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16:12 mikapI've FAI_CONFIG_SRC=file:///dev/shm/fai and according to ~log/fai/dirinstall/grml/variables.log that's valid and set but I don't find any files inside this dir when running fai dirinstall, what am I missing?
16:19 oz__FAI_CONFIG_SRC=file:///dev/shm/fai seems a bit strange to me
16:20 mikaplocalpath=$(expr match "$FAI_CONFIG_SRC" '.*://\(/.*\)')
16:20 mikapecho "Using local path $localpath"
16:20 mikap=> gives a valid ressource for me
16:20 mikap(source being from /usr/lib/fai/get-config-dir-file)
16:20 oz__FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://homer/$FAI_CONFIGDIR
16:20 oz__homer is my installserver
16:21 oz__that works[tm]
16:21 mikapneither subversion, git,.. nor even nfs are a valid option for me
16:21 oz__you need nfs anyway, so waht?
16:21 oz__what, even.
16:21 mikapno I don't
16:22 oz__how do you mount the nfsroot?
16:22 oz__how do you install without a nfsroot?
16:22 mikapdon't need that
16:22 mikaplocal
16:22 mikaponly fai dirinstall
16:23 oz__where is your fai config?
16:23 oz__ /dev/shm certainly is the wrong place to put it
16:23 mikapI know what I'm doing, thanks ;)
16:25 oz__hm. I somewhat doubt that... ;) /dev/ CERTAINLY is a wrong place for a config, /dev/shm even more
16:25 oz__but proceed as you wish and have fun.
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16:27 mikapoz_: I'm testing and don't care about my builds; /dev/shm is exactly what I want and need, but the place doesn't matter, it's the file:// that doesn't work
16:28 oz_try another location.
16:28 mikapwhy should that matter?
16:29 oz_osburg@homer:~$ cd /dev/
16:29 oz_osburg@homer:/dev$ df -k .
16:29 oz_Dateisystem          1K-Blöcke   Benutzt Verfügbar Ben% Eingehängt auf
16:29 oz_udev                     10240        92     10148   1% /dev
16:29 oz_udev rules /dev.
16:29 oz_that can cause probs.
16:29 mikapno
16:29 oz_don't you user udev or devfs?
16:29 mikap% mount| grep shm
16:29 mikaptmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)
16:30 oz_I'd suggest to use another location.
16:31 mikapagain: why should that matter?
16:32 mikapdoing that now for testing, let's guess what happens? ;)
16:32 oz_mikap: again: why not using another standard location?
16:32 oz_aparently, yours doesn't work.
16:33 oz_use file:///<your_fai_config>/
16:33 oz_you cant put some value in there and expect fai to copy the file therein automagically
16:33 oz_do you understand?
16:34 mikapoz_: ahhh, so I should copy my /etc/grml/fai/* to file:///path/?
16:35 oz_you got it! year...
16:35 mikap(I don't want to clash the files inside my real fai-config-space because those are tracked via debian's dpkg)
16:35 oz_mikap: do you know the meaning of this variable?
16:36 mikapoz_: basically yes :) but it wasn't logical for me that I specify -C manually and have to configure FAI_CONFIG_SRC manually as well
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16:38 oz_mikap: have fun with fai :)
16:39 mikapoz_: thx :) well, let's test whether that does what I expect ;) cause if that's the cause there's redundancy inside fai that I have to get rid of ;)
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16:54 mikaphmmm, softupdate doesn't execute the scripts (/path/to/fai/config/scripts/*)?
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17:33 mikapCalling task_configure
17:33 mikapSun Oct 28 18:26:26 CET 2007
17:33 mikapThe softupdate took 38 seconds.
17:33 mikapCalling task_savelog
17:33 mikap=> works basically, but: I don't find the logs of softupdate
17:33 mikapand the scripts aren't executed; bug or usual behaviour? :)
17:34 Mrfaihi mikap
17:34 mikapMrfai: hi thomas
17:34 Mrfaihave a look at shell.log or cfengine.log.
17:34 Mrfaithere you find the logs when task_configure calls your scripts
17:34 Mrfaicheck chmod +x
17:34 mikap~log/fai/dirinstall/grml/shell.log?
17:36 Mrfainot sure. but if your logs are written to ~log/fai/dirinstall/grml, then yes
17:36 mikapnothing inside there :) only the "old" stuff from dirinstall AFAICS
17:36 mikapinstall_packages: reading config files from directory /var/lib/fai/config/package_config
17:36 mikap=> the dir does not exist
17:36 mikapno idea why this directory is used, I'm invoking:
17:36 mikapfai -v -C /etc/grml/fai -cGRMLBASE,GRML_SMALL,I386 softupdate /dev/shm/grml-live/grml_chroot
17:37 mikapI think i've to digg through the source ;)
17:40 MrfaiCurrently I do not know were fai-savelog writes the log to the local disk. I think is uses $LOGDIR.
18:45 mikapMrfai: softupdate uses /var/log/fai/current
18:46 mikapand the problem seems to be a static definition of FAI=/var/lib/fai/config
18:47 mikap/etc/fai/fai.conf:FAI=/var/lib/fai/config => this seems to be used, even though I specified another config directory
18:47 MrfaiFAI=/var/lib/fai/config is defined in fai.conf, so it's not a static definition. But maybe it set inside the nfsroot
18:48 mikapMrfai: but i don't use /etc/fai/fai.conf at all ;)
18:48 Mrfaibut maybe you also have /srv/fai/nfsroot/live/filesystem.dir/etc/fai/fai.conf
18:48 mikapfai -v -C /etc/grml/fai => I've /etc/grml/fai/fai.conf
18:49 mikapbut I think I can override that on my own, let's try :)
18:50 MrfaiI think the combination of softupdate and dirinstall is not well tested. Maybe in this case the config space is not detected properly and $FAI is set to a wrong value
18:51 mikapyeah, looks much better now :)
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23:36 rrefwie kann man die aktuelle position in einem Trie an die zweige weiter geben ? hab hier in zeile 123 probiert führt zum Overflow
--- Mon Oct 29 2007

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