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05:36 oz_moin
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07:26 h01gerlazyb0y, nowadays  http://layer-acht.org/debian etch fai is the same as thomas repository. this wasnt always the case and might not be
07:35 seph01ger, but if it fails atleast i know who to blame now :)
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08:39 sephttp://paste.debian.net/39759
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08:40 h01geryou scared him :)
08:40 sepseams that eh pv is not created during the install, but if i halt it there and use tty2 i can run pvcreate /dev/sda2 without problems
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08:40 sepseams that way
08:40 sepand the install just happily continues and installs on the / raqmdisk.
08:40 sepit should perhaps do better error detection and not install
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08:52 sepMT, seams that the pv is not created during the install, but if i halt it there and use tty2 i can run pvcreate /dev/sda2 without problems   http://paste.debian.net/39759
08:55 MTso, /dev/sda2 does exist?
08:58 sepyes
08:59 septhis used to work in vmware, i just copied /srv/fai/config to the real server
09:00 lazyb0yh01ger: also, ich denke nicht, dass ich es schaffe, die mirrors zu machen - hier ist grad "alles kaputt"
09:01 lazyb0yich werde also eine leere 500GB platte mitbringen, die in den nslu kann, und eine mit einem etch mirror und den etch skolelinux oaketen (stable), die in meinem notebook steckt - die daten kann ich natuerlich umkopieren
09:01 MTsep, could you re-run the install
09:01 MTand interrupt it once again?
09:01 sepMTi just added a sleep after parted -s /dev/sda set 2 lvm on   so i could see what was going on, and now it worked
09:01 sepi am restarting it
09:02 MTand could you then only run the pvdisplay /dev/sda2 command?
09:02 MTand an echo $?
09:02 MTafterwards?
09:02 MTI'd be interested in error messages and the exit code ...
09:02 sepMT,i tried the    pvdisplay /dev/sda2 || pvcreate /dev/sda2 on tty2 and it succeeded
09:03 MTwithout any error message?
09:03 MTah, with the sleep even the automatic thing worked out?
09:03 seppvdisplay put out messages like
09:03 sepFailed to read physical volume "/dev/sda2"
09:03 sepDevice /dev/sda2 not found (or ignored by filtering).
09:04 sepi think i have to remove the sleep again, since i can't make it fail now
09:04 MTwell, in fact the sleep may be the solution
09:04 MTbecause it takes some time to rsync the tables
09:05 sepudev need to resettle after parted twiddle the partition ?
09:05 MTyes, I think so
09:05 sepprobably worked in vmware since that's much slower then this server
09:07 sepis there no way for udev to signal when it's done ?
09:07 MThmm, no idea
09:07 MTI just found a sleep 1 to be the simplest solution :-)
09:08 MTsep, I've just committed r4623 to SVN, which has two more sleeps in it
09:08 sepim svn up and restarting the install
09:09 sepMT this is basicaly exactly what i am doing     http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/FaiInstallDebianEdu
09:10 sepsdd2 succeeded now
09:10 sepMT, thanks :)
09:11 sepMT, it might be a good idea to check that partitions get created and stop if something fails. now the install compleated and rebooted and i was in a grub meny with no remote access to the machine at all.
09:12 sep /target was not mouned but /target/boot  was so the install was compleated to /target (ramdisk)
09:12 mikapI've the problem, that a specific package installs just fine on unstable but is b0rken in etch; any ideas what I could do to resolve that issue so that I get the package (it's snort) in an sid-installation but not in an etch system without putting all the package list into a new class?
09:14 MTsep, was it really the case that the partition was not created, or was there some error in mounting it?
09:14 lazyb0ymikap: that is you are basically installing different distributions
09:14 lazyb0y(I think in debian they are even called so)
09:15 lazyb0ywhat I do when I have package differences between Debian and ubuntu is:
09:15 lazyb0ythe basic usecase is handled with the class MYUSECASE
09:15 sepMT,  vg_system was not created becouse /dev/sda2 was not a pv,
09:16 lazyb0yI mark that a system belongs to some distribution with classes like DIST-DEBIAN-ETCH and DIST-UBUNTU-DAPPER
09:16 septhen the lv's was not craeted becouse vg_system was missing,
09:16 MTusing the latest SVN?
09:16 MTor was that the case with earlier versions where you reported the error?
09:16 sepearlier
09:16 MTah, ok
09:16 sepnow it workes fine
09:16 MTI added a note on self-tests to the wiki-page
09:17 MT#Implementation
09:17 lazyb0yand in the package list file for MYUSECASE I differentiate between packages that are installed for all systems with MYUSECASE, some that are only installed for DIST-DEBIAN-ETCH and some that are only installed for DIST-UBUNTU-DAPPER
09:17 lazyb0y(by adding the class name in an addtional section like "PACKAGES install DIST-DEBIAN-ETCH"
09:18 siretart.oO( soo many highlights here...)
09:21 sepMT, the lv's was not mounted including /target, but /dev/sda1 was mounted as /target/boot and then the base was extracted and the install continued
09:22 mikaplazyb0y: exactly; what I don't like in this variant is that the amount of classes is growing and growing :-/
09:36 lazyb0ymikap: yes, that's the price you pay for fai's simplicity
09:37 lazyb0ythe other way would be, have some kind of meta-information somewhere in package lists, and decide which package list to use for example depending on the value of the variable DISTRIBUTION (not used yet)
09:38 lazyb0yin any case, _somewhere_ you add complexity if you start installing more than one distribution(-version)
09:40 lazyb0yhmm, apart from that, if I look at my configspace - I have many different classes for many usecases, and only a few DIST-* classes - they don't blow it up that much
09:42 mikaplazyb0y: ACK; main problem is that grml-live has a nice abstraction layer already and now I have to add some more complexity :-/
09:45 baldylazyb0y: ich lege zB ein neues file an für eine partitionierung. FAIVSERVER zB
09:45 baldynun möchte ich sagen
09:45 baldy./installieen IP FAIVSERVER
09:49 lazyb0ybaldy: ich verstehe nur bahnhof. Bitte schreibe doch mal dein anliegen in 3-5 vollstndigen, zusammenhngenden Stzen zusammen, und poste das an die Mailingliste(falls du das nicht schon getan hast, und ich das grad uebersehe
09:50 mikaphm, would it be useful to just execute scripts that don't end with .dpkg-old? :)
09:52 lazyb0ymikap: I don't understand the last one? what and where are these scripts and how do they help with snort install problems on etch?
09:54 mikaplazyb0y: has nothing to do with my snort-problem :)
09:54 mikaplazyb0y: if you modified files inside /etc/path/to/fai and install an update (at least with grml-live where the files are marked as conffiles) you'll have .dpkg-new/.dpkg-old/... laying around and they are executed
09:55 mikapthough I'm wondering why nobody except me noticed that snort is uninstallable on Debian/etch when using FAI dirinstall
09:56 lazyb0ymikap: mikap dpkg-old: the fai configspace is "normally" not a conffiles dir - it's not even contained in any package at the location where it's actually used
09:57 lazyb0yit's only provided as example in the doc package
09:57 mikaplazyb0y: I'm aware of that
09:57 mikaplazyb0y: though people deploying their systems using FAI might keep such stuff inside a package (like what I'm doing with grml-live)
09:58 lazyb0yah. but,. I guess nobody would mind if you provide a patch that make the old files not being executed :)
09:58 lazyb0yyes
09:58 mikapsure
09:58 mikapI just don't want to write patches nobody applies ;)
09:59 lazyb0ythat's the decision of our source-dictator :) I vote for your proposal when asked
09:59 mikapok :)
Action: mikap has several new error-handling issues regarding http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=444210 as well
10:00 lazyb0yas for configspace in a package: yes! I also wrote up a proposal for a slightly different structure of the configspace - so each class has it's own directory, and therefore can be exchanged easier
10:01 mikapcool :)
10:02 mikapI'm pretty happy with current state of grml-live, though I have to handle all the errors of fai dirinstall run inside grml-live currently ;(
10:03 mikaphopefully I'll have a few days time to sit down and write some patches against FAI which do all I need ;)
10:08 h01gerlazyb0y, ok. wir koennen da ja zu diesem edu-center gehen , da muesste es 34mbit oder sowas geben... ich nehm auf jeden fall das sata gehaeuse mit
10:16 Mrfaimikap: I can confirm that installing snort wuring dirinstall is broken. But it's the fault of snort IMO.
10:18 eartoastmoin
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10:31 williamvergarahi everybody, i have a fast question
10:32 williamvergarahow can i configure disk_config, so that it can always protect the third primary partition, regardless of its size
10:32 williamvergara??
10:32 Mrfaipreserve3
10:33 Mrfaibut setup_harddisks will complain, if you first and second partition are too big and would overlap into the third partition.
10:37 williamvergarai get this :Partition is not DOS aligned
10:37 lazyb0yh01ger: achso - nee, das sata gehaeuse brauchst du nicht mitbringen - ich hab mich falsch ausgedrueckt. die sata platte kann ich nichts ausbauen aus dem rechner, aber ich hab noch eine ide platte gefunden, die man nehmen kann
10:37 lazyb0yreichen 80gb fuer diese mirrors?
10:38 williamvergarafirst partition is 10 gb, second 1 gb
10:38 williamvergarabtw, thanks a lot for your help
10:38 lazyb0ywilliamvergara: what kind of partition is that?
10:38 williamvergarais a ntfs partition
10:39 williamvergaraand i have it so in my disk_config: primary - preserve3
10:40 lazyb0yI saw strange problems when trying to preserve thinkapd rescure partitions - FAI's setup harddsik wouldn't work with them for me, and the gentoo installer even decided to completely delete it without further notice (sinece then I am a big gentoo fan :) )
10:41 lazyb0ywilliamvergara: ho does your whole disk config look like?
10:41 williamvergaraprimary  /             10000           ; format reiser
10:41 williamvergaraprimary  swap          1000             ; lazyformat -i 1024
10:41 williamvergaraprimary  -             preserve3        ;
10:41 williamvergaralol, i also use gentoo for my personal computers
10:43 sepeeww wtf, stockholm's lvm issues is biting me on the real hardware, but not in vmware.
10:43 sepit's stuck during boot saying "waiting for root fs"
10:46 mikapMrfai: nope, fixed in unstable - see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=443481
10:47 sepstockholm, did you ever manage to boot on lvm ?
10:47 Mrfaimikap: snort.preinst uses $LOGDIR, which is also used in FAI. therefore mkdir in this preinst will fail
10:48 Mrfaiyep, so snort in etch is still broken :-( and FAI has again to do the workaround :-((
10:49 Mrfaipossible workaround in FAI: set LOGDIR in /etc/snort/snort.common.parameters before installing snort
10:49 Mrfaiuse a hook for that
10:50 williamvergaraany advice for me, mrfai?
10:51 Mrfaiyou can ignore the warning that a partition is not DOS aligned. Or is it an error and stops?
10:53 williamvergarait stops. i think that disk_var file depends of that
10:54 williamvergarasetup_harddisks did not create /var/log/fai/current/disk_var.sh file.
10:54 Mrfaiyou may add "sfdisk="--force" to a class/*.var file.
10:55 MrfaiBTW, try without lazyformat
10:55 williamvergaraok, ill try that out
10:55 williamvergarathanks a lot
10:55 mikapMrfai: exactly; oh cool - I wasn't aware of this option as a workaround :)
10:55 Mrfaiand using format for the first primary is also not needed IIRC
10:56 Mrfaimikap: I just looked into /var/lib/dpkg/info/snort.preinst and saw that they are reading this file.
10:56 mikapMrfai: ah :))
10:57 williamvergarais this right:
10:57 williamvergarasfisk=--force
10:59 Mrfaiuse: sfdisk="--firce"
10:59 Mrfais/i/o/ :-)
11:00 williamvergarathanx, ;-)
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11:04 h01gerlazyb0y, 80gb sind zu klein, glaub ich.
11:04 h01gerMrfai, ist dein repo gesigned?
11:06 Mrfaija, mittlerweile schon
11:06 h01gerfain :)
11:07 h01germit deinem normalen key, nehm ich mal an?
11:11 Mrfaiyep
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11:14 williamvergarawell, i made a new class in /class, ist name 001.var and in that file i wrote sfdisk="--force"
11:14 williamvergarathe result was the same, :-(
11:15 Mrfaidoes your client belong to the class 001?
11:19 williamvergarayes, i also put it in another one, default, just to be sure
11:22 MrfaiMmm, you have also specify another geometry using the sfdsik variable. Sometimes windo.. uses another disk geometry than linux. There's a logical and physical geometry.
11:28 williamvergaraso, it would be something like sfdisk="--forece something"
11:38 williamvergarabut really, i still can not figure out, why it just wont preserve the third partition, it shouldnt be that hard to get done
11:42 sepstockholm, MT, not sure if my lvm boot problem was the same as your boot problem, but if i added lvm2 as a package to be installed in the target system (i use FAIBASE) , then update-initramfs automagicaly added lvm support to the initrd
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12:43 h01gerMT, i seem to recall there is a better way to wait for udev than just sleeping some secs. but i forget which it was.. :)
12:43 h01gerforgto
Action: h01ger throws his hands up in disgust
12:43 h01gers/forget/forgot/
12:43 MTI'll try to look it up later on
12:44 MTin case you get an idea what we was, just ping me :-)
12:45 sep<sep> stockholm, MT, not sure if my lvm boot problem was the same as your boot problem, but if i added lvm2 as a package to be installed in the target system (i use FAIBASE) , then update-initramfs automagicaly added lvm support to the initrd
12:45 sepMT are your internet intermittant ? :)
12:46 sepMT might want to add a note on the wiki about lvm2 in the target as well as the nfsroot
12:46 MTno, not really, was just moving around :-)
12:46 MTyes, will do!!
12:46 MTthanks for the pointer!!!
12:46 sephopefully it will work for stockholm too when he have a chance to test it
12:47 MTto some extent it should have been obvious that this is the cause of trouble :-)
12:47 MTsep, would you add that to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/FaiInstallDebianEdu too?
12:48 sepMT sure
12:49 MTfaiwiki updated ...
12:50 sepi am basicaly pointing to the faiwiki for that part tho.  since it's a moving target i dont want to end up with too much outdated info in the debian wiki
12:50 sephave a few example configfiles. but the rest they must get from the faiwiki
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14:36 MTh01ger, there is a command udevsettle
14:36 MTprobably we should use this one
14:37 MTsep, still there?
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14:44 williamvergarabye
williamvergara (~chatzilla@nat-1.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]
14:45 Mrfaiudevsettle - wait until queued kernel/udev events are handled
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14:45 Mrfailooks promising
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15:48 h01gerMT, udevsettle indeed sounds good
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18:46 lazyb0yh01ger: hmm, ich habe sonst nochmal 100... sonst nochmal gucken, ich kann noch eine 2,5 sata mit nochmal 80 oder 100 leermachen, vielleicht
18:48 lazyb0ydann muesstest du doch dein gehaeuse mal mitbringen...
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20:56 lazyb0yh01ger: apt-mirror sagt zu Beginn: downloading 56GB - ohne etch, weil ich das lokal kopiere
21:54 juri_google knows what FAI is. :)
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22:18 h01gerlazyb0y, also ich nehm das gehaeuse jetzt mit, correct?
22:19 h01gerhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fully_Automatic_Installation is a stub..
--- Tue Oct 16 2007

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