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09:54 nocturnHi guys
09:54 nocturnMy make-nfsroot is bailing out with an error:
09:54 nocturnI: Base system installed successfully.
09:54 nocturnAborting
09:54 nocturnNo diversion `any diversion of /sbin/discover-modprobe', none removed
09:55 nocturnI have this on two machines with Fai from Debian Etch
10:28 MTnocturn, could you please run make-fai-nfsroot -v
10:28 MTand paste the logs to
10:30 nocturnRunning now...
10:39 nocturnDone, this is the 32-bit nfsroot
10:39 nocturn
10:40 MTseems like debootstrap is failing
10:40 MTtry the failing command yourself
10:41 MTchroot /export/fai/nfsroot-i386 dpkg --force-depends --install var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.3.6.ds1-13etch2_i386.deb
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10:49 nocturnMT: it failed
10:49 nocturn
10:50 MThmm, seems like the permissions of /dev/null are f**  up
10:50 nocturnStrange... what could have caused this?
10:51 nocturnThe nfsroot was empty before starting it
10:51 MTdid you play any tricks on udev?
10:51 MTI guess udev should take care of such things ...
10:51 nocturnno, it"s a clean debian install...
10:51 nocturnoh wait...
10:52 nocturnI'm using libnss-ldap...
10:52 nocturnWhich causes udev problems on Ubuntu, so maybe Debian etch suffers from this too...
10:52 MThmm, I
10:52 MTI'm using libnss-ldap as well, without any problems
10:52 nocturnBut which /dev/null is the problem, the one in the chroot or in the real fs.
10:53 nocturnMT: is your FAI server also the LDAP server?
10:53 MTno
10:53 nocturnfor me it is.
10:54 MTjust compare the output of ls -la /dev/null and ls -la /export/fai/nfsroot-i386/dev/null
10:54 MTyou are using FAI 3.1.8, aren't you
10:54 nocturnpermissions are identical
10:55 nocturnFai 3.1.8 (from Debian), yes
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10:57 MTthat is, crw-rw-rw, root:root ?
10:57 nocturncrw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3
10:58 MTand you are running all this as user root, aren't you?
10:58 nocturnyes
10:58 MTis the root user also managed by LDAP, or is it the usual passwd
10:59 nocturnno, the root user is local
10:59 MTok, try this
10:59 MTchroot /export/fai/nfsroot-i386 "echo x > /dev/null"
11:00 nocturnit says: chroot: cannot run command `echo x > /dev/null': No such file or directory
11:01 MThmm, maybe the quotes aren't appropriate
11:01 MTuse this
11:01 nocturnI also tried
11:01 nocturnchroot /export...
11:01 MTchroot /export/fai/nfsroot-i386
11:01 MTecho x > /dev/null
11:01 MTexit
11:01 nocturnthen in the chroot: echo x >
11:01 nocturnbash: /dev/null: Permission denied
11:01 nocturnls -la /dev/null
11:01 nocturncrw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1, 3 May 21  2007 /dev/null
11:01 MTid
11:01 MT?
11:02 nocturnuid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
11:02 MTls -lan /dev/null
11:02 nocturncrw-rw-rw- 1 0 0 1, 3 May 21  2007 /dev/null
11:04 MTexit
11:04 MTmount
11:04 MTpls ...
11:04 MTcould you paste that?
11:05 nocturn
11:05 nocturnThanks for helping me MT
11:05 MTfound it?
11:05 MTit's the nodev ...
11:06 nocturnOK
11:06 nocturnI totally forgot about that
11:06 MTI guess nosuid is also undesireable on that one
11:07 nocturnTrying again...
11:09 nocturnIt will run for a while, I'm popping out for lunch while it does.  
Action: nocturn crosses fingers
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12:54 nocturnMT: It worked, the 32-bit was created correctly
12:54 nocturnNow also trying 64-bit
12:54 MTok, cool!
12:59 nocturnOn 64-bit, it stays on I: Unpacking libgdbm3... for a very, very long time...
13:02 nocturnI think it's dead...
13:02 nocturnIs there any way I can check if it's still running?
13:02 MTtop?
13:02 MTps?
13:03 nocturntop says 100% idle
13:03 nocturnI think NFS is hanging..
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13:04 nocturnYnfs: server fermi2 not responding, still trying
13:04 nocturnsure...
13:26 nocturnOk, copied it to a local dir and amd64 was built correctly
13:26 nocturnNext step, trying to actually boot a node..
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14:03 nocturnPXE boot doesn"t work
14:04 nocturnit says: Trying to load pxelinux.cfg/C0A80145
14:04 nocturnThen Trying to load pxelinux.cfg/C0A8014
14:04 nocturnand so on.
14:04 nocturnI checked on the server
14:04 nocturnpxelinux.cfg/C0A80145 is there
14:04 MTdid you check the logs on the server?
14:06 nocturnsyslog?
14:06 MTmaybe daemon.log
14:06 MTyou might need to enable -vv
14:06 MTto the tftpd flags
14:07 nocturntrying...
14:13 nocturnonly this:  in.tftpd[22260]: tftp: client does not accept options
14:13 nocturnin inetd:
14:13 nocturntftp            dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd in.tftpd -vv -s /srv/tftp
14:13 nocturnis that correct?
14:14 MTseems so
14:14 MTtry -vvv
14:14 MTand restart inetd, I think
14:14 MT(assuming that you use the version from inetd at all
14:16 nocturnyes, I'm using inetd
14:16 nocturnNo change...
14:16 nocturnonly the line I posted above...
14:17 MTnothing in syslog or daemon.log?
14:17 MTare you using tftpd-hpa?
14:18 nocturnyes
14:18 nocturnIt was pulled in as a dependency of Fai-quickstart
14:18 MTok, that's fine then
14:19 oz_nocturn: did you check tftp?
14:19 nocturnoz_: what should I check?
14:19 nocturntftp is running, it gets a connection from the node
14:19 nocturnbut the node does not seem to find the FAI config file
14:19 MTyes, but you could use a tftp client to check whether the files are there
14:20 MTI think this is what oz_ suggested
14:20 oz_yes, exactly
14:20 oz_tftp localhost
14:20 MTanyway, here I'm seeing further messages in /var/log/daemon.log
14:20 oz_the like on any other ftp client "get <filename>
14:20 oz_"
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14:21 nocturntftp localhost connects
14:21 oz_can you get the kernel, the config files?
14:23 nocturnI can get the config file
14:23 nocturnThough this action does not cause more logging than before
14:24 nocturnMaybe my dhcpd.conf file is missing some option?
14:24 nocturnsubnet declaration has:         server-name "fermi2"; filename "fai/pxelinux.0";
14:24 nocturn}
14:24 oz_nocturn: the "client does not accept options" make me think that it could be that you have two tftpds installed...
14:25 oz_and that you are using the wrong one right now
14:25 nocturnoz_: my inetd has this line
14:25 oz_what does "dpkg -l | grep tftp" say?
14:25 nocturntftp            dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd in.tftpd -vvv -s /srv/tftp
14:25 nocturnii  tftp-hpa                          0.43-1.1                        HPA's tftp client
14:25 nocturnii  tftpd-hpa                         0.43-1.1                        HPA's tftp server
14:25 oz_nothing more
14:25 oz_?
14:25 nocturnnope
14:26 nocturnoz_: does the inetd line look correct?
14:26 oz_nocturn: please wait, I'll check it in a minute
14:27 oz_what's your output of "dpkg -S /usr/sbin/in.tftpd"?
14:27 oz_nocturn: looks quite okay
14:28 oz_but I'd run it as a daemon, just for testing
14:31 nocturntftpd-hpa: /usr/sbin/in.tftpd
14:32 nocturnoz_: just run /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -vvv -s /srv/tftp
14:33 oz_hm. weird looks good.
14:33 oz_still not working?
14:33 oz_any other error messages (e.g. in daemon.log)
14:33 oz_?
14:33 nocturnI started the damon standalone (killed inetd)
14:33 nocturnwaiting for the node to boot
14:33 nocturntakes a while (Dell firmware...)
14:34 oz_do you haxewhat does " dpkg -l | grep pxe" tell you?
14:35 oz_s/do\ you\ haxe// , sorry.
14:36 nocturndpkg -l | grep pxe
14:36 nocturnnothing
14:36 nocturnThe only message in daemon.log or syslog was about the client not accepting options
14:37 oz_then install pxe
14:37 oz_apt-get install pxe
14:37 nocturndone
14:37 oz_that _should_ help.
14:37 nocturnDo I need to put it anywhere (like inetd.conf)?
14:37 oz_ps aux | grep pxe shows a process?
14:38 oz_nope
14:38 oz_just install
14:38 nocturn110      22440  0.0  0.0   3256  1004 ?        S    15:37   0:00 /usr/sbin/pxe
14:38 nocturnOk, rebooting the node
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14:42 nocturnno change....
14:43 oz_/var/log/pxe.log does exist?
14:43 nocturntftp must be working, the node reports tftp prefix: fai
14:43 nocturnoz_: yes
14:43 oz_what does it say?
14:43 nocturncontains:
14:43 nocturnThu Dec  6 15:37:25 2007: Info: Sock::Open: Bound to address: Port: 4011
14:43 nocturnThu Dec  6 15:37:25 2007: Info: Sock::JoinMulticast: Joined multicast group
14:43 nocturnnothing more
14:44 oz_Mon Dec  3 16:33:51 2007: Info: Sock::Open: Bound to address: Port: 4011 <- nothing like that?
14:44 oz_maybe...
14:44 nocturnno
14:44 oz_don't suspect me for the next sentence I say.
14:44 oz_maybe you reboot the server. ;)
14:44 nocturnLOL
14:45 nocturnTried that a couple of times already
14:45 nocturnDoesn't the error indicate that it can't find the file over tftp?
14:45 oz_after pxe installation?
14:45 nocturnIt reports PXELINUX when booting
14:45 nocturnah, rebooting after pxe?  No...
14:45 nocturnWill try that.
14:46 oz_:->
14:46 oz_just to be sure that everything is started a new
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14:46 oz_I am not really sure what this pxething does, never traced it.
14:47 nocturnI really don't understand it....  It should work
14:47 nocturnit sees tftp, has the right prefix, so why does it not find the config files...
14:47 oz_yes, as far as I can see now, it should.
14:48 oz_nocturn: can you get the config files by tftp?
14:48 MTwhat about the permissions?
14:48 oz_and...where did you set this prefix?
Action: oz_ never set any prefix
14:48 MTat last, you might want to try tcpdump
14:48 MTafter all, it's nice plain-text thing ...
14:48 nocturnoz_: yes, I could get them manually
14:49 nocturnmaster is rebooted, booting node
14:49 MrfaiI never used the pxe package.
14:49 nocturnI never set the prefix, but I guess it gets it from the dhcpd.conf
14:49 nocturn filename "fai/pxelinux.0";
14:49 oz_guessing is bad with computers...
14:49 oz_one shoudl know...that's why I hate this "reboot" stuff.
14:50 nocturnLOL, I don't know where it came from
14:50 oz_Mrfai: never?
14:51 nocturnno change whatsoever...
14:51 oz_so, your machine still hangs in a loop while trying to get the kernel, right?
14:52 nocturnnot the kernel, the FAI generated config file
14:53 Mrfaioz_: yep. Never
14:53 oz_just the config file
14:53 nocturnyes
Action: oz_ rereads the log
14:54 nocturnIt says trying to load : pxelinux.cfg/C0A80145
14:54 oz_and hangs...
14:54 nocturnthen trying to load : pxelinux.cfg/C0A8014
14:54 nocturnand so on..
14:54 oz_and you get this with "get pxelinux.cfg/C0A8014" on the tftp commandline?
14:54 nocturnyet in the tftp root, pxelinux.cfg/C0180145 existis
14:55 nocturnoz_: I don't think so, since it misses the fai prefix
14:55 Mrfainocturn: if your tftpd is started via inetd, you have to add -s to define the root directory of your tftpd
14:55 Mrfaialso check if your clients really asks your server and no any other server
14:55 nocturnMrfai: it is -s /srv/tftp
14:56 nocturnMrfai: it's this server, they are on an isolated network
14:56 MrfaiI have -s /srv/tftp/fai. Using FAI 3.2.x
14:56 nocturnin /srv/tftp, there's a subdir fai
14:56 nocturntrying that...
14:57 Mrfainocturn: what does ls -l /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg report for you? Did you call fai-chboot?
14:58 nocturn-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 236 2007-12-06 14:43 C0A80145
14:58 nocturn-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 236 2007-12-04 15:34 C0A80146
14:58 Mrfaiok. good
14:58 nocturnI did fai-chboot -I
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14:58 nocturnwith the nodename
14:59 oz_I'd guess...
14:59 oz_prefix confusion
15:01 nocturnI guess so too
15:01 oz_i also wonder about the "filename "fai/pxelinux.0";" thing
15:02 nocturnyeah, that might be the problem...
15:03 MrfaiI think your client already got pxelinux.0, otherwise you would not seen that it tries to download C0A80145.
15:03 nocturnMrfai: Yes, that's right.  
15:03 oz_nocturn: where is your pxelinux.0?
15:03 MrfaiI have this in dhcpd.conf:    filename "pxelinux.0";
15:03 nocturnoz_: in /srv/tftp/fai/
15:03 MrfaiI'm sure your -s path for tftpd is wrong
15:03 nocturnMrfai: I tried it withthat using -s /srv/tftp/fai
15:04 nocturnbut then it fails to find pxelinux.0
15:04 nocturnwith filename  "pxelinux.0";
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15:04 Mrfaichange filename in dhcpd.conf, restart dhcpd
15:05 nocturnMrfai: what is your entire line in inetd.conf for tftp?
15:06 Mrfaitftp           dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /srv/tftp/fai
15:06 nocturnsame here
15:06 nocturnI'm going to try one more boot, but then I'll have to leave for home...
15:06 Mrfaidid you restart dhcpd
15:06 Mrfai?
15:06 nocturnThanks very much guyst
15:06 nocturnyes
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15:42 h01gerMrfai, says 3.2.3 released....
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15:57 Mrfaih01ger: changed. Thanks.
15:58 h01ger:)
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