device /dev/
13:14 lazyb0y_let me give you some  examples what kind of indo I am askingyou fro: are you doing a network install? if so, with a gentoo based nfsroot?
13:14 cVsupit found disks
13:14 lazyb0y_can you run is with debugging options enabled?
13:14 cVsupno
13:15 lazyb0y_do you run it by hand in a running system?
13:15 cVsupwhat parameters
13:15 cVsupyes
13:15 cVsupi run in chroot
13:16 cVsuposp
13:16 cVsupops
13:16 lazyb0y_and, really, in any way: doin these experimental stuff is really encouraged to do with the new setup storage - as setup_garddisk will not get major fixes, for example for such use cases as you have now
13:16 cVsupi run in complete gentoo system
13:16 lazyb0y_does the chroot have things in /dev at all?
13:17 cVsupyes
13:17 lazyb0y_doe scfdsik work in that chroot and find stuff?
13:17 lazyb0y_sorry for so many typos...
13:17 lazyb0y_i mean - can you do stuff with cfdisk in this chroot
13:19 cVsuplazyb0y_, but
13:19 cVsupsetup_harddisk work with scfdisk?
13:21 lazyb0y_setup harddisk works with sfdisk
13:22 lazyb0y_i just say, for debugging purposes it's sometoime helpful to look at the disk with cfdisk of fdisk, to see if the disk is accessibe easily in any way
13:22 lazyb0y_setup_storage will work with something else
13:22 lazyb0y_and is much more sophiticated.
13:23 lazyb0y_ I really suggest you try with this:
13:23 lazyb0y_and then work on getting this running nicely in your setup
13:28 MrfaicVsup: what's the output of ls -l /dev/hda*
13:30 mat1GRUB fails on reboot in stage 1.5, Error 15 (file not found), but if I ssh into live-install-system /target looks ok. And every path exists on /target.. The node installing grub is also in the GRUB class...
13:30 cVsupbrw-r-----  1 root disk 3, 0 Dez 18 10:28 /dev/hda
13:30 cVsupbrw-r-----  1 root disk 3, 1 Dez 18 12:28 /dev/hda1
13:30 cVsupbrw-r-----  1 root disk 3, 2 Dez 18 12:28 /dev/hda2
13:30 cVsupbrw-r-----  1 root disk 3, 3 Dez 18 10:28 /dev/hda3
13:32 MrfaiThis is bad: Mapping disk name disk1 to
13:32 Mrfaiit should say mapping... disk1 to hda
13:33 MrfaiWhat the output of cat /proc/partitions?
13:36 Mrfaido you have the variable disklist defined in /tmp/fai/variables.log. If not setup_harddisks can't work.
13:36 MrfaiBut you can just define disklist=hda as an ugly workaround
13:37 cVsupMrfai, i not have file variables.log
13:37 cVsupwhat how make it?
13:42 Mrfaiif you do not have varaibles.log then you do not run fai the usual way I guess. Use my workaround instead.
13:43 cVsupMrfai, but i need auto detect hds
13:43 cVsuphard disks
13:44 Mrfaithen you need to start FAI in the normal way. I did not understand how you are booting your install clients. Please read the FAI guide.
13:46 lazyb0y_Mrfai: as you can see above, he runs setup harddisk completely without fai, on gentoo, manually - a very unusual way
13:46 lazyb0y_I think it's an intersting way to use parts of FAI, but as said, I'd rather recommend that he teste setup_storage, as setup_harddisks will not be supported to be run this way
13:47 lazyb0y_for setup_storage, I can imagine we are interested to support it's use in such a way - to run it manually, as well as integrate it into other tools, xen-tools, for example
13:49 Mrfaialso the new tool needs this variable:  defined( $ENV{disklist} ) or die "Environment variable disklist is not set";
13:51 lazyb0y_sure, also the new tool will not work by itself in this environment and may need some things properly setup, still, I think it's more or less wasted time to try with the old tool and fix things so the old tool works
13:51 MrfaicVsup: have a look at set_disk_info() in lib/subroutines-linux. There the variable disklist is set
13:52 mat1why is in the default /etc/fai/NFSROOT the grub package under AMD64, when it should be only installed when selecting the GRUB class??
13:52 mat1as in package_config/DEFAULT
13:55 lazyb0y_mat1: hmm, I think, you cannot install a kernel (at least modules atre required in nfsroot) without grub (not sure, a guess)
13:56 Mrfai/etc/fai/NFSROOT is only used for building the nfsroot. Those packages will not be installed on your system
13:56 lazyb0y_and, the stuff in NFSROOT does not land in the installed client - AFAIK the base,tgz is created before these things are installed into the nfsroot
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14:29 mat1hmm, but with standard NFSROOT file in /etc/fai and simple config from fai-doc examples, I still get the Error: GRUB in stage 1.5, Error 15, /target/boot/grub/* looks ok, all files like stage1 are present, and menu.lst contains valid paths
14:36 lazyb0y_mat1: you mean, at install time?
14:37 lazyb0y_then, for some reason, the class GRUB ist still defined for your install client
14:39 lazyb0y_or some package you define depends on grub...
14:54 mat1lazyb0y_: but i want to install grub so I guess it is neccessary that my host is in the GRUB class
14:54 mat1yes I mean install-time
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14:55 Mrfaimat1: paste your fai.log and shell.log to
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14:56 mat1I'll will do just 2 minutes
14:57 mat1cause I've to reinstall, to get access to the log files
15:03 lazyb0y_mat1: oh, I misunderstood you until now, that you are wondering why grub is there even if you don't want it...
15:07 mat1so I've posted fai.log and shell.log
15:10 mat1and
15:10 mat1BOOT_DEVICE=/dev/sda
15:10 mat1ROOT_PARTITION=/dev/sda1
15:10 mat1BOOT_PARTITION=/dev/sda1
15:10 mat1SWAPLIST="/dev/sda5"
15:13 mat1to clearify myself: I want to install grub, but it doesn't work.
15:14 mat1i meant clarify, sorry
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15:22 Mrfaimat1: but it looks good. HAve a look at the log messages from ====   shell: GRUB/10-setup   =====
15:23 mat1Mrfai: where do I find them?
15:23 mat1or did you meant the shell.log
15:23 Mrfaimat1: at the end of
15:23 Mrfaiyep in shell.log
15:23 mat1ok I've allready seen them
15:24 mat1so I wonder why the GRUB fails to boot
15:24 MrfaiIMO this is not a problem of FAI.
15:24 MrfaiMAybe brand new hardware, so the initrd does not detects the hard disk?
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15:24 mat1Yes I asked on #grub as well, they say no questions on grub if you don't tested with grub2
15:25 Mrfaiwhich kind of controller is it? SATA? which vendor?
15:25 mat1the problem was, that with the same hardware and fai 3.1.8 everything worked.
15:25 mat1no this is my problem
15:25 Mrfaiso a plain 2.6.18 debian kernel recognizes your disks?
15:26 mat1yes
15:27 mat1with 3.1.8 everything worked, except raid + lvm, hence I changed to 3.2.4 as you suggested yesterday... a lot has changed
15:27 mat1I removed /srv/fai/config, and subsitude it with the simple example from fai-doc
15:28 Mrfaicheck the menu.lst which was created. Check if the file which are used there really exist in /target during isntallation.
15:30 mat1that I've carefully checked, but the GRUB doesn't come to menu.lst at all before I can select anything it complains (in stage 1.5) that a file is missing
15:30 mat1I know this isn't #grub, sorry for OT
15:32 mat1I've even checked the but the explanation from GNU Grub on Error 15 in stage 1.5 is: "File not found"
15:32 mat1"This error is returned if the specified file name cannot be found, but everything else (like the disk/partition info) is OK."
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15:54 mat1AHCI was disabled in BIOS, sorry now it works
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15:54 mat1BTW: thanks for this software, I kinda like it
16:03 Mrfaimat1: don't forget to fill out the FAI questionnaire:
16:06 mat1I'll do :-)
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16:51 mat1'svn co'  geht nicht, wie komme ich denn da ran?
16:51 mat1oops sorry
16:51 MTsvn co svn:// ...
16:51 MT(und dann kein wsvn sondern svn)
16:52 mat1yes, thanks
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17:54 mat1may this config: work?
17:59 mat1changed to
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18:18 mat1storage magic can't locate, but @INC contains the path  /srv/fai/config/sm/lib, where resides, any ideas?
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19:17 mat1bye
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19:24 CoreyI need some help.
19:26 CoreyI'm trying to get fai setup in my university's lab and I finished setting up the fai server and the install clients boot off the network from it but then stops with a bin\sh can't accessto tty job control turned off
19:27 oz_ask your uestion, it will be read
19:28 MTCorey, which FAI version, which distribution
19:28 Coreyhow do I check
19:29 CoreyI'm running debian and just did an apt-get install fai-quickstart
19:29 Coreyetch
19:30 MTdpkg -l | grep fai
19:30 MTbut I guess it should be 3.1.8
19:30 Coreyit's 3.2.4
19:31 MTare you really running etch?
19:31 MTthat should be lenny or sid then ...
19:31 MTunless, of course, you added the uni-koeln repository
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19:32 Coreyyes I added the uni-koeln repository to my apt sources.list
19:33 MTok
19:33 Coreyaccording to the installation guide the message I'm getting it says there is a permissions problem on my server
19:34 Coreyon the server when I type mount 127.0
19:34 MTthe question is what is printed before you end up in the shell?
19:34 MTthe, say, 10 lines before that one
19:34 Coreymount    it says failed permission denied
19:36 oz_Corey: is quitew a strange nfsserver
19:36 Coreythe install client says begin mounting root filesystem
19:36 MTI guess Corey tried that on the server
19:36 oz_"no place but", but it this your value for $SERVER is wrong.
19:36 MTCorey, check your /etc/exports
19:37 oz_Corey: how does your /etc/exports?
19:37 oz_is nfsd running?
19:38 CoreyWhen I type showmount -e HP16  on the server it says its it's exporting the /srv/fai/nfsroot and same for the config
19:39 CoreyI have it the defaults Fai-setup created
19:39 h01gerdo you also have the koeln repo in /etc/fai/apt/sources.list?
19:39 Coreyyes
19:40 h01gergood :)
19:41 oz_Corey: do the values match your network?
19:41 Coreyyes the is the server IP and the is the network subnet mask
19:42 MTwhat about the server logs, do they tell anything about mount requests?
19:43 oz_Corey: how does your /etc/export look like?
19:43 Coreywhere do I find that
19:43 oz_by typing `cat /etc/exports` ?
19:44 oz_i suspect you just export to, not the entire network...
19:44 Coreyoz_ /srv/fai/nfsroot,rw,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash) and the config directory is the same
19:45 oz_try to change it into 10.0.6.*/,rw,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)
19:45 oz_and restart nfsd
19:45 CoreyI have tried to delete the IP and just put * instead but that didn't work either
19:47 Coreyon the install client when i get the (initramfs) I tried typing nfsmount and it says no such file or directory
19:47 oz_try to change it into "/srv/fai/nfsroot 10.0.6.*(async,rw,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)"
19:47 oz_subnet mask should be passed to nfsd by NIC configuration
19:48 oz_/srv/fai/nfsroot does exist?
19:48 Coreyyes
19:49 MTthe logs ... look at the logs ... that's what they are good for ...
19:49 oz_what does /var/log/daemon.log tell you?
19:50 oz_MT: interpreting the logs is _everything_, isn't it? ;)
19:50 MTthe first thing is having the logs :-)
19:50 MTthat's why M$ is so hard to debug :-)
19:54 Coreydaemon.log has nfsd[22218]: Unknown keyword "no_subtree_check" in export file and it has mountd[22220]: Unknown keyword "no_subtree_check" in export file
19:54 Coreyboth of those are listed twice
19:54 MTjust remove them from /etc/exports
19:54 oz_try to change it into "/srv/fai/nfsroot 10.0.6.*(async,rw,subtree_check,no_root_squash)"
19:54 MTthey are not strictly necessary
19:55 oz_try to change it into "/srv/fai/nfsroot 10.0.6.*(async,ro,subtree_check,no_root_squash)"!!!
19:55 oz_nfsroot is better set to ro
19:55 oz_restart nfsd
19:57 Coreyok give me a sec
20:00 Coreynope still same problem on the install client
20:00 MTpls check the logs again
20:01 MTdo they tell about any unauthenticated requests or the like?
20:01 Coreyno
20:01 MTthen, about any authenticated requests?
20:02 Coreyno it doesn't say anything like that
20:04 Coreyon the client in live.log it says begin: trying nfsmount -o nolock -o ro  /live/image
20:04 Coreythen it has a whole bunch of lines that say rpc failed : 2
20:05 MTwhat about rpcinfo -p
20:05 MTon the server?
20:08 Coreywhat am I looking for in there
20:09 MTbasically just check whether this works out
20:09 Coreyyeah
20:09 Coreyit has a couple ports one for tcp and udp for nfs and mountd
20:09 MTcould you paste the output (to
20:09 oz_Cyear, also the output of 'ifconfig -a' on both boxes
20:18 Coreyok I posted both of them on there under my name Corey
20:18 oz_url?
20:19 MTthe latest two on ...
20:19 Coreythe
20:19 Coreyyeah
20:19 MTCorey, any firewall rules?
20:19 oz_would be nice of you to paste them here, it savers work for your helpers
20:20 MThmm, as you get to this shell
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20:20 oz_for every keystreoke you do you save 4 for us.
20:20 MTtry nfsmount <the nfs url>
20:21 oz_nfsmount
20:21 Coreyoz sorry MT said to put it on the so that's where I put it
20:21 Coreyon the server or install client
20:22 MTon the client, in this shell you get
20:22 oz_
20:23 oz_strange network of your unusual
20:23 oz_strange network of yours, it's quite unusual
20:23 oz_so. :)
20:24 oz_your rpc services are not running...
20:24 MThmm - which ones would you expect?
20:25 Coreyit's a university network. We are running our own subnet inside our university's network so we can do computing experiments and such for the business department
20:26 CoreyI tried the nfsmount and it says no such file or directory
20:27 oz_can you paste the _exact_ error msg on
20:27 MThmm, maybe mount works instead
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20:31 Coreyoz do you want the live.log or screen print out when it stops
20:31 MTwhatever you can provide probably helps us understand your situation
20:32 oz_MTyes, something like that
20:32 oz_it would be nice if you could paste the output..."or similar" makes debugging quite hard for us
20:34 CoreyI tried the mount and it says failed can't find /etc/fstab no such file or directory on the client
20:34 MTah
20:34 oz_:-)
20:35 MTmount /tmp
20:35 MT(or the like)
20:35 oz_try 'nfsmount /tmp'
20:35 MT:-)
20:35 MTCorey said there is no nfsmount
20:35 MTusing mount instead
20:35 oz_Corey: what FAI version are you using?
20:36 oz_MT: uh, i read it the other way round. :)
20:36 oz_I'd try to fix it one the server, first
20:36 Corey3.2.4
20:37 oz_funny, how come that he has no nfsmount in the nfsroot?
20:37 CoreyI tried the mount  /tmp and it says failed no such file or directory on the client
20:37 Coreyfai-setup worked fine on the server
20:37 oz_can you mount it on the server?
20:38 MTCorey, just check for some directory that exists on the client
20:38 MTand try to mount it there
20:38 Coreyno I tried that and it said permission denied
20:38 Coreythe client does have /tmp
20:38 CoreyI think it meant that the server doesn't have nfsroot directory but it does
20:39 MTCorey, pls check the logs of the server (once more...)
20:39 oz_Corey: does the mount work on the server...?
20:39 oz_(once more, 2 :-) )
20:40 MTI guess Corey would need to add an additional export for ...
20:41 oz_no, he should not if exported to *, or should it?
20:44 Coreyon the server I tried mount  /mnt/testnfs and it says failed, reason given by server: permission denied. this is on the server
20:45 MTdo the logs then tell anything?
20:45 oz_Corey: the logs one the server....
20:45 Coreyyou want me to check the daemon log
20:45 oz_in daemon.log
20:46 Coreyit says nfs mount of /srv/fai/nfsroot attempted from
20:47 Coreythen unauthorized access by nfs client
20:47 oz_Corey: please _paste_ your /etc/exports
20:48 Coreythen blocked attempt of to mount /srv/fai/nfsroot
20:48 oz_the error very probably is located by a typo in there
20:48 MTanything about your tries from the client?
20:48 oz_s/located/caused/
20:49 oz_year, is your server's ip, isn't it?
20:49 Coreysame permission denied
20:49 Coreyyes
20:49 oz_Corey: please _paste_ your /etc/exports
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20:49 oz_:-)
20:52 Corey# /etc/exports: the access control list for filesystems which may be exported
20:52 Corey#to NFS clients.  See exports(5).
20:52 Corey#
20:52 Corey# Example for NFSv2 and NFSv3:
20:52 Corey# /srv/homes       hostname1(rw,sync) hostname2(ro,sync)
20:52 Corey#
20:52 Corey# Example for NFSv4:
20:52 Corey# /srv/nfs4        gss/krb5i(rw,sync,fsid=0,crossmnt)
20:52 Corey# /srv/nfs4/homes  gss/krb5i(rw,sync)
20:52 Corey#
20:52 oz_.o0(on ... :) )
20:53 Coreyit's there
20:53 oz_and that's all?
20:53 Coreyyes
20:53 oz_there is nothing more in it? that's all commented out stuff.
20:53 MT
20:53 Coreyyes
20:54 MTplease change that back to
20:54 MTdo exportfs -r
20:55 MTand retry
20:55 MTthx
20:56 oz_what does "exportfs" on the server tell you?
20:57 Coreyexportfs says -bash: exportfs: command not found
20:58 oz_Corey: what does 'dpkg -l nfs-kernel-server' tell you?
20:58 oz_that command should be there
20:59 oz_ii  nfs-kernel-ser 1.0.10-6+etch. Kernel NFS server support <- if you don't get this do:
20:59 oz_apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
21:00 CoreyI uninstalled the nfs kernel server and installed nfs user server as a suggestion from one of the guys here
21:00 oz_ hm. I think that was a wrong choice...
21:00 MT!?!?!?!
21:00 MTseconded.
21:00 oz_MT: who?
21:00 MTno idea....
21:01 oz_seconded?
21:01 MTI second your opinion
21:01 MTthat nfs-user-server is a very very bad choice
21:01 MTCorey, I think nfs-user-server doesn't even support nfsv3, is pretty much unmaintained and the like...
21:02 Coreyoh
21:02 oz_it's a big "no-no-no" :-)
21:02 Coreyso I'll switch it back
Action: oz_ places a cool bottle of champagner - Finish comes near
21:03 oz_or so :-)
21:04 MTthis also explains the no_subtree_check problem ...
21:04 oz_right
21:04 MTbut it does not yet (at least not in an obvious way) solve the main problem, but let's see
21:04 oz_I wonder that the crap understands a "subtree_check" option. :)
21:05 oz_MT: i think it should also explain the missing rpc
Action: oz_ still is grinning at the champagne
21:06 Coreyok i reinstalled the kernel server and nfsmount says it's an unknown command but mount worked on the server
21:06 oz_nfsmount on the server?
21:06 oz_now try the client
21:07 MToh yes, nfsmount is specific to some kernel utils, if mount is available that's fine
21:08 oz_homer:~# apt-file search nfsmount -> yaird: usr/lib/yaird/exec/nfsmount
21:08 oz_it's just in the initrd, it's very fine.
21:08 Corey???
21:09 CoreyOn the client nfsmount /tmp says rpc failed: 2
21:10 CoreyOn the client mount /tmp says failed no such file or directory
21:10 MTthen, any entries in the server log?
21:11 oz_Corey: what does "dpkg -l rstatd" tell you?
21:17 Coreythere is nothing from the client in the daemon log on the server
21:17 MThmm, strange
21:17 oz_Corey: what does "dpkg -l rstatd" tell you?
21:17 Coreyit says rstatd version <none>
21:18 Coreynor is there anything in the syslog or messages
21:18 oz_apt-get install rstatd
21:18 Coreyok
21:19 Coreyversion is 4.0.1-2
21:19 oz_restart nfsd
21:19 oz_then check again
21:20 Coreyok
21:21 oz_I wonder why some intelligent dependecy did not prevent this
21:23 Coreysame errors on client
21:25 oz_what does daemon.log tell you?
21:25 oz_still a missing rpc?
21:26 oz_how does the output of 'rpcinfo -p' on the server look like?
21:28 oz_btw...can you ping the client from the server?
21:29 Coreyyes ping works
21:30 oz_how does the output of 'rpcinfo -p' on the server look like?
21:34 Coreyok pasted rpcinfo on paste.debian
21:35 MTI don't think that you acutally need rstatd for the basic things, but that's just IMHO
21:35 Coreywhat's IMHO
21:35 MTCorey, you might want to try some of the options to mount
21:35 MTIn My Humble Opinion
21:35 Coreyoh
21:36 Coreylike what options
21:36 MTmom ...
21:37 Coreywould you guys want to try secure shell into the machine and take a look
21:37 MTtry mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=3
21:38 MTwell, I usually don't spy on other people's hosts :-)
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21:39 Coreylol
21:40 Coreymount -t..... says a whole lot of I'm using the mount command wrong and this is how it's used
21:40 MTah, did you add the 10. ... and /tmp to the above?
21:41 Coreyno
21:41 MTthere is one thing you could to though
21:42 MTplease paste /var/log/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.log to
21:43 Coreyok
21:44 CoreyI have to get going but you can e-mail me if you find anything at
21:44 Coreythanks for all the help oz_ and MT I really appreciate it.
21:45 MTCorey, hopefully we can get that going later on ...
21:45 CoreyI'll be back on tomorrow around 10 or 11am
21:46 MTGMT?
21:46 CoreyCentral zulu -6
21:46 Coreyit's 3:45pm here not
21:46 Coreynow
21:47 Coreythanks again
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