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08:07 h01gerkugg, cheers to your commit. please add appropriate copyright info to the images too...
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09:03 Mrfaisiretart_: how is the UDS? Any news about FAI and Ubuntu?
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11:18 siretart_Mrfai: I'm currently at UDS, and I'm still trying to convince people that using FAI is a great idea
11:18 stockholmsiretart_: what is UDS?
11:18 siretart_Mrfai: it seems that many people have reservations like "but FAI absolutely needs an FAI server" or "FAI needs special kernels to run" and such
11:18 h01ger"FAI is only for installations"
11:18 siretart_stockholm:
11:18 oz_siretart_: tell them about FAI-CD!
11:18 stockholmah, UBUNTU!
11:19 oz_suggest them fai as the default install for ubuntu ;)
11:19 siretart_stockholm: the developers conference for ubuntu 8.04
11:19 stockholmgreat. convince them!
11:19 siretart_oz_: that would be Collin, and since he doesn't want to support a 3rd installer, chances are rather slim
11:19 siretart_s/Collin/Colin/
11:20 stockholmlast time i checked the ubuntu wiki during a developer gathering i got depressed because they ignored debian completly.
11:20 oz_siretart_: just suggest it. say something like "FAI" supports bootsplashinstall"
11:20 oz_stockholm: uhm. that's sad.
11:21 stockholmthat was the time they started edubuntu and not even talked to debian-edu
11:22 siretart_stockholm: I've heared something different from ogra
11:22 siretart_stockholm: about the 'not caring about debian', well there are so many DDs around here, I don't think that is true
11:23 siretart_espc the motu do care about debian, but there are rather hesitant for collaborating with them, mainly because the barriers are rather high, I'd say
11:23 siretart_but we have sessions about this problem at this UDS about that
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11:26 stockholmcool
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14:58 Bokehargh
14:59 Bokehthe fai tftp panics, Attempting to kill init
14:59 Bokehbut only on a few specific machine types
14:59 Bokehis it correct that's because it can't find my netwerk card driver (remember reading that somewhere)
15:01 Mrfaithe tftp daemon panics, or the kernel that is loaded via tftp?
15:05 Bokehthe kernel that's loaded via tftp, sorry
15:05 Bokehwhat it does is, it boots (both 2.6.20 and 2.6.22 work) until near the end, then out of the blue it panics
15:06 Bokehthough a 2.6.22 gutsy install cd seem to boot fine
15:08 MrfaiBokeh: what error messages do you seen before the panic?
15:09 Bokehthat's the weird thing, absolutely nothing
15:09 Bokehit recognizes EHCI devices (usb, harddisk, etc)
15:09 Mrfaiproblems to mount the root file system?
15:09 Bluemoontach
15:09 Bokehbrb, 1sec
15:09 Bokehjust checking if i didn't miss anything, but i doubt it
15:10 Bluemoonkann es sein, das make-fai-bootdisk noch nicht an die version 3.2 angepasst ist?
15:11 Bluemoones versucht sachen aus /srv/fai/nfsroot/ zu kopieren anstatt aus /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/
15:12 Bokehok, nothing too special
15:13 Bokehusbcore is initialized, mass storage devices get registerd
15:13 Bokehno errors whatsoever
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15:32 Bokehbleh, really cba to fix this now.. i'm off to home.
15:37 MrfaiBluemoon: es gibt kein make-fai-bootdisk. was meinst du? make-fai-bootfloppy? JA das ist noch nciht fuer 3.2 angepasst, wird auch nur schwer gehen, da kernel und initrd nicht auf 1.44M passen. Selbst 2.88M ist zu klein.
15:37 Bluemoonja, ich meinte floppy
15:38 MrfaiBluemoon: was willst du genau machen? CD bauen, die nur kernel und initrd hat und davon booten?
15:38 Mrfaioder wirklich noich eine floppy?
15:38 BluemoonMrfai, genau, dafuer habe ich das immer gebraucht
15:38 Bluemoonalso fuer die cd
15:39 Bokehquick question: is there a way to configure fai-make-nfsroot to install additional modules in the initrd?
15:39 Bokehit seems those new dell machines use the e1000_ich9 driver
15:39 BluemoonMrfai, ich habe das jetzt schon angepasst, ich wollte nur mal nachfragen
15:40 Bluemoonhatte ja sein koennen, das ich einfach eine variable vergessen hatte zu setzen oder sowas
15:41 BluemoonMrfai, ich bin jetzt jedenfalls am 3.2 testen fuer uns hier
15:42 MrfaiBluemoon: bitte schick mir die patches die du gemacht hast.
15:42 BluemoonMrfai, mir faellt gerade auf, das ich das initrd vergessen habe
15:42 Mrfaidas mag der kernel aber gar nicht :-)
15:42 Bluemoonhab ich gemerkt :)
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15:43 Bluemoonman, der soll sich blos nicht so haben :)
15:44 Mrfaidie menu.lst musst du auch noch anpassen. schau dir das /etc/fai/menu.lst an
15:51 Bokehok, i think i found my problem... those new dell machines' network cards use the e1000_ich9 driver, which apparently doesn't seem to be in the kernel by default (or it's not being recognized properly)
15:53 BluemoonMrfai, ok
16:01 MrfaiBluemoon: und dann den patch bitte an mich. Ich glaube dazu war auch ein bug geoeffnet.
16:02 Bluemoonah
16:02 Bluemoonich guck mal ob ichs hinbekommen
16:02 Bluemoonjetzt bin ich schon mal groessenbegrenzung gestossen
16:02 Bluemooncp: Schreiben von /media/floppy/initrd.img-2.6.18-5-amd64: Auf dem Gert ist kein Speicherplatz mehr verfgbar
16:08 MrfaiBluemoon: da gibt es ein dd im make-fai-bootfloppy script. Da musst du die size hoeher setzen
16:08 Mrfai    dd if=/dev/zero of=$floppydev bs=1024 count=$size
16:09 Mrfai        B) size=2880 ;;
16:09 Mrfaialso wenn du -B gibst wird die size auf 2.8mb gesetzt.
16:09 BluemoonMrfai, jepp, aber jetzt zickt genisoimage
16:09 MrfaiIch denke, das koennte man auch vorher berechnen wieviel man braucht
16:11 Mrfaigenisoimage kann auch groessere "boot  images". fai-cd macht das. Option fuer mkisofs:  -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4
16:11 Mrfaidas koennte helfen
16:11 Bluemoonversuche ich mal
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20:38 h01gerkugg_, re: r4650: s/are licenced/were created by Christoffer Kugg Jerkeby and are licenced/ or even plus s/created by/copyrighted by/
20:38 h01gerbesides that, thanks :)
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21:45 kugg_hehe sure
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21:57 kuggtadaa
22:24 h01ger\o/
22:43 stockhol1bedtime!
22:43 stockhol1now, go to bed everybody!
22:43 stockhol1:-)
22:46 kuggok Ill try
22:47 kuggsame to you el'stockhol1'mo
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