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03:24 pllHi all, is there an easy way to use the same disk_config/ file for both hda and sda drives?
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10:20 fai-guyhi, i have some problems to configure a right menu.lst for a opensuse system with the postinst from simple examples
10:22 fai-guyit seems that suse assumes sda1 as hd(0,1)
10:31 fai-guyany hints, what's going wrong ?
10:44 h01geri dont see what your problem is, if you know what suse expects..
10:52 fai-guythere is something strange, in a by hand installation hd(0,1) is sda2
10:55 h01geri have no idea. the last suse i dealt with was 7.2 :-) \o/
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13:03 fai-guyok, after reducing my disk_config to one single partition the menu.lst is ok.
13:42 pllHi all, is there an easy way to use the same disk_config/file for both hda and sda drives?
13:44 pllI have a number of machines, all of which need to have the same partitioning, but some are SATA, some are PATA.  It seems silly to have multiple partitioning config files for this...
13:45 pllls
14:35 fai-guydisk_config disk1 <-- meens the first disk drive hda or sda never mind
14:36 fai-guybut i dont know what happens if you have both inside a machine
14:37 pllfai-guy: each system would only be a single drive type.  There would never be a system with both SATA or PATA drives.
14:37 pllso I can just say 'disk1' ?
14:38 fai-guyyes this works fine for me
14:38 pllCool. I'm trying to migrate from an old config from 2.x to 3.x and the old disk configs use 'disk_config sda' or 'disk_config hda'
14:40 fai-guyas far as i know this should work to
14:40 fai-guybut disk1 is more portable i think
14:41 pllagreed.
14:41 pllthanks.
14:41 fai-guynp
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17:48 mathKann FAI in etch schon /-SW Raid?
17:48 mathist version 3.1.8 glaub uch
17:51 mathI've seen a raid1 setup on  like at page 26
17:51 mathis this possible with etch-fai?
17:53 h01germath, first: you want to use 3.2.4 from the fai homepage for etch, if you dont have a working etch setup already (then migration might be an issue).
17:54 h01gersecond, magic-harddisc (or whatever its called now,MT?) is not part of fai yet. but you can install and use it, go to, there are instructions how to use it
18:06 mikapMrfai: hm, might it be the case that softupdate does not use the -u hostname but $HOSTNAME (of local computer) instead?
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18:23 Mrfaimikap: I have no softupdate experiences. Let's see..
18:23 mathI've upgraded to fai-3.2.4 (from 3.1.8), but now there is a missing $TFTPROOT, but the NEWS.Debian.gz file doesn't explain this. ATM, I don't use the TFTP from tftpd-hpa, nor the PXE mechnism from fai => how do I disable this?
18:23 Mrfaimikap: yes -u is only used when doing dirinstall
18:25 Mrfaimath: just set TFTPROOT=/srv/tftp/fai
18:25 Mrfaiin make-fai-nfsroot.conf, and things will work not not complain any more
18:29 mathMrfai: thanks I thinks this worked.. at least fai-setup is running again :-)
18:33 mathh01ger: can't find the magic-harddisc addon.. can you provide an url?
18:34 h01germath, look at recent changes in the wiki..
18:34 Mrfai
18:36 h01gerMrfai, under which name to you plan to integrate it in fai now?
18:36 mathahh yes I've got it, many thanks
18:43 Mrfaih01ger: this is up to MT, but I propose storage-magic
18:44 kuggstorage-magic sounds nice but the name is very similar to partition-magic from symantec
18:49 h01gerMrfai, as written on the list: "magic" is not a good name for something deterministic. and MT said he doesnt care, you should decide. why not setup-storage? its in the tradiotion of setup-harddisc but its obvious, that its something advanced...
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18:54 MrfaiI will talk to MT about the name before including it.
19:04 pllgrrr, mkdebmirror seems to have horked my mirror.
19:04 pllI hate computers.
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19:37 pllhas anyone else had problems with the mkdebmirror script?
19:39 mikapMrfai: thanks for verifying; could this behaviour be adjusted in an upcoming release? :)
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19:49 Coreyneed some help
19:50 CoreyI'm setting up an fai server and when booting the clients and doing a network boot it starts and stops at the mount NFS.
19:50 kuggwith which error code?
19:50 Coreywhen looking at the install guide it says there is a permissions problem
19:51 kuggso what does your /etc/exports looks like?
19:51 Mrfaimikap: sure. please file a bug report for this
19:52 mikapMrfai: ok, thx
19:52 mikapMrfai: against package fai-client?
19:54 Coreyexport reads /srv/fai/config *(async,rw,subtree_check<no_root_squash)
19:54 Coreyexport reads /srv/fai/config *(async,rw,subtree_check,no_root_squash)
19:55 Coreyexport reads /srv/fai/nfsroot *(async,rw,subtree_check,no_root_squash)
19:55 kuggm ok and what does syslog say when you are trying to mount it manualy using mount ip:/srv/fai/config /mnt/randomfolder
19:56 Coreydon't know. I'm a little new to linux but the other guy here that just left knows it pretty well and has been helping me but he can't figure it out and has left
19:57 kuggok, reading syslog is done by typing tail -f /var/log/syslog press CTRL+C to abort viewing the file.
19:57 Coreythe install client boots and then gives me a (initramfs) prompt
19:59 Coreythat command says no such directory
19:59 Coreyat the (initramfs) i type vi live.log
19:59 kuggok
20:00 kuggand what do you get?
20:00 kuggin the last three lines
20:00 Coreyit tells me that it starts running a script and then has IP info and says begin mounting nfsroot
20:01 kuggok you should try out your nfsroot to see that it actually is accessible
20:01 Coreythen it has the mount command and the nfsroot directory on my install server but then a lot of lines saying rpc failed : 2
20:01 Coreyok how do I do that
20:02 kuggok the you need to start the portmapper
20:02 Mrfaimikap: yep. fai-client
20:02 kuggon the fai server type /etc/init.d/portmap start
20:03 Coreysays already running. should I do restart at the end of command
20:04 kuggokay try that and try to restart your nfs server aswell (unless its being used for something vital right now)
20:05 CoreyI have tried restarting the the install server machine and redoing the fai-setup command and still same problem
20:06 kuggthere is indeed something fishy about you nfs server
20:06 kuggrun mkdir /mnt/testmount
20:06 kuggthen
20:06 Coreythe install guide says the error I'm getting is a permissions problem on the server but doesn't say how to fix it.
20:06 kuggmount /mnt/testmount
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20:07 kuggallt his from the fai server
20:07 caghi
20:07 kugghi
20:07 kuggCorey: I had this error just the other day and it was due to errors in my exports config and the portmapper was shut down
20:08 Coreyok
20:08 CoreyI did the testmount
20:08 kuggdid it work?
20:08 Coreyno errors came up
20:08 caghi h01ger - here i am again from fsk
20:09 kuggintresting
20:09 h01gerhi cag
20:09 Coreyyou said you got same error. Portmapper says it's already running and I showed you my lines in the exports file
20:09 kuggCorey: how about taking away the "*" sign in your exports
20:10 cagafter a fresh install of fai-server, our client stops at: NET: Registered Protocol Family 17
20:10 cag(fresh install of ubuntu server)...
20:10 caganyone have an idea ?
20:10 Coreyit originally had my install servers ip and subnetmask where the star is but we took it out and when reloading the nfs kernel server it gave errors and told us to put the star in
20:11 kuggCorey: mine looks like this /srv/fai/nfsroot (async,rw,no_root_squash)
20:12 Coreythe ip address is that your install servers IP then
20:12 kuggit is the anme of the network which is allowed to connect to my nfs server
20:12 kuggI realize I have an error in my exports, it shouild not have rw.
20:15 Coreyyeah the default when it was created is ro
20:16 kuggwhat happened when you took away the asterisk (*)?
20:18 Coreysame
20:18 kuggah I got it
20:19 kuggyou are running a nfs v2 server right?
20:19 Coreyyeah
20:20 kuggaha open up your  /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg/<config> and change v3 to v2 in the root= options
20:24 Coreyit just says root=/dev/nfs
20:25 kuggwhich file did you open?
20:26 CoreyI just did a new install yesterday of debian and the fai-quickstart and all supporting packages with apt so I'm assuming I have the most uptodate stuff
20:26 CoreyI opened the linux config file for the install client
20:27 kuggos sorry for being vauge if you open the same file and look for nfsroot= (not root= my bad)
20:28 kuggCorey: mine looks like this: nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot,v2,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768
20:32 Coreymine says nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot boot=live
20:32 Coreyit was auto created by fai-chboot -IFv HP22
20:32 kuggok im ptobalby using an older version, try appending ,v2 right after /srv/fai/nfsroot
20:33 kuggI see
20:35 CoreyI have to get to a class. thanks for the help. I'll be back on tomorrow around 11am looking for help to fix it. Thanks again
20:35 kugggood luck
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20:53 pllI'm seeing an error on my install clients: looping forever (NFS Root)
20:53 pllany ideas what causes this?
20:56 kuggwhich installation stage and what error message?
20:58 pllinstall client tftp's the kernel which is supposed to NFS mount from the fai server.  It boots that kernel, but then can't NFS mount.
20:59 pllIt appears that the client does not accept the DHCPOFFER from the DHCP server.
20:59 kuggah ok so can you take a quick look at the messages from the nfs server (syslog)
20:59 kuggoh
21:00 pllThere doesn't seem to be anything in syslog on the nfs/fai server
21:00 fai-guypll: whats your grub command line ?
21:02 pllfai-guy: where do I find that?
21:03 pllwhich grub command line
21:06 kugganyway pll your dhcp probably works fine since you are able to fetch the kernel
21:07 pllright, it's not dhcp, I know that's rock solid.
21:07 pllI'm mucking with the nfsroot, and I'm fairly certain it's something in there.
21:07 kuggok what have you done with it?
21:08 pllran aptitude to attempt to fix a broken package dependency...
21:08 pllportmap disagreed with libc6.
21:08 kuggok that should not matter for the mounting of the nfs root
21:08 pllthis is fai 2.6.x
21:08 plloops, 2.8.x
21:09 kuggah thats true, but since you have not mounted the nfsroot yet this should not bother you just yet
21:09 fai-guypll: you'll find it in your pxe config for the host
21:10 pllAhh, it looks like grub might have not been installed into $nfsroot/boot
21:10 pllthere's not $nfsroot/boot/grub dir...
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21:17 kuggpll: there is no point in installing grub in the nfsroot since you never boot it from drive
21:18 kuggwhat faiguy was refering to is the boot nfsroot options in /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg/<files>
21:19 kuggbtw you should know that the nfsroot cannot be running gutsy only feisty or later
21:21 fai-guykugg: thx, that's what i meen, too many beer tonight and no fai-server here to looking for ;-)
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21:34 pllkugg: I'm running debian sarge/woody/...
21:35 pllmy pxelinux.cfg/default file has:
21:36 pllappend auto rw root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= nfsaddrs=kesaddrs=kernel idebus=66 ip=
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21:41 fai-guyok, i think there is boot=live missing
21:41 fai-guyinitrd=initrd.img-2.6.18-5-486 ip=dhcp  root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot boot=live  FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,reboot FAI_ACTION=install
21:42 pllThe FAI_FLAGS... is  set in the DHCP config, correct?
21:42 fai-guy^^ this is what i get if i add a client by calling "fai-chboot -IBv <hostname>"
21:43 pllHmm, I get:
21:43 pllappend ip=dhcp devfs=nomount FAI_ACTION=install root=/dev/nfs  FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,syslogd,reboot
21:44 pllWe issue the FAI_ACTION and FAI_FLAGS via DHCP.
21:44 pllas well.
21:45 fai-guyi think boot=live is nessassary as well but no guarantee
21:46 pllis that a new fai 3.x  thingy?  I'm running fai 2.8...
21:46 fai-guyyes this is new since 3.x
21:46 fai-guy3.2.x i think
21:47 pllokay, so I *think* the boot=live thing might not apply here.
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21:47 pll*unless* boot=live is an NFS thing...
21:56 Mrfaiboot=live is not an NFs thing. Only needed for FAI >= 3.2
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