00:00 spqor does anyone know the boot process of fai?
00:01 spqetc/init.d/rcS
00:01 spq- found it
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00:22 spqhmm, i still cant find any info what i could do
00:24 spqi just stopped the nfs server, probably the kernel oopses and reboots
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11:23 spqhallo, gibt es eine möglichkeit nen laufendes fai das seinen config dir nicht mounten konnte zum restarten zubewegen (ssh wurde leider nicht gestartet obwohl der kernel parameter eingestellt war
11:23 spq(ich hab dem fai server ne neue ip gegeben, aber vergessendiese in der fai.conf im nfsroot anzupassen#
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11:34 edHi
11:34 edanyone already tried FAI on SID (nowadays)
11:35 edI'm experiencing problems, I haven't found yet before
11:35 edseems my system don't wanna mount target & all others mounts
11:35 edit worked fine before I tried to upgrade my nfsroot
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11:47 edhmmmm
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11:56 edseems there is a stage I am missing
11:56 edseems now there is 2 bootstrap ?
11:56 ed1 for nfsroot => dirinstall then chroot into the created "nfsroot" ?
11:58 spqyou everytime need two bootstraps-create the nfsroot and the on the target system boot with that nfsroot and bootstrap intothe target
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12:00 edwell, so, I don't understand how I should create the first bootstrap, which should be booted by the target
12:00 edfai-setup bootstrap a system in the nfsroot/live/...
12:01 edbut none in the "nfsroot/"
12:01 edsure I'm missing a command or a step,
12:01 edI'm trying to fai-setup verbose to see what happens :)
12:09 edI don't understand the documentation
12:10 edit provide all steps to create a nfsroot into the nfsroot/live/blabla/
12:10 edbut nothing about the system needed into nfsroot/
12:10 ed:(
12:17 edmaybe the new fai client kernel is something really special with ramdisk ??
12:17 edI don't understand
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12:23 ed    [ -d $NFSROOT/usr/share/live-initramfs ] || die "live-initramfs was not installed inside the nfsroot."
12:23 edArgh
12:25 edokay
12:25 edThat's the famous kernel part
12:25 ed;)
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12:39 edworking better using the live system ;)
12:39 edshould be documented a bit more I think :)
12:40 MrfaiMajor things that have changed are described in the NEWS file
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12:41 Mrfaispq: du kannst die fai installation nur ganz neu starten. Wenn sshd noch nicht laueft nur von der console mit dem Befehl faireboot. Oder hardware reset
12:43 edseems I've to create a new kernel with unionFS ;-)
12:43 edGrrr :)
12:44 spqMrfai, schade - hab naemlich gemerkt das per nfs nen regelmaessiges poll reinkommt
12:44 spqhab gehoft das er ne datei immer wieder liest oder so
12:50 Mrfaied: why not just use the plain debian kernel? Normally you do not ned to build a kernel by your own.
12:50 edMy kernel is patched with e1000 from sf.net
12:51 edas Dell systems are Really sucksing a lot
12:51 edthere are really too new systems
12:51 edwith almost everyting unsupported
12:51 ed+h
12:51 ed(vostro 200 sucks a loooooot)
12:55 Mrfaimaybe it's less painfull, to just compile thew e1000 for the normal plain debian kernel, and exchange this module. So you do not have to rebuild the whole kernel and unionfs modules
12:55 edyeah, but it does not works for the keyboard, nor for the mouse
12:56 edas thoses fucking systems repeats eatch keystroke twice
12:56 ed(known bug !)
12:56 edbut that's not that painfull, that's ok :)
12:56 eda 2nd patch and go ;)
12:57 edmy problem was with the video device driver... Unsupported, until xorg 7.3 :(
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13:43 ednow works like a charm
13:43 edthanks :p
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14:04 Mrfaied: please do not forget the FAI questionnaire. I'm always interested in feedback
14:05 edJust seen it 2 hours ago reading the new doc :)
14:05 edI'll fill it;
14:06 ed(we are using it since 2004)
14:06 edor 2005 don't remember exactly :)
14:13 Mrfaied: nice. That will be interesting.
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14:18 edYeah, first time boot & ok !
14:18 edperfect :D
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15:25 wfamyhi
15:26 wfamyi am fighting with setup_harddisks_2 for my raid /. is there any tar file of a /srv/fai/config for exemple?
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17:31 stockholmich habe gerade eine komische idee, weil ich meinen neuen notebook (ohne cd etc) installieren muss:
17:32 stockholmes wäre cool fai-quickstart und fai-notebook-class installieren zu können, noch etwas an den paketen und einstellungen zu drehen und dann ZACK den neuen rechner installieren zu können!
17:32 stockholmok, that was german.
17:32 stockholmwhat about this idea (since i got a new notebook just now):
17:34 stockholmit would be cool to have a fai-notebook-class (depends on fai-quickstart) that i install and then be able to tweak its config and then BOOM install the new computer.
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22:17 Mrfaistockholm: ich installiere mein notebook via pxe. Ohnbe probleme. Ist eigentlich kein unterschied zu einem server oder desktop
22:32 stockholmMrfai: ich meine das wäre fein schon eine gute paketauswahl etc zu haben
22:33 stockholmeine für notebooks, eine für werbserver etc
22:33 stockholmMrfai: darum das -class dabei
22:33 stockholmund halt "ready to use"
22:43 Mrfaies wird kein ready to use geben, weil du sicherlich etwas anderes auf deinem Notebook haben willst als ich.
22:43 Mrfaidsas muss jeder immer fuer sich machen.
22:56 stockholm
22:56 stockholmich wette es gibt ein common subset
22:57 stockholmund eine bessere ausgangsbasis die nur erweitert werden muss ist besser als von null anfangen
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