00:08 stockholmeartoast_: ping
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00:32 dtohello
00:32 dtoi'm going to try fai.
00:33 dtoi am creating a LAN with several nodes, maybe as many as 5
00:33 dtoeach very different in terms of hardware and purpose
00:33 dtoand i want to administer them from a central location, and be able to reinstall cleanly
00:33 dtoi am looking at fai and it seems pretty good..
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00:35 dtoshould my FAI server be the laptop? or the always-on file server that's going in the upstairs closet?
00:35 dtoi'm planning to put it on the big server
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00:49 dtok
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08:57 stockholmhat jemand meine mail an die fai-linux liste gesehen?
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09:01 MTstockholm, wann hast Du die abgeschickt?
09:26 stockholmMT: gestern abened
09:26 stockholmnacht
09:26 stockholmMrfai: kannst du bitte gucken ob meine mail an fai-linux in der moderation queue ist?
09:26 MTnie gesehen...
09:26 stockholmich habe die extra mit dem richtigen absender geschickt
09:27 stockholmso dass sie hätte durchgehen sollen.
09:27 stockholmok, dann schau ich mal hier ob sie hier noch hängt.
09:29 stockholmMrfai: sie hängt hier
09:31 Mrfaiok
09:37 mikapMrfai: regarding the "Mmm. I'm sure softupdate calls task_updatebase, which calls aptitude dist-upgrade." -> I've had a problem with it, don't remember it right now but will recheck it later
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09:46 stockholmmy dns was confused for no good reason
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09:49 stockholmanyway, now the mail should have gone though :-)
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10:23 lazyb0ydto: I cannot tell you if the fai server should be the laptop or the big server...
10:24 lazyb0ybut in general, it should obviously not be a machine that might be stolen one day - disabling you from recover either one of the machines still there, not the new laptop you will buy, because you have no install server anymore...
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10:35 su[]morgen
10:36 su[]sagt mal, gibt es eine einfache möglichkeit den Header bei der fai-installation auszuschalten, so das ich direkt in der console scrollen kann ?
10:41 lazyb0ysu[]: touch /PATH/TO/NFSROOT/.nocolorlogo
10:43 stockholmohhhh! :-)
10:43 su[]kewl, das finde ich praktisch
10:46 lazyb0yboese menschen wuenschen sich, dass man das irgendwie ganz wegkonfigurieren kann, dass man das nicht immer nach jedem make-fai-nfsroot machen muss - aber das sind wirklich schlechte menschen, die das schoene bunte logo nicht immer maql wieder sehen wollen :)
10:48 oz_oh, es ist nun bunt, und nicht mehr nur rot? :)
10:49 su[]lazyb0y: vielleicht wäre ein randomizer ganz schön, um diese bösen menschen zu erziehen :-P
10:51 lazyb0yoz_: naja, das war mehr was fuer version 4 - mit opengl und so...
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11:01 h01gerlazyb0y, das colorlogo macht teilw echte probleme...
11:01 h01gerthink serielles terminal, think non-i386
11:02 oz_lazyb0y: opengl :=)
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11:20 MTstockholm, I think you messed up the CC in your reply...
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11:49 stockholmMT: oh? why?
11:51 stockholmi remember it looked fine when i sent it
12:14 stockholmMT: yes, really messed up
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13:19 konradsHello. I am experiencing failures for ubuntu feisty FAI install
13:20 konradsFor one, the fai-mirror doesn't work - I had to do some apt-move fsck manually
13:20 konradsand now it fails on " Failure trying to run /srv/fai ... " mount -t proc proc /proc
13:20 konradsI checked, and /bin/mount does not exist
13:20 konradsand then dpkg-divert: cannot open diversion: No such file or directory
13:24 konradsHmm, it seems to be an issue with deboostrap
13:25 konradsrunning plain deboostrap croaks
13:32 Mrfaiusing a debian mirror? Maybe the mirror is broken
13:35 konradsseems so
13:35 konradsI hate local stuff. They set up a mirror and yet it breaks!
13:37 Mrfaii use mkdebmirror to keep my mirror clean. It first syncs to a mirror near by me, then to an official mirror, so I'm sure it in good shape.
13:38 Mrfaimkdebmirror is part of fai-doc
13:40 konradsi want a partial mirror
13:44 Mrfaidisk space is cheap :-)
13:45 konradsmy time isn't ;)
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13:53 konradssame
13:54 konradsI mirrored from a proper archive
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14:03 kustranhello
14:03 kustran:) it's me - again
14:03 kustranboot from cd with nfsroot works :)
14:04 kustranboot from usbdrive...
14:05 kustranin grub: boot=live root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir NFSOPS="-o nolock,rw"
14:06 kustranon server I export /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir (rw)
14:12 Mrfaikustran: how did you fix your boot problem?
14:13 kustranread on top
14:13 kustranthat's all
14:13 kustrannfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir
14:14 Mrfaiso setting the NFSOPTS helped?
14:14 kustranyes, and path inside /srv/fai/nfsroot
14:15 kustranthis is strange, because boot with PXE work perfect when nfsserver exports only /srv/fai/nfsroot (ro)
14:15 MrfaiIMO nfsroot=..../live/filesystem.dir is wrong. live-initramfs will do this for you. OR did the debian-live people tell you to do this?
14:16 kustranno, I recompile initrd.img
14:16 kustranprobably boot=live dasn't work...
14:17 Mrfaikustran: but then you will get more trouble, because you will not have the unionfs mounted on top of your nfsroot. Or does this happen?
14:18 kustranin "normal" booting to /root was mounted /srv/fai/nfsroot, so system looping, because he try find sbin/init which is in /root/live/filesystem.dir/sbin...
14:20 konradsit appears that an apt-get dist-upgrade solved stuff
14:24 kustranunionfs was not active
14:24 kustranlsmod|grep unionfs is empty
14:27 Mrfaikustran: will will have no luck with your installation when unionfs is not working
14:27 kustranyhm...
14:27 Mrfaikustran: once again: ask the debian-live guys about your looping error.
14:28 kustranok, i try
14:31 konradsWhat sort of config I must specify for fai-chboot?
14:34 konradsnevermind
14:51 konradsI got an error - no kernel was installed
14:52 kustranmake-fai-nfsroot -v -r
14:55 konradsWhere do I specify default timezone?
15:09 konradsI managed to install first system, but it is without network configuration
15:10 konradsdhclient isn't run apparently
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15:14 konrads  /var/run/network/ is missing
15:19 Mrfaikonrads: put your fai.log on paste.debian.net
15:20 konradsit is installed now
15:21 konradsbut it appears that tmpfs is not available or likes
15:22 konradsmount point /var/run does not exist, Skipping mount
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15:26 konradsMrfai: last paste in paste.debian.net
15:27 konradshttp://paste.debian.net/42990
15:29 Mrfaikonrads: look all very fine. linux-image.. is installed, without any problems.
15:30 konradsRight. I updated the package to linux-image-396 from 486
15:30 konradshowever, now my network won't come up
15:30 Mrfaiaah
15:31 konradsThe first error is that /var/run does not exist
15:32 konrads /var/run and /var/lock
15:32 Mrfaino, the first error is that you do not install the dhclient package
15:32 konradsWell, if i execute /etc/init.d/network restart
15:32 konradsit works
15:33 MrfaiMMM. Then this is ubuntu specific.
15:33 Mrfaiso I can't help. But maybe others here.
15:34 konradsWhere could it be locasted, that /var/run mount?
15:37 konradsI think I solved that, how do I set that FAI installs a specified ssh identity as default for root?
15:37 Mrfaiimo, a tmpfs is mounted on to of it. This can be done in the initrd or later in the init.d scripts. I think I remember there was the difference between dEbian and ubuntu.
15:38 konradsMrfai: apparently ubuntu wants /var on root partition :/
15:38 Mrfaikonrads: so if you have a seperate /var partition, Ubunutu does notworks? Do you have more info (a link) for that?
15:39 Mrfais/notworks/not work/
15:39 konradshttp://www.digizenstudio.com/blog/2007/06/14/watch-out-when-you-move-var-in-ubuntu/
15:39 konradsI am reinstalling now
15:39 konradswithout separate /var
15:44 konradsyup
15:44 konradsit works now
15:44 Mrfaistupid ubuntu
15:45 konradsstupid everything :)
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15:51 konradsso, how to distrubute the ssh key?
16:08 konradsHow to add another package for installation?
16:09 h01gerread the fai guide?
16:10 h01gerdistributing secrets is covered in the wiki
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16:20 konradsWhen installing, by default FAIBASE is looked up for config?
16:40 dtohello all
16:45 Mrfaihi dave
17:05 dtoMrfai: hehe
17:06 dtotemporarily i will have my laptop as a fai server, and use it to set up the other two machines
17:06 dtohere's the lab i'm gonna run it in: http://dto.freeshell.org/images/  <--- look for x2-preview-000 through -005
17:07 dto.jpg
17:13 Mrfaiwow. What will those machines do then for you. Play and compose music?
17:16 dtowe do the composition part---the machines are for recording/processing
17:17 Mrfai:-)
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17:19 Mrfaidto: nice environment. I would like to have the FAI questionnaire including som highres pictures when you have finished those installation. Really nice application for FAI.
17:20 dtosre
17:20 dtosure
17:20 dtoMrfai: i'm making a custom debian thing with it
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17:25 Mrfaimikap: beta13 now has better settings for LOGDIR.
17:25 Mrfaimikap: using safe-upgrade is also included
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17:35 dtoMrfai: my focus is on having machines of different types (for now, just one of each type). i guess this is called "classes". i want to be able to rebuild a system just as it was (except for new hardware etc) when one dies
17:37 dtothere's a mini laptop microstudio thing
17:37 dtoa massive mega media server in a shock-mounted rack
17:37 dtoa trusty upstairs closet file/backup/video/server
18:06 mikapMrfai: cooooooooooooool
18:08 MTMrfai?
18:22 MrfaiMT: yes.
18:23 MThab Dir die Sachen in den 2 E-Mails geschrieben
18:24 Mrfaiyep. Ich wollte die pattern fuer's grep unveraendert lassen.
18:24 Mrfaialso ohne shell.og am anfang zu matchen
18:25 MTdann muss aber das ^ weg
18:26 Mrfaioh. ja stimmt. werd ich morgen machen
18:26 MTdanke!
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