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01:04 dtohello fai friends
01:07 stockholmhi dto
01:08 dtoi'm going to set up a test fai server tonight
01:09 dtouse it to install/configure the machine that will become the fai server
01:21 dtowhat is PXE? is that what happens when I enable "Boot from LAN" in my client's BIOS?
01:27 dtoby the way, i'm going to write a fai binding for emacs lisp :-)
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01:53 dtodoes my fai server need to have a fixed IP address? or can it itself be a DHCP client to our router box?
02:01 dtook, i have tftpd-hpa installed, but i can't seem to get it to run. i changed it to RUN_DAEMON="yes" in /etc/defaults/tftpd-hpa, but it won't run
02:01 dtoeven with in.tftpd -l
02:03 dtothe client i'm trying to boot, i'm not sure whether it uses BOOTP or PXE or what. the BIOS setting is just "boot from lan"
02:04 dtoah wait
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02:31 dtohi mikap
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02:40 dtook, i'm stuck
02:41 dtowhat i'm trying to do is use a "temporary" fai server that i've installed on this laptop. i have a machine called Shodan that is actually going to be the fai server from then on
02:41 dtotrying to boot the fai-cd on shodan resulted in a kernel panic (can't open scripts/live)
02:41 dtothis has something to do with network cards? but not sure
02:55 rcydto: your fai box doesnt need to be a fixed-address
02:55 rcybut i think you'll need some sort of dns
02:57 dtoyeah
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03:27 dtohi. the cd install failed. before i get anywhere, it drops to (initramfs) prompt with no error messages, dmesg shows nothing useful
03:33 dtomaybe this error when doing fai-mirror? E: Couldn't find package unionfs-modules-2.6-486
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03:49 dtohello.
03:50 dtoi'm running make-fai-bootfloppy -v -g -I eth0 -f shodan-install.floppy -i shodan-install.iso -d f -F -s shodan
03:50 dtoand it says
03:50 dtoCopying the kernel /srv/fai/nfsroot/boot/vmlinuz- to the floppy.
03:50 dtocp: cannot stat `/srv/fai/nfsroot/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/stage?': No such file or directory
03:50 dtobut that file does exist in /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/stage? <--- several files
03:50 dtohow do I fix this?
03:51 dtoi didn't change anything about the nfsroot really
03:51 dtomaybe i need to rebuild the nfsroot?
03:53 dtoah
03:53 dtohmm
03:56 dtoanyone awake?
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04:08 dtohi glance
04:09 dtocan you help with make-fai-bootfloppy? i get Copying the kernel /srv/fai/nfsroot/boot/vmlinuz- to the floppy.
04:09 dtocp: cannot stat `/srv/fai/nfsroot/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/stage?': No such file or directory
04:09 dto
04:11 dtoif i make a symlink, it gives me cp: cannot stat `/srv/fai/nfsroot/boot/vmlinuz-': No such file or directory
04:11 dto
04:12 dto(the grub files it's looking for are actually in /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem-dir
04:12 dto.dir
04:12 dtowhy is it looking into the wrong place?
04:15 dtothis is hour 5 and i've not accomplished anything with fai :(
04:15 dtoi'm reading the manuals most of that time too
04:15 dtothere seems to be no help for make-fai-bootfloppy
04:16 dtobasically, it is expecting things to be in /srv/fai/nfsroot/ but they're really in /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/...
04:17 dtoam i missing something
04:17 dto?
04:20 dtothis is the exact  problem i'm having http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20071105.160045.740d7d39.en.html
04:45 dtoi'm giving up for now. i hope people will be around tomorrow.
05:17 dtohmm
05:27 dtoi'm getting a failure to mount unionfs in live.log
05:28 dtowith "no such device"
05:29 dtohmm, i don't seem to have unionfs
05:30 dtoi'll work on it tomorrow...
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08:36 su[]guten morgen
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09:40 stockholmping
09:40 stockholmäh
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10:35 stockholmcurrently the copying of logfiles always requires a manual interaction when coming to the end of the installation
10:36 stockholmthat is an ssh thing, it does not happen in a different environment when running an install with the same fai server
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10:38 stockholmdid anyone else see probelms with setupharddisks2 when creating more then one lvm volumegroup?
10:39 stockholmit crashes for me.
10:40 oz_error msg?
10:41 stockholmit says:
10:41 stockholm      ERROR (line 16): Invalid file: Was expecting /\Z/ but found "vg02_disks
10:41 stockholm                       /var/disks 0- xfs rw,noatime" instead
10:45 stockholmand of course chboot does not work at the end of the install either.
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13:04 stockholmMT: ping
13:04 MThi!
13:04 stockholmMT: bei mir crascht shdd2 wenn ich zwei lvm vgs machen möchte
13:05 stockholm11:41 <stockholm>       ERROR (line 16): Invalid file: Was expecting /\Z/ but found "vg02_disks
13:05 stockholm11:41 <stockholm>                        /var/disks 0- xfs rw,noatime" instead
13:05 MTkannst Du die gesamte disk_config mal pasten?
13:05 MT(paste.d.n)
13:06 MTstockholm, ich bin in ca. 30 min wieder da
13:06 stockholmja
13:07 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/43069
13:07 stockholmalso mit dem auskommentierten einkommentiert
13:18 su[]kann man bei package_config's auch Klassen logisch verknüpfen like "PACKAGES aptitude I386 ! SUSE" zb
13:21 Mrfainein
13:21 su[]schade
13:21 Mrfaidas wuerde das ganze zu kompliziert machen
13:21 su[]ok, das mag ich glauben
13:24 MTstockholm, funktioniert das, wenn Du die Zeile disk_config lvm beim 2. Mal entfernst?
13:25 stockholmnein, das haben ich dazugetan um das problem zu lösen
13:25 MTahhhh
13:26 MTversuch's doch mal mit vg02-_disks
13:26 MT:-)
13:26 stockholmah
13:27 stockholmaber mit der neuen lvm zeile?
13:27 MTis egal glaub ich
13:27 stockholmist schöner ohne
13:28 stockholmdanke
13:28 MTbenützt Du eigentlich die aktuelle SVN-Version?
13:28 stockholmnee, die an der ich in merida gearbeitet habe
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13:30 kustranhello
13:30 kustranI'm back :]
13:35 kustranboot from cd with nfsroot still doesn't work :/
13:37 Mrfaidid you asked the debian-live guys?
13:37 kustranyeap
13:37 kustran<kustran> is this possible to boot from cd and use nfsroot exported from nfsserver, not use filesystem from cd?
13:37 kustran<panthera> fir the second last question: in theory yes, in practise not yet i think. there are a few glitches left
13:37 kustran<panthera> in live-initramfs which do prevent this
13:37 kustran<panthera> you should ask fai people; they have propably more experience with netboot
13:37 kustran:)
13:38 Mrfai:-)
13:39 MrfaiI will give it a short try
13:39 su[]kustran: for me it works fine ... boot from cd and use nfsroot and config space mounted by nfs
13:39 oz_kustran: sure this is possible
13:40 oz_did that on boxes without floppy
13:41 Mrfaiwhich version? FAI 3.2 and newer?
14:01 kustransu[]: which parameters do you use?
14:01 kustranmrfai: yes, 3.2
14:01 kustranboot from pxe work ok
14:01 kustranboot from cd too
14:01 kustranbut mixed - no
14:02 kustrani must find simply method to install about 4k terminals
14:02 kustranpart of them have bootprom, part no
14:02 kustranso I must boot part of them from cd/usbdrive
14:03 kustranFAI looks good for me...
14:04 kustranterminals are different, I can't clone disk
14:06 kustranwhen I boot from PXE, then unionfs is loaded and everything works
14:06 kustranwhen I boot from usbdrive - unionfs won't start
14:08 Mrfai4k terminal. Wow, that's a lot.
14:08 kustranyes :/
14:08 kustrantoo much
14:08 kustran:)
14:08 MrfaiCurrently I boot from fai-cd, and now I change the boot parameters, so it should use NFS
14:09 kustranwhich parameters do you use? root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot ?
14:09 kustranany others?
14:11 MrfaiI use ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=... boot-live
14:11 MrfaiAnd it works
14:11 kustranI must check insert modprobe unionfs into /srcipts/nfs-top... maybe it helps
14:11 kustranboot-live? or boot=live ?
14:12 Mrfaiboot-live
14:12 Mrfaisorry
14:12 Mrfaiboot=live is correct
14:12 kustranok... I have that same parameters...
14:12 kustranbut unionfs won't start
14:15 Mrfaikustran: use the original faicd form the fai web page. Let's check if this works or not.
14:15 kustranok, i try
14:16 kustranon vmware
14:16 MrfaiOK, first try it on vmware, then on your real hardware.
14:17 MrfaiYou know, you have to enter the edit mode of grub, after you see the grub menu.
14:17 kustranyes, I know :)
14:17 Mrfaifine
14:21 kustrannot working
14:21 kustranmount: device or resource busy
14:22 kustranunionfs not started
14:22 kustranscripts looping
14:23 Mrfaitell me the url of the iso image you have downloaded.
14:24 kustranhttp://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-cd/fai-cd-3.2.iso
14:24 kustranstandard place ...
14:26 kustranmd5 sum is ok
14:27 Mrfaiok. Then test it on real hardware
14:27 kustranok, wait a sec. (longer :) )
14:28 MrfaiBTW, which kernel do you have inside your nfsroot? Please paste the output of make-fai-nfsroot -v to paste.d.n
14:30 kustraninside is 2.6.18-5-486
14:32 Mrfaiplain debian or build by your own?
14:33 kustranplain
14:33 Mrfaiok. All very fine
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14:35 Mrfaiok can you paste your dhcpd.conf
14:35 su[]eine frage zu smart für ein sles oder gibt es dafür einen anderen channel
14:35 su[]?
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14:36 kustranhttp://paste.debian.net/43076
14:37 kustranwith and without root-path was that same end
14:39 Mrfairoot-path is not needed
14:39 kustranyhm
14:40 kustranall this works ok, because i can boot from pxe :)
14:40 Mrfailooks fine. I can see no problem. But remove root-path
14:40 kustranok
14:41 Mrfaiwhat does your real hardware say?
14:41 kustrank3b: 80% of burning...
14:43 kustranfirst try "normal" cd boot?
14:44 MrfaiThis is up to you
14:48 stockholmMT: lvm crascht wenn man grosse vgs hat hier habe ich 5T
14:48 kustranterminal can't boot from cdrom on usb... I must find normal cd
14:50 MTlvm bug oder ein Problem von shdd?
14:51 Mrfaioh, CDROM on usb. Maybe this is the problem.
14:51 MrfaiCAn you boot from USB stick?
Action: Mrfai brb
14:53 kustranno, i try that method - "normal" boot works, with nfsroot not
15:04 Mrfaistop. If you can boot from usb stick, this will be much easier and faster than from CDROM via USB.
15:04 kustranok
15:04 MrfaiAnd IMO it will make no difference for the problem after booting.
15:05 MrfaiCan you test booting from CD from different hardware, not from the terminals. So we can check if you NFS server setup is not the cause of yuor problems.
15:06 MrfaiJust a simple computer with cdrom or from usb stick
15:11 kustranok, i try
15:12 kustrananother sec. ... :)
15:28 su[]ich bekomme smart nicht in nach /target installiert, er scheitert an einem SuSEconfig aufruf, irgendwelche Ideen ?
15:30 su[]fai.log:ERROR - can not find /dev/nfs/lib/YaST/SuSEconfig.functions!!
15:30 su[]fai.log:error: %post(smart-0.51-11.guru.suse101.i686) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
15:30 su[]und ab da hängt die Installation richtig fest
15:31 Mrfaikeine Ahnung von Suse.
15:34 kustranI boot laptop without hdd
15:34 su[]dachte ich mir :(
15:35 kustranthey start, mounting root.... Running /scripts, initialized usb massstorage and stops
15:36 kustranlast msg is sd 2:0:0:0 Attached scsi removable disk sda
15:38 Mrfaisda is your usb stick
15:39 kustranyes
15:39 Mrfaibut it should continue. When it stops, does it hang, or do you get a shell?
15:40 kustranit stops, enter works, i can't switch to other console
15:40 kustrani try boot from pxe
15:42 Mrfaido you get the shell from initramfs?
15:42 kustranno
15:43 Mrfaiso it's the shell from after the nfsroot is mounted?
15:43 Mrfaiafter you have seen the red logo?
15:43 kustranbefore
15:43 kustranI can't see red logo
15:44 MrfaiI'll guess it's the shell from the initramfs.
15:44 kustranno, scripts still works
15:44 MrfaiCan you take a photo of this screen? I like to see it.
15:45 kustrantommorow, I finish works at 17
15:45 kustranok?
15:47 Mrfaifine.
15:49 kustranboot from pxe works
15:50 Mrfaiincluding nfs mount and you see the red logo?
15:50 kustranyes
15:50 MrfaiVery fine.
15:50 kustranit's stop because I havn't hdd, but they start procedure.
15:50 kustranso this is ok
15:51 MrfaiYes, that's ok.
15:51 Mrfaiwhat is your NFS server running? Which kernel? which nfs server? User space or kernel space?
15:54 dtohello
15:54 kustrannfs-kernel-server
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15:54 Mrfaikustran: good
15:54 Mrfaiwhich kernel?
15:55 kustran2.6.22
15:55 kustrannsf-kernel-server: 1:1.1.1-8
15:55 dtoi'm booting via etherboot CD on the machine I want to install with FAI. it contacts the fai server just fine (the Guide should say more about fai-chboot, by the way, it was confusing) and loads a kernel, however it says it can't mount via unionfs because there's no such device
15:57 dtoi would like to write a tutorial for fai when i am done... the Guide discusses all paths at every chapter, instead of showing one working example
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15:58 kustranmy config: http://paste.debian.net/43090
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15:58 dtosorry, hope i did not miss your response
15:58 kustranno :)
16:01 dtoanyway "locate unionfs" on the server comes up with nothing
16:01 dtoexcept some files in the nfsrot
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16:01 dtohmm
16:01 dtooftc seems to be logging me in and out
16:02 Mrfaikustran: ok, it's not plain Debian etch. Do you have a machine running with etch? Then just copy your nfsroot to this this machine
16:05 kustrantommorow I install etch base system and try again
16:05 kustranthanks and bye
16:05 dtoif i am using a custom kernel on the FAI server itself, will it cause problems related to the client not being able to mount via unionfs (i.e. no device?)
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16:05 dtoi am running lenny on the server (and trying to install that on the client)
16:06 dtofai site seems to be down...
16:06 Mrfailet me check
16:06 Mrfaino
16:07 dtook, must be my internet
16:07 Mrfaiyep
16:07 dtoalthough, debmirror is running fine...
16:07 dtoanywya
16:07 Mrfaidto: what excatly does not work? Do you see the red logo? Or what do you mean by "it contacts the fai server just fine"?
16:07 dtothe machine boots.
16:08 dtoi.e. receives an IP address from the server, and loads pxelinux
16:08 dtoi see lots of standard linux boot messages abotu PCI and USB
16:08 dtothen it dies trying to mount something with unionfs
16:08 dtothis is from an etherboot CDROM
16:08 Mrfaido you get a shell prompt?
16:08 dtolet me try again
16:09 Mrfaia prompt from the initramfs
16:09 Mrfai?
16:09 dto/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
16:10 dto(initramfs)
16:10 dtoyes
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16:11 dtothis time it doesn't complain about unionfs
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16:11 dtoalthough, i installed unionfs-tools on the server
16:11 dtoanyway. i get (initramfs) and then nothing
16:11 dtojust a prompt, no error messages or anything
16:11 Mrfainow you have a shell and can read /var/log/live.log or use nfsmount to manually try to mount the nfsroot
16:12 Mrfaiok, seems you have the same problem as kustran.
16:12 dtook, no, it's complaining about unionfs again
16:12 dto"mounting unionfs on /root failed: no such device"
16:13 dtois there anything obviously unionfs related that i need to have on my fai server?
16:13 dtolocate unionfs --> nothing
16:14 dtodo i need to compile it into my kernel??
16:14 Mrfaithe unionfs kernel modules are only located inside the nfsroot
16:14 dtowhich kernel does it use?
16:15 Mrfaiplain debian 2.6.18 if you have etch in your nfsroot
16:15 dtoi put lenny in my nfsroot
16:15 dtobut that should be ok, right?
16:15 dto(does it matter that the server's actual running kernel is custom?)
16:15 MrfaiMaybe
16:16 MrfaiIn order to locate the problem, it would be good to use etch in the nfsroot, and to mount the nfsroot from a server running etch with 2.6.18.
16:16 MrfaiIf this works, you can try to use etch inside the nfsroot or a custom kernel on your nfs-server.
16:17 MrfaiCurrently my impression is that newer kernel on the nfs server side cause problems.
16:17 dtoi don't have any etch.
16:17 dtoany etch systems, that is
16:17 MrfaiI don't have lenny, and for me everythings works :-)
16:18 Mrfaiso maybe it's jsut the name. You have testing, I have stable. And both work the way what they are named ;-)
16:19 dtoi tried putting "testing" in the conf file, but it only knew how to find "lenny"
16:19 dtodo we have any reports in that huge database of people using fai with lenny? etch is ancient...
16:20 dtothe lenny distribution actually contains fai packages which is how i installed them
16:20 Mrfaiancient but stable. Now choose what you prefer ;-)
16:21 dtoi don't think this means they ship broken fai packages. i think the debian people would catch it if FAI completely broke on lenny.
16:22 dtoso the issue is how to get it to work on lenny, not how can i reinstall all my systems to CHECK if fai will maybe work
16:22 dtosorry, i've been banging my head against the FAI wall for about 24 hours now
16:22 dtowith 0 installs completed
16:23 MrfaiI'm sure it's not the fault of FAI. It may be your hardware, or the NFS server in lenny, or live-initramfs. FAI is only using live-initramfs and NFS to boot up.
16:24 MrfaiAt the stage where your boot process fails, there's no FAI script running. It's only live-initramfs
16:25 MrfaiSo the first thing is to check if your setup (using FAI 3.2.1) is working with etch. If yes, then it's not FAI but lenny that causes your problems.
16:26 MrfaiI can only garuantee that FAI 3.2.1 is working with etch, since I did not test it with lenny yet.
16:31 Mrfaimikap: der strings aufrufe in updatebase muss ich rausnehmen. Der Befehl strings ist nicht in der nfsroot drin, die binutils moechte ich nicht hinzufuegen.
16:32 Mrfaimikap: koennen wir das nicht mit aptitude --help|grep safe-upgrade machen?
16:34 Mrfaimikap: I think I found a solution. I will commit it now
16:36 Mrfaidto: I remember that ubuntu also have a problem with unionfs and NFS. Even when doing PXE boot. Maybe this problem is related to yours.
16:56 Mrfaioh je. Niemand hat fai-mirror getestet. Es scheint seit 3.2 kaputt zu sein
16:57 Mrfainicht ganz.
17:00 Mrfaidoch.
17:00 Mrfai:-(
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17:03 jeedihi
17:04 Mrfaihi
17:05 jeedii'm currently setting up fai for a bunch of machines here, and i'm encountering problems with having them boot from /dev/md0
17:06 jeedithe whole installation procedure (pxe, dhcp, nfsroot) works perfect, but somehow the md-modules don't get added to initrd
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17:06 Mrfaiyou can add them to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules before creating the initrd
17:07 jeediso after the kernel boots and everything, it's stuck at "waiting for root file system ...", then drops to a shell, and sr_mod/md_mod/raid1 are not listed in /proc/modules
17:08 jeedihmm, what would be the proper place/script to get them added to that file?
17:11 dtoi don't get how you know that the breakage is due to lenny and not fai, if you didn't test it either way. (somebody tested it though, otherwise it wouldn't be in lenny)
17:12 jeedidto: i never said it's in lenny..
17:13 dtojeedi: sorry that was directed at Mrfai
17:13 jeedidto: oh, sorry.
17:14 Mrfaijeedi: echo md >> $target/etc/initrmafs-tools/module
17:15 Mrfaidto: at this stage, no FAI scripts are running yet. So how can it be FAI that breaks your NFS mount or loading of unionfs?
17:15 dtoMrfai: ok, sorry :-)
17:16 dtoMrfai: what if i use etch? can I tell FAI to install an etch system, and then have it upgrade to lenny after installation?
17:16 Mrfaiapt-get dist-upgrade? Or just a new FAI installation.
17:16 dtoMrfai: i'm sorry if i seem bitchy. i was just on the phone for an hour with various health insurance people trying to fix something in my enrollment that went wrong, and it's very hard to get that info on a holiday... i will try to calm down
17:17 dtoMrfai: let me be more specific. I want to push "boot from network" on the client, and have it 1. install etch 2. upgrade to lenny 3. install all my custom packages (which i'll figure out later) all non-interactively
17:17 Mrfaidto: OK, no problem. Testing with etch will help you (and me) a lot.
17:17 dtoMrfai: ok :-)
17:17 jeediokay, i solved it..
17:17 MrfaiI mean note testing-lenny, but if you would test it with etch
17:18 Mrfais/note..../not testing=lenny/
17:19 dtook, i will try that... back in a few minutes
17:19 jeediadding "mdadm" to config/package_config/FAIBASE -> md module stuff gets thrown into initramfs
17:19 h01gerMrfai, if they guide were a wiki, we could just copy+paste "echo md >> $target/etc/initrmafs-tools/module" there... well almost, obviously it needs some explaination around, but thats easy :)
17:20 dtoMrfai: i'm gonna write a tutorial for the way i use fai
17:20 jeedih01ger :)
17:20 Mrfaijeedi: perfect solution :-)
17:20 jeedih01ger: nich noetig.. ich glaube das problem nennt sich "betriebsblindheit"
17:21 h01gerjeedi, achso. es ist dokumentiert, du hast es nur nich gesehn?
Action: h01ger hat nur so halb mitgelesen.. :)
17:21 jeedih01ger: es ist nicht dokumentiert, aber irgendwie hab ich auch verpeilt, mdadm in die package_config reinzuschreiben
17:22 h01ger:)
17:22 jeediwenn man von nem md booten will, sollte man vielleicht auch mdadm installieren. nur so als gedanke.
17:27 h01gerja..
17:27 h01gerdetails! :)
17:34 dtook, booting...
17:39 mikapMrfai: what's the solution?
17:40 Mrfaihttp://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/fai-commit/2007-November/001858.html
17:41 Mrfaiand fai-mirror is broken because a line dissapeared. But that's easy to fix.
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17:54 dtocan I use fai to configure the fai server itself?
17:54 Mrfaisure
17:56 dtodo i have to list the server itself as a client?
17:58 mikapMrfai: this will fail as soon as you don't have the libs of aptitude inside your local system :-/
17:59 mikapMrfai: my suggestion: use string if that's available, if it's not available fall back to the --help option (but check whether the call is possibile at all!) and if that fails as well don't use safe-upgrade but upgrade only
18:00 dtoin /srv/fai/config/files/etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy-v2.conf, should i call the file FAISERVER as it is, or rename it to $HOSTNAME_OF_SERVER?
18:00 dtothe example files seem to use "faiserver" as both a hostname and a class name, which is confusing me
18:02 dtowhat i want to do is have the fai server update its own /etc/network/interfaces (and assign itself a fixed ip) from what i put in the /srv/fai/config/files *
18:02 Mrfaimikap: Oh, I should call aptitude --help inside teh chroot. So $ROOTCMD aptitude --help should be ok.
18:09 MrfaiA nice tool for svn: http://paste.debian.net/43100 show all svn diffs for a certain file
18:09 MrfaiJust got it from a guy on #svn. This was helpfull in finding the diff which remove a line from fai-mirror
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18:21 dtoMrfai:  in /srv/fai/config/files/etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy-v2.conf, should i call
18:21 dto      the file FAISERVER as it is, or rename it to $HOSTNAME_OF_SERVER?
18:21 dto        [13:00]
18:21 dto<dto> the example files seem to use "faiserver" as both a hostname and a class
18:21 dto      name, which is confusing me
18:23 mikapMrfai: jupp
18:24 dtocan anyone tell me whether those files are supposed to be named after classes, or hosts, or what
18:25 juri_personally, i removed FAISERVER, and started using RPN. SERVERFAI SERVERDNS SERVERMAIL etc...
18:25 dtoRPN?
18:25 dtoreverse polich notation?
18:25 dtopolish?
18:25 juri_reverse polish notation.
18:26 dtook, my  client is named shodan. do I call the file SHODAN to get it installed there?
18:26 juri_my worst offense is SERVERMAILPARANOIDSHL, which is a mail server, with spamassassin, clamAV, and some custom configs for a customer.
18:27 dtorepeat: do the names match up to hostnames, or only classes, or what
18:27 juri_the files under config/files?
18:27 dtoyes
18:27 juri_they're named after the classes.
18:28 dtook, thank you
18:34 dtoi'm trying to get the fai server to update itself based on what's in /srv/fai/config
18:34 dtoi run fai -v softupdate
18:35 dtoi get "error: please provide the URL to obtain the fai config storage in $FAI_CONFIG_SRC
18:35 dtobut in fai.conf i have a variable FAI_CONFIGDIR
18:35 dto(should I be using the most recent fai from svn?)
18:37 dtoif i set FAI_CONFIG_SRC on the command line before fai -v softupdate
18:37 dtothen it says Error: get-config-dir not found
18:38 dtoall i've done at this point is instal fai on a fresh etch system, change /srv/fai/config stuff, and then i did fai-setup -v which completed successfully.
18:41 juri_you should always use the newest version from svn to start from. :)
18:41 juri_of course, i use FAI CDs, and havent even investigated softupdate.
18:46 dtook, installing fai from source...
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18:55 dtook, fai-setup -v gives me "start: command not found"
18:56 dto(guessing this is an error in the "Depends:" part of the debs that I made per the instructions in README.biuld_source or whatever
19:01 dtocan't seem to figure out what program "start" is
19:01 MTdto, which fai version?
19:02 dtofrom svn
19:02 dtojust now
19:02 Mrfaidto: you need not install fai from sources.
19:02 dtoMrfai: <juri_> you should always use the newest version from svn to start from. :)
19:03 dtoshould i remove that and just install fai from the debian etch repo?
19:03 Mrfaiyep. Add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list and install the fai packages:
19:03 Mrfaideb http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/download etch koeln
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19:03 MTdto could use the beta repo...
19:04 Mrfaiyes.
19:05 dtoi'm getting a GPG error ... NO_PUBKEY
19:05 Mrfaidto: I'm do not understand where and why you like to call fai softupdate? I will not work very well on a system that was not installed using fai.
19:06 Mrfaimy key is: AB9B66FD
19:06 dtoi wanted to use fai to configure the fai server itself
19:07 MrfaiI thought you like to install an etch system for debugging the unionfs/nfs error
19:08 dtoyes, and i wanted to use fai to configure that system itself (verifying that fai works)
19:08 dtook, your debs are working. thanks for that
19:08 dtoi'm doing fai-setup -v
19:09 dtoi'm going to let that run for awhile
19:09 dtoi've got to rest for now
19:10 dtobe back later
19:10 dtothen i will help debug :-)
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22:00 stockholmMT: there?
22:00 MTjap :-)
22:00 stockholmMT: could it be that for large partitions msdos disklable is not good?
22:00 MTyes, I think so
22:00 MTuse gpt
22:00 stockholmich bekomme einen grub error 17
22:01 stockholmwie kann ich denn gpt in shdd2 wählen?
22:01 MTich weiß nichts genaues, nur dass einige Leute bei großen Platten schon seit längerem gpt machen
22:01 MTin der Zeile mit disk_config disk1 und so disklabel:gpt schreiben
22:01 stockholmja, ich habe gerade manuell nach der installation gpt genommen
22:01 MTsollte klappen
22:02 MTist aber untested
22:02 MTwieder mal ...
22:02 MT:-)
22:02 stockholmund wie kann ich grub ausführen? manuell?
22:02 MTgrub ausführen?
22:02 MTDu meinst, unabhängig von shdd?
22:02 stockholmja
22:03 MTmit chroot?
22:03 MTgrub-install --root-directory=/target /dev/deine_platte
22:03 stockholmaha
22:03 MT--no-floppy wär noch gut
22:03 MTbeschleunigt die Sache ein wenig
22:05 stockholmdas boot:X bedeutet dass die Xte partition die bootpartition ist?
22:05 stockholmim shdd2 config file meine ich
22:05 MTbootable:X
22:05 MT?
22:05 stockholmja
22:05 MTdas sagt, dass diese Partition als bootable markiert werden soll
22:05 stockholmgenau
22:06 stockholmok, neuer versuch :-)
22:06 MTund in der Version, die Du noch verwendest, auch ein Hinweis, wo grub installiert werden soll
22:06 MTfalls Du ein /boot hast
22:06 stockholmgenau
22:06 stockholmdann war das vermutlich der fehler. die partition hat nicht gestimmt
22:48 stockholmMT: ich habe jetzt manuell grub auf sda installiert
22:48 stockholmMT: so funktioniert es
22:48 MTmit shdd nicht?
22:49 stockholmMT: aber vorher hat er scheinbar versucht grub auf sdb (auf der auch /boot ist) installiert
22:49 stockholmnee, mit shdd (meiner version hier) nicht
22:49 MThast Du das bootable:X drin?
22:49 MT(also für sda)
22:50 stockholmauf sda ist nix
22:50 stockholmda sind nur daten
22:50 stockholmdas ist das grosse 7Tbyte raid volumen
22:51 stockholmauf sda ist z.Z. noch nicht mal eine partition
22:51 stockholmnur eine partitionstabelle
22:51 MTabsicht oder bug?
22:51 stockholmnee, das ist absicht.
22:52 stockholmwir haben noch nicht entschieden wie die daten genau organisiert werden sollen.
22:54 MTalso demnach sollte grub was in den MBR (oder wie auch immer das bei gpt heißt) von sda schreiben
22:55 MTaber dann die Sachen von /boot auf sdb nehmen?
22:55 stockholmja, genau
22:55 stockholmdas ist auch das was passiert wenn man grub auf sda installiert
22:55 stockholmdas ist die platte die im bios die bootplatte ist
22:55 MThmm, sowas hatte ich nie bedacht
22:56 stockholmdafür hast du mich :-)
22:56 MTich wünschte, es gäbe mehr Tester wie Dich ...
22:57 MTaber in FAI 3.3 wird das Tool mal reingebaut, wenn auch noch nicht automatisch verwendet
22:57 MTdann gibt's hoffentlich mehr Tester ...
23:05 MThast Du eigentlich noch Sachen geändert die Du nicht eingecheckt hast?
23:06 stockholmnee, nix mehr geändert seitdem
23:06 MTok, in r4783 hab ich das jetzt gefixt
23:07 MTes haben sich aber Kleinigkeiten geändert, falls Du es auschecken möchtest
23:07 MTmusst das @INC anpassen
23:07 MTbzw. siehe wiki
23:07 MTalso die Anleitung oben
23:08 MTmit den Änderungen von r4783 musst Du jetzt für die sda einfach bootable:1 schreiben
23:08 MTund da /boot auf sdb liegt, sollte er die BOOT_PARTITION automatisch erkennen
23:09 stockholmanleitung von oben?
23:09 MTsorry :-)
23:09 MThttp://faiwiki.debian.net/index.php/Storage_Magic#Introduction
23:09 MTalso oben auf der wiki Seite
23:09 MTsorry ...
23:09 stockholmich habe die ganzen perl sachen eh in die perl verzeichnnisse installiert
23:10 stockholmist es das was du meinst?
23:10 MTja, und liblinux-lvm-perl musst installieren
23:10 MTdann sollte es klappen
23:11 stockholmcool, dann hast du ja einiges getan daran
23:11 stockholmwas ist storage magic?
23:12 MTdas ist der neue Name von shdd2
23:12 stockholmlol
23:12 stockholmok
23:12 MTMrfai fand shdd2 zu uncool :-)
23:12 stockholm:-)
23:12 MTalso viel getan hab ich wirklich nicht
23:12 MTliblinux-lvm-perl war schnell eingebaut
23:13 MT(und hat viel Code gespart, danke für den RFP!!!)
23:13 stockholmwürde das sid paket auch auf etch tun?
23:13 stockholm:-)
23:13 MTja, tut's
23:13 stockholmna super :-)
23:14 stockholmich habe auf dem perl channel noch etwas für das packetieren gelobbiet :-)
23:14 MTging ja auch total flott!
23:14 MTvor dem crash von ftp-master war das Paket sogar schon mal in testing...
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--- Thu Nov 22 2007

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