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12:15 h01gerMrfai, re: r4691: fix "major error if svn up or svn co fails (closes: #447602)": you only added this to get-config-dir-svn, but there is also cvs, git, ...
12:17 Mrfaiyep, because the bug report only mentioned svn. But I will add similar to cvs and git.
12:17 h01gerthank you
12:17 MrfaiBut this code is not tested yet.
Action: h01ger nods
12:17 h01gercatching up on fai backlog..
12:17 MrfaiCAn someone test it by causing an error?
12:18 h01gercan i just add that patch to my fai 3.2.1? then i could test it
12:18 h01gerbut i dont want to upgreade to fai-svn now
Action: h01ger thinks r4730 introduces a bug
12:21 h01gerdas geht gar nicht
12:21 h01gerdas ist rsh fuer apt
12:21 h01gerah, r4731 is schon viel besser :)
12:22 h01geris $FAI_ALLOW_UNSIGNED set as default?
12:24 h01gerMrfai, re: r4571 / make-fai-bootfloppy: why not remove that script? or at least give a pointer to the guide in the die message...
12:25 MrfaiFAI_ALLOW_UNSIGED is set as default, because I got no help for changing that.
12:26 Mrfaire: r4571. To where show that message point excatly? Just to the guide in general?
12:28 MrfaiIMO it's better not to remove that script currently. Now people get an error message when calling it, so they now why it's not working. If I remove the script, peole just wondering why it's not available any more.
12:29 h01gerright. s/make-fai-bootfloppy is currently broken. It does not support kernels with initrd./make-fai-bootfloppy is currently broken. It does not support kernels with initrd. Read the fai guide to learn how you can still use floppies."
12:29 h01geror something like this
12:29 h01gerMrfai, what help do you need to make signed repos work?
12:33 Mrfaih01ger: someone has to test all parts concerning using signed repositories. For there will be problem unsing fai-cd. apt-move in etch does not support signing repositories. apt-move in lenny does.
12:33 MrfaiSo I do not like to enable it before moving to lenny.
12:34 h01gerwhen do you plan to move to lenny?
12:35 Mrfaih01ger: applying the patch for task_error in get-config-dir-svn to 3.2.1 will not work. 3.2.1 does not have the subroutine task_error()
12:35 Mrfaimoving to lenny maybe mid 2008. Normally I move to testing a few weeks or months before the freeze.
12:35 h01gerok, then i wont test it now :( way to busy, sorry
12:36 h01gerMrfai, uh, thats late. i hope its not too late for such a change then...
12:36 Mrfaiwe will see
Action: h01ger thinks fai shouldnt be part of lenny if it defaults to using unsigned archs. its like rsh again
12:40 Mrfaiso if you like to have fai in lenny only includeing this, you should to help to fix this next year.
12:41 MrfaiI will have no problem letting this unfixed for lenny if noone helps.
12:41 h01geri'll be happy to help
12:41 h01gerand i only use fai with signed repos
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Action: Mrfai just put fai 3.2.2~beta9 onto the web
Action: Mrfai .o0(release early, release, often. But what about test early, test often?)
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16:29 Robinayo1_Mrfai: you saved my monday
16:29 h01geralready? :)
16:34 h01gerMrfai, re: r4764: danke :)
16:34 Robinayo1_h01ger: he did :-)
16:38 h01ger:)
Action: Mrfai fai 3.2.2~beta10 available for testing
17:15 stockholmMrfai: what is in there?
17:18 h01gerMrfai, i think if you'd upload to experimental instead, we could read changelog at at packages.d.o and it would show up there -> more testers.
17:23 Mrfaistockholm: have a look at the changelog or fai-commit mails
17:24 Mrfaih01ger: I don't think so. I someone really like to test beta version, he could just add my new unstable repository to his sources.list.
17:25 h01gerMrfai, its less visible in your repo, so that someone will not stumble upon it
17:25 h01gerand its harder to log at the changelog
17:25 h01gers/log/look/
17:27 Mrfaipeople which just would stumble on my beta releases, will not test them. I need "real" testers.
17:28 MrfaiBut I guess I will be the only tester for the beta versions as always^Wmost of the time. :-(
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Action: h01ger sighs
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--- Sun Nov 18 2007

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