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01:09 ctphi folks. how can i tell make-fai-nfsroot to take a precompiled .deb for nfsroot's kernel? i've precompiled and wanna use this one for my nfsroot environment.
01:58 kuggyes the use KERNELPACKAGE=/path/to/file
01:58 kuggin make-fa-nfsroot.conf
01:59 kuggand then make-fai-nfsroot
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08:46 jcastangI am experiencing a very strange problem
08:46 jcastangI can't setup fr keyboards in fai installations
08:47 jcastangI have modified debconf file to set fr locale and keyboard but it doesn't work, it stay on us keyboard
08:47 MTon the console?
08:49 jcastangyes
08:49 MTjcastang, could you paste your debconf settings
08:49 jcastangok
08:51 jcastangit's done, number 44642
08:54 MTyou don't actually set the console keymap ...
08:54 MTfor german we use:
08:54 MTconsole-common console-data/keymap/full select de
08:54 MTconsole-data console-data/keymap/full select de
08:55 MTand, you need to have console-common installed to make that work
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08:55 nocturnMorning guys
08:55 jcastangok so I have to insert this lines in deboconf and add this packages...
08:55 jcastangnice thanks
08:56 jcastanghi nocturn
08:56 MTare you using etch or lenny/sid, jcastang?
08:57 jcastangno, Ubuntu
08:57 jcastang(sic)
08:57 MTah, ok
08:58 MTI was just wondering whether the console-common thing is only needed in etch
08:58 MTso I hope this works for you as well
09:00 jcastangI am trying, I'll tell you
09:00 nocturnI just booted up my first node installed with FAI
09:00 nocturnIt finally worked, though I need to go into tuning the install now
09:01 nocturnFirst thing is customization, the hostname of the node is set to host instead of it's DNS name...
09:01 nocturnHow do I let FAI set this up automatically
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09:32 Mrfaijcastang: also check the variable KEYMAP. The script FAIBASE/10-misc uses this.
09:33 Mrfainocturn: in dhcpd.conf: use-host-decl-names on
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09:37 nocturn
09:37 nocturnThanks, trying that
09:39 ctpkugg, you're here? read your answer tonight. 3.2 doesnt support KERNELPACKAGE anymore. so i need another way to include a selfcompiled kernel (.deb exists too) into my nfsroot.
09:40 ctps/read/i've read ;-)
09:44 edctp: I'm doing with a script
09:44 edand I removed the kernel from the I386 class
09:51 ctped: what to do exactely to replace the default 2.6.18 (etch) with in nfsroot?
10:03 Mrfaiyou have to create a local repository and put you own kernel into this reprository.
10:07 edctp: i've done a dpkg -i.
10:07 edas that's the only package I need outside the main tree, it's simpler
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10:22 ctpok, thx
10:25 jcastangthis is not working
10:25 jcastangI'm still in us keyboard
10:26 jcastanginstead of french
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12:14 ctped: you're using same unionfs patched kernel for fai server and fai clients?
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12:26 nocturnI set up some files in fai/config/files
12:26 nocturnbut they are not copied to installed nodes...
12:26 nocturnDo I need to enable something else for this to happen?
12:27 Mrfainocturn: you have also to add some fcopy commands in the scripts. Or use fcopy -r /
12:31 nocturnMrfai: Do I need to cd somewhere first?
12:31 ctpMrfai: hm, where must i put the 'dpkg -i my_own_kernel.deb' to get a custom kernel in my nfsroot? make-fai-nfsroot?
12:44 Mrfainocturn: man fcopy
12:45 Mrfaictp: make-fai-nfsroot can call a hook. Do it inside this hook, but do not forget to use --root= when calling dpkg, or do chroot .... dpkg
12:46 h01gerctp, what Mrfai said. but i like to note, that its probably a good idea to look into setting up your own apt-repo as you'll probaly sooner or later have more packages of your own...
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12:59 ctpah, ok. my fai knowledge grows with every hint you give me ;-)
13:00 ctph01ger: ok, setting up own repo the way to install my own kernel is to replace 'linux-image-2.6-amd64' in /etc/fai/NFSROOT with 'linux-image-' (my custom kernel)?
13:01 ctpin the 'PACKAGES install AMD64' section?
13:02 h01gerctp, gugl for "setting up custom apt repository"... (its more work than you need for this one package, but as said, i'm quite sure you will want more than one package in the longer run..
13:04 ctph01ger: i'm always walking the most professional way setting up new enviroments. so no problem with more work than needed ;-) same here with true apt-mirror instead of apt-cache ;-)
13:12 edctp: yes
13:12 edha euh fai server does not need unionfs
13:13 edso no, the fai server is a completly different kernel
13:15 ctped: ok, so you use beeing not patched on your fai server?
13:17 ctph01ger: by the way, all the steps and hints i make/get are documented in ;-) it's my part to give something back to the community. the footer is reserved for all the acknowledgments ;-)
13:19 h01gerctp, can you please link this article on, once its finished?
13:19 ctph01ger: if you have some time next weeks, can you take a look at? wanna avoid some dumb goof-ups ;-)
13:19 ctph01ger, np
13:20 h01geri can try, but i cant promise :) usually pinging me (when its done, to have a look) works well though
13:20 ctpok ;-)
13:24 ctpbtw guys, you kept me from switching to ubuntu on our cluster ;-) if it works fine with debian i am the happiest man today's evening ;-)
13:31 h01ger\o/
13:31 h01gercheers!
Action: h01ger hopes ctp will also be happily ever after ;)
13:38 nocturnOk, I cannot get files copied to the server...
13:38 nocturnI created an fcopy script though
13:40 h01geris it run?
13:44 Mrfaiuse fcopy -v and read shell.log
13:47 nocturnI do already have some things about fcopy in shell.log
13:47 nocturn
13:48 nocturnIt seems it did copy the FAIBASE files...
13:48 nocturnbut not DEFAULT
13:48 nocturnwhich contains my own files
13:49 Mrfaiyou should nit use the DEFAULT class. Create a class on our own and use this name for your configurations
13:53 nocturnMrfai: Will that fix it?
14:02 ctped: which options did you compile into your custom kernel. UnionFS, UnionFS extended attributes, NIC driver. did i forget anything?
14:03 oz_nfs and root filesystem on nfs
14:11 nocturnI tried with a different class but no luck
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14:28 ctpoz_: thx
14:33 Mrfainocturn: man fcopy, use fcopy -v and read shell.log
14:34 nocturnOk, need sleep.  Forgot to +x the script...
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14:40 ctpoz_: which kernel option do you mean with 'root filesystem on nfs' ?
14:43 oz_File Systems/Network File Systems/Root file system on NFS
14:44 oz_should be there, if nfs is built in the kernel
14:48 ctpoz_: hm, there's no "Root file system on NFS' in my case. First item is "<*> NFS file system support" with 4 subitems (Provide NFSc3 client support, Provide client support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension, Provide NFSv4 client support, Allow direct I/O on NFS files), NFS server support, some SMB, CIFS, Coda and AFS stuff :-(
15:10 MrfaiI think the new method using an initrd does not need root NFS any more.
15:11 MrfaiI'm pretty sure
15:13 ctpok
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17:55 ctpanyone has a hint what's this: "SERVER not defined. Can't change boot configuration". I get this at the end of fai client install.
18:01 Mrfaithe client tries to ssh to the install server and wants to call fai-chboot. Therefore it need the varaible SERVER. This is normally set by dhcp. check varialbles.log
18:34 ctpMrfai: hmhm. there's no variable SERVER in variables.log.
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19:00 Mrfaictp: set server-name in dhcpd.conf, then you'll get SERVER defined
20:04 ctpMrfai, thx again ;-)
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20:36 Mrfaictp: no problem
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