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05:54 eartoastmoin
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07:27 h01gerhola itais, great to see you here :)
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07:51 schurigHmm, I have a 3ware RAID controller with PCI ID 13c1:1004, which is not detected by FAI from etch (fai-kernels with 2.6.18)
07:56 h01gerschurig, is it detected with the normal linux kernels from etch?
07:57 schurigh01ger: not sure. I've got the machine pre-installed with some ubuntu, and that did detect it. But as it's going to be a server, I'll wipe that and replace it with debian etch
07:57 h01gerif so, you might want to give fai 3.2.1 a try, which works without fai-kernels (it uses the normal kernels and "nfsroot" via initrd)
07:58 h01gerschurig, which kernel version? (does that ubuntu have)
07:58 schurigI'm just downloading and looking if "linux-source-2.6.18-etch4" already contains the PCI id
Action: h01ger nods
07:59 schurigh01ger: I also know that "vanulla" 2.6.22 contains the PCI id, so I'm sure its not something ubuntic :-)
08:00 h01gerwith fai 3.2.1 you can use a 2.6.22 kernel from bpo, if 2.6.18 is not recent enough. i think its better to use fai 3.2.1 than rebuilding fai-kernels, but YMMV, esp. if you have a working fai setup in production :)
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08:07 schurigh01ger: okay, I'll take your advice.  BPO is backports.org, I suppose?
08:08 h01geryes
08:09 h01gerschurig, if you use fai 3.2.1, you need to have a repo which contains it in /etc/fai/apt/sources.list too, its not enough to install it in the fai server, its also needed in the nfsroot
08:09 schurigh01ger: what needs in the repo, fai_3.2.1*.deb ?!?
08:11 h01gerfai-client, not fai
08:11 h01gerschurig, read "getting fai" on http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Main_Page
08:11 h01geradd that repo to your sources.list(s!)
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08:15 sobersabrehi fai
08:15 sobersabrewhere do I make grub to be configured ?
08:16 sobersabremy clients got installed, but when I am trying to boot any of the items in the boot menu, it doesn't find the file.
08:17 sepsobersabre, do you find it using the grub commandline ?
08:17 sobersabresep: can I get list of partitions via grub command line ?
08:18 sepi use the tab completion in grub
08:20 h01gersobersabre, are you using the simple examples? There is a GRUB class
08:20 h01ger..
08:25 schurigh01ger: when I'm using a kernel from bpo, then I surely should change "linux-image-486" in /etc/fai/NFSROOT to the newer kernel?
08:25 mikapMrfai: what's the state of #444210 and #447080 from your side?
08:26 sobersabresep: so, does it complete /dev stuff ?
08:26 sepit uses the grub annotation ofcourse
08:27 sep(hd0,0)
08:27 sobersabre(hd0 etc.)
08:27 sobersabre?
08:27 sepand filenames on those partitions
08:27 h01gerschurig, yes
08:31 sobersabreok
08:31 sobersabreI found that root (...) line was wrong
08:31 sobersabrethe q. is ... why :)
08:32 sobersabrehow is it automatically determined by grub-update ?
08:33 sobersabreIthing menu.lst has the lines with 1 "#" that are passed to grub-update
08:33 sobersabres/Ithing/I think/
08:41 sobersabreon boot the grub writes that the partition is ext2, but it's type is wrong.
08:41 sobersabreand the kernel is not found.
08:42 sobersabrethe order in the class's partitioning file in disk_config dir is /boot, and then /
08:42 sobersabre /boot is not primary, but it is bootable.
08:43 sobersabrecan this cause any problems ?
08:43 sobersabrethe machines are ... 3 y.o.
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09:19 Mrfaisobersabre: you have to add the option boot to /boot. Add this after the ; in the same line. If this partitioin is ext3 add also ext3
09:20 schurigh01ger: hmm, bpo doesn't contain any unionfs-module. Do you know if unionfs is compiled into linux-image-486 2.6.21+8~bpo.1 ?
09:23 oz_hm.
09:24 oz_has anyone seen /etc/motd as a symlink to /var/run/motd ?
09:24 h01gerschurig, dunno, sorry. maybe its there for 2.6.22?
09:25 schurigh01ger: hmm, there is no string "unionfs" in /var/lib/apt/lists/www.backports.org_debian_dists_etch-backports_main_binary-i386_Packages" at all
09:32 h01gerno idea then. there is #backports or #debian-backports though. the right name is one bpo webpage :)
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Action: h01ger just dealed with 15000 spam mails not catched by my filters. yay. most of it backscatter..
09:35 schurigh01ger: I think I'll dithc this, it's too time consuming. Either I'll settle for FAI softupdate or make my own kernel
Action: h01ger nods
09:35 schurigpity
10:01 sobersabreMrfai, I have this
10:01 sobersabrelogical /boot       256     rw,errors=remount-ro ; -c ext2 boot
10:01 sobersabreshall I make it ext3 and add the -j ?
10:02 Mrfaiit's up to you to choose betwqeen ext2 and ext3.
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10:05 sobersabreof course.
10:06 sobersabrestill, I don't understand: the grub menu got updated and contains lines with os boot. but it is incorrect.
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10:06 sobersabrewhy ?
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10:06 sobersabreI mean: the kernel images were installed, grub-update was executed.
10:06 sobersabrewhat could I have done better to avoid this ?
10:06 sobersabre:)
10:08 sobersabrehow can I see this problem can occur via observing the conf. files ?
10:15 Mrfaisobersabre: more detailed info's please. paste your disk_var.sh and have a look at your shell.log
10:20 sobersabreok.
10:23 sobersabremoment.
10:26 sobersabreI cannot find disk_var.sh
10:26 sobersabrethe shell.log is here:
10:27 sobersabrehmm. it isn't still, I am rerunning.
10:31 sobersabreok. it's been generated.
10:31 sobersabredisk_var.sh prints wrong data.
10:32 sobersabreI have created /dev/hda5 as /boot, and /dev/hda6 as /
10:33 sobersabrebut both BOOT_ and ROOT_ are written as /dev/hda6
10:33 sobersabrewhere do I change it ?
10:34 sobersabrehere's disk_var.sh: http://pastebin.ca/745361
10:36 sobersabrethis includes mounted /tmp/targets: http://pastebin.ca/745362
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10:44 schurigsobersabre: how does you .../fai/disk_config/... file look like?
10:46 schurigsobersabre: look at /usr/sbin/setup_harddisks, this is the file that sets boot {R,B}OOT_PARTITION variables
10:48 schurigsobersabre: BOOT_PARTITION will be set to the partition where "boot" is in the flags. If no partition is marked as boot, then it will be set to the partition that get's mounted to "/".
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10:48 schurigsobersabre: and of course it must be a primary partition
10:49 schurigsobersabre: maybe "/dev/hda5 on /tmp/target/boot type ext2 (rw,noatime)" isn't primary?
10:55 schurigh01ger: thanks for your help. I'm still using fai 3.1.8 and a custom fai installation kernel based on http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Using_customized_kernels_with_FAI and it seems to work so far
10:56 h01gerschurig, cheers!
11:13 sobersabreschurig: is being boot's primary something FAI specific ?
11:14 sobersabreschurig: thanks for the input, btw!
11:14 sobersabreI will make boot primary now.
11:15 schurigsobersabre: not sure, maybe boot loaders like to have the boot partition in a primary partition, too. But /usr/sbin/setup_harddisks for sure scans for the "boot" option ONLY when the partition is a primary one.
11:15 sobersabrethis is ... a bit bad news.
11:15 sobersabre:)
11:15 sobersabrebut, I will live up with it.
11:16 sobersabreI mean, who said that linux will be the 1st or 2nd OS on the system ...
11:16 sobersabreand if it has to be 4th, we're stuck :)
11:21 Mrfaisobersabre: if setup_harddisks really uses the boot flag only when it's an primary partition, it would be nict if you could file a bug report for this
11:34 sobersabrewhy wouldn't it be nicer if I patched the script....
11:34 sobersabreand issue it.
11:35 sobersabreif I define the SERVER variable in the classname.var file, would a successfully installed machine make itself boot via -o localboot ?
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11:39 sobersabreschurig: where have you found in setup_harddisk anything related to check of /boot being primary ?
11:39 sobersabreI cannot find it.
11:39 sobersabrecan you refer me to the line ?
11:39 schurigsobersabre: first, my info is about fai 3.1.8, not 3.2.1
11:40 schurigsobersabre: then, in /usr/sbin/setup_harddisks, look for the string $BootPartition
11:42 Mrfaisobersabre: sure you can also send the patch to the BTS. But a bug report would be very nice
11:44 williamvergarakurze frage: wo oder wie ganau wird die disk_var.sh geschrieben?
11:46 schurigsobersabre: then, in line 443, you see that $BootPartition gets set. But this statement is in a bigger if there it reads   if ($command eq "primary")  (at line 434)
11:47 schurigwilliamvergara: in /usr/sbin/setup_harddisks
11:47 schurigwilliamvergara: wie genau: use the source, luke!
11:48 williamvergaralol
11:48 williamvergaradanke
11:53 h01gerlazyb0y, dank you für die minutes!
11:56 stockholmwo sind die minutes?
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12:09 h01gerhttp://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Extremadura2007MeetingMinutes
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12:29 sobersabreschurig: I don't have 3.1.8
12:31 sobersabrebut, you're right
12:31 sobersabreI am there.
12:32 sobersabreI need to learn the flow a bit, so I don't messs it up.
12:32 sobersabreMrfai: generally, the boot partition is set inside the block which is entered only for primary partitions
12:32 sobersabreexactly as schurig has said.
12:32 sobersabreschurig: do you know what is preved ?
12:41 schurigsobersabre: what's the meaning of "preved"?  I'm just a poor german guy :-)
12:44 Mrfaipreved? You mean preserved?
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13:03 sobersabreoh, ok.
13:03 sobersabreMrfai: no.
13:05 sobersabreschurig: no problem I thought,
13:05 sobersabresomething else.
13:05 sobersabre:)
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13:32 sobersabreguys, wierd thing.
13:32 sobersabregdm doesn't allow NIS users to login.
13:32 sobersabreit seems a pam issue.
13:33 sobersabreI'll ask on #debian.
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13:46 sobersabrehmm, wierd.
13:46 sobersabreI have added files to fai/config/files/
13:46 sobersabrethe same way I did with the ssh keys
13:46 sobersabressh keys were transferred.
13:46 sobersabrebut the files - didn't
13:47 sobersabreI have created ./etc/profile.d/java.sh/<myclass>
13:47 sobersabreand the file hasn
13:47 sobersabre't been transferrred.
13:47 stockholmsobersabre: you need some script to copy them in
13:48 h01ger.oO( fcopy -r / ) :-)
13:48 h01gerIOW: man fcopy
13:48 oz_h01ger: *ggg*
13:49 sobersabreso ... for all the written files there exists a corresponding line somewhere ?
13:49 sobersabrehmmm
Action: sobersabre burries himself into the mud
13:49 h01gersobersabre, yes. or you use "fcopy -r /", then you only need one line
13:49 sobersabremulti user dangeon...
13:50 sobersabrethanks.
13:50 h01gersobersabre, do read man fcopy
13:52 oz_hm. how come that update-grub replaces sda with hda in menu.lst?
14:01 sobersabreok thanks!
14:01 sobersabreI am already there :)
14:02 sepoz_, it's explained in menu-lst, or you can read man update-grub
14:03 sepgoing home
14:09 sobersabreI also have another problem with grub: it doesn't _detect_ windows on /dev/hda1, thus doesn't add its entry in the menu.
14:14 williamvergarabye leute
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14:15 sobersabrehmm... bye mensch, williamvergara
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15:43 sobersabreok, must go
15:43 sobersabrebye all
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20:26 sobersabrehi guys.
20:26 stockholmhi guy!
20:26 kuggHello world!
20:27 kuggzqad: vad är den svenska konspirationen?
20:27 sobersabre:) where do I define SERVER variable, so an already installed client could cause my server to rerun fai-chboot to make it boot with -o localboot.
20:28 sobersabrekugg, hi!
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21:38 glancesiretart: around?
21:39 glanceor any other ubuntu-foks?
--- Tue Oct 23 2007

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