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09:11 nocturnMorning guys
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09:49 nocturnI was in here last week because  I'm stuck setting up FAI on Debian etc
09:49 nocturns/etc/etch
09:49 nocturnMy client does a PXE boot but stops on Trying to load pxelinux.cfg/C0A80145
09:50 nocturnI can download the file fine with a tftp client
09:55 nocturnI only have one suspicious log entry, tftp says
09:55 nocturntftp: client does not accept options
09:57 oz_but you had tftpd-hpa installed, right?
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09:59 jcastanghi all
10:00 nocturnoz_: yes
10:00 nocturnAnd it works well with the tftp client
10:01 Mrfaiyou can ignore the message: .. does not accept optionss
10:01 nocturnstrange thing is that when I run in.tftpd with -vvv, I get an entry when the client requests pxelinux.0
10:01 nocturnbut no entries for pxelinux.cfg/C0A80145
10:02 jcastangI have a problem with java using FAI ;)
10:02 jcastangIt can't be automaticly installed because of the license.
10:02 nocturnMrfai: Ok, I thought it indicated a problem with the PXE loader code in the node's firmware...
10:03 jcastangas anyone fixed this problem ?
10:04 Mrfaijcastang: IIRC someone had solved this. But I have no pointer currently.
Action: oz_ had a solution for it
10:04 Mrfainocturn: check if you install client really tries downloading from you tftp server.
10:05 oz_but I wonder that it's not in the wiki jet
10:05 oz_momplz
10:05 jcastangdon't know, juste take a look
10:05 Mrfaioz_: do not wonder about it, but add it :-)
10:05 oz_
10:06 oz_Mrfai: ;)
10:06 jcastangthanks
10:06 oz_I thought got the info from there
10:06 nocturnMrfai: I see the entries for pxelinux.0, which downloads succesfully:
10:06 nocturnRRQ from filename pxelinux.0
10:06 Mrfainocturn: so you should also see request for pxelinux.cfg/C0A80145
10:06 nocturnBut no entry for the configuration file, so presumably, the client didn't send it correctly
10:07 oz_nocturn: maybe this pxelinux.0 comes from somewhere else than /srv/tftpd/fai
10:07 nocturnMrfai: next entry is the one about the options
10:07 Mrfaiyep. Or it send it to another server
10:07 nocturnno, it's the only place there...
10:07 oz_nocturn: did you double check it?
10:07 nocturnThere's no other server, they are on an isolated network
10:07 Mrfaiuse tcpdump to see if those tftp requests are really send to your server
Action: Mrfai has to drive by bike through the ugly rain now. brb
10:08 oz_I mean, on the filesystem on your host
10:08 nocturnI'll try that, I'm first going to try a second node
10:08 oz_Mrfai: though guy
10:09 nocturnoz_: There are 2 pxelinux.0 files on it
10:09 nocturn/srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.0
10:09 nocturn/usr/lib/syslinux/pxelinux.0
10:09 nocturntftp has /srv/tftp/fai/ as root
10:09 nocturn /usr is not shared by any means, ftp, nfs, ...
10:10 oz_nocturn: can you prove that your tftpd does agree to this? :)
10:10 oz_like Mrfai said, did you look with tcpdump at it?
10:10 oz_did you strace the daemon?
10:11 nocturnI'm going to try a second node first (to see if the results are identical), then I'll run tcpdump
10:20 nocturnSame result on another node
10:20 nocturnAnd I got a dump file
10:21 oz_which says what?
10:21 nocturnloading it in wireshark
10:24 nocturnI see the read request for pxelinux.0
10:25 nocturnand the subsequent answer and data stream
10:25 nocturnthen a read request for pxelinux.cfg/xx-xx-xx (MAC address)
10:26 nocturnOK!
10:26 nocturnthe request for pxelinux.0 is to
10:26 nocturnwhich is the master (tftp server)
10:26 nocturnthe other requests are to!!!
10:28 nocturnHow is this possible?
10:30 oz_interesting...
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10:33 oz_some msgs on the web say it could be a problem with your standard-route
10:35 oz_nocturn: seems to be a dhcp prob
10:35 nocturnStrange that it would take pxelinux.0
10:35 oz_but I can't dig into it any further
10:35 oz_cos I am @ work
10:35 nocturndhcpd config says:
10:36 nocturnoption routers;
10:36 nocturnthe FAI server is dhcp and DNS server and firewall
10:38 nocturnoz_: what search did you run to find the standard-route answer?
10:39 oz_
10:40 jcastangI have another problem, more complex
10:41 jcastangI want to setup a pxe menu (that's ok) to select wich type of installation I want to make
10:41 jcastanghere I want to chose between destroy /home and preserve /home
10:41 oz_jcastang: that's easy! nocturne's prob is quite a thing
10:42 jcastangdon't understand
10:48 nocturnI'm getting somewhere...  It seems related to the next-server option in dhcpd in newer versions
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10:52 nocturnFound it! now got the next error
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10:54 nocturnNow it says: could not find ramdisk image...
10:54 nocturnwhich indeed is not there...
10:54 nocturnDo I need to generate this manually?
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11:14 jcastangcan I use some boot parameters in pxe config to define classes for hosts ?
11:14 jcastangin order to select wich type of installation I want ?
11:22 Mrfaiyes. All kernel parameters are also defined as variables. So you could add an option like MYC=A,B,C
11:22 MrfaiThen you have to write a script, that defines classes depending on this variable definition.
11:23 jcastangso MYC can be reached in booted OS as $MYC variable ?
11:24 Mrfaiyep
12:36 h01gerMrfai, you still use "Homepage:" in the description of the fai binary packages. as its in the source packages control header this is redudant information
12:36 MrfaiI know
12:36 h01geri thought so, but wasnt sure :)
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12:53 ctpmoin allerseits. bin langsam am verzweifeln, was unser fai setup angeht (ubuntu). bekomme beim booten des clients folgende meldung:
12:53 ctpregistering unionfs 1.3
12:53 ctpuups. 1.4
12:54 ctpunionfs: debugging is not enabled
12:54 ctpunable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at xxxxxxxxx
12:54 ctpund einen dicken call trace dahinter
12:55 ctpmuss man bei fai unionfs nutzen?
12:55 Mrfaiubuntu gutsy?
12:56 ctpja
12:57 Mrfaictp: Da ist unionfs via NFS defekt.
12:57 Mrfaies gibt aber einen workaround
12:57 ctpwollte urpsrünglich debian etch, aber der standardkernel hat enorme probleme mit intels ich9 chipsatz. noch nichtmal sata erkannt.
12:58 ctpah, moment. gerade was neues erreicht
12:58 Mrfaija,ja. Eine Installation faengt beim HArdwarekauf an.
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12:59 h01gerund 2.6.22 auf
12:59 ctpMrfai, es geht um ein cluster mit 8 quads. haben uns für asus pundits entschieden. wie gesagt, intel ich9
13:00 ctph01ger, das problem ist, wie bekomme ich etch installiert, wenn der installer noch nichtmal sie sata platten erkennt? vermutlich irgendein hickhack über debootstrap?
13:00 jcastangI don't understand german, but are you saiyng that FAI kernel with ubuntu gutsy as been fixed ??
13:00 h01gerctp, fai?!
13:00 ctph01ger, der fai server ist einer der knoten
13:01 h01ger hat d-i etch images mit 2.6.23
13:01 ctpjcastang, i had some hw detection trouble with etch so switched to gutsy based on 2.6.22
13:01 ctph01ger, ah, ok
13:02 h01gerjcastang, no. so far they've been saying gutsy is buggy, bu there is a workaround. (but not where the workaround is :)
13:02 jcastangh01ger: yes I used some tricks to use FAI with gutsy
13:02 ctph01ger, ich versuche es noch 1-2 std mit gutsy und dann werde ich definitiv wieder zurück zu etch. bin auch kein fan von *buntu
13:02 jcastangand it's working quite fine
13:03 h01gerjcastang, /me doesnt want to hear about it. (i hear more than enough about ubuntu problems here.) i'm happy with debian :)
13:03 h01ger;)
13:03 ctpjcastang, i began to write this howto:
13:04 jcastangfine, I may have a look (and complete if so)
13:04 ctpjcastang, i always document the non trivial stuff to help others to get it working ;-)
13:04 Mrfaigutsy workaround: create a feisty nfsroot and replace the base.tgz inside this nfsroot with a gutsy base.tgz. Then adjust the sources.list to use gutsy.
13:04 ctpjcastang, what did you make to get fai working?
13:05 ctpah, ok ;-)
13:05 Mrfaiso you are running feisty _during_ isntallation (also the kernel), but you will install a gutsy ssytem
13:05 jcastangyurk ! I don't understand german so I can't read this wiki
13:05 jcastangTo use gutsy with fai, I set up a working FAI installation with feisty
13:05 jcastangand so update to gutsy
13:05 ctpjcastang, i translate most of the docs beeing finished with the german version ;-)
13:06 jcastangSo I use feisty kernel with FAI and configure Fai to make gutsy installation (in source.list)
13:07 ctpok, so i'll switch back to etch
13:07 ctpas my favorite ditro
13:07 jcastanglol :)
13:07 ctpbut thx for info ;-)
13:07 jcastangno pb
13:08 ctpby the way: anyone here knows about some trouble running fai on amd64 (under etch)?
13:09 Mrfaictp: no, amd64 should work.
13:11 ctpgreat.
13:11 ctpmni thx guys ;-)
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13:28 nocturnI got to booting everything, but now it complains about:
13:29 nocturn/lib/modules/2.6.18-fai-kernels
13:29 nocturnSomething wrong with my root path?
13:30 Mrfainocturn: which FAI version are you using? fai-kernels is not used any more in FAI >=3.2
13:31 nocturnfai-server                        3.2.4
13:35 nocturnI can set root-path in dhcpd.conf, but that does not clear the error...
13:36 h01gernocturn, apt-get remove fai-kernels
13:36 h01gerread NEWS.Debian
13:36 nocturnmy nfsroot has that directory: /export/fai/nfsroot-i386/lib/modules/2.6.18-fai-kernels
13:36 h01gernocturn, recreate the nfsroot too
13:44 Mrfaih01ger: hast du mir den request geschickt bzgl. alioth?
13:44 Mrfaihab so ne komische mail bekommen, wo kein absender drin steht
13:45 h01gerja
13:45 h01gerfuer holger, ich bin nur als h01ger-guest member...
13:45 Mrfaikomisch, das der username leer war. Ganz leer.
13:45 h01ger#alioth :)
13:46 Mrfaiok, holger geherot nun dazu, holger-guest nicht mehr
13:46 h01gerdanke
13:47 MrfaiMT: ich werd dich auch mal mit DD namen hinzufuegen und michael-guest loeschen
13:47 MTwollt ich gerade sagen :-)
13:47 MTmt@d.o ...
13:47 MTthx!
13:47 h01gerMrfai, username feld ist auch bei ner mail zu nem anderem projekt leer, ich melde es mal in #alioth,bin eh noch da :)
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13:47 nocturnWhat should I set TFTPROOT to?
13:47 MTd.h. ich sollte das svn neu auschecken, nehme ich an!?
13:48 MrfaiMT: keine Ahnung
13:48 MThast Du mich schon hinzugefügt?
13:48 MTdann versuche ich es mal ...
13:48 MrfaiTFTPROOT=/srv/tftp/fai
13:48 MrfaiMT: yep
13:48 MrfaiMT: weiss aber nicht ob alioth ne Zeit lang braucht um die Daten vielleicht zu synchronisieren
13:49 MTI'll try ...
13:50 h01gerMT, svn rebase oder sowas gibt es
13:50 h01gersach mal bescheid, wenn du es hast ;)
13:51 MTsvn switch vermutlich
13:51 h01geralioth syncronisiert jetzt "schnell"
13:51 h01gerjup, das wars
13:51 h01gerund "schnell" ist durchaus schnell..
13:53 MThmm, scheint aber noch nicht zu funktionieren
13:55 MTh01ger, muss man da auf alioth erst einen neuen Account anlegen?
13:56 h01gerich _glaub_ nicht, aber da gibs ne faq, momang
13:56 h01ger
13:56 h01ger#5
13:58 MTmuss ich mir dann für mt ein neues Passwort schicken lassen?
13:59 MT... ja ... :-)
14:00 MTwo kann man denn den Account löschen lassen?
14:01 h01ger#4 iirc :)
14:02 nocturnI removed fai-kernels, rebuild nfs-root
14:03 nocturnbut still the same, at boot time, the client looks for those files in /lib/modules/2.6.18-fai-kernels
14:04 h01germaybe you have fai-kernels still mentioned somewhere in /etc/fai/
14:04 h01ger?`
14:04 Mrfaiyou have to copy the new kernel to your tftproot directory.
14:05 nocturnMrfai: from where?
14:06 Mrfaifrom the nfsroot. Normally make-fai-nfsroot is doing that
14:06 Mrfaicall make-fai-nfsroot -v again and paste the log to
Action: nocturn is making nfsroot
14:10 MTsvn switch --relocate svn+ssh:// svn+ssh://
14:11 MTh01ger ...
14:12 h01gerMT, thanks!
14:16 nocturnThere's no vmlinuz* on the nfsroot now...
14:18 nocturnresult of make-nfsroot
14:18 nocturn
14:20 MrfaiWARNING: These unknown packages are removed from the installation list: linux-image
14:20 Mrfaithis is wrong.
14:20 Mrfaithat's why you do not have a kernel inside the nfsroot
14:21 nocturnOops...
14:21 Mrfaiif you have upgraded from an older FAI version, check all files in /etc/fai. Especially /etc/fai/NFSROOT
14:23 nocturnMrfai: I switched from the Debian etch version to that on the official fai repos
14:23 nocturnCorrected and building again...
14:23 Mrfaiso you have updated from 3.1.8 to 3.2.x and maybe you are still using the old version of files in /etc/fai.
14:33 edMrfai: you've received my anwsers to questionaire? :)
14:33 ed+the
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14:43 nocturnMrfai: Now it stops at: can't open /scripts/live....
Action: h01ger thinks we need better upgrade documentation
14:49 h01gernocturn, you do have the koeln repo in your nfsroots sources.list?
14:50 nocturnchecking...
14:51 nocturnh01ger: no, it wasn't there...
14:51 nocturnDo I also need to deal with the koeln PGP key?
14:51 h01geri dont think so, fai uses insecure apt on default
14:52 nocturnOk, rebuilding nfsroot
15:09 nocturnBetter... but now it dumps me to a busybox shell
15:09 nocturnWhat could be wrong?
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15:33 ctpetch installs 3.1.8 as default (fai-kernels suck). which source do you prefer to get 3.2 running on an etch box? backports?
15:34 h01gerbackports
15:49 nocturnAnd now it stops at Calling 10-base-classes OK
15:51 oz_nocturn: what does fai.log tell you?
15:57 nocturnoz_: I can't get a shell
15:59 nocturnI'm giving up for today...
15:59 nocturnTime to go home anyway
15:59 nocturnThanks for all your help guys
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16:28 Mrfaied: yes. Email received.
16:29 Mrfaictp: use the koeln repository as described on the main fai web page
16:34 ctpMrfai, thx
16:38 jcastangI cannot set keyboard to fr-latin9, it always set us keyboard instead on console (tty)
16:38 jcastangas anyone got this error (with other keyboard too)
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19:05 ctphi folks. what must i pay attention to building a fai kernel? i'm trying to get running as fai kernel but booting a new client results in a BusyBox shell.
19:05 ctpBegin: Mounting root file system ......
19:06 ctpeth0: e1000_watchdog: NIC Link is up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex
19:06 ctp---> BusyBox shell opens
19:06 edcat live.log
19:07 edto get a kernel running fai you must patch it for unionFS
19:07 edyou must have nfs root
19:07 edtcp nfs
19:07 ednetwork built in
19:07 ctpnfs works fine
19:07 edand the ramfs enabled
19:08 ctpok, the last lines from live.log:
19:08 ctpBegin: Trying netboot from ...
19:09 ctpBegin: Trying nfsmount -o nolock -o ro /live/image ...
19:09 ctpDone.
19:09 ctpmount: Mounting unionfs on /root failed: No such device
19:10 ctphm, unionfs on /root?
19:12 ctpby the way: there's no way to install fai clients without unionfs?
19:25 edno./
19:25 edunionfs apply nicely on, I've compiled it 2 days ago
19:27 ctpok. that's the one i prefer. or 2.6.24-rc4. so you patched against unionfs patches?
19:30 edyep
19:30 edworks nicely
19:31 edjust installed 5 box with that kernel today
19:31 ctpoh, andrew morton's mm branch is already patched against unionfs 2.x. i am using hos patches on my desktops ;-)
19:32 edyou love instability! :)
19:32 ctped: ok, mni thx for your infos
19:32 ednp
19:32 edif you want I've a dot deb kernel package
19:32 edpatched against new e1000 driver
19:33 ctped: oh, ok. running intel board here with intel gigabit, so your kernel seems to be the one i wanna build ;-) do you have webspace to upload the deb?
19:33 edyeah
19:34 edthe kernel is build mainly for vostro 200
19:34 ed(dell system)
19:34 edgive me a minute to upload
19:34 ctped: great !
19:34 eddo you wanna initrd & vmlinuz for pxe ?
19:34 ctpwe're running 8 quads (asus pundit series)
19:35 ctped: all you have ;-)
19:35 edi've not included all sata & eth drivers, so perhaps it'll not work on your system.. :)
19:35 edgive it a try
19:35 ed'k
19:35 ctpwell, fine ;-)
19:39 ed1 min left
19:41 ed
19:42 ctphm, the unionfs diff applies on the vanilla from there's lot of git info (git-clone etc.) on the unionfs site.
19:42 ctped: thx again ;-)
19:42 ctpfast download. ready ;-)
19:43 ed:p
19:43 edthe dot deb can be used as host & boot kernel
19:43 edthe initrd and vmlinuz should only be used for boot
19:43 ed('cause live)
19:43 ctpreally fine
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20:02 eddoes it works?
20:05 ctped: hm, the client hangs during a "request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c"
20:06 eddon't know what's that binfmt-464c !
20:06 edstrange
20:06 edmaybe i2c stuff
20:06 ctpi try to patch
20:06 ctpyou used a simple patch -p1 foo.diff ?
20:08 edyeah
20:09 ed(prefer using stdin ;))
20:09 edpatch -p1 < foo.diff :)
20:13 ctpok, compiles now. time for cup of coffee ;-)
20:13 edwithin 8 quad? \o/
20:13 edI can compile it in less than 1 minute with my quad xeon :p
20:15 ctpwe're running 8 barebones with (8xq6600). gcc is running on one of them (you know, security aspects ;-) so no distributed cc here ;-)
20:15 ed:D
20:16 eda Q6600 in a barebone, wow, instant fire built in ! :D
20:16 ctpdid you compile unionfs extended attrs within the kernel?
20:17 edyep
20:17 eddon't know if thoses features were used or not, so, as I've done it on my spare time, a sunday, I've all enable lol :)
20:17 ed+d
20:17 ctped: the asus boxes have really good air flow. no trouble with the quads. made a performance test running them one day @ 100%
20:17 ed:)
20:18 edctp: I said that, as we sold thoses kind of barebones (pundit also)
20:18 edthey all went on fire
20:18 edno exception :)
20:19 ctped: ok. we're using p5g33
20:19 edwas 2 years ago :p
20:19 ctped: any experiences with them?
20:19 ctpah
20:19 ednope
20:19 edWe now are running with nec & dell
20:19 edReally, really cheap, and very good hardware with nec
20:19 edmuch cheap on dell systems
20:20 ctpdell is our desktop choice
20:20 ednow, for tiny systems, we use xdmcp on alix systems :p
20:22 ctpah, ok. pcengines rocks ;-)
20:22 edyeah :D
20:23 ctpi've played around with wrap's ;-)
20:24 edalix are better now :) 10 times more powerfull than soekris, 2 times cheaper, 2 times smaller, really good products :)
20:24 edPXE is working for now on alix :)
20:25 edI was frustrated with wrap that I can't PXE boot :p
20:25 ctped: hm, cool. i need something new for playing around. xmas is my time ;-)
20:25 edperhaps a day, I'll setup FAI for my alix systems :D
20:25 edhaha :)
20:26 ed << transition between wrap / alix :)
20:26 ednow there is the same wall with alix on my desk at work :-)
20:28 ctpour next project is fai for xen setups. with loadbalancing/failover on different xen clusters. really good man's toy ;-)
20:28 ctpnice pic
20:28 ed^^
20:29 edI don't work with xen for now, as I hate the performance hit it :(
20:29 edbut that's always interesting such technologies :p
20:29 ctpdefinitely
20:30 ctpok, i'm out for half an hour. have to eat something ;-)
20:31 edhave a nice lunch
20:31 edor diner, don't know how to say that in english, bref bon apetit :)
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