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Action: juri_ uses a fai install cd to benchmark disk subsystems.
01:45 juri_testing flash VS disk for use as a qemu host.
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01:46 juri_so far, the fastest 7200rpm pata laptop drive gets 1500, with a 4G usb key getting 3100 (with lower is good).. drive gets 45M/s, usb gets 18M/s
01:46 juri_now testing a raid0 of the usb keys, getting 24M/s.
01:55 juri_wow. down to 2100.
02:19 BarbarossaIs FAI able to handle difference architectures as ia32, EA64t(?) (2Core,Xeon 64Bit) for example?
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08:18 h01gerBarbarossa, yes
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09:14 fai-guykann ich in eine package_list auch ein spezielles relase (aptitude -t) angeben ?
09:15 fai-guyich möchte openoffice aus bpo installieren, aber kein pinning betreiben
09:16 MrfaiAFAIK kann man paketname/release bei aptitude angeben. Das sollte auch in FAI klappen
09:19 fai-guygut, werde ich testen
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10:17 fai-guyMrfai: das geht so wunderbar, thx
10:20 Mrfaifai-guy: kannst du mir bitte 1-2 Saetz darueber fuer das fai-guide mailen. Dann haben wir es dort auch dokumentiert,
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11:24 fai-guyMrfai: done!
11:37 istazhey
11:46 istazMrfai: : I'm trying to boot from fai-cd like you suggested yesterday
11:47 istazbut when I boot with the option nfsroot=<fai-srv>:/path
11:47 istazit try to mount <local-ip><fai-srv>:/path
11:47 istazand the whole process fail
11:47 istazany idea why?
11:49 istazmy grub bootline is : kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/nfs boot=live FAI_FLAGS="verbose,createvt" FAI_ACTION=sysinfo ip=dhcp nfsroot=
11:49 istazlike suggested by Thomas Lange in the ML
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11:56 istazoh wait
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12:01 istazI was using ip=:::::dhcp
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12:25 kuggHello all, I need a cheap hotel or whatever to stay for me and  a friend during my visit in Berlin thi winter for CCC that is 28th-30th of december
12:36 Mrfaiistaz: you do not need the IP address in the nfsroot parameter. I use nfsroot without IP address, this comes from DHCP
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13:35 istaz_Mrfai: my nfs server is not my dhcp  server and I don't have any control on the dhcp server
13:36 Mrfaiistaz_: ok, then it's ok to add the IP address to nfsroot
13:37 istaz_what is the rw option for btw?
13:38 Mrfairw means mount the root read-write. But IIRC I do not use it.
13:38 istaz_and why did you create the directory live/filesystem.dir instead of directly using directly the nfsroot like before?
13:39 istaz_(I had to modify thing in the make-fai-bootfloppy so I could use it before)
13:40 Mrfaiistaz_: it's because of live-initramfs.
13:42 Mrfaiistaz_: using nfsroot=ip_of_server:/srv/fai/nfsroot works here for me.
13:42 MrfaiI justtested it again
13:44 istaz_yes it work now, I made a mistake before
13:44 istaz_but I'm stuck further
Action: istaz_ is happy to see he is making progress
13:46 Mrfaiwere are you stuck now?
13:46 istaz_in a busybox shell
13:46 istaz_it look like it want to use thing in /root but they are mounter in /root/live/image
13:46 istaz_*the nfsroot is mounted in /root/live/image
13:47 istaz_and he try to access /root/var/log instead of /root/live/image/var/log
13:52 istaz_followed by several similar-look error
13:53 istaz_and finishing by a nice : Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init
13:53 Mrfaiistaz_: does this shell has (initramfs) as prompt?
13:54 istaz_Mrfai: yes
13:55 Mrfaiyour nfsroot parameter should include /srv/fai/nfsroot. Above you said you have /fai/nfsroot. Please check again
13:56 istaz_Mrfai: on my nfs server the nfsroot is in /fai/nfsroot
13:56 Mrfaiok.
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13:58 istaz_rhaa
13:59 istaz_they have rebooted the server in the dapper version without noticing me
13:59 Mrfaidid you modify your nfsroot by removing .../live/filesystem.dir?
13:59 istaz_non
13:59 istaz_*no
13:59 Mrfaigood.
13:59 istaz_wait I'm gonna see if I can reboot the server under gutsy
14:00 Mrfaiuse find / |grep live.log to see if you have a live.log file there. Would be nice to read it, maybe paste it
14:05 istaz_Mrfai: I have one
14:05 istaz_I try again with the good nfsserver and I will try to send it to you
14:09 Mrfaiuse
14:13 istaz_ok now with the right nfsserver I have the unionfs error
14:13 istaz_the same as this one
14:14 istaz_so I guess I will need a feisty nfsroot like you said
14:15 Mrfaiyep. I do not know another workaround for gutsy yet. Or is aufs (another unionfs) already available in gutsy? live-initramfs has support for it
14:20 istaz_there is a unionfs-source package but I don't know if it is compiled in the kernel
14:21 MrfaiAFAIK unionfs does not work with the gutsy kernel at all, so a source package will not help you.
14:21 MrfaiRead this:
14:22 istaz_sorry I meant there is a aufs-source package
14:25 Mrfaigive it a try
14:25 istaz_how?
14:26 istaz_it say the aufs nfs support is stil in developement
14:27 MrfaiMmm. So you cannot be sure if it will work.
14:27 MrfaiIt's up to you what to choose.
14:31 istaz_I will try what you say yesterday with the feisty nfsroot and the gutsy base.tgz
14:38 Mrfaigood idea.
14:39 istaz_Mrfai: do I need to copy/modify other file than the base.tgz?
14:41 Mrfainot sure. But the clients need a sources.list which point to gutsy. You may want to write a hook that uses fcopy to copy a different sources.list. Normally the clients use the same that is used inside the nfsroot.
15:06 istaz_Mrfai: it updated automatically to gutsy because I left the old sources.list in /etc/fai/apt
15:07 istaz_I'm reconstructing a new nfsroot without the file
15:11 istaz_Mrfai: are base-pkgs.lis and packages.nfsroot in /var/tmp useful?
15:17 Mrfaionly needed for fai-mirror.
15:22 h01gernsis looks like an interesting tool to install windows, if one has to do
15:22 h01gerits in debian, too
15:24 istaz_Mrfai: there is no etc/fai/ in my nfsroot and fai-cd doesn't like that
15:25 istaz_h01ger: isn't nsis the install tool developed by Winamp creator?
15:26 h01geri have no idea
15:26 h01geri just stumbled on it last night, and it looked very fai-ish
15:27 Mrfaiistaz_: call make-fai-nfsroot -v. The you get more output. I think someing failed during build of the nfsroot.
15:28 istaz_h01ger: it look like this on windows I fai to see how it is fai-ish
15:29 istaz_Mrfai: ok
Action: istaz_ should probably have setup an apt-cache, having to redownload all feisty package each time I do a nfsroot is painful
15:31 Mrfaior apt-proxy
15:32 h01geristaz_, "apt-cache show nsis " is what i read..
15:32 istaz_Mrfai: that's what I mean
15:32 istaz_t
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15:34 istaz_h01ger: oh it seem they have moved to a script system, I had looked into it several years ago on Windows and it was just a basis to create your own installer, you still had to code things in it
15:36 istaz_"Despite the fact you can generate NSIS installers on Linux or Windows, the result is only executable on Windows."
15:37 istaz_so it's useless
15:45 istaz_Mrfai: it cannot find the fai-nfsroot package anymore
15:45 istaz_Mrfai:
15:48 istaz_Mrfai: I found the cause, universe wasn't included anymore in the source.list
15:49 istaz_universe is a repository of extra package in ubuntu
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16:25 istaz_random trivia : apt-cache' variable http_proxy doesn't have the same syntax as wget' variable http_proxy /o\
16:25 istaz_(took me half an hour to figure that)
16:35 juri_you should post that on a wiki somewhere. under "random trivia". :)
Action: istaz_ will probably make a howto or a blog post if he manage to make everthing working
16:41 istaz_I need to make a faq for my bosses anyway
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16:56 Mrfaiistaz_: good idea. I know several people that want to do gutsy installations and have the same problem.
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17:23 Mrfaimikap: #453442 is fixed in svn. I also sent you an email about this.
17:27 mikapMrfai: cool thx, I'm just working at a disaster recovery and afk soon; a new release would be cool, yeah!
17:27 Mrfaiafk?
17:28 mikapaway from keyboard
17:29 Mrfaiok
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18:04 istaz_it's starting to work \o/
18:05 istaz_(at least the packet start being installed)
18:11 istaz_but I can't even stay to witness to result
Action: istaz_ have to go or he will miss his last train
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