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07:54 VattaFarI#help
07:55 VattaFarI/help newuser
07:56 VattaFarI/LIST
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08:56 sephum :)
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Action: h01ger moins
08:59 oz_moins back
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09:10 jcastanghello
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09:54 jcastangon ubuntu 7.04, fai installer is not working when updating packages list, it returns "No space left on device" any idea ?
09:55 oz_jcastang: what does 'df' tell you?
09:56 jcastangi can't take the shell
09:56 jcastangdoing "CTRL-C" reboots the machine
09:56 oz_on the client? why not?
09:56 oz_just press enter
09:56 oz_oh, no
09:57 jcastang"enter" does nothing
10:09 Mrfaijcastang: I think your /var partition is too small
10:10 jcastangOk, I'll have a look at it
10:10 jcastangat this time var size is 2go
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10:43 lazyb0yjcastang: hmm, that doesn't sound too small...
10:44 lazyb0yjcastang: sometime, there are troubles with the mounting of the target system, and when then fai fails to stop the install immediately (it does not stop on such occasions normally, but we are working on this), it installs until the ramdisk is full
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10:46 jcastangon the server it says that a client is mounting the NFSROOT, but it doesn't say if this is ok on the client, so there might be a problem mounting NFSROOT on the client, and working on the ramdisk until it's full
10:52 lazyb0yjcastang: the packages aren't installed in the nfsroot :)
10:52 lazyb0ythey are installed onto the local doisk
10:52 jcastangah yes !
10:53 jcastangso why does it says "disk full"...
10:53 lazyb0yapart from that, as opposed to not stopping when problems with mounting the target fs, FAI does not work at all when nfs root mounting or configspace fails :)
10:53 lazyb0yas I said: you should check, if the target fs is really mounted
10:53 lazyb0yfirst you need to get a shell
10:54 jcastangwhere is mounted the hard drive ?
10:54 lazyb0ythere are some boot options you can set to get that (I haven't them at hand and cannot search now)
10:54 oz_/tmp/target
10:54 jcastangok
10:54 lazyb0yas I understood you, you don't get a shell yet - you need that first, to check the /tmp/target
10:55 lazyb0yon newer fai versions, since 3.2 it's /target, AFAIK
10:55 lazyb0yany way - you will see if you have any mount with target in the name, or not
10:57 jcastanghow much memory (min) the client must be ?
10:58 lazyb0yjcastang: you mean disk?
10:59 lazyb0ythat depends on how much packages aou are installing
10:59 lazyb0yfor ram it should be quite minimal
11:00 lazyb0y64 is a fair value were stuff works out nice, it should work with less, but with less fun, and I don't know an exact minimal barier
Action: oz_ did far on 16/32MB Ram boxes
Action: oz_ did FAI on 16/32MB Ram boxes
11:00 oz_typo, sorry.
11:01 jcastangI'm installing desktop computers (with gnome, openoffice, all ubuntu-desktop). I tried with 256Mo and it doesn't work.
11:01 lazyb0yjcastang: what "doesn't work"?
11:02 jcastangNow I'm trying with 512Mo, it seems to work (no disk full messages a the moment, but it's not finished)
11:02 lazyb0yI don't think that RAM above 64 is a problem when installing
11:02 lazyb0yjcastang: ???
11:02 lazyb0yyou think using 512 MB RAM instead of 256 explains the non-existance of a disk-full message?
11:03 lazyb0yyou know that ram is not hard disk, right?
11:03 jcastangI don't know but I just change this, and now I don't get the disk full...
11:03 jcastangyeah I know ! ;)
11:03 lazyb0yjcastang: just, for how long?
11:04 lazyb0ywith the problem I explained to you, the install is going to the ramdisk - that means, you can install until the 512 (or a part of it) are filled, then the (ram)disk will be queally full
11:05 jcastangYes I know, I'm trying to get a console on the install client to check /target
11:05 jcastangI'm sure /target is not mounted
11:05 lazyb0y:)
11:05 jcastangI wan't to verify
11:05 lazyb0ythe fai guide should tell you, which fai flag you need to get a shell - IIRC something like adding the fai flag createvt
11:06 jcastangI used sshd flags
11:06 jcastangHu !? I found the problem
11:07 oz_add the createvt flag, too
11:07 oz_jcastang: what is it?
11:07 jcastanghda disk not mounted at all
11:07 jcastangusing 'df', I can't find the hard drive on the list
11:08 jcastangNFSROOT in mounted on /live/image
11:08 jcastangthere are some unionfs and tmpfs mount points
11:09 jcastangbut no hard drive on /target
11:09 lazyb0yjcastang: so, you're using fai 3.2.x
11:09 lazyb0ytaht's the new nfsroot, using loive helper to be comatible with the fai-cd/usb
11:10 lazyb0ystill, look at the logs to see why the mount gfailed
11:10 Mrfaiplease paste some log file to paste.debian.net. That makes debugging much easier
11:11 jcastangyes ! found it
11:12 jcastang"unknown filesystem type ext3" <-- some modules are missing
11:12 oz_haha
11:12 lazyb0yjcastang: hmm, does the nfsroot have the modules for the kernel you are staring with?
11:12 oz_you need extra modules for the ubuntu kernel
11:12 MrfaiI guess the nfsroot is not build properly, or you kernel does not match to the module in the nfsroot
11:13 jcastangthat's it
11:13 Mrfaidmesg.log would help us a lot now
11:14 lazyb0yjust a uname and looking in the kernel modules dir in the nfsroot is enough, probably :)
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11:17 jcastangso guys, I'm going to eat, I'll be back in one hour (i hope)
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12:05 mariusmittag
12:06 mariushat jemand erfahrung mit der erstellung ines gfxboot-theme's?
12:13 lazyb0ymarius: as ist das?
12:13 lazyb0ywas
12:15 mariusgrub-gfxboot deb findest du in den repo das ist ein animierter grub bildschirm sieht wirklich schick aus
12:15 mariuspassende themes gibt es zum bsp bei gnome-look einfach mal nach gfx suchen
12:16 mariusnur finde ich kein schones theme für debian also wollt ich mir selber eins machen
12:18 mariusnur weiß ich nicht wie ich eins erstellen kann auf der seite http://www.andreas-loibl.de/content/linux/tutorials/grub-gfxboot/index.html gibt es ein veraltetes howt to das bei mir leider nicht funzt
12:19 mariusnun wollt ich mal fragen ob das schon jemand gemacht hat
12:27 lazyb0ymarius: ich sehe bloss nicht, was das mit FAI zu tun haben soll...
12:29 mariusoh sorry falscher channel tut mir leid hab nicht aufgepasst
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12:55 jcastangI'am back fai working ;)
12:56 jcastangIt's now installing software on the client hard drive (not in ram)
12:59 Mrfaijcastang: how do you fixed your problem?
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13:02 jcastangMrfai: "chroot" to NFSROOT and install "linux-image"
13:03 jcastangmaybe we can fixe this adding "linux-image-2.6.20-15-generic" to /etc/fai/NFSROOT
13:03 jcastang??
13:03 jcastangkernel modules where missing as it was not installed in NFSROOT
13:05 jcastangbut now I get another error, after installing correctly packages on the client, fai installer failed calling "fai-chboot"
13:06 jcastangbut "fai-chboot" is not only to prepare tftp boot on the server ?
13:09 Mrfaijcastang: fai-chboot is called from the client on the server, to tell him, that the server should change the pxe configuration. This only works if LOGUSER is set and set up properly. (ssh keys).
13:09 Mrfaiif this fails, the next network boot would restat the installation again.
13:09 ebbiehi, is there a workaround to start a dhcp client at the fai diskless installation system
13:12 Mrfaiebbie: please specify more details
13:13 jcastangand if I don't want the client to do fai-chboot ?
13:15 Mrfaiwrite a hook that skipts task_chboot.
13:15 Mrfais/skipts/skips/
13:18 jcastangbut how we can specify "skip this task" ?
13:22 Mrfaigo to the FAI web page, there you can search the whole FAI guide. Search for skiptask
13:22 jcastangok
13:24 jcastangfound ! thanks ;)
13:31 ebbieMrfai: sorry, phone
13:32 ebbieMrfai: i got problems with the shoert lease time in our network
13:36 ebbieMrfai: some clients did not finish installation, the lease ends and DNS delete the entry
13:36 ebbieMrfai: in this case the diskless client freeze
13:37 ebbieMrfai: i gues there is no dhcp client on the diskless client
13:38 ebbieMrfai: that renew the lease on dhcp-server
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13:44 Mrfaiebbie: there's no dhclient running during the installation. We call dhclient in the very beginnin and then set the ntwork parameters to a static value. You should increase the lease time for those clients if possible.
13:44 MrfaiIt will not work to change the IP address during isntallation, when your whole file system is mounted via NFS.
13:48 ebbieMrfai: i know the problem
13:48 ebbieMrfai: maybe somebody got an workaround
13:48 ebbieMrfai: i can not increase the lease time in our network
13:53 ebbieMrfai: mayybe i can start a dhcp client, take the "lease" form the dhclient at boot time
13:53 Mrfaiebbie: you can write a hook which calls dhclient. Maybe this helps
13:54 MrfaiFAI calls dhclient without saving the lease file (using /dev/null)
13:54 ebbieMrfai: but the problem is that dhcp normal at start take the interface down
13:54 ebbieMrfai: then i got a problem with my nfsroot
13:54 ebbieMrfai: so it is a bit tricky
13:55 Mrfaiwill dhcp also take the interface down when it tries to renew the lease?
13:55 ebbieno then not
13:55 Mrfaiok. then have a lok at lib/get-boot-info (inside the nfsroot)
13:56 Mrfaipatch it, to use a lease file instead of /dev/null
13:57 ebbieok, then i have to look to start the dhcp client with the lease from the boot time
14:00 Mrfaior just remove the "killall dhclient" call from get-boot-info
14:00 MrfaiI think that should work
14:00 ebbiethat sounds good
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14:00 ebbiei try it
14:00 ebbieand report the result
14:00 ebbiethx
14:00 Mrfaiplease post the results to the linux-fai mailing list
14:01 ebbieis the list adress on the homepage?
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14:03 Mrfaisure
14:03 ebbiein which area can i put the lease file?
14:04 Mrfaifor example /tmp , but now the whole nfsroot is writeable on the install client via unionfs. So just use the normal directory.
14:08 ebbiefrom which version on?
14:09 Mrfai3.2
14:09 ebbiei got fai from debian stable
14:09 ebbieversion 3.1.8
14:09 Mrfaithat's 3.1.8
14:09 ebbietherefore i try to use /tmp
14:09 ebbiethx
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14:39 Mrfaiantares: which kernel is running on your install clients during installation?
14:42 antaresThere was a transit strike in Paris, I will go tomorrow
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15:26 kustranhello
15:29 kustrani have another problem: when I boot from cd with changed line in grub: kernel vmlinuz ip=dhcp  root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= boot=live  FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt FAI_ACTION=install, system bootup, but stops when try mount nfs: mount: Device or resource busy - any sugestion?
15:30 kustranshowmount -e faiserver
15:30 kustranExport list for faiserver:
15:30 kustran/srv/fai/config
15:30 kustran /srv/fai/nfsroot
15:30 kustranall C class can mount share
15:31 Mrfaido you get a shell prompt from the initrd?
15:31 kustranno
15:32 kustranwait, i try ctrl+c
15:32 kustranno
15:32 Mrfaithere seems to be a break option for live-initramfs. I did not use it yet.
15:33 kustrani see IP-Config: eth0..... DHCP
15:33 kustranaddress: broadcast etc.
15:33 kustranhost: demohost
15:34 kustrandomain: beowulf
15:34 Mrfaican you see the mount request on your isntall server?
15:34 kustran showmount
15:34 kustranHosts on pld01029:
15:34 kustran192.168.1.101
15:34 Mrfaido not export the nfsroot and see if you then get a shell prompt on the isntall client
15:34 kustranbut in syslog i have ountd[10598]: authenticated mount request from for /srv/fai/nfsroot (/srv/fai/nfsroot)
15:35 kustranok,
15:37 kustranretrying nfsmount in loop.....
15:37 kustranNFS over tcp not available from
15:37 kustranstill looping
15:38 kustranIP-Config, /scripts/nfs-premount and again
15:39 Mrfaiyour nfs server does not support NFS over tcp. Check with rpcinfo -p serverhostname
15:39 Mrfaiyou should see line like this:  100003    2   tcp   2049  nfs 100003    3   tcp   2049  nfs
15:39 Mrfaioop, these are two line
15:39 kustranpld01029:/srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg# rpcinfo -p faiserver
15:39 kustran   program vers proto   port
15:39 kustran    100000    2   tcp    111  portmapper
15:39 kustran    100000    2   udp    111  portmapper
15:39 kustran    391002    2   tcp    865  sgi_fam
15:39 kustran    100024    1   udp  33498  status
15:39 kustran    100024    1   tcp  35536  status
15:40 kustranbut wait, now i turn off nfs-kernel-server
15:40 Mrfaido not post all lines here!
15:40 kustranok, sorry
15:42 kustranhttp://paste.debian.net/42505
15:42 Mrfailooks good
15:43 kustranyhm...
15:43 kustranI can mount /srv/fai/nfsroot from other pc
15:44 kustranmount -t nfs /mnt/tmp works
15:44 Mrfaisure, it's a problem on the install client
15:44 kustrani see live/ in mounted share
15:44 Mrfai??
15:44 kustran /mnt/tmp/live/....
15:45 kustranon "normal" pc
15:45 kustranok, i have shell
15:45 kustranwhat now?
15:45 kustran(initramfs)
15:46 jcastanganother question: durring the installation of my client, hard drive is detected as "hda" but after restarting disk is detected as "sda" (so it won't boot)
15:46 jcastanghave you encountered this problem  yet  ?
15:46 Mrfaiyou can use the nfsmount command to mount the nfsroot. Mount it to /root IIRC.
15:46 Mrfaijcastang: are you using differnet kernel during installation and for the new system?
15:47 kustranmrfai: mount: Device or resource busy
15:47 jcastangyes, because I'm tryng to setup ubuntu 7.10 from 7.04 (as someone told me to do here)
15:47 kustranshort read
15:47 kustran0 <28
15:50 kustranhm...
15:50 Mrfaiooh. this short read beast again.
15:50 MrfaiWe had this before. very strange.
15:50 kustranI can't mount to /root so i try mount it to /tmp and it work's
15:50 jcastangkustran, I've got the same problem... Have you got a directory named "live" in NFSROOT ??
15:51 kustranin /tmp I see live/ now
15:51 kustranyes, I have
15:51 kustrancd /tmp
15:51 jcastangand what is your kernel version ?
15:51 kustranups, not this keyboard :)
15:51 kustranon faiserver 2.6.22
15:52 Mrfaikustran: maybe network problems.
15:52 kustranon demohost (nfs) 2.6.18-5
15:52 jcastangI got the same problem using ubuntu 7.10 kernel (wich does not work for me with fai)
15:52 kustranmrfai: impossible, terminal connected with crosscable to faiserver
15:53 kustrani can mount to /tmp point but i can't to /root ...
15:53 kustranstrange
15:53 Mrfaishort read error: http://marc.info/?l=xen-users&m=119115468314196&w=2
15:54 jcastangbecause the nfs dir your trying to mount does not contain a root structure (with directories like var boot, usr....)
15:54 Mrfaithere's also a fix for that. Read next in thread
15:54 kustrani try witg rsize and wsize ...
15:54 kustranI read this thread
15:54 jcastangmaybe your not pointing on the good directory
15:55 kustranhm...
15:56 kustranmaybe I must change /srv/fai/nfsroot to /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/ in /etc/exportfs?
15:56 jcastangyes but using boot=live should work to
15:56 kustranmaybe permission is wrong?
15:57 jcastangor your "live" option in your kernel is broken
15:57 kustranchmod, chown ...
15:57 kustranbooting from pxe works ...
15:57 jcastangI had problems like that with 2.6.22 kernel
15:57 kustranfrom cd/usb not...
15:57 kustranbut not all my terminal have bootprom's
15:58 kustranso I must use pendrive to boot few of them
15:59 kustransorry for my english
15:59 jcastangmy english is poor to, due to french-touch ;)
15:59 Bokehis there a simple way to force fai to do a 32 bits install on a 64 bits machine? i can't seem to find any easy way
16:00 Mrfaishort read error: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/19196
16:00 Mrfaiit's about timing
16:01 MrfaiBokeh: boot a 32bit kernel
16:07 jcastanginstalling 7.04 ubuntu with fai, after reboot network can't bring up saying "/var/run/network/ifstate : No such a file or directory" did I forgot some packages ?
16:08 Bokehjust boot a 32bit kernel? that should do it?
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16:09 MrfaiBokeh: I think yes
16:09 Bokehok, i'll give that a try
16:18 kustranmrfai: when my terminal boot's i've see rootpath: empty ...
16:18 kustranmaybe this is problem?
16:18 kustranfilename is ok: pxelinux.0
16:19 Mrfairootpath empty is fine.
16:21 MrfaiThis is the head of my live.log: http://paste.debian.net/42511
16:23 kustranI try boot from PXE again
16:23 kustranand check log's
16:23 kustranboot from PXE works perfect
16:26 kustran /usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux: eval: line 41 unexpected EOF while matching ````
16:26 kustranbut install working
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16:27 Mrfaikustran: what does cat /proc/cmdline say?
16:28 kustranheh.. plenty of ... :)
16:28 kustranwait
16:30 kustraninitrd=initrd.img-2.6.18-5-486 ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/src/fai/nfsrot boot=live FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd, createvt FAI_ACTION=install NFSOPTS="-o nolock,udp,retrans=10,wsize=8192,rsize=8192" BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz-2.6.18-5-486
16:30 kustranuff.. :)
16:32 Mrfaiok the " seems to cause the syntax error. And there are multiple = in the same part that gets evaluated
16:32 Mrfaibut for now. Just ognore it.
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16:33 kustranrest seems to be ok
16:33 kustranthey download now packages from repositories
16:43 kustranvmlinuz in /boot and /live/filesystem.dir/boot are identically
16:43 kustranon cd
16:45 kustranboot from cd, grub with parameters from PXE and still looping with mount: Device or resource busy
16:45 kustranshort read dissapears
16:46 kustranmaybe can I add sleep 1 to any script?
16:46 Mrfaiuse tcp but increase retrans. People suggested to add a sleep 3 or even more
16:46 kustranmount show me mounted to /root
16:47 kustranand i see live/ inside
16:47 MrfaiIO think the mount is fine, but then reading from there causes short read.
16:47 Mrfais/IO/I
16:48 kustranmount show me (ro,vers=3,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,nolock,proto=udp,timeo=7,retrans=10,sec=sys,addr=
16:54 kustranwhen I boot from PXE mount show me unionfs on / (rw, dirs=cow=rw:/live/image/live/filesystems.dir=nfsroot,debug=...,delete=whiteout)
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17:06 kustranI try create bootfloppy but have error: ls: /srv/fai/nfsroot/boot/vmlinu?-*: No such file or directory
17:10 kustranmaybe this is problem?
17:10 Mrfaimake-fai-bootfloppy is broken in FAI 3.2.1.  It will not work. Don't use it.
17:11 kustrannow I change NFSROOT in /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf to NFSROOT=/srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/
17:12 Mrfaino,no,no
17:12 kustranok...
17:20 kustranis possible to "extract" pxeconfig.0 to pendrive ?
17:21 Mrfaipxelinux.0 is for network booting. IMO it does not help to put it onto a usb stick.
17:23 kustranyes, i know but slowly losing expectation
17:23 kustran:)
17:24 Mrfaikustran: did you increase the retrans parameter? did you add a sleep into the inintrd? did you forced tcp for nfs?
17:24 kustranmore than 10?
17:25 kustranupdate-initrd? in chroot?
17:26 kustranor insert sleep as parameter to grub line...
17:26 Mrfaiincreasing timeo maybe helps more
17:26 Mrfaisleep in grub makes no sense
17:27 kustranas NFSOPTS parameter or some ...
17:36 kustrantimeo=20, tcp, retrans=20 - still looping
17:38 Mrfaiand doing nfsmount from the initramfs shell prompt works?
17:38 kustranhttp://paste.debian.net/42521
17:38 kustranis this normal?
17:39 kustrandiscover ip every 2 sec.?
17:39 Mrfaidoes nfsmount from initramfs shell prompt works?
17:40 kustranI waiting for shell
17:40 Mrfaiok
17:40 kustrannfsmount ip:/path /root ?
17:40 kustranwith any parameters?
17:41 Mrfairead /var/log/live.log
17:41 kustranok
17:41 Mrfaithere you see which parameters are used normally
17:41 kustranyhm
17:41 Mrfaibtw. I alsways forgett. Which kernel are you using? version and is it ubuntu?
17:42 mikapMrfai: hi! I don't see any patches regarding my bugreports (and their patches) inside current svn of fai yet :( no news?
17:44 Mrfaimikap: I think I fixed two bugs. I tag the svn-trunk if they are fixed in svn trunk
17:44 mikapMrfai: ah! :)
17:44 kustranon server? debian with 2.6.22
17:45 Mrfaikustran: thanks
17:45 Mrfaimikap: I was thinking of testing fai dirinstall with grml tomorrow. First I need a grml repository mirror :-)
17:45 Mrfaimikap: or can you test fai 3.2.2~beta7
17:45 mikapMrfai: hehe
17:46 mikapMrfai: sure, I'm in progress of a special release for heise/c't, but on my laptop I can test it without any risks :)
17:47 MrfaiI hope to release FAI 3.2.2 next week.
17:47 Mrfaimikap: will this grml also include FAI?
17:48 mikapMrfai: jupp
17:48 kustranmrfai: nfsmount works
17:48 Mrfaiok. When is your deadline?
17:48 Mrfaikustran: GREAT! What's is the fix?
17:49 mikapMrfai: tomorrow :-/
17:49 Mrfaikustran: oh it's only nfsmount on the shell prompt I guess :-(
17:49 kustranyes :/
17:49 Mrfaimikap: OK, I may manage to release FAI 3.2.2 tomorrow.
17:49 kustran /root was mounted, i unmount them and mount again with proto=tcp
17:50 kustranwitout any problem
17:50 mikapMrfai: I don't have any problem with the current FAI on grml 1.1-heise; official and final stable release of grml 1.1 has some few more days left
17:50 kustranmrfai: maybe it is problem with dhclient?
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17:51 Mrfaimikap: ok, it's up to you. But for grml 1.1 we should use 3.2.2. Any wishes for 3.2.2?
17:52 kustranmrfai: http://paste.debian.net/42524 as you see - it's refreshing ip every 2 second ...
17:52 Mrfaikustran: also if you are in the initramfs shell prompt. Or just before you got the prompt?
17:52 mikapMrfai: yeah, I'd love to ship fai 3.2.2 with grml 1.1; my main wiches are http://hg.grml.org/grml-live/file/tip/patches/ :)
17:52 kustranbefore
17:53 kustranwhen looping
17:53 Mrfaikustran: before may be ok. There should be a net-eth0.log so similar
17:53 Mrfairead this file
17:53 mikapMrfai: my todolist for grml-live<->FAI is available at http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=grml-live => especially regarding the log stuff ("unify log directories /var/log/fai/current (general, softupdate) and /var/log/fai/dirinstall/$HOSTNAME (dirinstall) of FAI") is something I don't know yet how to handle
17:54 kustranmrfai: /tmp/net-eth0.conf?
17:54 Mrfaikustran: yep
17:54 Mrfaimikap: I will read this
17:54 kustranlooks like normal
17:54 mikapMrfai: great, thanks
17:54 kustranhas ip, dns, filename ...
17:55 kustrannisdomain is empty and rootpath
17:55 Mrfaimikap: http://hg.grml.org/grml-live/file/tip/patches/ are all already included
17:56 mikapMrfai: cool!
17:57 Mrfaikustran: read the link i posted before, maybe it helps: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/19196
17:57 kustranok... i finished work 2h ago, so this is best time to go home :), thanks for help, but i return tommorow ;-)
17:58 kustranbye
17:58 Mrfaikustran: bye
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17:59 Mrfaimikap: any idea how to solve the log dir stuff? Which choice is the best?
17:59 mikapMrfai: hm, about the option to set the logdir from outside? (environment variable, specific option,...)
18:01 Mrfaido we need to set it, or always use /var/log/fai/hostname ? With hostname given by -u when doing dirinstall.
18:01 Mrfaior something like: fai -L logdir dirinstall ....
18:04 mikapMrfai: the problem is, that every single execution of FAI deletes the log-dir currently, and the /var/log/fai/current vs. /var/log/fai/dirinstall/$HOSTNAME is something I'd love to unify
18:04 mikapMrfai: -L logdir where logdir is /path/to/what/you/want would be cool
18:05 mikapthough I'm not yet sure how to: unify the files as far as possible without overwriting files on softupdate ;)
18:07 Mrfaifor initial installations logs are written to ../HOSTNAME/action-date+time/. Maybe this is also usefull with dirinstall and softupdate
18:07 Mrfaiso -L would only specify the base directory. Then fai creates the subdirectories HOSTNAME/action-date+time
18:11 mikapMrfai: this sounds cool, and if softupdate would use ../HOSTNAME/action-date+time/ as well we are pretty close to a perfect solution AFAICS :)
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18:15 oz_MrFai: there is no common way to put changed configfiles into FAI_CONFIG_DIR ?
18:18 Mrfaioz_: use svn. Or just cp? Or you mean to merge the official config space with yours?
18:19 oz_no, i mean if you plan to reconfigure a pool an install new software or hardware...
18:19 oz_and on the way you change configfiles
18:20 oz_is there a way to feed back those configfiles which were changed by the sysadmin into FAI_CONFIG_DIR?
18:21 oz_I just start some hack, based on debsums -e
18:21 oz_and I wonder if someone coded something like this
18:22 oz_that also was my plan for the workshop. :-/
18:30 Mrfaisysadmins _must_ not change config file on the machines. Only make changes in the config space.
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18:46 juri_i might recomend using tripwire.
19:01 h01geretckeeper
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20:19 oz_h01ger: etckeeper?
20:21 mikapoz_: http://packages.debian.org/sid/etckeeper
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