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06:01 Robinayor_moin
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09:04 stockholmMrfai, MT: die parman diskussion nochmal
09:05 stockholmich habe heute morgen im zug die doku teilweise gelesen
09:07 Mrfaiund? dein resumee?
09:08 stockholmMrfai: ich wollte wissen was eure gründe waren das nicht zu nehmen
09:08 stockholmauf mich wirkte das ganz solide und anwendbar
09:10 Mrfaiwas nicht zu nehmen?
09:11 stockholmna partman
09:11 stockholmdas braucht ein interface für konfig file
09:11 Mrfaiweil partman nur innerhalb des d-i laueft
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09:11 stockholmund man muss die interaktiven sachen auffangen
09:12 stockholmMrfai: ja, aus dem stand, aber das scheint mir sehr gute grundlagen zu bieten
09:12 Mrfaimeine erst Idee was den parted_server.c zu nehmen (lauft auch ohne d-i) und daran das neue partitionstool zu docken, was dann in perl ist.
09:12 MrfaiMichael hat sich dann aber fuer den anderen weg entschieden
09:12 stockholmok
09:13 MrfaiIMO ist es ja nur wichtig alle notwendigen Info ueber die Platten zu bekommen und das sollte auch mit den parted aufrufen klappen
09:15 stockholmich weiss ja nicht ob parted nicht auch in partman drinsteckt, aber ich hatte gleich einen fall wo parted gestorben ist als es versucht hat die partitionstabelle zu lesen
09:15 stockholmund die ganze partitionierung ist abgebrochen
09:18 Mrfaiparted und partman nutzen beide die libparted. partman geht dabei ueber parted_Server, was nur ein kleines programm ist, das eine Schnitstelle via 3 shell pipes fuer partman zur verfuegung stellt. partman selber ist dann ja nur shell code.
09:18 MrfaiSomit sollte sich partman und parted identisch verhalten
Action: Mrfai now driving to work...
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09:51 _schurigSoll das fai-nfsroot via NFS als "ro" exportiert werden?
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09:52 schurigirgendwas spinnt nämlich bei meiner FAI installion. Gestern ging alles, heute habe ich ein neues "make-fai-nfsroot" gemacht und seitdem habe ich nur noch Riesen-Probleme, z.B. steht bei mir nun oben: "/var/log/fai/current/fai.log: No such file or directory".
09:53 schurigund nun frage ich mich, woher das /var/log/fai kommen sollte
09:53 schurigim mit make-fai-nfsroot erstellem DIrectory ist es nicht
09:55 schurigich sehe auch nicht, wo etc/init.d/rcS da irgendwas macht
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09:56 schurigor should I ask in english?
09:58 schurigh01ger: are you there?
10:10 h01geryes
10:10 schurigh01ger: where does /var/lib/fai/... in the client come?   I don
10:11 h01gerbut please dont ping me just because i'm helpful sometimes :-D there are many other who are helpful too. and if you needless ping me, i might just ignore you in future..
10:11 schurigh01ger: okay, sorry that I disturbed you
Action: h01ger has paid work to do too. you can hire me to do fai work :)
10:12 h01germy mind is currently in webapps...
10:12 h01gerschurig, i think its created when checking out the configspace
10:13 Mrfaischurig: mabe your make-fai-nfsroot did not finished succesfully. Try adding -v
10:14 schurigMrfai: it said something about being successful
10:14 schurigMrfai: make-fai-nfsroot finished properly.
10:14 schurigwas the exact text
10:15 h01gerschurig, /var/lib/fai/config is defined as $FAI in fai.conf. so you can grep for \$FAI in `dpkg -L fai-client`..
Action: h01ger learned about dgrep the other day. dgrep foo $package = grep foo `dpkg -L $package`. nifty.
10:15 h01gerok, back to my webapp...
10:18 oz_webapps make $$$, yes. :-(
10:21 Mrfaischurig: do not trust make-fai-nfsroot ;-) Read the whole logs
10:21 schurigMrfai: okay, will do
10:21 schurigMrfai: is the exported nfsroot supposed to be exported "ro" or "rw" ?
10:22 Mrfairo
10:23 schurigMrfai: that is what I assumed.  And, according to the fai/nfsroot/inittab, the first script to run is etc/init.d/rcS, which happens to be /usr/sbin/fai from fai-server*.deb (fai 3.1.8), right?
10:24 schurigso this script needs somehow to mount /proc and put a ramdisk over /var and populate it iw /var/log/fai ...
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10:29 sobersabrehi guys. I have been through the guide, but probably missed. there's an error in the end that "SERVER" var isn't defined, and this is why the clilent cannot make server to run fai-chboot to make it boot locally
10:30 sobersabreassuming I do define this variable.
10:30 sobersabrewhat do I need to setup on the fai-master so clients can .. .. execute commands on the server ?!?!?
10:31 sobersabreI mean, fai-chboot as far as I understand should be run on the server's filesystem, since /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg is on the server.
10:31 sobersabreand it is not shared in writable mode.... unless I am ... wrong.
10:31 schurigoh, I guess I know my error
10:31 schurigI'm using still fai 3.1.8, by my fai-nfsroot happens to be 3.2.1
10:31 sobersabreschurig, so ... what do you think I should do...
10:31 sobersabreI am using the 3.2.1 package.
10:32 sobersabreboth client and server.
10:32 schurigsobersabre: I don't have a clue, I'm changing something via fai-chboot, I turn off PXE boot in the BIOS
10:32 sobersabrehmm... I see.
10:33 sobersabreI prefer -o localboot ---> local boot.
10:33 sobersabrethis way I can remotely make the machine reboot into what I want.
10:33 sobersabrethis is ... nice.
10:33 Mrfaischurig: mixing 3.1.8 ans 3.2.1 is very bad. They use complete different kernel and methods for making ro file system writeable. Use 3.2.1 for both.
10:34 sobersabreMrfai, can you point me to an answer or ... answer my q ... no rush, of course.
10:34 schurigMrfai: that is what I figured :-)     I'm using 3.1.8 for now, because then the kernel doesn't need any initramfs (it was easier for me to make a custom kernel for 3.1.8)
10:36 sepsobersabre, this works with the example config for me, all i needed to do was set a LOGUSER and create the nfsroot,
10:37 sobersabresep, can you ... explain what you mean by "this" ?
10:37 septhat the  clilent cannot make server to run fai-chboot to make it boot locally
10:38 sepso i run fai-chboot -IBv hostname, and restart hostname, it pxeboot, install the os , and erboots locally.
10:39 sepi have a default pxeboot entry ofcourse created with       fai-chboot -o default
10:44 sobersabresep, if I understand correctly, for this to work, somewhere under fai/config there must be a text file with the keyword SERVER ( not FAISERVER ) present.
10:44 sobersabreI cannot find such one.
10:44 sobersabreI did under fai/config:
10:45 sobersabregrep -i SERVER * | grep -v FAISERVER
10:45 sobersabreand found nada. nichts. gar nicht
10:46 sobersabresorry the 1st grep was with -ir
10:48 Mrfaisobersabre: have a look at your variables.log
Action: Mrfai SIGFOOD
10:48 sobersabre:)
10:48 sobersabreSIGFOOD is good!
10:48 sobersabreguten appetit.
10:48 sepi dont have that
10:49 sobersabreI prefer to ignore this now, since I don't have any more time preparing the templates for clients. I will do the rest "manually", but I like to understand what's wrong.
10:52 sobersabreI  understand the 3.2.1 is not the stable version.
10:52 sobersabreright ?
10:53 sepsobersabre, i use 3.2.1
10:53 sobersabreok
10:54 sobersabretell me: have you used fai to install non linux os onto the clients ?
10:54 sobersabree.g. *bsd or sun or... osx or even windoz ?
10:57 seponly debian
11:24 sobersabreok.
11:36 sobersabregooing off tschuess in the meanwhile.
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12:33 IceFoxHi guys. I want to know. I have a script at the end of my FAI install, that asks for hostname/ip range etc. and when I echo text onto the terminal It does not display. I take it FAI is hiding my text
12:34 IceFoxI'm not shure how to get it to echo my question onto the screen at that stage. any ideas ?
12:39 schurigIceFox: hmm, I never had problems echoing anything
12:39 schurigIceFox: does the contents of your echo show up in any file /var/log/fai/current ?!
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12:40 IceFoxaah, I havn't checked the log file. I will go have a look quickly. its just strange, because it works fine when I run it manually obviously.
12:42 schurigIceFox: maybe stdout of your script is re-directed when running under FAI's auspice
12:42 schurigIceFox: in this case      echo "Blah" >/dev/console    might help
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12:51 IceFoxaah, great. thanks allot schurig. I will give it a try
12:51 IceFox:)
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13:48 IceFoxThanks schurig, it worked.
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16:08 crazy-tictachi
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20:55 stockholmsep: did you look at partman?
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