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06:51 oz_jesus. das fai-setup auf ubuntu hängt...
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07:55 oz_make-fai-nfsroot on ubuntu 7.10 (fai 3.2.1) does not seem to produce a working nfsroot
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09:13 oz_Mrfai: have you seen siretard lately?
09:20 fai-guywhere can i find a good tftpd setup howto ... i like to run tftpd on a different server than dhcpd
09:28 Mrfaioz_: no
09:29 Mrfaifai-guy: use the parameter next-server in dhcpd.conf
09:30 fai-guyMrfai: kewl, thx ...
09:33 fai-guyi generated with fai-chboot my pxelinux.cfg for the test host, there is "initrd=initrd.img-install" in it. but i dont have a initrd.img-install ... is it a bug or my fault ?
09:36 fai-guyin /srv/tftp/fai is only a vmlinuz-install which will loaded correctly
09:47 Mrfaivmlinuz-install is only used in FAI < 3.2.
09:47 Mrfaiin FAI >=3.2 we use something like vmlinuz-2.6.18-5-486 and initrd.img-2.6.18-5-486
09:47 fai-guyok, i use 3.2.4
09:48 fai-guybut why fai-chboot generates this entry ?
09:48 Mrfaifai-chboot -h: I have fai-chboot version 3.4.3 15-november-2007
09:49 fai-guyfai:/srv/tftp/fai# fai-chboot -h
09:49 fai-guyfai-chboot version 3.4.3 15-november-2007
09:49 fai-guythis was my shell call fai-chboot -IBv opensuse-fai-test
09:51 Mrfaiwhich kernel and initrd files are in your $nfsroot/boot?
09:56 fai-guyvmlinuz-2.6.18-5-486 and initrd.img-2.6.18-5-486
10:41 fai-guyok, i changed the file by hand and now it works, but why does it generate these entries
10:42 MrfaiI guess you have also initrd.img-install in your nfsroot. man fai-chboot, look for -s
10:43 fai-guyMrfai: no it isnt there
10:43 fai-guy
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10:56 Mrfaifai-guy: remove (rm) your entries in pxelinux/.cfg directory, Then recreate them using fai-chboot. It must not create an entry with initrd.img-install, because the string install is not used in fai-chboot
10:58 fai-guyok, i deleted both C0A832DB and default and run fai-chboot again but there is vmlinuz-install again inside
11:03 Mrfaiwhat did fai-chboot -v..... say?
11:03 Mrfaido you have multiple nfsroot on this system? Maybe fai-chboot is looking into another nfsroot
11:13 fai-guyfai:/srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg# fai-chboot -IBv -v opensuse-fai-test
11:13 fai-guyBooting kernel vmlinuz-install append initrd=initrd.img-install ip=dhcp   FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,reboot
11:13 fai-guyopensuse-fai-test has in hex C0A832DB
11:14 fai-guyhmmpf, this should pasted at <-- my fault ;-)
11:15 fai-guyan no, i only have one nfsroot
11:17 fai-guyfai:/srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg# find / -name 'vmlinuz-install*' -o -name 'initrd-install*'
11:17 fai-guy/srv/tftp/fai/vmlinuz-install
11:18 fai-guythere is the only vmlinuz-install ... on the whole maschine i dont have any initrd-install
11:19 fai-guythe system is upgraded from 3.1.8 to 3.2.x and the nfsroot was builded new at this upgrade
11:23 Mrfaisorry, you should also remove /srv/tftp/fai/*-install
11:23 Mrfaithen try fai-chbott again
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11:23 jcastanghi
11:23 fai-guyMrfai: fine, now it works
11:24 fai-guymaybe it was trash from the 3.1.8
11:24 Mrfaisure
11:24 jcastangI am wondering if I could set specific packages to be installed in base.tgz (like language-pack-fr) to have setup process In french or do I have to do it manually ?
11:34 Mrfaiwhat do you mean by setup process?
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11:34 MrfaiThere are two location where you may need the french packages. Inside the nfsroot and in base.tgz.
11:35 h01gerand set LANG=fr or such
11:35 Mrfaiyep
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11:44 h01gerMrfai, i've told long ago that there will be people wanting fai in different languages :-) which reminds me to write this blog post about how we use a wiki to write+maintain debian-edu-doc and translate it..
11:49 oz_h01ger: Mrfai do you know who should be contacted to report a bug in ?
11:50 oz_oh, it is already fixed...
11:52 oz_by half.
11:55 h01geroz_, according to these bugs should be filed against ;-) /me giggles
11:55 oz_hehe
11:56 oz_it's only half of a bug: if you surf on the page looking for the repository for gutsy, it's preselected with "hardy" instead of "gutsy".
11:57 oz_but I'll retest it with a browser without my javascript iron-coat. ;)
11:58 oz_h01ger: I think I'll try to report it via the button on the page...just it's soo long.
11:58 oz_I'd prefer a simple email address...
11:58 oz_and this repository just offers fai 3.2.1
11:59 oz_but I think this version still has the nfsroot bug
Action: oz_ changes seats &
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12:02 siretarth01ger: sorry, I jsut forgot to rejoin this channel after the last server reboot :)
12:02 h01gernp :) welcome back :)
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13:04 schurighmm, I'm trying to boot a fai 3.2.4 nfsroot via pxe. Unfortunately, I get:
13:04 schurigBegin: Mounting root filesytem...
13:04 schurig /init: .: Can't open scripts/life
13:05 schurigis something wrong with my kernel command line?
13:05 schurigappend initrd=initrd.img-2.6.18-5-486 ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs boot=life nfsroot=192.168.233.xx:/srv/fai/nfsroot,v3,tcp,nolock,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 FAI_FLAGS=verbose,createvt FAI_ACTION=install
13:12 Mrfaithis line looks good. I guess you do not have live-initramfs inside your nfsroot.
13:13 schurigMrfai: it's there:
13:13 schurigchroot /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir dpkg -l "*initr*"
13:13 schurigii  live-initramfs    1.95.2-1          Debian Live initramfs hook
13:14 schurighmm, but I just found out: it's "boot=live", not "boot=life"
13:19 Mrfaiuse fai-chboot to create your pxelinux.cfg files
13:24 schurigMrfai: okay, did that
13:24 schurigMrfai: now the nfsroot get's mounted
13:24 schurigMrfai: but it starts busybox
13:24 schurigMrfai: if I do "ls", I can see that it's the nfsroot, e.g. there's live, live.log, live.vars in it
13:25 Mrfaino, that inside the initrd I guess
13:25 Mrfaiyou may need to add root-server to dhcpd.conf, since fai-chboot does not add your server IP address to the nfsroot= definition
13:26 schurigokay
13:53 schurigMrfai: fai-chboot made things worse
13:53 schurigMrfai: now I can see in my syslog: RRQ from filename fai/pxelinux.0
13:54 schurigMrfai: and I can see on the computer that it first tries to pxelinux.cfg/<mac>, than pxelinux.cfg/<ip-in-hex> and so on, but I don't see any additional RRQ line from in.tftpd
13:55 schurigMrfai: also, in pxelinux.0 binary has a date from today now, so I guess somehow this got updated
13:59 Mrfaithis is all fine.
13:59 Mrfaidid you set next-server in dhcpd.conf?
14:00 schurigMrfai: no, just "server-name"
14:00 Mrfaiyou have to use next-server with newer dhcp daemons
14:01 schurigMrfai: thanks, looks much better now
14:02 Mrfaifrom the fai changelog:   * dhcpd.conf: next-server is needed in dhcpd3 >=3.0.3
15:37 schurigHmm, I still have a problem. Somehow the nfsmount never works. I tries to mount, fails, and put's me in the busybox shell.
15:38 schurigfrom a different box, I can "mount -t 192.168.233.xx:/srv/fai/nfsroot /tmp/x" without any problem
15:39 schurigbut from the busybox, I cannot do "nfsmount 192.168.233.xx:/srv/fai/nfsroot /tmp/x" (and also not with the usual options, like -t v3,nolock,soft,...)
15:39 schurigI already tried "unfs3" and "nfs-user-server" (on Debian Etch)
15:41 schurigwith "unfs3" I get something about response too short, with nfs-user-server i just get "rpc failed: 2"
15:45 schurigoh, found a blog about this:
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15:48 h01germikap, Tip 2: fai is another way to get a "cloned" system... :)
15:51 schurignfsmount sucks
Action: oz_ thinks "ubuntu sucks more"
15:52 oz_not a very productive comment, sorry.
15:54 oz_is it normal with newer nfsroots that there is just one single folder in it?
15:54 oz_called "live"?
15:55 oz_fai-setup just told me that everything went fine, but sowhat this nfsroot looks strange to me
15:56 Mrfaioz_: yep, this is normnal
15:57 schurigoz_: no, the nfsmount that is used inside fai's initial ramdisk can only be used with nfs-kernel-server. It refuses to mount if the NFS server is run by unfs3 (a userspace NFS) or by nfs-user-serv (a different user-space NFS server)
15:57 oz_okay, so one needs "boot=live" as kernel parameter?
15:58 oz_schurig: user-space-nfs is not really an alternative to kernel-nfs
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15:58 oz_I tried it some time ago, and I got a lot of permission problems, but I can't recall it in detail.
15:59 schurigoz_: user-space-nfs worked without any problem an older fai (where the kernel did directly mount nfs, without an initial ramdisk)
15:59 oz_schurig: just sweitch to kernel-nfs (if you can, for me it was easy) and you should be fine
15:59 schurigoz_: yeah, but finding this out did cost me 4 hours. Therefore: it used to work with older fai, now it doesn't, the culplit is nfsmount, so nfsmount sucks
16:00 oz_find the diff, and fix it, then.
16:00 oz_:-)
16:00 Mrfaioz_: you should use fai-chboot.
16:00 oz_Mrfai: why? and how do you know that I haven't called it yet?
Action: oz_ is stunned
16:01 Mrfaischurig: fai >3.2.x now recommends nfs-kernel-server, and not user space server any more.
16:01 oz_I did not switch to k-nfs because of fai, iirc
16:01 oz_I think because of the homedirs and some programs.
16:01 Mrfaischurig: so this is a minor hit that FAI works best using nfs-kernel-server :-)
Action: oz_ just fired up the amd64box (zubuntu 7.10) to install a i386 box
16:03 oz_nfsroot was created on another i386 box, though
16:04 schurigMrfai: maybe the "recommend" is not enought. It actually doesn't work with neither unfs3 nor nfs-user-server.
16:05 schurigMrfai: but you can also not change that into a "conflict", because if someone doesn't use nfs-booting at all with fai, then it would be perfectly OK to have another NFS daemon installed
16:06 schurigMrfai: so maybe fai-setup should emit a big, fat warning that it doesn't work with one of those two packages
16:09 Mrfaischurig: patches are welcome :-)
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16:10 schurigokay, now the nfs-installation did succeed
Action: oz_ is eager if his fai-zubuntu setup work now
16:17 oz_sowhat it always stops with "Can't open /scripts/live" ...
16:17 schurigoz_: hmm, so far I did about 100 fai-setups, just today I switched to 3.2.4 and run into a bunch of time-consuming problems
16:17 oz_... and this is correct, it's not there.
16:18 schurigoz_: it should be there, e.g. you should have a /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/live
16:18 schurigschurig: if you don't have it, the your make-fai-nfsroot had a problem
16:19 oz_schurig: that is present
16:19 oz_but somewhow I think that is needed in the initrd as well?
16:19 schurigoz_: yes, in the initrd it is needed as well
16:20 oz_it's known bug in 3.2.1
16:21 schurigoz_: hmm, I'm on 3.2.4
16:21 schurigand now I'm going home
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16:21 oz_ubuntu?
16:21 oz_oh fuck, he cold have told me what repository he is using...
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16:23 cpilkahi folks. afaik fai uses crypt for root's passwd. does it also support md5 hashes? how to generate md5 passes?
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16:24 Mrfaictp: FAI is using md5 for a long time.
16:26 Mrfaifrom the fai guide (newer version, not yet on the web page):
16:26 MrfaiTo generate a md5 hash for the password use this
16:26 Mrfai<tt>echo "yoursecrectpassword" | mkpasswd -Hmd5 -s</tt>
16:29 ctpMrfai, uups, didnt see it in my guide ;-) thx
16:35 oz_I wonder... tells to remove live-initramfs from NFSROOT and add nfs-common...
16:35 oz_let's see.
16:36 Mrfaiif you remove live-initramfs FAI will no work.
16:37 Mrfaisorry not that easy.
16:37 Mrfailive-initramfs can be removed from NFSROOT, since now the package fai-nfsroot depends on it
16:37 oz_thx for that info...somewhat I read this in
16:37 MrfaiSo it's really needed.
16:38 oz_ah, it's just no needed in NFSROOT anymore, okay
16:38 oz_Mrfai: any recommendation for a apt-get repo for ubuntu?
16:39 oz_should be fine it I youre the cologne repository, or not?
16:39 Mrfaiyep, koeln should be fine
16:39 ctpMrfai: last trouble i have is that my "append ..." line after fai-chboot is too long. bootstrapping the client fails cause the last parameters are not interpreted. the line:
16:39 oz_okay, if this doesn't work I give up with ubuntu-fai.
16:40 ctpappend initrd=initrd.img- ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot boot=live FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt,reboot FAI_ACTION=install
16:40 ctpso FAI_ACTION is ignored. do you have a hint how to solve this behaviour?
16:41 Mrfaicheck if cat /proc/cmdline has the whole line
16:41 Mrfaithen check variables.log
16:41 MrfaiI remember, there was a problem with longer kernel append lines. I have to look for it again
16:44 ctpMrfai: ok, i made the append line shorter:
16:44 siretartoz_: I have to admit that I have been incredibly busy at work, so I couldn't really look after fai in ubuntu
16:44 ctp append initrd=initrd.img- ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot boot=live FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt FAI_ACTION=install
16:44 siretartoz_: seems that I can employ a student, which will also look at this
16:45 ctp/proc/cmdline: "... FAI_ACTION=i"
16:45 oz_siretart: if you can offer some contract: I have some free time ;)
16:46 Mrfaictp: the debian kernel support up to 1024 chars in the command line IIRC.
16:46 ctpoz_: fai'ng ubuntu suckz. tried it for more than a week with gutsy and hardy. both without success
16:47 ctpMrfai: hmhm
16:47 oz_ctp: yea, but may ppl asked me to try it. :-(
16:47 ctpi was asked too :-)
16:47 oz_just because ubuntui has the fancy look, and the "additional drivers" as they say
16:48 oz_so I do it. Did so many sicj thing when I dealt with solaris... I fear nothing anymore. :)
16:49 oz_ctp: best would be, if one you run "fai-cd" from it...
16:49 oz_that's my goal.
16:50 Mrfaictp: linux sources: include/asm-i386/setup.h: #define COMMAND_LINE_SIZE 256
16:50 Mrfaibut you have less than 256. But 256 is in Debian.
16:51 ctpoz_: you're german, aren't you? so if you have some time, you can help me on writing a howto. i did it for debian ( and started for ubuntu (
16:51 oz_ctp: what editor are you using?
16:51 oz_ctp: I'll lok into it!
16:52 ctpMrfai, hm, ok. thx for the info. good to know such determining factors
16:53 ctpoz_: what do you mean with editor? its a wiki. for all editing stuff im using vim
16:53 oz_ctp: no, I mean what editor are you using to edit your config files
16:54 oz_it's less that 124 chars, below the debian limit
16:55 ctpoz_: vim
16:55 oz_during our utf-8 migration phase I experience strange things in files, which could not be read correctly anymore. that's why I ask.
16:55 oz_some editors "hide" special chars
16:56 oz_vim is very okay, hm.
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16:57 oz_you should check the sources of your kernel
16:57 oz_maybe it's the limit?
16:57 ctpoz_: 124 chars are the limit?
16:57 oz_no, normally not.
16:58 oz_but iirc, you used a special kernel, so you need to check this
16:58 ctpok
16:59 oz_no its 144 chars
17:00 ctpoz_: argh. where do you have it from?
17:00 oz_?
17:00 oz_what "it"?
17:01 ctpthe 144 chars
17:02 oz_save your append to a file and run 'wc -m' on it.
17:02 ctphmhm: #define COMMAND_LINE_SIZE       2048 in my sources
17:02 oz_so, no prob here.
17:02 oz_I'd move around the options
17:02 oz_in your case...
17:03 ctpi did it. same behaviour
17:03 oz_you cold rename the kernel 10 chars shorter. :)
17:03 oz_strange bug you found there.
17:04 oz_i think one needs to wrap strace around it to get a clue what is going wrong there.
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17:05 ctprunning amd64 here. perhaps it only occurs on amd64 fai
17:05 oz_oh. maybe.
17:06 oz_does /proc/cmdline show more chars if you shorten the append?
17:06 oz_you could ask on the kernel mailing list...
17:07 ctpyepp, i'll do it definitely ;-)
17:07 oz_tell us the outcvome :)
17:07 ctpi'm back again in 5 mins (trying some stuff out)
17:08 oz_ctp: you did not write in the article that you did not suceed with gutsy and hardy
17:09 oz_hardy is the new 8.10?
17:11 ctpoz_, i didn"t yet. i hope to get it running from feisty and update the stuff to gutsy via fai
17:12 ctphardy will be released in april 08
17:14 oz_ctp: is somewhat misleading
17:14 oz_it by default say "hardy", but it does not exist yet
17:17 ctpoz_, mal kurz in deutsch. ziemlich abgefahren: ich habe den append string nun abgekuerzt (einiges weggelassen). cat /proc/cmdline sagt mir nun: "... FAI_ACTION=install BOOT_IMAGE=vmli". wo kommt das BOOT_IMAGE=vmli her? gibt /proc/cmdline lediglich den append teil aus? da steht es naemlich nicht drin *verwirrt*
17:27 oz_find <somefaidirs> -type f -exec grep BOOT_IMAGE= {} \; könnte helfen
17:27 oz_wow das ist echt hart
17:44 ctpoz_, das einzige, was ich zu diesem thema gefunden habe nach einem grep auf nfsroot:
17:44 ctpnfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/usr/sbin/mkrescue:#       image=`cat /proc/cmdline | sed "s/.*BOOT_IMAGE=//" | sed "s/ .*//"`
17:44 oz_ctp: könnte was damit zu tun haben...
17:44 ctpalso wertet /proc/cmdline auch das kernelimage aus der menu.lst aus
Action: oz_ ist grad besucht worden
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18:22 ctpmy fai is nearly working perfect, BUT during install client i get a "Calling task_chboot" -> i have to accept manually rsa key fingerprint for my fai server. how to accept it automatically
18:55 mikaph01ger: oh, sure :) [regarding "fai is another way to get a cloned system"] - even a better way ;) sometimes you only have the needs for a 1:1 clone without the possibility/time for a FAI-setup, though I'd like to have something like a simple gui for setting up FAI for classic scenarios ;))
Action: h01ger nods :)
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19:44 ctpno one here has an idea how to accept server's ssh key automatically on my fai clients?
19:55 h01gerfcopy it to /root/.ssh/known_hosts, put it in /etc/ssh/, run "ssh server | yes" in a script...
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20:06 tostadohi
20:08 ctph01ger, thx, you're my hero today ;-)
20:09 h01gerctp, you're welcome
20:09 h01gerhi tostado
20:10 tostadohi holger
20:10 tostadoschon unterwegs ?
Action: h01ger ist in madrid, ja :)
20:26 tostadokann mir jemand weiterhelfen ?
20:26 tostadoist dt. o. engl. besser ?
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20:32 tostadook i just try to figure our problem out: we did a quick install of fai-server on a ubuntu gutsy server and after fai-setup was finished properly we cannot boot via pxe.
20:32 siretarttostado: why not?
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20:32 tostadothe client gets an ip, tries to boot via tftp and the error is trying to load: pxelinux.cfg/....
20:33 siretartoh, sounds like a problem in your pxelinux config
20:33 tostadobut on the server there is an empty pxelinux.cfg dir
20:33 siretartplace a file called 'default' with the config in it
20:34 tostadowhich config ?
20:34 siretartyour pxelinux config. what kernel and what initrd with whta kernel parameters to boot
20:35 tostadohmm... seems i have to study a bit pxelinux....
20:35 siretartgood idea :)
20:36 ctph01ger: hm, "yes yes | ssh myserver" doesnt work. it does not pipe the "yes" :-( is it a standard behaviour that the clients ask to accept the server's ssh key manually? it happens after fai has reported the install duration (so performing task_chboot)
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20:51 Bluemoonnabend
20:53 tostado@siretart: ok, the kernel boots now. Then i get a kernel panic... shit
20:53 siretarttostado: unionfs related?
20:54 tostadovfs: cannot mount root fs    or so...
20:54 tostadoi just have 1 sec to see the error... then it scrolls away
20:54 siretartI remember a launchpad bug against the ubuntu kernel for that
20:55 siretartI'd suggest to install feisty in the nfsroot
20:55 siretartand install gutsy from that
20:55 tostadocannot open root device "nfs" or so...
20:56 tostadowe had gutsy in the nfsroot and fried with feisty now
20:56 tostadothe same....
20:57 siretartI use feisty nfsroot at my university with stock kernels, so I can confirm that this works
20:58 tostadoforgot the say that the gutsy server is a xen host, maybe that could be a hint ?
20:59 siretartoh yes, xen is broken
20:59 siretartI've been able to trigger strange segfaults when running inside xen, which are not reproducible outside
20:59 siretartthis is also documented in some bugreport
21:00 siretartinterestingly, they happened only with fai for me
21:00 siretartcf
21:02 tostadoyes i had the same error, but we could fix the segfaults. But anyway, the best should be to use a clean ubuntu server install ...
21:03 siretarttostado: how did you fix the segfaults?
21:04 tostado(hope i remember it  well enogh) when fai-setup makes a debootstrap, it needs to move the tls libs out of the way
21:05 tostadomv $NFSROOT/lib/tls $NFSROOT/lib/tls.disabled
21:06 tostadothis line i inserted in the make-fai-nfsroot script
21:06 tostadowe had the same problem with debootstrap and xen-tools
21:12 siretarthm. I remember to have had libc6-xen installed. hmmm
21:13 h01gerctp, man ssh :)
21:13 h01gerlibc6-xen takes care of disabling tls. afaik thats the only diff to libc6
21:14 tostadobut that could be the same problem, different fix... mine wasn't the cleanest fix
21:14 tostadoi will try on another server...
21:15 tostadowhat will be easy for us when we want to install ubuntu feisty on the clients: a ubuntu oder debian server running fai-server ?
21:16 siretarttostado: I'd say ubuntu, with the ubuntu-fai packages from the team's ppa
21:16 siretartbecause that's why I'm using myself
21:16 tostadothe team's ppa ?
21:17 ctph01ger, i've read it. i'm asking cause i am not sure if i have forgotten something to configure in fai configs. so in default installation fai clients do not accept server's ssh key automatically before task_chboot?
21:18 siretarttostado:
21:23 h01gerctp, probably, dunno for sure. put that key in /etc/ssh/known_hosts in the nfsroot
21:23 ctpok
21:43 ctphm, anyone here has ever seen this message (task_chboot): "SERVER not defined. Can't change network boot connection"?
21:43 ctps/connection/configuration ;-)
21:58 tostadosiretart: thanks i will try them on a clean gutsy install
22:12 h01gertostado, as said, i cannot help you much with ubuntu...
22:15 tostadoh01lger: no problem, as long as others are helpful here :)
22:16 tostadoi will probably ask you again after the first successful installation ;)
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22:37 h01gertostado, :)
22:37 h01gerenjoy! ;)
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--- Fri Dec 14 2007

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