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10:04 h01gerMrfai, "dpkg -l live-initramfs" is not enough to check properly if the package is installed? it should be
10:04 h01ger+moin moin :)
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11:07 Mrfaih01ger: yes, it is. But lazyb0y sayd it should be checked before installing it.
11:14 h01gerwhy that?
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13:18 Mrfailazyb0y: ich hoffe der letzte commit hilft bei deinem error. Ist es ok so?
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13:55 lazyb0yMrfai: ja, sieht schonmal ein bisschen besser aus.
13:55 lazyb0yrichtig geil und zeitsparend waere es natuerlich, wenn gleich nachdem der versuch luve.initramfs zu installieren, gescheitert ist, das ganze mit Fehler stoppen wuerde - denn alle andere hat dann auch keinen sinn mehr.
13:56 lazyb0yaber da es normalerweise, wenn jemand die stable version in lenny benutzt, diese problem so nicht so ganz geben kann, kann man es vielleicht vernachlaessigen
13:56 lazyb0yhmm, oder will man nicht vielleicht immer, dass make-fai-nfsroot sofort abbricht, wenn es irgendwelche probleme beim software-installieren gibt?
14:02 lazyb0yMrfai, h01ger: I don't know exactly what experimental is for, but it sounds reasonable to use debian archives where possible. What is the downside / the counter-argument against using experimental?
14:03 MTlazyb0y, I think the downside is that experimental is not a comprehensive repository
14:03 MTit's rather an extension to unstable
14:04 MTeven more so in case of FAI, where people should be able to test the latest-greates beta using their !etch! systems
14:04 h01gerMT, but in the case of fai you can just have etch and experimental in your sources.list
14:05 MTwell, if you use apt-pinning, yes
Action: h01ger doesnt know of a downside of experimental. (well, besides that it's *experimental* packages :)
14:05 MTotherwise you might end up with some experimental packages
14:06 h01gerhmm. doesnt work: live-initramfs is not in experimental as we'd like it
14:06 MTyes, that's another point for using a private repo
14:06 MTthat then contains these packages
14:08 lazyb0yhmm, I just think: when we put stuff into experimental (instead of, not in addition to our unstable repo), people must configure pinning etc, and/or risk getting non-fai related stuff updated with unstable packages...
14:08 lazyb0ymaybe both would be o.k. and good, if thomas doesn#t mind to add another line to it's build-and-upload-scripts
14:09 lazyb0y(and I could have read the thing I thought some lines above :) )
14:14 h01gerso, upload to unstable more often ;)
14:16 lazyb0yi was thinking of the fai unstable repo
14:17 lazyb0ythe good thing about our own repo is really that people can test FAI only, on Etch, without the risk of "polluting" their system with other unstable stuff
14:20 h01gerthe good thing about the debian repo is packages(.qa) where you can read the changelog, track bugs and generally have more testers
14:21 h01gerunstable is expected to be, well, unstable :)   if you cannot deal with breakage, dont install beta versions.
14:35 Mrfaifor now I will stuck with my unstable repro.
14:36 MrfaiMmm. install_packages can not report errors properly , if aptitude does not do it at all :-(
14:37 Mrfaifor e.g. aptitude install thispackagedoesnotexist ; echo $? = 0
14:37 MrfaiThis makes repoting errors in FAI to the users hard
14:38 MrfaiAnyway. I think FAI 3.2.2 can be released tomorrow. Any comments?
14:39 Mrfaimikap: when is your deadline for including FAI into grml 1.1?
14:54 MTMrfai, the new LOGDIR thing ...
14:54 MTI'd really love to see my note on the proposal to be integrated
16:10 MrfaiMT: but then some links are created in fai itself, some are created by fai-savelog. Mmm. I don't know. Do you have a patch?
16:11 MTnot yet, but I could try to come up with a patch
16:13 MTh01ger, did you notice that you misspelled unreproduible in the mail to the BTS?
16:13 MTargh, I misspelled it as well :-)
16:13 h01gerMT, Mrfai (& me) already fixed that :)
16:13 MTyou wrote unreproducable, but it should read unreproducible
16:13 h01geroh
16:14 h01germaybe, dunno, whatever -> thanks
16:14 MTat least the web-frontend still claims #443198: make fai and the simple examples work with dash  to be tagged unreproducible
16:14 MTI think you intended to remove this tag
16:14 h01geryes
16:15 h01gerdid you send a mail to control now?
16:15 MTnope, I wasn't sure whether you had done that already
16:15 h01gerok, doing so now
16:15 MTas sometimes the BTS is pretty slow in processing mails ...
16:15 MTthx!
16:15 h01gera ti!
16:19 MTlazyb0y, I think I have fixed most of the things you suggested in your test report
16:20 MTthanks a lot for the extensive report!!
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17:29 lazyb0yMT: I saw some things in the wiki - I also added the hint where to find the lvm perl stuff today
17:29 MTjep, thanks!
17:29 lazyb0yI will try to look at it again these days, not sure when I can make it...
17:29 lazyb0yplaying around with google ganeti for xen...
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22:34 mikaphow about support for aptitude safe-upgrade in /usr/lib/fai/updatebase? any objections?
22:35 mikapif strings $target/usr/bin/aptitude | grep safe-upgrade ; .... => from one of my scripts in grml-live
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