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01:07 juri_anyone got an ubuntu FAI CD?
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02:08 alvincHas anyone seen nfs/unionfs problems on the fai client due to timestamp differences?
02:09 alvinci'm curious if the problem will go away when my VMware server (which is US/Pacific) passes the time which is on the nfsroot (which is UTC)
02:09 alvinci can wait 8 hours for it, i suppose
02:09 alvincbut it seems a bit strange
02:09 alvincFAI 3.2.1, mind you
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08:33 oz_moin
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08:35 jcastanghi all
Action: Mrfai booting his body using breakfast
08:39 oz_:-)
Action: oz_ already up and running, coffee, coffee, C0FFEE
08:41 jcastangIs there already somebody aware ? or must I wait a while ?
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09:23 MTjcastang, just talk :-)
09:23 MTI guess Mrfai will join whenever he can help
09:26 Bokehmorning
09:26 oz_everyone does so...
09:26 MToz_, sure, sorry
09:26 Bokehnonono, i will join whenever i am not in a state between sleep and coma anymore
09:27 Bokehnot being able to drink coffee does not help in the morning :(
09:30 jcastangso as we said yesterday, unionfs is borken in ubuntu 7.10 kernel
09:30 jcastangsomebody told me to try using debian kernel instead. shoud I try this ?
09:31 Bokehi've tried it, doesn't work
09:31 Bokehwhat i did was use feisty to make the bootstrap and nfsroot (with fai-setup)
09:31 Bokehthen change the /etc/fai/apt/sources.list and /etc/fai/NFSROOT back to gutsy
09:31 Bokehthat did the trick for me
09:32 Bokehonly thing is that you'll need to manually change /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/fai/apt/sources.list in your nfsroot to gutsy
09:33 jcastangIf it work, it could be the solution.
09:33 Bokehit worked for me :)
09:33 jcastangI thougt it won't work, but if you used it...
09:33 Bokehnow if only those stupid nvidia cards weren't broken :/
09:33 jcastanglol
09:34 Bokehnfsroot and installation are actually independent from eachother. You could install an ubuntu 7.10 system from a 2.2 redhat 5 nfsroot if you wanted to
09:34 Bokehnot too sure if 2.2 already had unionfs, but you get the idea :)
09:35 jcastangOk , so I stay online giving any feedback ;)
09:35 Bokehsure, nps
09:37 jcastang(I'm sorry for my poor english, I'm french, doing the best to communicate ;))
09:38 Bokehnps
09:38 Bokehi talk a bit french, but not good enough i think :)
09:38 jcastangThe end point is to understang enough eachother...
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09:43 Bokehin any case, i'm doing some work, in case you need me just highlight my name
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09:58 jcastangok
10:33 stockholmhow did the fai weekend go?
10:34 stockholmMT: how is shdd2?
10:34 Mrfaiwill be included into fai 3.3. But before I will release fai 3.2.2
10:34 MTat least it got a new name
10:35 MTstorage magic :-)
10:35 MTit mostly received some cleanup of the code
10:36 stockholmMT: did you sort out the command order?
10:36 MTno, not yet
10:37 MTthere were nearly no code changes
10:37 stockholmok
10:37 MTthe wiki page has the most uptodate information
10:37 stockholmok, i will check there
10:37 stockholmanything particular to look at?
10:38 MTwell, the list of todos I guess
10:38 stockholmok
10:39 MTwe had a pretty long discussion about doing an object-oriented version and later decided to stick with the current one
10:39 MTand then slowly migrate to OO perl code
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12:12 stockholmok
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13:04 lazyb0yMT: did you get my mail with my testing report?
13:04 MTyep, thanks a lot
13:04 MTjust didn't find the time to do the fixes yet
13:04 lazyb0yI don't find any information in the wiki about where to get the lvm libs
13:04 lazyb0y:)
13:05 MTit's testing ...
13:05 lazyb0yhmm, my testing/unstable mirror was some weeks old, but I didn't have it in there...
13:05 MTuse liblinux-lvm-perl from testing/unstable
13:05 MTit's in testing a few days only
13:05 MTand in unstable since testing+10 days
13:06 doesn't know it in testing
13:06 MTit's pretty new, stockholm requested packaging it
13:06 lazyb0yok
13:07 lazyb0yjust wanted to drop in when I just read "all info is in the wiki" :)
13:07 MToh, there seems to be some inconsistency, probably because ftp-master.d.o was broken
13:07 MT:-)
13:07 MTso it should read "all info will be in the wiki"
13:07 lazyb0yah yes, new packages from that period need to be re-uploaded
13:08 lazyb0yso, that's probably up to stockholm, or whoever packaged it...
13:09 MTnope, one of the perl packagers did it I think
13:09 lazyb0yAs about results from the workshop: I'd like to collect every participant's results to a little "final report" to put them on the wiki page for the event, as well as send to the lists for others to check back, and to the sponsors...
Action: lazyb0y goes to write a mail about this...
13:10 MTah, yes, similar to extremadura I guess
13:10 MTgood idea!
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Action: lazyb0y goes back to work...
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13:54 pwr_sneakhi, was ist falsch, wenn ich beim boot kurz nach "Begin: Mounting root file system" in der busybox shell lande
13:54 pwr_sneakfehler: "/bin/sh: can't access tty;"
13:55 pwr_sneakich probier immer noch das nfsroot unter lenny zum laufen zu bringen
13:59 Mrfaiwenn du in der busybox landest (dort sollte initramfs als prompt stehen) kannst du mit nfsmount versuchen per hand die nfsroot zu mounten.
13:59 Mrfaiausserdem gibt es einige logs file dort zu lesen
14:02 stockholmfunktioniert eigendlich online resize (shrink) für ext3?
14:03 MTja, ich denk schon
14:03 stockholmschon mal gemacht?
14:03 MTich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich online schon mal gemacht hab
14:04 MTevtl. kapiert er es aber dann nicht, dass die Partition kleiner geworden ist
14:04 MTonline vergrößern hab ich gemacht
14:08 stockholmok
14:09 pwr_sneakmrfai: liegt immer noch an den fehlenden unionfs treibern in lenny
14:10 Mrfaiwas ist mit aufs?
14:10 pwr_sneakhab ich installiert
14:10 pwr_sneakmuss ich fai noch sagen, das er das nutzen soll?
14:11 Mrfaiich denke du must live-initrafs sagen aufs statt unionfs zu nutzen
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14:45 pwr_sneakmrfai: ich lass das mit dem lenny nfsroot, kernel patchen und verwalten ist mir zu aufwändig
14:45 pwr_sneakwas für möglichkeiten gibt es, trotzdem lenny auf die clients zu bekommen?
14:47 Mrfainfsroot mit etch bauen und ein base.tgz fuer lenny bauen und in /srv/fai/config/basefiles/ ablegen dann sources.list via hook z.B anpassen und fertig.
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16:16 ebbiehi
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16:18 jcastangI'm back
16:18 jcastangso as we said this morning, I tried to setup fai on ubuntu 7.10 in a fisrt time
16:19 jcastangbut it doesn't work, i get "kernel panic - atempted to kill init" at fai client boot
16:19 jcastang(I'm booting from PXE on Fai installer)
16:20 ebbiei got a little problem with my fai diskless system. the diskless system runs with no dhcp client. in our network the leastime is to short to install some clients. is there a way to run a dhcp client on the diskless system?
16:21 jcastangEverything went ok with "fai-setup" , directories are correctly exported with NFS.
16:21 jcastangbut fai installer cannot mount them (it seems)
16:23 jcastangin fact e doesn't try to mount them because if I use " tail -f /var/log/deamon" there is no messages saying that fai installer is trying to mount NFS
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17:31 juri_again, does anyone have an ubuntu FAI CD?
17:41 oz_:-)
17:42 oz_no, I dont think so
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17:42 oz_18:31 < juri_> again, does anyone have an ubuntu FAI CD?
17:44 juri_i've got an ubuntu user with trouble, it'd be nice to run his OS while troubleshooting.
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