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05:57 jairhallo everybody :)
05:57 jairhello sep :)
05:58 jairI guess a lot of people here are still sleeping hahaha :)
06:01 sepmorning
06:01 sep0801 here
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09:17 stockholmit took me a while to get tramp ready so i did not need to go via svn everytime i tried something
09:17 stockholmnow i can remote-edit compfortably
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09:28 Mrfaisiretart: ist noch was fuer gutsy zu tun? Laueft fai-cd?
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11:02 siretartMrfai: ich bin leider noch nicht zum testen gekommen :(
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13:51 jairgood morning everyone
13:53 jairAfter I finish the installation of FAI chapter 3.3, what should I do next? setup the configuration of the install clients or worry about set up the (dhcp3/tftp) = PXE?
13:54 jairthis is the first time for me configuring FAI and so far everything has been working properly.  Exactly like it say on the fai guide.
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13:55 Mrfaijair: I would start with tftp/dhcp
13:56 Mrfaithe call fai-chboot and boot the memtest86+ binary. This is a nice test to see if PXE, tftp and dhcp is working
13:56 Mrfais/the/then/
13:58 jairMrfai: Danke :)
13:58 jairMrfai: so basically there is a file already in place when the set up of fai-setup script runs
13:59 jairMrfai: I have other dhcp3 (authoritative) on my network but I assign it to vlans using ip helper, so this dhcp server should not conflict with the other vlans.
13:59 jairI will do the testing of FAI in its own vlan as well
14:00 jairso I guess in the guide is information about the tftp/dhcp.  Let me check
14:08 Mrfaiso you have to copy the memtest86+ binary to /srv/tftp/fai. It's better to copy it without the .bin suffix
14:09 Mrfaijair: you may have problems, if the other dhcp includes the option allow unknow-clients.
Action: juri_ does the "update to debian sid" dance.
14:16 jairMrfai: and I can check that in my dhcp.conf file right?
14:17 jairMrfai: is this for me? => memtest86+ binary?
14:17 jairwhere is memtest86+ binary located?
14:17 Mrfaiyep. The option is allow unknown-clients or deny unknown-clients;
14:18 Mrfaijair: yep. memtest86+ is for you
14:18 jairI am checking my other dhcp now
14:18 jairwhere is memtest86+ binary?
14:18 Mrfaijair: aptitude install memtest86+
14:18 jairDanke
14:18 Mrfaithen you have /boot/memtest86+.bin
14:19 jairwithout the ".bin" right
14:19 Mrfaiyep
14:19 jairI mean move it then rename it
14:19 jairok
14:19 MrfaiI would copy it.
14:19 jairohhh ok
14:19 Mrfaiotherwise removing the memtest86+ package will fail.
14:19 jairgot it
14:20 jairI understand now
14:20 Mrfaidon't forget man fai-chboot ;-)
14:22 jairhmm I don't think I have read about that yet
14:22 jair"fai-chboot"
14:23 jairhere is my other dhcp server Mrfai =>
14:23 jairit looks like I do not have that option => allow unknow-clients :D
14:24 MrfaiI'm not sure what's the default. But you may set deny unknow....
14:25 jairI will check in google that.  But I have vlans on my network, so the dhcp does not work unless I assign it to the vlan
14:27 jairMrfai: fai-server:/boot# cp memtest86.bin /srv/tftp/fai/memtest86
14:27 jairdone
14:28 jairMrfai: now where do i need to use the command "fai-chboot"?
Action: jair is also l;ooking in the fai-guide... :)
14:29 jairMrfai: The command fai-chboot(8) is used for creating a per host configuration for the pxelinux environment. <= this is one of the things I found in the guide.
14:30 jairat this point I haven't touch the fai dhcp3 server configuration... :(
14:30 jairwhat should be the next thing to configure here
14:35 Mrfai, read 4.6
14:36 jairok
14:38 jair4.6? 4.6 Collecting Ethernet addresses
14:39 jairthis is telling me about how I will collect the mac addresses of the systems :( # tcpdump -qtel broadcast and port bootpc >/tmp/mac.list
14:40 jairso I guess that now that I haven't even configure the dhcp tftp all I need to do is boot the machines on the same vlan where fai install server is running
14:41 Mrfaiyou have to add an entry to your dhcpd.conf for each host
15:07 jairMrfai: alright like mac address, hostname,  and the information used to get the floppy disks boot way right?
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15:09 Mrfaiyou are not using a floppy disk
15:10 Mrfaiyou nees MAC and IP address and a hostname for each host
15:10 h01gerMrfai, (and p_1 and p_2)
15:10 h01gerthere is also a thread "migration and installation 50 THOUSAND machines" started this morning on debian-devel@l.d.o
15:13 Mrfaih01ger: so ein scheiss. da will eine 23 jaehrige mit mir chatten wenn ich den artikel lesen will. Und das auf Protugiesisch (verstehe kein wort) und das daemliche Fenster laesst sich nicht schliessen
15:13 h01gerLOL
15:13 h01ger*kringel*
15:13 h01gerbraus halt ohne javascript, ich hatte sowas nicht :)
15:14 Mrfaiah, sieht schon besser aus :-)
15:15 h01ger:)
15:15 h01gerdie "english version of this page" willst du auch nicht anklicken :)
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15:53 jairMrfai: sorry i am at the office and is super busy here :(
15:54 jairMrfai: ok yes, I will be using only the MAC and IP address and a hostname for each host
15:54 jairMrfai: that is why I can use this command correct => # tcpdump -qtel broadcast and port bootpc >/tmp/mac.list ?
15:55 juri_if each host uses a network card thats different than the rest of your network, its possible to use dhcp3 to assign the entire set of network cards a range.
15:55 juri_as in: matching against the first three octets, not the whole mac address.
15:57 jairjuri_: I will need to check that, it is true, normally all that change on the number of machines are the last octects
15:57 jairI will be back guys have to step out
15:57 jairbut I will still on the channel :D
15:57 jairbusy busy here ....
15:58 sepskiwhat exactly decides what disk partition set to use ? the last in the class ?
16:00 juri_the last class wins, on disk partitions, and files.
16:02 sepskithank you
16:03 Mrfaiand the last is the one with the highest priority.
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17:00 baldykann ich beim installieren eines server ihm sagen welches template er nutze sollen?
17:01 baldylaut der man mit -c template allerdings sagt er:  unknown host: -c
17:02 baldygestartet habe ich das so: fai-chboot -IBv -c VSERVER
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