00:34 jairanyone here :(
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01:55 juri_no. ;)
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06:09 jairjuri_: are you here?
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07:33 sobersabrehi.
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07:34 sobersabrefor some wierd reason my clients don't get to have kernel-image package installed, and as a result render non bootable.
07:34 sobersabremem test is installed, so they boot into memtest
07:34 sobersabreis this a known issue ?
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07:41 h01gerno. check your logs to see why there was no kernel installed
07:47 sobersabreI have checked, it failed to extract.
07:47 sobersabreI am trying to delete it from apt-proxy repository.
07:47 sobersabrewierd.
07:48 sobersabrewhat shall I install: linux-image or kernel-image ?
07:49 sobersabreI remember kernel-image was the traditional name
07:50 h01gerlinux-image
07:53 sobersabrewell, log says:
07:53 sobersabredpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.18-5-686_2.6.18.dfsg.1-13etch4_i386.deb (--unpack): subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1
07:54 sobersabreit is a very descriptive thing.
07:54 sobersabreis there a way to increase verbosity of apt-get ?
07:55 h01gerdo you have enough space on the partitions?
07:56 sobersabreyes.
07:56 sobersabreeven if this is in the memory, it should suffice.
07:56 sobersabrekernel was not the 1st package to be installed.
07:56 sobersabreand it installs on other machines, from the same repository.
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08:08 sobersabrehi, Mrfai
08:15 Mrfaihi
08:17 sobersabrehm, h01ger look: D000002: fork/exec /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst ( install )
08:18 sobersabreI got it when trying to do the stage apt-get failed, --unpack
08:18 sobersabreI ran: dpkg --unpack -D2
08:19 sobersabreand then -D3, still same same, I am getting mad of this.
08:19 sobersabrewhy doesn't it install the kernel ?!
08:20 h01gercan you install it manually on that client?
Action: sobersabre knows it's a rethorical question.
08:20 sobersabrewhat can I install ?
08:20 sobersabrethe system ?!
08:20 sobersabreof course.
08:20 h01gerthe kernel
08:20 sobersabreright now - NO.
08:20 sobersabrethis is what I don't understand.
08:21 Mrfaior /boot partition full?
08:21 MrfaiI mean / or /boot
08:21 sobersabreI did a fully qualified chroot!
08:21 sobersabreeven remounted /var, /tmp, etc.
08:21 sobersabreupto 8%
08:22 sobersabre /boot is full upto 8%
08:22 sobersabre[forgot the space] ;-]
08:22 sobersabreI have a normal partitioning, a 80 GB hard disk.
08:25 sobersabreis there a special run-time setup for dpkg/apt during this installation ?
08:26 Mrfaisobersabre: did you already paste fai.log?
08:26 MrfaiI like to see it
08:27 sobersabreMrfai: do you want ALL of it ?
08:28 h01geri think he means all of fai.log, not all of /var/log/fai
08:28 h01gerhi Mrfai auch :)
08:29 Mrfaiall of fai.log
08:29 Mrfaih01ger: guten morgen auch. Gaeaehn
Action: h01ger hands Mrfai a cup of coffee
08:31 h01gerunfortunatly the coffee maker is not fully automatic :)
08:32 sobersabreh01ger: ours isn't too, and VERY noisy. but at least it reminds well an espresso :)
08:33 h01ger:)
08:35 sobersabrefai.log: http://pastebin.ca/739563
08:37 sobersabreerror.log: http://pastebin.ca/739566
08:50 h01gerthats i386? and not amd64?
08:50 sobersabrewhere have you found it is i386 ?
08:50 sobersabresorry, it is amd64 .
08:51 sobersabreI mean NO, it is i686, and NOT amd64
08:51 sobersabre:)
08:51 sobersabrewhat a confusing fellow am I.
08:51 h01gerso its i386 :-D
08:52 h01ger(debian arch wise)
08:53 sobersabreh01ger: yes. it is.
08:53 sobersabrebut... why have you brought it up ?
Action: sobersabre wonders...
08:54 sobersabreI even ran grep amd *.log in the logs dir, and found nichts.
08:55 h01gersobersabre, at the end of the installation, can you install the kernel manually on the client?
08:58 sobersabreNO
08:58 sobersabregetting same freaking me out error.
08:58 Mrfaisobersabre: very strange. Mmm.
08:58 sobersabreindeed.
08:58 Mrfaifai.log looks fine, except for the kernel problem.
08:59 Mrfaiwhich kernel is running durin installation?
08:59 sobersabrecan you look at md5sum of that package at your location, and paste it here ?
08:59 sobersabrecurrent kernel during the install: 2.6.18-fai-kernels #1 SMP Thu May 10 00:49:55 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux
09:00 Mrfai6b800f593454b8683d0f8cfd169fc96a  /files/scratch/debmirror/debian-security/pool/updates/main/l/linux-2.6/linux-image-2.6.18-5-686_2.6.18.dfsg.1-13etch4_i386.de
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09:09 sobersabreThanks, Mrfai
09:14 Mrfaiis your ok?
09:14 Mrfais/your/yours/
09:18 sobersabrenot so much :)
09:18 sobersabreI am starting to be not so happy about apt-proxy.
09:19 sobersabreI think I'd better mirror with wget/lftp
09:19 h01gerdebmirror
09:19 h01geruse debmirror
09:19 sobersabreok.
09:19 h01gerand/or squid
09:19 sobersabreno, squid is out of my scope: we are under a transparent proxy anyway
09:20 Mrfaifai includes a script mkdebmirror which uses debmirror for building a local mirror
09:23 sobersabreI know,  :) well, it's time to use it then.
09:23 sobersabreI already had an apt-proxy based one.
09:29 sobersabrehmm... now same error, but md5sum matches.
09:30 sobersabreretrying.
09:34 MTstockholm, did you manage to get some progress in your LVM issues?
09:35 MT(just asking as I've been offline for a while :-) )
09:37 h01gerstockholm is traveling today
09:37 sobersabrehell, again, kernel fails to configure.
09:37 sobersabreSAME.
09:40 sobersabrehm... what is the best kernel for Pentium 4 ?
09:40 sobersabrei686 ?
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09:56 oz_yes
09:57 sobersabreI cought the bastard!
09:57 sobersabreI don'
09:57 sobersabret understand why this happens, but
09:57 sobersabrethe kernel package sent during the initial setup is wrong.
09:58 sobersabreI have checked its md5 sum.
09:58 sobersabreand it
09:58 sobersabre's wrong.
09:58 sobersabreWIERD.
09:58 sobersabreplease make me think of anything except gremlins ...
09:58 sobersabreand I hate gremlins
09:59 sobersabrewhere does the initial install take packages from ?
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10:24 mikaphm, looks like FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS isn't used inside fai dirinstall; might this be true? (I'm trying to set the --arch option for debootstrap)
10:25 Mrfaibut it's set for action dirinstall
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10:27 Mrfaiand it is used in call_debootstrap() {
10:27 mikapMrfai: hm, any hints what I could try? :) I'll try setting it directly within FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP instead of FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS
10:28 Mrfaicheck if it is not overwritten by some code. Add set -x to call_Debootstrap, and you will see if it is really set correctly.
10:29 MrfaiIt may work to add --arch directly to FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP. But I'm not sure
10:30 mikapMrfai: ok thanks
10:30 mikapMrfai: btw - would be nice to find the executed cmdline somewhere inside the logs :)
10:31 Mrfaiyou mean eval_cmdline()?
10:31 Mrfaisiretart: anything todo for FAI for gutsy? Any bugs left?
10:32 siretartMrfai: gutsy is good as released. final isos are currently being tested
10:32 mikapyeah, so that I see what's executed (debootstrap --$options sid $mirror ...)
10:32 siretarthier an der uni is grad a weng kacke am dampfen. bin die letzten 2 wochen ehrlichgesagt zu kaum was anderem gekommen :(
10:32 Mrfaisiretart: OK. Then next task is to get the fai-cd for gutsy working, so you can show this ad UDS
10:33 siretartMrfai: yes. we can still upload to our PPA, even for gutsy.
10:35 Mrfailazyb0y: du wolltest doch eine ubuntu chroot auf faiwiki bauen. Waere gut wenn wir vor dem 29.Oktober eine Ubuntu fai-cd haetten. Eilt also noch nicht.
10:40 sobersabreMrfai: I ... have come over that thing with kernel.
10:41 sobersabreThe problem was: in the folder ${FAI}/hooks I had no corresponding instsoft.<CLASSNAME>
10:42 Mrfaiuup. It would be great to post a summary of the problem, error message and solution to the linux-fai mailing list.
10:42 siretartwir haben jedenfalls am wochenende versuch nen fai server auf gutsy in nem xen aufzusetzen
10:43 siretartleider gabs beim debootrap im rahmen von make-fai-nfsroot fiese segfaults
10:43 siretartich hatte das auf xen zurueckgefuehrt :(
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11:22 sobersabreMrfai: what's the daily traffic of linux-fai ?
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11:52 Mrfaisobersabre: not that much. HAve a look at https://lists.uni-koeln.de/pipermail/linux-fai/
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12:10 sobersabreok.
12:10 sobersabreDo you think after I finish tweaking the configuration...
12:10 sobersabreI will require the ML ?
12:11 sobersabre:)
12:15 MrfaiAnyway. It would be nice if you post the summary for you problem.
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15:18 sobersabrethanks all, byebye
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21:43 mikapJFYI: my problem regarding crossbuilding using FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS -> #447080
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