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00:36 sobersabrehi, what is the reason for such errors: http://paste.debian.net/43540 ?
00:36 sobersabreis there a way to "upgrade" the partition table ?
00:36 MT /dev/hda1            63  92171519   92171457   7  HPFS/NTFS
00:37 MTthe reason is usually M$ or the like
00:37 MTin such cases I always use --force
00:37 MTexport sfdisk="--force"
00:37 MTin some class/*.var file (as appropriate)
00:37 sobersabreMT, I have used the fai installation already.
00:38 sobersabreand it had no such problem so far.
00:38 MThmm, strange
00:38 sobersabreit's maybe a different HD model on that machine, which reports a different C/H/S conf.
00:39 sobersabrebut. still, the partition table I am creating in fai config/disk_config/CLASSNAME is C/H/S independent
00:40 sobersabreMT, where do I add this option: export sfdisk="--force"
00:40 MTin some .var file in the class directory
00:40 sobersabreoh, ok.
00:40 MTchoose (or create) an appropriate one
00:40 sobersabreI have it.
00:41 sobersabreshall it be:
00:41 sobersabreSFDISK="--force" ?
00:41 sobersabreor small case ?
00:42 MTjust as I posted above
00:42 MTexport sfdisk="--force"
00:42 sobersabreok!
00:42 MTat least, that's what I use
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17:01 istazhey
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17:01 istazhas someone managed to use FAI with Ubuntu Gutsy ?
17:01 istazI think I have hit the problem with UnionFS
17:01 istazhow can I resolve it?
Action: oz_ just tries to do the same
17:04 istazI'm starting to lose all my hair  :/
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17:04 oz_take it easy...
17:05 istazif I make a new Fai Cd from Gutsy I get a "cannot open root device nfs" blablabla
17:05 oz_to be honest...I wonder why something like ubuntu is useful anyway. ;)
17:05 oz_istaz: "blablabla" has to be checked!
17:06 oz_and "blablabla" are a bit bad manners, if you want real help.
17:06 istazand if I use my old Feisty Cd to install Gutsy, FAI start but the filesystem is read only :/
17:06 istazoz_: sorry I didn't want to sound rude
17:07 oz_Feisty Gutsy...
17:07 oz_Describe your problem a bit more orderly, please
17:08 oz_LABEL Ubuntu-fai MENU LABEL ubuntu, new install method KERNEL ubuntu-kernel APPEND  break=mount root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= file=ubuntu.seed boot=nfs oem-config/enable=true initrd=ubuntu.img <- I'm going with this ATM
17:08 istazI had working FAI installation for Dapper and Feisty (I wasn't the one who set them up)
17:08 istazand I'm trying to update the whole thing to Gutsy
17:09 lazyb0yistaz: what exactlky are you doing, and how? what is your base/server OS? Which FAI Versione are you using?
17:10 lazyb0ythe ubuntu fai maintainers seem to be a nbit silent these days, but I tested the fai indtsll-cd creation some time before the release, and it worked quite well...
17:10 lazyb0yapart from that, there seems to be a long thread on the user mailing list about problems with gutsy - did you check that?
17:10 istazServer is Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 Kernel 2.6.22-14-server
17:11 istazFAI version 3.2.1-0ubuntu1
17:11 oz_lazyb0y: on gutsy?
17:11 istazhum no FAI version is 3.2.1-0ubuntu2~ppa2~gutsy1
17:11 oz_out-of-the-box?
17:12 istazand I'm using DHCP
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17:12 istazand booting via CDROM
17:12 lazyb0yon gutsy, yes, but I don't what version that was. it was some weeks before the release, so gutsy as well as the fai version might have changed to something broken just before the release :(
17:13 lazyb0ythe resuklting cd worked _not_ for me in Qemu, but very well for Mrfai in real hardware or vmware
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17:13 lazyb0yistaz: _booting_ or are you making an install cd?
17:13 istazinstall CD
17:14 lazyb0yand what about the thread Ubuntu 7.10 - "live/filesystem.dir" and "read only filesystem" in the list - does that help, maybe?
17:14 istazI mean an install CD witch use NFS not a  standalone FAI-CD
17:14 lazyb0ygah
17:14 lazyb0yso, you are making a cd with make-fai-bootfloppy?
17:14 lazyb0yI think, that doesn't work with fai 3.2
17:14 istaz already read it  and nope doesnt really help apart from the hint about union-fs
17:14 istazyes with make-fai-bootfloppy
MT (~MT@dove.informatik.tu-muenchen.de) joined #fai.
17:15 lazyb0yI guess, you should forget that and try booting with PXE/etherboot
17:15 lazyb0ythis will be fixed in a later version, but for now, I believer that cannot work...
17:16 istazlast time we tried and PXE didn't work because we were using special Optical Fibre network card
17:17 lazyb0yistaz: ah! please post this on the FAI Mailing list! currently, fixing this boot cd is low-priority, because everybody thinks pxe booting is possible al over the place!
17:17 istazlazyb0y: what is the problem with make-fai-bootfloppy?
17:19 lazyb0yistaz: FAI is using a default kernel since 3.2, and this kernel isn't fitting on a floppy anymore.
17:19 oz_hm. how do i extract a root-fs from a cpio archive to mount it for tests?
17:19 oz_lazyb0y: "everybody"?
17:20 lazyb0yThomas said these days, he will enable the fai-cd command to make a boot-only cd(that then mounts nfsroot, etc), instead of fixing make-fai-bootfloppy...
Action: oz_ does not think this
17:20 lazyb0yoz_: alwways when I vote for not throwing away the bootfloppies, I get this answer :)
17:20 lazyb0yso, I asumed, everybody but me is thinking so
17:21 istazlazyb0y: itsn't really a problem for me since I use a CD ROM and not a floppy
17:21 oz_lazyb0y: I'd throw away the bootfloppy
17:21 oz_I don't waste time by thinking of it :)
17:21 oz_better, do the live solution, so that we can install form usb stick soon
17:21 lazyb0yyou can both vote on the mailing list to increase the importance to make a boot-cd with nfsroot and netinstall support :)
17:22 lazyb0ybut then, that isn't netinstall
17:22 oz_lazyb0y: I'm _so_ sorry that I could not come to the meeting
17:22 oz_damn it
17:22 lazyb0y"live" is something different, anyway
17:22 oz_live is the way to got I think
17:22 oz_I think h01ger agrees on this
17:23 oz_I worked on this a lot last winter
17:23 oz_s/to got/to go/
17:23 oz_iirc on live it is not so important what media is used?
Action: oz_ now wonders why friggin gutsy wants to mount $ROOTSERVER:/root
17:24 oz_ubuntu is so crazy
17:24 lazyb0yoz_:  "live" i incorrect wording, I always thought and still think. "live" suggests, you have a running FAI server in a live cd.
hoagie (~3f52478a@ joined #fai.
17:25 lazyb0ythe thing that fai-cd builds is in my opinion and "install cd"
17:25 lazyb0yand the thing that is missing/broken now, is a "netinstall boot cd"
17:25 oz_lazyb0y: words, words :-)
17:25 istazlazyb0y: you can make a  "netinstall boot cd" with make-fai-bootfloppy so I don't really understant your point
17:25 oz_we just want fai, even on a install-cd, don't we? :-)
17:26 oz_lazyb0y: read...make-fai-bootfloppy is now broken because the kernel got too big for a floppy
17:27 Mrfaiistaz: normally fai boots using boot=live an not boot=nfs as you have
Action: h01ger thinks make-fai-bootfloppy should have been removed in 3.2.2 :)
17:28 h01gerbut i'm very fain with 3.2.3 too :)
17:29 h01gerand i do think that live is the/a correct term, though its not a live cd in its typical sense. so i'd avoid it..
17:30 oz_year, live cd is an anoying term anyway
17:30 istazMrfai: sorry I'm really new to FAI (and tired) and I'dont understand what is this boot= you are speaking about
17:30 oz_nothing is live on a CD.
17:31 oz_"linguistic pollution" caused by IT advertisement morones
17:31 istaz < oz_> lazyb0y: read...make-fai-bootfloppy is now broken because the kernel got too big for a floppy << you mean even if I use it to create a CD it doesn't work?
17:31 lazyb0yoz_: about "words words": I really believer it's important to use the "right words"(TM) - communication is hard enough
17:32 lazyb0yistaz: yes, the whole command is not building anything usable since 3.2 AFAIK
hoagie2 (~3f52478a@ joined #fai.
17:32 oz_lazyb0y: full ACK
17:32 hoagie2Hello
17:32 oz_but on the other hand...it's little sense to discuss tiny shades in meaning.
17:33 hoagie2I need to install Etch on several almost identical machines in an isolated lab where all install-related materials must be carried in (no Internet access possible).  Furthermore, the machines are hand-me-down and I don't have any passwords (even single user mode wants a password).  Moreover, I have limited experience with Linux installs.
17:33 hoagie2What is the best way to use FAI to do the installs while maintaining my sanity?  I do have an existing Debian machine in that lab that I could use as an install server (or I could set up an install machine under VMware on that machine).  I figured asking here ahead of time might save me alot of grief, so I appreciate any help.
17:34 lazyb0yhoagie2: what do you mean with "hand-me-down" and you have no passwords???
17:35 hoagie2I don't have root or any other password on the machines I want to install on
17:35 lazyb0yhoagie2: apart from all that: reading the fai-guide very first is most important for you
17:35 oz_hoagie2: no password is okay as long as you have physical access to a box
17:35 lazyb0yhoagie2: if you install them, you will have the root password you set yourself.
17:35 lazyb0y:)
17:35 hoagie2hand-me-down means it used to belong to someone else
17:35 oz_just pass "init=/bin/bash" to the kernel and you should be fine
17:35 oz_if /bin/bash does exist.
17:35 hoagie2I do have physical access
17:36 Mrfaioz_: that will not work
17:36 oz_Mrfai: init=/bin/bash?
17:37 Mrfaiyep. there's no bash in the initrd when booting fai
17:37 oz_Mrfai: I don't think he has FAI machines...
17:37 lazyb0yhoagie2: as long as the bios isn't locked, and you want to completely re-install, and not save any data from there, you are fine, they can be handled as any machine to be installed
17:37 oz_he want to install FAI right now. :-)
17:38 hoagie2I saw fai-cd listed as the easiest way, but didn't know if that would really work in my situation
17:39 Mrfaiok. I see. It was you that is using boot=nfs. Do you use this option with live-initramfs?
17:39 Mrfaih01ger: give it a try on one machine
17:39 Mrfaisorry not for you h01ger
17:39 lazyb0yhoagie2: fai-cd is an install cd which has all the packages on it - so, it's "self contained" and doesn't need any further services
17:40 Mrfaihoagie2: give it a try on one machine. USe the fai-cd from the fai web page
17:40 h01gerMrfai, np :)
17:40 lazyb0yif you say, you have a machine that can be used as install server, you might want to do network installs.
17:40 oz_does a fai-cd with ubuntu exists yet?
17:40 Mrfaioz_: I see. It was you that is using boot=nfs. Do you use this option with live-initramfs?
17:40 Mrfaithere's no fai-cd for ubuntu yet
17:40 lazyb0ythere, you are more flexible, and you don't need to walk to each machine when doing an install - just set pxe accordingly
17:41 Mrfaino official ubuntu fai-cd from me
17:41 oz_Mrfai: don't take that serious...
17:41 lazyb0ythen again, netinstall requires a hand full of services to work with each other, so the learning curve might be higher
17:41 oz_just started off, I'm playing ATM
17:41 oz_and try to follow here.... :-)
17:41 lazyb0ybut fai-cd _should_ work in gutsy
17:41 hoagie2okay, was suprised when the install fit on one CD; the full etch install I saw elsewhere was 3 DVDs
17:41 istazgotta go, thanks for your information
17:41 lazyb0ythat's what I told tat we tested it
17:42 oz_hoagie2: I have a CD with a Apache, Mediawiki, Openldap server and other stuff on it
17:42 oz_a fai-cd
17:42 oz_I install all my boxes and pools with it...but it desperately calls for improvement
17:43 Mrfaioz_: which do you post things that I should not take serious? IMO posting those things will confuse our users. It wven confuses me
17:44 oz_Mrfai: I just was syncing with hoagie2
17:45 oz_it was not a joke, but I also did not call for a fix! ;)
17:45 oz_brb
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18:09 oz_hm. I wonder about this last part of the conversation...
18:11 lazyb0ysomebody's not amused, obviously...
18:13 oz_yes, but why?
18:13 oz_it was not my intention to be rude
Action: oz_ ist just about to test fai-cd on gutsy
18:24 oz_crappy crappy PeeCees
19:19 hoagie2Okay, I'm a bit lost.  I created a CD from the i386 ISO on http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-cd/.  I inserted that into the machine I am trying to install etch on and rebooted.  Then I get an grub prompt (not a grub boot options menu).
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19:21 hoagie2how do I get to the menu like is shown on http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/slideshow/101.png
19:22 lazyb0yhoagie2: that should "just work" :)
19:22 lazyb0yif it doesn't, it can some reasons:
19:22 lazyb0y- the download is broken (are there md5sums to check? )
19:23 lazyb0y- you have "strange" hardware that doesn't work well with grub and booting from a cd
19:23 lazyb0y- the iso is not tested good enough
19:24 lazyb0y(I'm just giving it a try - but I can only look at the i386 thingy)
19:24 hoagie2md5 checks out
19:25 hoagie2the hardware is a HP ProLiant DL 140
19:27 hoagie2I verified that it is booting from the CD
19:32 lazyb0yhoagie2: here, the cd image boots, at least in qemu
19:33 lazyb0ydid you verify that the machine also boots a cd with grub?
19:33 lazyb0y(not sure, but I imagines that can be problematic sometimes)
19:34 hoagie2what I actually tested was that in the BIOS config that the CD should be the one used for booting
19:35 hoagie2you are suggesting creating a different CD with grub and trying that?
19:37 lazyb0yhoagie2: if I understand you correctly, you only checked the setting, but did not really try to boot from a cd yet, right? first, I'd do that, then check, if booting from another grub-based boot cd works
19:38 hoagie2I tried booting from fai-cd-3.2 and ended up at a "grub>" prompt
19:38 hoagie2shortly before that prompt, it said something about moving on to "stage 2"
19:39 lazyb0yhm, that meany, general booting from cd should work :)
19:39 lazyb0ybut it is possible AFAIK, that grub can be booted, but then cannot access the cd devices for some reason - and so grub never get's it's actual config...
19:40 lazyb0ycheck another grub.based live cd, IIRC the gnuoerted live cd also uses grub... don't know which one, too!
19:41 lazyb0ysorry, I have to leave - will check in an hour to see how far you got...
19:41 hoagie2k, thanks
19:41 lazyb0yBTW, i was thinking of "gnuparted" not gnuoerted :)
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