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00:00 jairI am here, my GOD what a day...
00:03 jairI swear I was falling sleep every 15 minutes
00:03 jairbeen working and thinking on setting up FAI ;)
00:25 juri_yay on the second part. :D
00:31 jairhello juri_
00:31 jairare you there?
00:31 jairit is a valid question hahhaa :)
00:32 jairwell I am trying to understand what i will need to do after the fai-setup script was runnand the result was successfull
00:32 jairI think that after this I need to setup the dhcp/tftp.  I start doing that with the help of Mrfai
00:33 jairbut was too busy at work :(
00:36 juri_no, i'm not here. ;)
00:36 juri_sorry, i can't help with that. i'm one of the strange ones, that uses fai-cd. :)
00:37 juri_i've actually built a FAI CD that installs a faiserver, which can rebuild the same CD! :)
00:38 jairhahhaa
00:38 jaircool
00:38 jairI will need to go with the pxe/tftp
00:38 jairdhcp/tftp I have three classrooms all IBM/lenovo computers
00:44 jairI will be right back
00:44 jairI need to go to the gym... then all FAI time :P
00:48 juri_have fun! :)
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11:22 kugghi
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18:20 sepskiwhen in the installation is a scripts/CLASS/99-something executed ?
18:20 sepskiis all scripts done at the same time where number indicate individual order? or is there a system to the nubers,
18:21 h01gerin task_shell. class by class, scripts are executed in alphabetically order.
18:21 sepskii need a last command that only runs on some classes
18:21 h01gerfirst ACLASS/10-something
18:21 h01gerthen ACLASS/20-something
18:21 h01gerthen LAST/10-foo
18:21 sepskican i use LAST/90-something.CLASS ?
18:21 h01gerthen LAST/30-bar
18:21 h01gerno
18:22 h01gerbut you can use "if ifclass ACLASS ; then" in LAST/90-something :)
18:22 sepskibut scripts are after all the packages. so i can use that just as well as LAST
18:23 sepskiexcept the order might be wrong.. since CLASSES are first
18:24 h01ger?
18:25 sepskiare scripts executed on softupdates ?
18:25 h01geryes
18:26 h01gerlook in /usr/share/fai/subroutines
18:26 h01gerit describes the order and which tasks are executed
18:26 sepskiill look
18:26 h01ger(subroutines-linux is generally interesting too)
18:34 sepskii am just trying to redo the LAST script into something that can deal with different types of installs and not everything in one script
18:36 sepskieg a workstation class and a ltsp-server class
19:02 h01gerdefine a WORKSTATION and an LTSPSERVER class :)
19:03 h01gerand MAINSERVER (or TJENER, but i'd prefer the former) too, please :)
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19:07 h01gersep, and a DEBIANEDU class. plus $CLASS/??-some-scripts.. and later we can create a debian-edu-fai-config package from this all ;)
19:09 juri_btw, i'm now officially running a consulting buisness, using FAI. :P
19:10 h01ger\o/
19:12 juri_i have two customers, in addition to my day job.
19:13 juri_i use my wikiserver image as a demo, and build a custom server image for each machine they want. using FAI CDs.
19:13 juri_i've basically discovered that if you talk sysadmin, or programming to people, they shy away. if you discuss a cd, that just installs what they need? they stand in line for it.
19:14 juri_i do all my testing in qemu, and doccument all my tests/features for each server in my wiki.
19:15 h01gerinteresting
19:15 h01gerand "att
19:15 h01gerarg
19:15 h01gerand "in addition to my day job" is very nice to have too :)
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19:23 juri_yep. it makes me appear more productive to all involved, because i do all my admin at my dayjob using fai machines. :)
19:23 h01gerjuri_, "i can give you a cd/dvd/usbstick with the full system" is indeed a convincing argument...
19:23 h01gerhehe
Action: h01ger walks the dog
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20:50 mikapI think fai should set APT_LISTBUGS_FRONTEND=none somewhere so apt-listbugs does not fail inside chroot; any hints what's the best option? I noticed presence of $ENV{aptoptions} but AFAICS this can't be set manually, right?
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