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17:46 lazyb0ysepski: I saw you worked on
17:47 lazyb0yand I' about to check this again, too.
17:48 sepskiyes i tested it as a part of my work on
17:48 lazyb0yah, I should look at this page, then :)
17:48 lazyb0yso, you tested all the stuff in the upper part of the page?
17:49 sepskiupper part ?
17:49 lazyb0y(when I tried it, some things didn't work, that's why I started a second version below (with the goal to merge them as soon as there is something that really works)
17:49 sepskiwell i did put in the blanks where there was steps missing
17:50 sepskiand basicaly followed it as it stands now
17:50 sepskithe 2 main things are the debian-edu/config file. and the fqdn in the /etc/hostname
17:51 sepskisince the cfengine script depends on that
17:53 sepskiand i'm not 100% sure but i think the PROFILE in the config file  must be enclosed by  "
17:55 lazyb0yo.k., I will check all that, too
17:55 lazyb0yand report back
17:55 sepskigreat :)
17:56 sepskiare you fai installing Debian Edu too ?
17:57 lazyb0ysepski: I have that on my agenda since a while, but did not really invest a lot of time
17:58 lazyb0yapart from one work weekend in july some time
17:58 sepskii am putting into production on monday so i hope it's correct :)
17:58 lazyb0ythat the "lower" part of the page debian2debianedu
18:00 sepskiright :)
18:02 lazyb0yand what special packages are in etch fai?
18:03 sepski3.2.1 version of fai. instead of the 3.1.8 in etch
18:03 sepskiif you choose to ignore setup_harddisks_2 you may probably use 3.1.8 without  any issues
18:03 lazyb0yok
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18:05 lazyb0y3.2.1 should be a the main download location, too
18:05 sepskiyes they are several places
18:06 lazyb0yI'll see - getting any edu install would be a first step - testing the new setup harddisk is another thing...
18:07 baldylazyb0y: do u know how i can say "fai-chboot -IBv IP" with OS debian-gameserver oder what i preffer
18:07 baldys/oder/or
18:10 baldyi want to tell a host which will be installed which template he has to use
18:10 baldymaybe the systems need to get another partitions table as the default tree
18:23 sepskibaldy, i use class/50-host-classes and map the different hostnames to the classes i want that machine to have
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18:36 baldysepski thats not what u wanne do ;)
18:36 baldyi wanne give the template name in a boot option or so
18:37 baldythat u can install serverA with every template u want
18:37 baldys/u/i
20:04 lazyb0ybaldy: I don't know what you want to do there
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21:52 baldy4 du kannst doch deutsch oder?
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22:04 lazyb0ybaldy: ja
22:04 lazyb0yalso: was willst Du machen? was meinst du mit templates?
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--- Mon Oct 15 2007

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