00:01 lazyb0yh01ger: jo
00:02 lazyb0yjuri_: hmm, but it doesn't know ahwt the most important fai is :)
00:03 lazyb0yh01ger: BTW: apt-mirror sagte, es waeren sowas wie 52 GB, aber ohne etch, weil ich das erstmal nicht laden wollte - habe ich noch
04:34 juri_actually, i was just talking to a google employee. they know fai, the fully automated installer. :)
05:22 h01gerjuri_, and yet they/someone there invented "slack". (which i found very similar to fai, little differences and less features)
06:13 mikapmoin; what's the recommended way to use --arch $FOO for debootstrap inside fai dirinstall? I'd like to install a i386 system on a amd64 host
06:14 seph01ger, i utterly failed to use taskinst on edu packages. I can not make it predictable. so i have replaced tasks with package lists.  is this a problem with the taskinst or with edu's packages ?
06:16 h01gersep, i have no idea, ask pere :)
Action: h01ger needs to pack and leave for the airport..
06:17 sephave a good trip
06:17 h01germikap, i'm not sure this is recommended or has been done (often). its pretty easy+straightforward to create a 2nd nfsroot though.. (and has its obvious drawback: space)
06:17 h01gersep, thanks :)
06:17 sepand see you soon :)
06:18 mikaph01ger: ok, so I should add such a feature on my own? I need the feature during runtime, no possibility to pre-generate a chroot/nfsroot
06:19 mikapah wait, shouldn't it be enough to use:
06:19 mikapFAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="--arch i386 sid http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian"
06:19 mikapinstead of:
06:19 mikapFAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="sid http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian"
06:19 mikap?
06:19 mikapoh, even FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS exists :)
06:20 h01ger:)
06:20 mikapthis even answers my question I think ;)
06:20 mikapthanks for listening ;)
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07:04 sepMT yes i am still here
07:04 MThi :-)
07:04 MTcould you do another setup_harddisks_2 test?
07:05 sepi even replaced the 3 sleeps with udevsettle --timeout=10  and reinstalled and it worked perfectly here
07:05 sepi assume that was what you wanted to test ? :)
07:05 MTyes :-)
07:05 MTgreat, thanks!
07:05 MTthus I'll commit that one ...
07:08 sep:)
07:08 MTdid stockholm already try the setup with lvm2 in FAIBASE?
07:08 sepMT, not to my knowledge
07:09 sep[stockholm] idle 64:41:15, think not
07:09 MTok, never mind
07:09 MTbut now it does work reliably for you sep, doesn't it?
07:09 sepyeah
07:10 sepi'v reinstalled this box 3 times yesterday, no issues (with lvm and boot)
07:10 sepand once today
07:10 sepand am about to do it again :)
07:10 MTbut you still do the dd/hdparm thing, don't you?
07:10 sepyeah i have to
07:10 sepotehrways it reuses the previous lv's
07:11 MTok, I'll try to figure that out at the dev-workshop in Essen
07:11 sepofcourse it works as long as you accidently use the same partition layout :P but that's just coincidence
07:13 eartoastmoin
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Action: oz_ hat nun faiserver.ph-freiburg.de
11:46 oz_jetzt kann das hier endlich mal was werden
12:09 stockholmh01ger: ?
12:09 stockholmhat jemand h01ger gesehen?
12:09 stockholmist der in spanien?
12:09 sepstockholm, i belive he left for the airport
12:10 stockholmwe wanted to meet
12:10 sep(assuming my guess to what you asked about was correct)
12:10 stockholmin madrid
12:10 stockholmright :-)
12:11 sepstockholm, did you get a chance to retry root on lvm ?
12:12 stockholmsep: i will try today, but i did not so far
12:14 MTstockholm, did you get the (hopefully!) solution of adding lvm2 to your client's config?
12:25 stockholmMT: no, not yet
12:26 stockholmi am preparing my trip to spain
12:26 stockholmMT: but i will try stuff tonight or now, depending on how well things go  :-)
12:27 MTyeah, no need to hurry
12:28 stockholmMT: can you tell me what changed?
12:28 MTthe wiki page :-)
12:28 MTwell, there seems to be one important point that we missed
12:28 MTyou need to have lvm2 in the package_config of the client that you install
12:38 stockholmwas that all? i think i had that already
12:39 MTwell, you might need the update-initramfs call
12:39 MTbut otherwise that at least solved the issue for sep
12:39 MTthus we hope to have found the general clue to this issue ...
Action: stockholm checks out the wiki page
12:44 stockholmso the only change is to add lvm2 to FAIBASE?
12:45 stockholmi did not have it there
12:45 MTwell' it seems so
12:45 MTnot necessarily FAIBASE
12:45 stockholmand grepping for lvm2 in my config dir did not turn it up either
12:45 MTbut any class your client uses
12:45 MTah :-)
12:45 stockholmso i might have imagined things
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14:48 sobersabrehi guys
14:48 sobersabreI am trying to work with classes.
14:48 sobersabremy 1st step was to browse /srv/fai/classes and edit some files in /srv/fai in general
14:49 sobersabrethen I tried to boot machines, but they always used the default configuration
14:49 sobersabredo I have to define the new classes in some other way ?
14:49 sobersabreis there a command or something ?
14:49 oz_sobersabre: fai-class
14:50 oz_and the order of appearance in the FAI_CLASSES file on the installed client is important
14:50 sobersabrehm... what have I manually missed then ?
14:50 oz_last class has highest priority
14:50 sobersabreOK
14:53 sobersabrehm... I am still confused.
14:53 sobersabreplease let me write some crap, and then stop me when I go too far.
14:53 sobersabrebut if I'm correct... confirm. ok ?
14:54 sobersabreI understand "class" as a set of configuration for end-workstation, the client.
14:54 sobersabreso, if I have 20 dev. statiojns and 30 production workernodes, I'd make 2 sets: DEV and PROD
14:54 sobersabre2 classes.
14:55 sobersabreso 1st question is: how does the fai system knows which class to apply a given machine ?
14:55 oz_16:50 < oz_> last class has highest priority
14:55 oz_16:50 < oz_> and the order of appearance in the FAI_CLASSES file on the  installed client is important
14:55 oz_:-)
14:56 oz_sorry, but just read again...
14:56 oz_most ppl find this difficult
14:56 sobersabreI understand that it happens via the fai/config/class/50-host-classes
14:56 sobersabrescript.
14:56 oz_but it's only difficult becuse it's so simple. ;)
14:56 sobersabreoz_: I just want it in ... sloppy words :)
14:57 sobersabreso, am I wrong ?
14:57 sobersabre( so far )
14:58 oz_no, you're right
14:58 sobersabreok.
14:58 sobersabreMy problem now is that I am trying to run client, and it should pickup the class
14:58 sobersabrebut it doesn't
14:58 sobersabreit goes only for FAIBASE
14:58 sobersabreand the hostname is not set properly, it is set to be hostname==IP address.
14:59 oz_show me your FAI classes file (on pastebin, or you webserver, don't paste it in irc...)
14:59 sobersabreTHANKS. moment.
15:00 oz_I have to leave in some minutes...
15:00 oz_can I answer later on?
15:06 glancehmm....
15:06 glancei have a idea.
15:07 glancei think a lot of you have encounterd disks rename-ing them selfs all the time.
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15:07 glancemy tip would to implement using /dev/disk/by-path/ instead to sort the disks to a absolute order to get rid of the problem....
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15:10 Mrfaisobersabre: please post your fai.log, then we can see why you client only belongs to one class or only uses a certain class.
15:24 sobersabreguys, I am confused a bit more.
15:26 sobersabreMrfai: are you here ?
15:26 sobersabreI am reading the fai guide.
15:26 sobersabreI have really not a bad understanding of english.
15:27 sobersabreplease tell me I am not understanding the instructions.
15:27 sobersabrebut hell WHAT am I missing ?
15:28 sobersabreI don't understand what the author means by "define classes"
15:28 Mrfaisobersabre: put your fai.log to paste.debian.net, then I can explain you the classes
15:28 sobersabreok
15:29 sobersabrethere are several fai.log files.
15:29 sobersabrewhich do you want ?
15:29 sobersabreof the server ?
15:29 sobersabrethe layout is /var/log/fai/<hosts>/
15:30 sobersabreand then "last", "noaction" etc.
15:30 sobersabrewhich do you need ?
15:31 MrfaiI want to have fai.log
15:31 MrfaiThe fai.log of your install client
15:31 sobersabreok
Action: h01ger waves from madrid and answers stockholm on #-edu where daniel also is
15:38 sobersabrehttp://pastebin.com/d30f1bda6
15:40 sobersabreMrfai: have you found anything except the hash ?
15:41 sobersabre:-/
15:43 Mrfaisobersabre: line 42: List of all classes:  DEFAULT LINUX I386 FAIBASE DHCPC GRUB 132 LAST
15:43 sobersabreyes
15:43 sobersabrethere are no classes I "manually created"
15:44 sobersabrewhich folder do I give fai-class command, if my fai is configured in /srv/fai ?
15:44 sobersabre/srv/fai/conf ?
15:44 Mrfaifai-class is automatically executed.
15:44 sobersabreI understand.
15:44 Mrfailine 13: #
15:44 Mrfai#
15:44 sobersabrehow do I add a class then ?
15:44 MrfaiConfiguration space ds-jsb:/srv/fai/config mounted to /var/lib/fai/config
15:45 sobersabretrue.
15:45 sobersabreso it is mounted ok,
15:45 MrfaiSo you need to add classes on host ds-jsb
15:45 Mrfaiin directory /srv/fai/config
15:45 sobersabreI _think_ I did
15:45 Mrfaiclasses are defined by using script in class. So I mean /srv/fai/config/class/....
15:45 MrfaiWhat did you did?
15:47 sobersabreI have run fai-class /srv/fai/config FAI_CLASSES
15:47 sobersabrebut it added only:
15:47 MrfaiYou never run this command!
15:47 sobersabrehm..
15:47 sobersabreok.
15:47 MrfaiJust edit the 50-host-classes script for example and add your new class to it
15:48 sobersabreI can paste it.
15:48 Mrfaithen reboot your client, and it should belong to this new class
15:48 sobersabrelook at it.
15:48 Mrfaiok. Just paste the importatn lines
15:50 sobersabrehttp://pastebin.com/d1263bf53
15:50 sobersabreI played with the regexps. maybe this is what messes them up.
15:51 sobersabreI also don't understand why the hostname is set to be the IP.
15:51 sobersabrethe DNS is working fine.
15:51 Mrfaiyour dhcpod.conf is not fine
15:51 Mrfaihave a look at fai.log
15:52 sobersabrewhich line ?!
15:52 Mrfailine 42, the list of classes
15:52 Mrfaiis says 132 before the last word LAST. Normally this is you hostname.
15:52 MrfaiIn your environment it's the first part of the IP address IMO
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15:53 kugghello
15:53 Mrfaiadd this line to your dhcpd.conf:
15:53 Mrfaiuse-host-decl-names on;
15:55 sobersabreMrfai: I have fixed-address <hostname>.<domainname>;
15:55 sobersabrein each host's section
15:55 sobersabreis it wrong ?
15:55 sobersabreshall I delete the .<domain> part ?
15:56 Mrfaisobersabre: do you have use-host-decl-names on in your dhcpd.conf?
15:57 sobersabreno. but ... how can a PXE host declare hostname ?
15:57 sobersabreI mean PXE client.
15:57 sobersabreit has no name.
15:57 sobersabreonly MAC address.
15:58 sobersabreplease sorry for nagging questions.
15:58 sobersabremust understand what's wrong.
15:58 Mrfaithe DHCP can declare a hostname then it's also defined in /etc/hosts on the install server
15:58 sobersabretrue.
15:58 sobersabreit is.
15:58 Mrfaithe fai-doc pacakge has a smaple dhcpd.conf. HAve a look at iti
15:58 sobersabreI have both hosts and DNS setup properly.
15:58 Mrfaiand use use-host-decl-names on;
15:59 sobersabreok. I will now. but what does it do ? makes dhcpd use host declared name ? but host cannot know its name at PXE boot time.
16:00 Mrfaiyour client will get also the hostname from the DHCP instead of only the IP address.
16:01 sobersabreOK. so it's the opposite from what I thought!
16:01 sobersabrethanks!
16:02 MrfaiBTW, it this works, I recommend to upgrade from FAI 3.1.8 to 3.2.1.
16:02 Mrfais/it/if/
16:03 sobersabreI have currently fai 3.2.1
16:04 sobersabrehm.. I am using dhcpd3-server. maybe this is the problem ?
16:05 Mrfaisobersabre: But your fai.log say's your are using 3.1.8
16:05 Mrfaidhcp3-server is fine.
16:05 Mrfaiad use-host-decl-names on.
16:06 sobersabretrying the client... moment. :)
16:07 sobersabreson of the biatch!
16:07 sobersabreit worked!
16:08 sobersabreit picked up my class.
16:08 sobersabre:)
16:08 sobersabrehm...
16:08 sobersabrenow for the next action item!
Action: sobersabre deeply bows to Mrfai for the patience!
16:09 Mrfaisobersabre: don't forget the fai questionnaire. You know it?
16:10 jairHey guys I has been reafing all the conversation and want to let you know that I think will be much easier for me to understand ... :)  hopefully I do not run into many problems
16:10 jair:)
16:10 sobersabreMrfai: no.
16:10 sobersabrewhere it is ?
16:10 jairMrfai: I will be continuing configuring mine in a couple of minutes maybe half an hour
16:11 jairMrfai: are you planning in stay here for some more time, by the way I hope to have just a few questions, I has been reading your conversation with sobersabre and It answer couple of questions for me already
16:11 Mrfaisobersabre: http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/questionnaire
16:13 sobersabreVielen Dank, Mrfai. Schoensten auch.
16:13 Mrfaijair: I think I will be here the whole evening.
16:13 jairMrfai: :D thank you danke :)
16:13 Mrfaisobersabre: Bitte schoen. War angenehm dir zu helfen.
16:14 jairI think we can start so I can finish with the couple of questions I have.
16:14 Mrfaiok
16:16 jairMrfai: 1) I did install and finish the fai setup successfully.  I got the two lines => make-fai-nfsroot finished properly. and FAI setup finished.
16:16 MrfaiWhich fai version?
16:17 jairnow I have the examples of the classes copied into the directory indicated on the guide
16:18 jairlatest 3.1.8 0
16:18 jairsorry
16:19 jair3.2.1
16:19 jairI am on the section 3.3 of the guide
16:20 jairand all i think I need is understand the classes, decide if I will be using dns or hostnames hardcoded.
16:22 jairso my question will be what will be next.../usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple/
16:22 jairI am checking those examples
16:22 stockholmyay, my install attempt succeeded with lvm
16:22 jairstockholm: will be great if you can document that for fai newbies :(
16:24 stockholmjair: it was the lvm2 thing, i just had to follow the (changed) documentation in faiwiki
16:25 jairstockholm: this means that now I can use the fai installation on 40 computers all with the lvm2 configuration i decide ;)
16:25 jairMrfai: I do not blame you, you may be having a break :)
16:26 jairstockholm: what will be next step after finishing the fai setup
16:26 jairstockholm: I finish it and it works properly.
16:26 jairI mean the setup finished like on the web site say
16:26 stockholmthe configuration and admin stuff with softupdates
16:26 jairI do not have dns set up yet
16:27 jairI already configured the install server using approx, and the other ip details but just for the install server.  I havent start yet with the install clients
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16:44 Mrfaijair: next thing is to set up DHCP and boot your first install client. Use fai-chboot to boot the memtest86+ binary. That's a nice test to see if PXE, TFTP, DHCP is working
Action: Mrfai switches to screen session
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16:57 sobersabrehm...
16:58 sobersabreanother problem
16:59 jairMrfai: alright, I have dhcp installed on the fai server but I haven't change anything... I did install the memtest86 package and copy it the way you told me to the directory "/srv?... forgot" and copy it with the name without the .bin
16:59 jairMrfai: do I need to edit anything on the dhcp server on the fai server?
17:01 jairMrfai: This is my environment => a vlan with the fai server on it and 25 Thinkcentre IBM/Lenovo machines.  Not DNS on FAI set up but DNS for the vlan is set up.
17:02 jairThe vlan also have it's dhcp but i can put the whole environment in a different vlan with another dhcp server or just static ips.
17:04 sobersabrehm...
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17:12 sobersabreis there a way to make a partition after the 1st partition ?
17:12 sobersabreI mean to skip 1 partition.
17:12 sobersabreI have dual boot machines.
17:12 h01gerpreserve partition 1
17:13 h01gerread the fai guide, look at the section about disk_config
17:13 sobersabreh01ger: thanks!!!!
17:13 sobersabreI will now bookmark it.
17:13 sobersabrethanks !
17:13 sobersabrebye
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17:27 Mrfaijair: your install clients must get an IP address from your DHCP, no mater if you are using vlan or a plain subnet.
17:27 jairalright
17:27 Mrfaijair: boot your client via PXE. What happens?
17:28 jairI have dhcp from the dhcp server authoritative... but I though that the fai dhcpserver will be the one doing that.
17:28 jairhold on Mrfai, do i need to put the install server on the same vlan as the clients?
17:28 jairI am assuming that this is yes
17:29 jairalso, what dhcp server will i use the one from the install server or the dhcp server I have configure for my other vlans?
17:29 MrfaiI don't know. I'm not familiar with vlan's.
17:30 Mrfaiit easier you only our dhcp on the install server is responsible for your vlan.
17:30 jairMrfai: it is just a network segment.  just 20 machines all in the same switch same subnet, same gateway IP
17:30 jairohhh ok
17:30 jairI see
17:30 MrfaiIf two dhcp server answer to the same dhcp requests on a lan that may cause problems.
17:31 jairbut again I haven't do any configuruation after the install or fai-setup.
17:31 jairok I understand your point :)
17:31 Mrfaijair: there's an example for dhcpd.conf in the fai-doc package
17:33 jairok let me check that example and make sure mine make sense.
17:34 jairI really appreciate all your help Mrfai :)
17:34 Mrfaijair: btw, you you have a real name?
17:38 stockholmso how do i get an initramfs that has the parts it needs to boot lvm volumes?
17:42 jairMrfai: yes
17:43 MrfaiIt's nice if the real name is set in IRC
17:46 jairhow do i chnage that Mrfai ?
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17:55 Mrfaijair: depends on your irc client.
17:57 stockholmthis seems relevant
17:57 stockholmhttp://www.debianadmin.com/lvm_vs_udev.html
17:57 jairMrfai: I use irssi
17:58 Mrfaijair: me too. config:     realname = "Thomas Lange";
17:59 Mrfaistockholm: [~]> grep lvm /usr/share/doc/initramfs-tools/TODO o lvm2 hooks to their respective packages
17:59 Mrfaimm, maybe initramfs-tools are not yet ready for lvm2
18:01 stockholmMrfai: why do you say that?
18:02 xzujust curious: what do you guys use, cfengine or puppet?
18:02 MrfaiI read something about a lvms hook for initramfs, but can't find it
18:02 Mrfaixzu: shell scripts and cfengine. No puppet.
18:03 jairMrfai: but I guess I need to go to the configuration file of the irssi correct? it is located on my home directory or etc/irssi.conf?
18:03 Mrfaistockholm: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-lvm-commits/2006-December/000501.html
18:03 xzuMrfai: specific reason to not use puppet?
18:03 Mrfaijair: in your home directory. But it was just a hint.
18:03 jairhaha ok i will do that
18:04 Mrfaixzu: puppet is too new IMO. Now widely used. Also read: http://www.techforce.com.br/index.php/news/linux_blog/massive_installation_management_tools_p_1
18:04 Mrfaijair: I mean it would be nice if everybody would set his real name. But it's not required here
18:06 xzuMrfai: cheers, i think redhat is going to push for puppet, so that could solve some issues
18:06 xzui'll read the article
18:06 xzuthanks
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18:15 stockholmMrfai: but there the hooks are added
18:15 stockholmMrfai: do you mean they are not in etch or what?
18:16 Mrfaiyep. It seems those are not in etch
18:17 stockholmMrfai: then building them ourselfs externally seems to be the right thing.
18:17 stockholmhttp://www.debianadmin.com/lvm_vs_udev.html
18:19 Mrfaistockholm: I would ask the initramfs-tools maintainer about the lvm(2) problem. I cannot see if your link says it should work with or without the additional hook.
18:21 Mrfaistockholm: lvm2 in etch does not include the hook for initramfs. lvm in sid does include it
MT (~MT@dove.informatik.tu-muenchen.de) joined #fai.
18:24 Mrfaistockholm: it was added in lvm2 (2.02.24-1), with some fixes in later versions
Action: Mrfai SIGFOOD
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18:28 jairMrfai: I will go get something to eat and come back to do the testing you ask me to after configure the dhcp :)
18:29 jairMrfai: Danke Shon
18:30 jair:)
18:33 stockholmandreas@alioth:~$ getent group pkg-lvm-maintainers
18:33 stockholmandreas@alioth:~$
18:33 stockholmso who is a member in that group?
18:42 stockholmMrfai: if d-i can do it the infrastructure should be there, right?
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19:09 Mrfaistockholm: ask the experts. I never used lvm, so I can only guess what may be missing.
19:09 stockholmi asked the experts.
19:09 stockholmno answer yet
19:10 stockholmi might ask the lvm maintainer mailinglist
19:10 Mrfaigood idea
19:12 MTstockholm, I just joined and obviously missed the point - what's going on with lvm?
19:13 MTlooks like some sort of bug that you are talking about...
19:16 Mrfaistockholm: ask the experts. I never used lvm, so I can only guess what may be missing.
19:16 Mrfaidamm, why doe it type this again?
19:16 MrfaiMT:  http://paste.debian.net/39902 last part of our discussion
19:16 stockholmMT: mounting lvm volumes works, but not from initramfs
19:18 MTso you can finally do LVM partitions, unless root is an LVM?
19:18 MTthx for the paste Mrfai!
19:19 MrfaiMT: np
19:19 stockholmMT: right
19:20 stockholmMT: now i ask the lvm package maintainers how to invoke mk-initramfs in order to boot / from lvm
19:20 MTstockholm, on etch take a look at man /usr/share/doc/lvm2/examples/lvm2create_initrd.8.gz
Action: MT just looks into it
19:22 stockholmahhh
Action: MT thinks that using a newer lvm2 package or a backported one is probably easier
19:27 stockholmis that a good option?
19:27 stockholmit is easy enough to do
19:27 stockholmsaves some work, i would think
19:28 MTwhich solution do you consider to save work?
19:29 stockholmhow do you read that? less and vim dont do the groff
19:30 stockholmMT: it would not be the "pure etch" solution, but that might be overkill anyway
19:30 MTman /usr/share/doc/lvm2/examples/lvm2create_initrd.8.gz
19:30 MTdoes the groff :-)
19:30 Mrfaimy less can read .[0-9].gz files. Define LESSOPEN ="|lesspipe %s"
19:30 stockholmMT: we could provide the backport in the fai repository that people would use non the less
Action: MT likes lesspipe too :-)
19:31 MTyes, that might be cool
19:31 MTI couldn't find the backport on backports.org
19:33 MTgrrr, requires devmapper version from sid as well
19:36 stockholmwell, and that in turn?
Action: stockholm just started rebuilding for etch
19:36 MTdevmapper is fine
19:36 MTthx stockholm!
19:37 stockholmi will need to build that for amd64, too
19:37 jairMrfai: are you still here, i came back from lunch
19:38 stockholmMrfai: what do you think, is it a good solution to use sid lvm in etch for this?
19:41 Mrfaistockholm: Mmm, I'm not sure. I would use lvm backport, if only a few packages needed to be backported.
19:42 MrfaiIf the new lvm2 hook help, just use this one. But anyway, ask the experts what they suggest
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19:49 jairMrfai: I have the dhcp configured.  But I have two questions about it. check this file please => http://paste.debian.net/39906
19:52 jairin the part that say: dhcpd.conf for fai, that is the configuration of the dhcp that comes installed in the fai server.
19:53 jairhost demohost {hardware ethernet 0:2:a3:b5:c5:41;fixed-address demohost;} what does this line exactly mean?
19:53 jairwhat do i suppouse to replace this with?
19:53 jairthe name of the fai install server
19:54 jairor the mac address of the install server?
19:55 MTjair, that's the DHCP config of your client
19:55 Mrfaino replace it with the name and MAC address of your install client
19:55 MTdemohost will be the client you install using FAI
19:56 jairalso I notice that in the dhcp example for fai the lines => range; option subnet-mask; option broadcast-address; are missing
19:56 Mrfaijair: you have to adjust the IP ranges, for sure
19:56 Mrfaiadjust them you your local needs
19:56 jairMT: ohhhh ok this is the test I guess I wilol have to get all that information for all the pcs
19:56 jairMrfai: ohh ok I see
19:57 Mrfaiit's important to add the MAC of your install client. Did you already grab the MAC?
19:57 jairbut if I adjust the range and the broadcast address do i need still this line for each of the install clients? => host demohost {hardware ethernet 0:2:a3:b5:c5:41;fixed-address demohost;}
19:58 Mrfaiyep you need a line for each client
19:58 jairMrfai: so i will need to add one line like host demohost {hardware ethernet 0:2:a3:b5:c5:41;fixed-address demohost;} per client
19:58 jairI see
19:59 jairI will need to do what you recommend on the guide to get the mac addresses then, I have around 120 machines three classrooms
19:59 jairsounds good then
19:59 jairI will do that Mrfai :)
19:59 jairThank you MT as well
20:00 jairanother question Mrfai, if I have to change the ip address of the install server, do i need to change the IP on the configuration files, hosts, and normal places where I place the ip correct.  and then everything should work?
20:01 jairfor example, right now I have my install server under the ip and I will be changing it to, I just need to go to the make-nfs-root and fai.conf, hosts, files to do the change.
20:02 jairam I missing any other place?
20:03 Mrfaiyou have to rebuild the nfsroot
20:03 jairohhh
20:03 jairI think i will just leave it in that ip then :(
20:04 jairor just create the install server again in the other network
20:04 jairfor now I think will be ok.
20:04 Mrfaior check the etc/hosts and etc/fai/.. file inside the nfsroot
20:04 jairright, it sound like I should be able to change the ip there and then restart it
20:05 jairalso on the dhcp server can I replace the name "faiserver" instead for another name the ip address of the fai instalkl server?
20:06 Mrfaireplace install server with the name of your install server.
20:06 jairI am not trusting to much on our dns server that is why i am hard coding the i[p
20:06 jairhmm
20:06 jairalright
20:06 Mrfaihard coded IP are also fine. I prefer hostnames
20:07 jairI will just replace it and if I see errors I will just hard code the ip = name on the hosts file :D
20:07 jairMrfai: thank you very much, I will go ahead and do the test.
20:07 jairso when I boot the machines should I tell it to run the testmem86...?
20:07 jairI will go ahead and let you know how it goes
Action: jair bow to Mrfai again ;)
20:08 jairbe right back
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20:28 stockholmMrfai: hast du eine idee wie man die kernel-commandline ändern kann in fai (für lvm-root-boot)?
20:30 stockholmanscheinend ist der name des volumes wichtig
20:30 stockholmich werde das mal anpassen in meiner partitioniertanweisung
20:31 Mrfaikeine Ahnung. Ich denke das gehoert in menu.lst rein
20:33 stockholmMT: da?
20:33 MTja
20:33 stockholmwaldi sagt dass der device name des volumes /dev/mapper/blah sein muss damit die magie funktioniert.
20:34 stockholmMT: bei mir hatte ich /dev/my_pv/blah
20:34 MTalso /dev/my_pv/blah ist nur ein symlink auf /dev/mapper/my_pv-blah
20:35 stockholmMT: es wäre also eine masche das das echte file herauszufinden und anzugeben
20:35 stockholmMT: hast du eine idee wie das gehen könnte?
20:36 MTja, muss kurz in den Code schauen
20:36 stockholmes gibt doch "realpath" oder so, gell?
20:36 MTreadlink
20:36 stockholmwir wollen ja den endgültigen, nicht nur den nächsten
20:37 MTreadlink -f
20:37 stockholm:-)
20:37 stockholmgut
20:41 stockholmMT: in perl gibt es -f nicht
20:42 MTnein, aber das normale readlink sollte ok sein
20:42 stockholmMT: da muss man es vermutlich rekursiv aufrufen oder solange bis es zweimal in folge das gleiche ausspuckt
20:42 stockholmMT: ach, du willst system()?
20:42 MTja
20:42 stockholmist readlink immer installiert? ... /me schaut welches paket das ist
20:43 MTist AFAIK in the den coreutils
20:43 stockholmcore... right
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20:47 MTstockholm, ich hätte eine neue Version
20:47 stockholmyay
20:47 MTsoll ich mal commit machen, kannst Du die dann testen?
20:48 stockholmja, ich habe gerade schon versucht upzudaten :-)
20:48 MTmom, ich baue noch einen check ein
20:48 stockholmdas ist bestimmt die letzte hürde!
20:48 MTsure.
20:48 stockholmyesyesyes!!!
20:51 MTok, r4625
20:52 MTsollte jetzt in fstab und als ROOT_PARTITION /dev/mapper/my_pv-blah liefern
20:52 stockholmok
Action: stockholm installiert
20:56 stockholm(CMD) readlink -f /dev/my_pv/_root 1> /tmp/2hXE3QH9ks 2> /tmp/xiu6YFV2F0
20:56 stockholmUse of uninitialized value in scalar chomp at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/shdd2-fstab line 176.
20:56 stockholmUse of uninitialized value in -b at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/shdd2-fstab line 179.
20:56 stockholmFailed to resolve /dev/my_pv/_root
20:56 stockholmMT: it died
20:57 MTkannst Du mal manuell readlink -f /dev/my_pv/_root ausführen?
20:57 MTaber wenigestens hab ich noch den check eingebaut, sodass er abgebrochen hat...
20:58 stockholmfai-client:~# readlink -f /dev/my_pv/_root
20:58 stockholmfai-client:~#
20:59 stockholmhm, muss das nicht in target laufen?
21:00 stockholm
21:00 stockholm/dev/mapper ist auch leer
21:00 stockholmausser control
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21:02 stockholmnein, da gibt es wieder fehler mit vgdisplay zuerst
21:03 stockholmsep: where was your dd solution? can you paste it again, please?
21:04 MThttp://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/FaiInstallDebianEdu#head-3ebeb84767ddff79e9ffb4663c3489826e0b5c0a
Action: MT is not sep, but anyway :-)
21:05 stockholmyeah, good enough :-)
21:05 MTstockholm, falls ich da einen bug reingemacht haben sollte, kannst Du auch Zeilen 172/173 in shdd2-fstab durch folgendes ersetzen
21:06 MTpush @fstab_line, "/dev/mapper/$device-$l";
21:06 MTaber ich glaube, die Lösung liegt wohl eher in den dd/hdparm-Aufrufen
21:07 stockholmnee, das ist kein bug von dir
21:07 stockholmja, aber ich würde das so oder so ähnlich in -commands einbauen (also den dd aufruf)
21:07 stockholmund vorher noch dm_mod entladen
21:08 MTalso schau einfach mal in den -commands code rein
21:08 MTeigentlich hätte ich es ja gerne so, dass er einfach die existierenden VGs erkennt
21:08 MTund dann aufräumt
21:08 MTaber das tut er wohl nicht
21:08 stockholmMT: die lvm infos stehen am anfang der jeweiligen partition.
21:08 stockholmja
21:08 MTja, schon, aber könnte er denn nicht einfach die alten VGs erkennen?
21:09 stockholmnaja, er erkennt sie ja *irgendwie*
21:09 MTmeiner Meinung nach wär nämlich in build_lvm_commands schon der Code da, der eben die alten logical volumes löscht und so
21:09 MTaber das ist bestimmt noch buggy, falls vgdisplay die denn überhaupt sieht
21:09 stockholmmit dem vgdisplay?
21:10 MTbzw. man müsste mal sehen, was man tun muss, damit vgdisplay die sehen kann
21:10 MTich muss jetzt offline gehen, aber vielleicht kannst Du mal versuchen, das zu debuggen
21:10 stockholmich werde es versuche.
21:10 MToder eben die dd/hdparm sachen einfach reinbauen
21:10 stockholmja, das werde ich erst machen
21:11 stockholmdamit ich weiter komme
21:11 MTklar
21:11 MTfalls Du dann Zeit zum debuggen hast, solltest vielleicht eher noch in shdd2-volumes reinschauen
21:12 MTget_current_lvm
21:12 MT_da_ sollte er eigentlich die alten Sachen finden
21:12 MTso, ich verschwinde mal ins Bett
21:13 MTstockholm, wenn Du Fragen hast, kannst auch gerne mailen
21:13 MTich bin dann um ca. 8 Uhr morgens wieder online
21:20 stockholmich bin vermutlich nicht am netz
21:20 stockholmsondern im flugzeug
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21:38 jairhere I have the dhcp fai configuration => http://paste.debian.net/39912
21:39 jairas you can see I needed to comment out "deny unknown-cleints", otherwise we would not get a DHCP address
21:41 jairhttp://paste.debian.net/39913 <= this is the log file from the DHCP server
21:42 jairNow we are getting an IP address when booting from the network card, but after that it hangs on "TFTP open timeout"
21:43 jairis there anything we need to configure in the tftpd-hpa file to get it to properly connect to the boot agent?
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--- Wed Oct 17 2007

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