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02:32 alvinci wonder if anyone in channel has had any luck with FAI with Dell 2970
02:33 alvinci rebuilt a fai kernel for 2.6.20 on ubuntu with no success
02:33 alvinci am about to try the same with etch
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06:08 jairMT: hello?
06:08 jairstockholm: hello
06:08 MThi jair!
06:08 jairMT: so sorry but you are the guys I see most of the time talking here :D
06:09 jairand I am about to start my first time FAI set up.
06:09 MTwell, that might be only due to some debugging we did yesterday...
06:09 jairhaha I see
06:09 jairhow is everything for you?
06:10 MThow is what?
06:10 jairI am trying to create a install server FAI to deploy "debian etch 4.0r1" with just the packages I need, nothing extra.
06:11 jairMT: I am asking if your debugging went well.
06:11 jairMT: did you guys figured out?
06:11 MTwell, nearly
06:11 jairI did not paid to much attention because I has been in and out
06:11 MTstockholm's host is still not mounting the root fs from LVM, but that'll be debugged later on...
06:12 jairI am in Chicago US 1:00am and have to work at 7:00am :(
06:12 jairohhh
06:12 jairwhat I wanted to do eventually is create the image using the LVM partition on the "gold image"
06:12 MTmeaning you don't do the FAI setup at work?
06:13 jairI want to do it at work as soon as I can
06:13 jairbut I am completely new to FAI, not to debian or Linux, so I should be able of get it working pretty fast
06:13 MTI just asked because we'll be online in 6 hours as well :-)
06:13 jairnow, I do not like to discover things while I am lerning too much, I like to plan a lot
06:13 MTwhat do you mean by creating the image?
06:14 MTin FAI you don't do disk images
06:15 jairI mean, in FAI I can't create like a base image, for example: I would like to create a system for a computer lab, one for myself, and one for work.  three of this systems will have differences.
06:15 jairfeel free to stop me if I am not understanding what FAI will do for me.
06:16 MTwell, FAI is perfectly suited for this sort of thing
06:16 MTbut I'm not entirely sure whether it works the way you seem to expect it to work
06:16 MTin FAI you create configurations
06:16 MTthat is, e.g., sets of packages that you want to get installed
06:17 jairyes
06:17 jaircorrect
06:17 jairyes
06:17 jairlet me put you my three examples and then I think i will completely understand
06:17 MTbut everything gets installed as usual in a "normal" installation
06:17 MTjust without interaction
06:18 jairin FAI I create an "Install Server" right? in compare with third party software like Symantec ghost will be the ghost server?
06:18 jairor there are two completely different things?
06:19 MTwell, FAI is completely different from ghost
06:19 MTbut yes, there is a server that has the configurations and the initial root filesystem
06:19 jairlet's not compare it with ghost then
06:21 jairlet say: FAI will automatically, install a debian system the way I tell it too.  e.g with gnome, or kde, with k7 or 686 kernel, with openoffice or with koffice.
06:21 sepjair, if you need a ghost replacement you can look at mondo. but it will have all the usual troubles experienced from imaging systems.
06:21 sepmorning btw :)
06:21 jairgood morning :)
06:21 MTmorning sep :-)
06:21 MTbut jair, yes, FAI wil exactly do that for you
06:22 jairsep: I am actually not looking for a ghost replacement, I think if I can install automatically a number of systems (ubuntu, redhat, suse, debian) with or without the exact hardware I am done :)
06:23 MTdebian and ubuntu will be fine
06:24 MTredhat and suse should work, but might require some additional work
06:24 jairMT: because they use a debian or apt mirror right? and they are similar OSes.
06:24 jairgot it
06:24 MTbasically because of apt
06:24 MTand debootstrap, which is the tool to get the very basic packages installed
06:25 MTthere already is support for rpm,yum, etc.
06:25 jairnot too interested on those, sisnce they have kickstart and suse has the other one forgot its name
06:25 jairI see
06:26 jairso guys if I have in my network at home = four virtual machines.  Can I create one of those vms (debian etch install server) and test with the other three virtual machines?
06:26 MTsure
06:27 jairalright
06:28 jairthe second thing is: when I install FAI an pxe server will be automatically installed on it? I have experience configuring dhcp3 server I use it at work, not too much experience configuring bind9, but I can try.  but never configured an pxe server on Linux :(
06:29 jairI have right now => modem dsl with dynamic ip, a server with 500GB LVM on debian etch running vmware workstation.
06:30 MTwell, you don't necessarily need PXE
06:30 MTyou can also create boot CDs
06:30 MTwhich will work exactly the same way
06:30 MThowever, for PXE you only need a TFTP server
06:31 MTwhich is not much more than apt-get install tftpd-hpa
06:31 jairI have three virtual machines created, (fai-server1) (fai-client1) (fai-client2) where the fai clients do not have OS on it yet, but fai-server1 has debian installed on with the very base load, not gnome, not xorg, not anything of those packages, very basic.
06:31 MTit doesn't matter what is installed on the server
06:32 MTdid you read the fai guide?
06:32 jairMT: then that answer my question, when i install FAI and its components tftp dhcp will be installed = pxe server and dhcp will be set up ;)
06:32 jairI am on it
06:32 sepjair, no, but there are config examples in the fai-doc packages
06:32 jairI am reading it and following the instructions
06:32 sepfor the dhcp server
06:32 jairohhh ok
06:32 MTI think the guide has some quickstart part
06:33 jairyes
Action: stockholm bringt die kinder in den kindergarten
06:33 jairI am on that one, but again. I want to start with the very basic, clean install on the install server and the install clients
06:34 jairinteresting, all I know about deutsch so far is rammstein and all their albums ;)
06:35 sepMT i mentioned it yesterday, but i dont think anyone noticed.  when i have installed lvm on a machine the partition that's the lvm pv does not have the partitino type Linux LVM (8e) is that normal ?
06:35 jairMT: so, in the guide it ask me to install this extra packages => debmirror, mknbi, apt-move, mkisofs, grub, aptitude.
06:35 MTah, I noticed, but forgot later on
06:36 sepi imagined that partition type was a heads up for the kernel to make it easier for it to know that lvm is in play
06:36 MTyou don't strictly need debmirror and mknbi, but the others will be useful
06:36 jairbased on the example I gave you, do you think i really need aptitude? and mkisofs? if I will be using "apt" and I will not create isos, because I will be usign the pxe server (tftp).
06:36 MTyes sep, I also thought that this might solve the problems, especially that one stockholm is seeing
06:36 sepjair, yes use aptitude
06:37 sepstockholm, did you try a late update-initramfs ?
06:37 septhat worked for me atlest
06:37 stockholmsep: i did that at the very last step, yes
06:37 sepdid it work ?
06:38 stockholmi could try to set the right partition type still
06:38 stockholmsep: no
06:38 stockholmrunning to kindergarten now!!!
06:38 jairsep: and the machine I am installing is using the regullar ext3 partitioning (no LVM until yet)
06:39 sepjair, that makes it a bit easier
06:39 jairme think? is stockholm a kindergarden teacher haha :)
06:39 jairsep: I see
06:39 MThe's just taking care of his children ...
06:40 jairbut of course eventually I would like to do it in lvm, after I really understand the configuration on linux to take the best advantage of it
06:40 jairhahahhaa
06:40 jairstockholm: I see
06:40 jairMT: I see
06:40 jairnice
06:40 jairalright guys it looks like i will start creating my install server then
Action: sep drops off the smallest one at 0715, he's not exactly pleased to have to get out of bed so early
06:40 jairI allowed 50GB space on the disk for my "install server"
06:41 sepjair, if you dont want to create a local deb mirror. using approx will reduce your bandwith usage and speed up the installation
06:41 sepand when you testinstall 100 times that will pay off :)
06:42 jairsep: I see
06:42 jairthanks for the tip
06:43 jairsep: so then I should not need to install the "debmirror" package?
Action: jair is booting his future "install server" :)
06:44 jairit is 1:43am here and I have to go work at 7:00am :(
06:44 sepjair, correct
06:44 jairbut I really want to get this done guys...
06:44 jairsep: ok
06:46 sepjair, use the quixckstart part from the guide then,
06:47 jairsep: that is what I am reading now :)
06:47 sepyou can replace bind with a hostsfile if you want to, but a real and working dns system is priceless so i do recomend getting the dns server up and running
06:47 sepand for 4 machines it should be pretty easy
06:48 jairsep: I do not have to much experience creating the dns server (bind9) but I will, I really would love to understand it very good so i can create my own dns servers ebytime I want :)
06:51 jairI have just a quick question for you guys: what does this line on the FAI guide means again => "Do not install the package fai-nfsroot on a normal system."
06:52 sepjair, the package fai-nfsroot is a package that is installed inside the nfsroot that the fai client network boots from. it should not be insatlled on a regular machine
06:52 sepbut the fai-setup takes care of that, just make sure you dont install it manaually and your fine
06:54 jairok sep
06:54 jairthanks
06:54 jairthank you
07:10 jairso sep , from this packages ( debmirror, mknbi, apt-move, mkisofs, grub, aptitude.
07:11 jair)
07:11 jairall I need is => aptitude, and grub?
07:11 sepya
07:11 sepand syslinux, but i guess you knew that since you disnt ask
07:11 jairdo i really need aptitude? if I use apt-get for everything? I don't even have aptitude in my host system " FAI install server"
07:12 jairohhh
07:12 jairI need syslinux and grub?
07:12 jairright
07:12 sepjair, aptitude have been ercomended by debian as default pacakges manager since sarge
07:12 jairI see
07:12 jairI will be using aptitude then my friend
07:12 sepjair, and it uses the same commands as apt-get so no learning curve :)
07:13 jaircool
Action: jair is happy
07:13 sepit also have a gui part, but that only confuses me so i dont use that
07:13 jairnow, there is anything else you think i am missing besides the fai-quickstart and the package approx
07:13 sepconfiguring approx :)
07:14 jairI do not like to use guis to install packages at least for now
07:14 sepand editing all the configs in /etc/fai to use your approx
07:14 jairapprox will need some configuration ok.
07:14 jairohh ok
07:14 sepyou should check all files in /etc/fai befoer running fai-setup,
07:15 sepbut you can do it multiple times so no problems
07:17 jairsep: that sounds great
07:17 jairit looks like I will have a system running this week to test wooohoooo!
07:17 jair;)
07:18 jairI can't wait, to start installing 48 ThinkCentre IBM/Lenovo desktops
07:18 jairwe have a very interesting lab sap
07:18 jairsep:  sorry
07:19 stockholmback
07:19 jairI was calling you "sap" like the huge fighter from the UFC hahaha
07:19 jairstockholm: wilkommen
07:19 jairhahaha
07:19 jairI think is something like that
07:20 jairI went to germany (muechen) and was exiting in learning deutsch.  But I really have to move there for sometime to pick it up well.
07:20 jairI came to US four years ago, and this is the best I can speak ot type in English ;)
07:22 jairdoes any of you guys work with vmware server or vmware workstation? I just set up a xen server as well where I have one domain virtual machine running
07:22 stockholmjair: where are you from?
07:23 jairVenezuela originally...
Action: jair first language is Spanish
07:24 jairalright I am ready to start guys,
07:25 jairI will start running the command aptitude fai-quickstart :)
07:27 jairstockholm: you are from sweeden? or UK?
07:28 stockholmjair: i am from germany but live in sweden
07:28 jairI know that mayority of you guys are from Europe
07:28 jairstockholm: I see.  any special reason why? did you married a sweddish woman?
07:29 stockholmno, my wife got a joboffer from sweden :-)
07:29 jairOhhh GOD the system is installing love it... :)
07:29 jairohh ok
07:29 jairI see
07:29 jairwhat part of Germany are you guys from?
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07:29 stockholmnorthern part
07:29 jairI was on Muechen last year in December
07:30 jairI see
07:30 jairStuttgart? Berlin?
07:30 stockholmlol
07:30 stockholmbremen
07:30 stockholmand soon lübeck
07:30 jairbremen cool
07:31 jairI like "bremen" for a name of a son if I have one someday
07:31 jair:P
07:32 jairbut let me tell you, I was trying to get a work on Muenchen because of the switch between the windows and office to GNU/Linux on the city of muenchen
07:33 jairbut my deutsch is not that good.  but I am sure I can learn very quick
07:33 jairbut I will need to live there for sometime
07:33 jairor have a deutsch girlfriend
07:33 jairin US so i can start learning
Action: jair is watching the video => rammstein "Volkerball" ;)
07:46 stockholmwelche kennung soll das lvm volume denn haben und wie setze ich das nachträglich?
07:47 stockholmich konnte das volume ja ohne weiteres unmounten und mounten als der client gebootet war
07:48 stockholm... bedeutet das nicht dass es an der initramfs liegt und nicht am volume?
07:49 jairstockholm: I am wokring on the /etc/fai/fai.conf, there is an example I can see and follow?
07:50 jairstockholm: it will be annoying for you guys to help me answer all my questions :(
07:50 seponly thnigs i changed there was   * LOGUSER=fai     * #FAI_DEBMIRROR  
07:52 MTsep or stockholm, would any of you have the time to change another fix in setup_harddisk_2?
07:53 jairsep: I can choose any name on the LOGUSER=fai ?
07:53 stockholmMT: what?
07:53 MTin a minute I'd commit the code to properly bless LVM and RAID partitions
07:53 sepjair, yes, but why deviate
07:53 stockholmMT: yes, i have time :-)
07:53 MTas sep pointed out yesterday, LVM partitions are not set to type LVM
07:53 jairsep: hmm ok
07:53 jairI see
07:54 MTok, r4621
07:54 MTmaybe that fixes your problems, stockholm
07:55 jairsep: alright I will start simple on this home-example
07:55 jair:)
07:56 jairdo i need to uncomment this? => #FAI_DEBMIRROR=yournfs debianmirror:/path/to/debianmirror
07:56 sepjair, no only if you have a local mirror
07:56 sep(debmirror)
07:57 jairohh ok I do not have a local mirror :) I will be using "approx"
07:57 jairat least at home
07:58 stockholmMT: this will take a moment, my install hosts has serious hickup
07:58 stockholmhardware wise i would think
07:58 MTno need to hurry
08:02 stockholma college removed ram from the machine
08:02 stockholmnow it oopses
08:02 jairsep: so since i will not be using a debmirror I just need to put "fai" on LOGUSER=fai and the "/etc/fai/fai.conf" is ready to go?
08:03 jairthis is just because I am not using a local debian mirror right?
08:03 jairI am planning in using a "approx"
08:04 sepyes
08:06 jaircool
08:08 jairsep: thi stay the same => #FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://yourservername$FAI_CONFIGDIR
08:08 jairI do not touch that?
08:08 MTyou need to set it properly
08:08 MTremove the #
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08:08 MTand change yourservername to whatever ...
08:08 jairhmm i am unsure of a couple of things commented out there.  I just want to make sure I am not missing uncoment or change lines :(
08:09 jairMT: is there an example of a working configuration somewhere/
08:09 jair?
08:10 jairFAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://fai-server1$FAI_CONFIGDIR this will be the line uncommented? the name of my install server is "fai-server1"
08:10 MTyeah, that's fine
08:10 MT(as long as your DNS works ok)
08:11 jairMT: the dns server (bind) is not set up at this point yet :( do i need to have it done prior running fai-setup?
08:12 MTno, not prior to fai-setup I think
08:12 jairshould I go with the ip address of the server instead?
08:12 MTonly your clients will need to resolve fai-server1
08:12 MTthe IP is fine as well
08:13 jairI see
08:14 jairwhat about this line => MNTPOINT=/media/mirror
08:16 MTI think that's fine
08:21 jair;)
08:22 sepjair, i use the default at FAI_CONFIG_SRC so i leave it commented
08:22 jairalright I am using the ip address of the "install server" ok
08:23 jairsep: what did you use on this =>MNTPOINT=/media/mirror?
08:24 jairis this ok with the default? => FAI_LOGPROTO=rsh
08:26 sepjair, hmm i think i use a more recent package of fai then you do
08:27 jairI am using debian etch
08:27 jairfai-server: Installed: 3.1.8
08:28 jairthat is the version I am using
08:28 jairthe one that comes with debian etch 4.0r1
08:28 jairwhich is what i has been trying on my base images and it works
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08:29 jairI mean, the OS boot, and works good so far, the only thing I have see is the vmware workstation 5.5.x complain and I have to do some changes. but version of vmware workstation 6.0 works
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08:32 jairsep: does that mean i need to upgrade my version :(
08:32 sepjair, if you want to
08:33 sepi am using 3.2.1
08:33 jairto the latest one I think is => FAI 3.2.1 released
08:33 jairhmmm
08:33 seppackages for etch
08:33 jairnow if I want to install it I can't using aptitude right?
08:33 sep   deb etch fai
08:33 sepinto sources list
08:33 jairooooo GOD how could i miss that
08:33 jairi know
08:34 sepi use that via approx btw
08:34 jairI am so sorry i missed that
08:34 sepso it goes into approx.conf
08:34 jairvia approx, so should I do aptitude remove fai-quickstart?
08:35 jairIf I want to remove the 3.1.8?
08:35 jair--purge
08:35 jair?
08:36 sepjair, i just upgraded the packages let it overwrite all config, removed the nfsroot manaully and started on the guide again
08:36 jairnfsroot manaully => with aptitude remove nfsroot?
08:36 jairok
08:36 jairI think that is what I have to do
08:38 sepjair, rm -rf /srv/fai/nfsroot
08:38 sepis what i did
08:39 sepwait you have not run fai-setup yet?
08:39 sepso you have no nfsroot yet
08:41 jairhahaha :)
08:41 jairgood
08:41 jairright
08:41 jairso all I did is upgrade alright
08:42 jairplease check this output = >
08:42 sepkeep in mind now that you use this deb line on the fai server you should use that deb line inside the nfsroot too
08:43 sepso add the same to /etc/fai/apt/sources.list
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08:45 jairok
08:46 jairyou mean I will add this lines =>
08:47 jairsep: should I put those lines on the /etc/fai/apt/sources.list right? that is what you mean?
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08:50 sepjair, that's what i did
08:50 sepbut i only started with fai 2 days ago so i'm mostly going on gut feeling
08:53 jairsep: here is my /etc/fai/fai.conf =>
08:53 jairdoes that look ok to you?
08:56 jairI have this uncommented by default=> NFSROOT=/srv/fai/nfsroot
08:56 jairI have this uncommented by default=> TFTPROOT=/srv/tftp/fai
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08:57 jairIf i am annoying you please let me know :(
08:57 jairbut I really appreciate your time and help
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Action: jair think sep is tired
09:00 sepam at work have to sneak support in betwen paied work
09:00 jairhahaha
09:00 jairThank you very uch
09:00 jairmuch
09:01 seplooks ok
09:01 jairI will be at work in three hours and will try to set up a system there as well will take minutes if I get this one working here
09:02 jairdid you see the uncommented lines I ask you previously
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09:04 jairsep: I am done with the "/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf" = >
09:05 jairin the line => FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch" should I change it? to what I have on my source.lst?
09:05 sepFAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch" i replaced this with my approx source
09:06 sepAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch http://localhost:9999/debian"
09:06 jairso all i need to do is install approx right now
09:06 jairand then type the info
09:07 sep  my approc config
09:07 jairit should be the same
09:07 stockholmsep: do you use apt-proxy, too?
09:07 jairhahaha ;)
09:07 jaircool
09:07 sepstockholm, i swapped from apt-proxy to approx becouse apt-proxy hangs all the time and require a daily restart
09:08 jairsep: perfect that makes thing more simple thank you very much
09:08 jairI am configuring my approx :)
09:09 sepjair, dont run out of space on /var/cache/approx now
09:10 stockholmsep: i use a backport from sid, that works well for me
09:11 sepstockholm, i tried thatone too but it's 2 months since
09:11 jairI think i have enough =>
09:11 stockholmsep: not the backport in but the one in sid rebuild on etch
09:13 sepdont rember what i did, probably backports
09:13 jairfai-server1:~# du -h /var/cache/approx
09:13 jair4.0K    /var/cache/approx
09:13 jairso it is nothing on it now
09:13 jair:)
09:13 jairbut i think I have enough space
09:16 sepjair,
09:16 septhen adapt all sources list and /etc/fai/* to use the approx
09:17 jairexactly how you have it on your configuration correct?
09:17 sep
09:18 sepkeep min mind you'd want to use a debian mirror closer to you in your approx.conf, and you probably dont want skolelinux repo in your sources list
09:18 sepand you need to restart approx after editing the config file i assume
09:18 jairok
09:19 jairohhh ok
09:19 jairI just needed skolelinux repo to install the new fai version right?
09:20 jairwhat is this that you have here =>fai   
09:20 septhat's the fai version you need
09:20 sepyou do not neet skolelinux repo
09:21 jairohh ok
09:21 jairso sorry
09:21 jairgot it
09:21 jairit is 4:21am here I am pretty sleepy already hahaha
09:21 jairI will be done soon
09:24 jairsep: do you work on a school or educational institute in Europe?
09:25 jairalright I am done I think on the approx part
09:28 jairsep:  :(
09:28 jairI keep getting an error :(
09:30 sepno im  just meddelsome
09:31 jairdo i need to comment the lines out?
09:31 sep
09:31 sepcompare mine to yours
09:31 sepjust replace with something closer to you
09:32 jairdo you think that is the problem?
09:32 jairi really have a better performance with installing from finland though
09:32 jairvery good speed
09:32 jairand since this is a proxy it should pull it one time
09:33 sep no problem is that you have    main contrib non-free inside the approx but it should not be there
09:33 septhats why you need to compare with how mine is
09:33 jairohhhh I see
09:33 jairalright
09:33 sepmain non-free contrib still goes only in sources.list
09:33 sepand etch too
09:33 jaircool
09:33 jairok
09:34 sepjust look at my 2 pastes and it should be clear
09:36 jairok
09:36 jairwhat about this => fai    this is the address from where I got the newer fai?
09:37 jairshould I use that one? or
09:38 h01gercurrently they both have the same version
09:38 jairh01ger: alright
09:38 jaircool
09:39 is from Mrfai, so potenially more clean/right/better/bigger
09:39 jair <= is this located in germany as well?
09:39 h01geryes
09:39 jairh01ger: alright I will stick with :)
09:40 jairh01ger: now it works :)
09:40 jairsep: works now, check this => fai-server1:~# /etc/init.d/approx restart
09:40 jairStopping proxy server for Debian archive files: approx.
09:40 jairStarting proxy server for Debian archive files: approx.
09:40 jaircool
09:41 jairit means that everything I pull from those servers will be cached on my "install server" :)
09:42 jairnow that I have all this.  I need to fin my configuration file and tell it to use approx right sep?
09:42 sepas long as you do it with deb lines that contain fai-server1:9999
09:42 sepyeah
09:42 jairyou gave me an example hmmm let me check
09:43 jairFAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch http://localhost:9999/debian"
09:43 jairright
09:43 jair:)
Action: h01ger is soo happy with squid :)
09:44 MTstockholm, I'll be back in an hour or so, if there's any progress I'd be happy to hear from you later on :-)
09:45 jairh01ger: thanks for the tip, i will test approx and see how it works :)
09:45 jairsep: I have that line now on the /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
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09:46 jairthere is anything else i should change before run the fai-setup?
09:47 sepetc/fai/apt/sources.list
09:47 jairon this one I can put exactly what i have on the /etc/apt/source.lst correct?
09:47 Mrfaih01ger: bitte nicht mit
09:47 Mrfainoch ein repository machen
09:47 Mrfaidas gibt nur probleme wenn dort unterschiedliche Pakete liegen
09:48 Mrfaiich meine unterschiedliche Versionen
09:48 jairsep: does that file exists?
09:48 jairetc/fai/apt/sources.list? or i need to create it?
09:49 septhink so
09:49 jairfound it :)
09:49 h01gerMrfai, ich hab keine ahnung wie das hier reingeschwappt ist... ich werds aber weiterhin behalten, weil ich es fuer mich und $kunden brauche und mir da deins zu unsicher ist ;) aber ich hab da auch ein highlight drauf und kann leute auf "ihren fehler" (ihr risiko) hinweisen
09:49 jairso this file will have the exact same information that mine on the "/etc/apt/source.lst" correct?
09:50 h01gerMrfai, i'm also thinking about uploading 3.2.1 to debian-edu etch... cause in edu we want all software to be in our repo and not tell people to use another repo... but this is a "maybe" "plan" atm, will see what happens in extremadura..
09:51 h01ger(me switched to english for sep :)
09:51 jairohh ineteresting how you guys work with those other cities like extremadura amaizing ;)
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09:54 seph01ger, you want fai as a part of r1? r2? i'd think that was definitiftly lennyish
09:55 jairsep: I put the same information on my current "/etc/apt/source.lst" on the "/etc/fai/apt/source.lst"
09:55 jairsep: sound right?
09:55 sepjair, yes, as long as you dont use localhost, but a real servername
09:56 sephowcome i am talking to you. i'm as noob as they come with fai and here is Mrfai MT and h01ger . i hope atlest they'd shout out if i tell you something blindingly stupid :)
09:56 h01gersep, if, rather r2. OTOH it doesnt have to be part of rX, as long as its in our etch. and before that, it will go to etch-test anyway. the thing is, if we teach teachers how to use fai with etch, we should not use fai 3.1.8 which is in etch, but 3.2.1...
09:57 seph01ger, i was more thinking of having fai as part of the system out of the box by lenny :D
09:57 h01gersep, i appreciate you talking here. teaching is the best way to learn ;)
09:58 sepinstall mainserver. assign mac addresses and router, ltspservers and everything installs themself :D
09:59 seph01ger, with squid out of the box in Edu, would growing squids cache to some GB's do the same use as approx ?
09:59 jairsep: do I need to change this => FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch http://localhost:9999/debian" to something like =>FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch" where "" is the install server?
09:59 h01gersep, the fun thing is, we use cfengine in d-e-i and d-e-c and violate policy by doing so. if we move that into fai (and thus into the local admins realm) we stop violating policy ;) <<-- not really. the truth however is, d-e-X and fai use cfengine...
09:59 septhat's what i did
09:59 jairI did not understand this part = > < sep> jair, yes, as long as you dont use localhost, but a real servername
10:00 oz_h01ger: d-e-i? d-e-c?
10:00 sepjair, ignore it
10:00 jairalright
10:00 h01gersep, i dont understand your squid question. the default squid config is 256mb cache. i usually tune this up and be happy.
10:00 h01geroz_, debian-edu-config, debian-edu-install
10:01 h01ger(debian-edu-doc, debian-edu-artwork, etc. - "our main packages", where $our=debian-edu
10:01 h01ger)
10:01 seph01ger, right so giving that more space is a good alternative to approx, and would work out of the box with Edu
10:01 jairsep: do you have => FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch http://localhost:9999/debian" or the ip or name of the server replacing "localhost"?
10:01 h01gersep, yes
10:01 sepno
10:01 jairFAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch http://localhost:9999/debian"
10:02 sepi just said that you should not use localhost in the /etc/fai/apt/sources.list
10:02 jairso then i leave it localhost, technically localhost is => which is the same as the name or ip address of the server correct?
10:02 sepin FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP you can use locahost if you want to, but ip or real name should also work
10:02 jairok
10:02 jairsep: cool
10:02 jairsep: I think I am ready to run fai-setp then?
10:03 Mrfaijair: use fai-setup -v
10:03 jairMrfai: that will help me to diagnostic errors?
10:04 jairMrfai: by the way this is the first time I am using FAI :D and thank you very very much for that guide and everything else.
10:04 jairsep: has been an amazing help and if you need any help translating the document to "spanish" I can create a how to raw and send it to you guys.
10:07 jairMrfai: I got this error =>
10:07 jairsep:
10:07 jair:(
10:08 jairnevermind I use the lower case :)
10:08 jairand it looks like is working now
10:08 jairlooks like is working guys :)
10:10 jairLOVE it :)
10:10 jairit is working whooowoooo!
10:10 sepjair, you'v not even begun yet :)
10:10 jairhahaha
10:10 jairright
10:10 septhis is just the setup
10:10 jairthank you i am sorry
10:10 sep:)
10:10 jairI should not get too exited
10:11 jairsep: I have two hours to sleep now, but it was worth :P
10:12 jairsep: so now when it finish setting up the "install server" I will be able to create my install configurations right.
10:13 jairlike for example: debian1 = gnome, everything for a desktop, and internet browser.  then have debian2 = kde, openoffice, all the kde packages konsole etc.. :)
10:13 sepjair, copy the example config and work from there
10:14 sepas stated in both the guide and the comment from fai-setup -v
10:14 jairok
10:14 jairalright
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10:14 jairI will do that
10:14 jairsep: you really help me until the end, thank you very much, and thanks the comments of everyone else
10:15 jairthis is something all the Linux admins should have :)
10:15 oz_jair: FAI? yes!
10:15 jair:)
10:16 sepi realy must setup a calculus cluster now, since i have this amazing tool... no idea what i should use it for but i must !
10:17 jairhahaha
10:17 sepi have 20   P90 with 16MB ram, if i put them in a cluster perhaps the'y be as good as a zeon
10:17 jairwow
10:17 jairhahaha
Action: h01ger numbercrunches seps cluster with his cell phone ;)
10:19 jairsep: why do i get this => WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
10:20 sepyou are installing packages from h0lgers repo probably
10:20 jairbut then at the end it says =>Authentication warning overridden.
10:20 jairand it continues
10:20 sepyou can add h0lgers key if you want to avoid the warning messages
10:21 jairhow do i add a gpg key?
10:21 jairor his ?
10:21 sepask h01ger it's his key ;)
10:22 or so
10:23 sepjair, but it's after all just a warning :)
10:24 jairhahaha
10:24 jairh01ger: ok
10:24 jairsep: It is done => FAI setup finished.
10:28 jairMrfai: why did you recommend me to run the command with "-v"?
10:28 jairdid it create a log detailed file somewhere?
10:29 sepjair, i would guess that it means -verbose,
10:29 jairright
10:29 sepbut it's not mentioned in man fai-setup so it's only a guess
10:29 jairI am trying to find the meaning of it on the man page but it does not say
10:29 jairright
10:30 jairalright, I think that from here I will need to start reading the manual and the examples
10:30 jairsep: the manual refer alot to sudo, I normally do not use sudo either
10:30 jairI use a user or root
10:30 jairbut I will check what it does
10:32 Mrfaifai-setup -v just give the option -v to make-fai-nfsroot. So this call will be more verbose
10:33 jairMrfai: ok, thank you.  and after I do the install of the server, is there a place where the log file of the installation is located? so i can take a look?
10:34 sepjair,  use  fai-setup -v | tee foo barr
10:34 jair tee foo barr
10:34 jair?
10:34 sepman tee
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10:34 Robinayor_lo
10:34 jairohh I will check
10:35 Robinayor_may it be that login with ssh isn't documented yet?
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10:37 jairsep: but if I already ran the command there is not point for me to run it again? right?
10:38 jairmaybe next time
10:40 sepright
10:40 seplunch now
10:40 jairok
10:40 jairI will go sleep talk to you in about three to four hours
10:40 jairI need to get little bit of sleep
10:40 jairand I will need to shave my face grrrr hate that
10:40 jairanyway
10:41 jairDanke, Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Grazie.
11:02 h01gerfinally fai gets support for tetabytes!
11:07 stockholmis it teta or terra?
11:07 MTterabytes and petabytes
11:07 stockholmh01ger: i added support for pentabytes too
11:08 stockholmsee how i alone carry the whole computing industry forward?
11:08 stockholmpeta
11:09 h01gerstockholm, whoooooa. a pity you havent been there when the world dealt with the 640k boarder
11:09 h01gers/boarder/boundary/
11:10 stockholm:-)
11:19 stockholmMT: btw, booting does still not work
11:19 MT:-(
11:19 stockholmMT: how do i check the volume's signiture?
11:19 stockholmthat it indicates a lvm?
11:19 MTI think parted print should do
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11:21 stockholmok
11:21 MTdid you already try not to put the root fs on LVM
11:22 stockholmno, not yet
11:22 sepstockholm, so update-initramfs late does not work for you ?
11:22 stockholmthat should be quick though
11:22 stockholmsep: no, aparently not
11:22 stockholmthe command seems to succeed
11:22 stockholmbut no dice
11:25 stockholmwhere should it say "lvm" or so?
11:25 stockholmfai-client:~# parted /dev/my_pv/_root  print
11:25 stockholmDisk /dev/mapper/my_pv-_root: 3221MB
11:25 stockholmSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
11:25 stockholmPartition Table: loop
11:25 stockholmNumber  Start   End     Size    File system  Flags 1      0.00kB  3221MB  3221MB  ext3
11:25 stockholmInformation: Don't forget to update /etc/fstab, if necessary.
11:26 sepMT, yes partition type is linux LVM now for me
11:26 sepstockholm, is the grub groot entry /dev/mapper/vgname-lvname   or /dev/gname/lvname ? i have the latter
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11:28 stockholmsep: hu?
11:29 stockholmsep: # groot=(hd0,1)
11:29 stockholmwhich seems to be the boot device, not the root device
11:29 stockholm# kopt=root=/dev/my_pv/_root ro
11:29 stockholmi have this. do you mean that?
11:30 stockholmperhaps my partitioning is broken from the beginning.
11:31 stockholm
11:33 sepstockholm, yeah i ment thatone
11:34 sepstockholm, my groot is (ho0,0)
11:34 stockholmsep: and gname is groupname ... ah, got it
11:34 sepdony you have a /boot on sda1 ?
11:34 stockholmyes
11:34 stockholmthat gets bootet happily
11:34 sepso why is mine hd0,0 while yours is hd0,1 ?
11:41 stockholmi have swap on the first partition and boot is the second
11:41 sepah ok
11:42 stockholmyou have boot first
11:42 sepi have swap in lvm
11:42 stockholmwhy is that smart?
11:42 stockholmi want the kernel to be able to distribute the reads and writes over all disks
11:43 stockholmand usually the first cylinders (where i put swap on all disks) are the faster ones, too
11:45 sepno opinion on it. i just want everything from every disk on lvm
11:45 sepit's hardware raid anyway so it's spread across 3 drives.
11:49 stockholmyes
12:07 MTstockholm, I think it's best to try something other than root an LVM and see what's going on
12:07 MTdefinitely there's a bug hidden somewhere, but it might be easier to figure out once you've got root mounted :-)
12:07 stockholmyes, i reboot just now with a new partition layout
12:07 stockholmyes
12:32 sepinit : cant open /scripts/live
12:32 sepnever seen thisone before
12:32 sepand kernel panic afterwards
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12:39 stockholmnow i have a mounted root fs and no /var
12:40 stockholmbut the system is up and running and i cant get the /var lvm volume to mount
12:40 stockholmthat is good news as this should be a good starting point to kill this sucker!
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13:01 sepstockholm, do you see your lv's and vg's  ?
13:05 stockholmi see nothing.
13:05 stockholmi looked at dmesg
13:05 stockholmwhere the xfs initialized
13:06 stockholmi wonder why it does that if it can mount it
13:08 stockholmbut i dont have the time currently to debug this properly
13:09 stockholmam not sure either how to go about that best
13:09 stockholmsuggestions welcome :-)
13:09 sepvgdisplay  
13:09 sepif that fail lsmod and see if you have dm_* modules
13:09 sepif you dont try and load the modules
13:09 stockholmthe modules are there
13:13 stockholmhm i get something like this:
13:13 stockholm  Couldn't find device with uuid '66c7qK-pde5-f6UG-Hctv-4Rxh-Y4Mj-0Yl1eS'.
13:13 stockholmand i find quite a lot of that in the fai.log too
Action: stockholm greps for that string on the client
13:14 stockholmno such string in /etc
13:14 sepstockholm, that's sounds a bit what i get when i try to partition with lvm on a disk that allready have lvm on it
13:15 sepyou delete the old lvm before trying to partitino with lvm again ?
13:15 stockholmsep: well, i do a parted mklabel on it
13:16 stockholmbut that is just the partitino table
13:16 stockholmdoes that mean your dd is actually needed?!?!
13:16 stockholmwhere does it get that UUID anyway?
13:18 sepstockholm, the dd is just a ugly workaround. for the real solution (parse the lvm remove lv's gv's and pv's )
13:19 stockholmsep: but is it really an option to have to rm the lvm first?
13:19 stockholmi mean: couldnt i just initialize the disks or the lvm properly instead?
13:20 sepstockholm, how do you clean out the lvm properly ?
13:20 stockholmit is awkward to have to know about lvms that were there sometimes in order to create new ones
13:21 stockholmsep: i just wnat to get rid of info that is in the way and write my new layout on top of the old and dont want to care about the old stuff
13:21 septell the guys in #debian-boot when you find out since it's a probelm in the debian-installer too    they use      dm_wipe_lvm()  in  partman      
13:21 sepnow
13:22 sepstockholm, the dd trick also only work before the dm modules are loaded, if the dm modules was loaded first. the kernel would know abotu the lvm's even after you dd the drive
13:23 septhat's why the only real solution at the moment is to get a list of lv's and vg's and remove them all using lvm tools
13:24 stockholmok
13:24 stockholmwow
13:24 stockholmwhy not steal the debian-installer code for that?
13:24 sepstockholm, why not plug partman* into fai for partitioning,
13:25 Mrfaisep: partman is so d-i specific, that it will not run in non d-i environments
13:25 Mrfaiwe discussed that before
13:25 sepMrfai, thats a pity
13:25 Mrfaino, that's a bad design of partman
13:25 sepjupp
13:26 sepanyway i have to fetch kids in kindergarden. hope you make your lvm's mount stockholm
13:28 stockholmMT: if we "adopt" the wipe code from d-i, where should it go?
13:28 stockholmMT: i guess it will require a whole lot of extra code to add logic to "initialize" stuff properly
13:29 stockholmprompting is not not an option, either
13:32 MrfaiI do not understand the lvm things, but IMO if the initramfs tools (and the generated kernel with inird) support booting a system which das some partition on lvm, this should also work with FAI.
13:34 MrfaiOne hint: adding a dm_ kernel module to the inirramfs/module file only means it gets added to the initrd, not that it will be loaded automatically during boot. AFIK this has to be added to /etc/modules
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13:39 MTsorry guys, I've been busy with other work
13:39 MTI think the dm_* modules will get loaded automatically once an LVM is detected
13:39 MTwhich seems not to be the case for stockholm
13:39 MTprobably because of this wiping thing
13:39 MTso, about adding and removing
13:39 MTthere already is some code in there
13:40 MT_maybe_ stockholm is in trouble because we initially did something wrong, which is now fixed already
13:40 MTI'd thus suggest one thing
13:40 MTdo the hdparm and dd trick that sep suggested
13:40 MTand see whether this works out
13:41 MTthen, do further installations without the dd/hdparm thingy
13:42 MTactually, the code in build_lvm_commands tries to be clever
13:42 MT(file shdd2-commands)
13:42 MTit tries to add and remove logical volumes wherever needed
13:42 MTbut most likely it is somewhat buggy
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16:46 h01gercan i use "PACKAGES install !FOO"
16:46 h01ger?
16:53 h01geror "PACKAGES install FOO BAR" which only happens if FOO and BAR are defined?
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17:18 jairhello again guys :)
17:56 MTno h01ger, you can't do that ...
17:56 MTAFAIK it's a simple grep that happes
17:56 MTPACKAGES install FOO BAR will happen if FOO _or_ BAR are defined
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18:38 h01gerMT, thanx. even if you're gone :)
18:38 h01ger(and i worked around already :)
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18:45 Neitis it possible to make an fai boot floppy/cd that doesn't contain the debian mirror/packages but has a hard coded server name or IP to make the NFS mount to? (so I don't have to change my existing DHCP server)
19:02 h01geryes, definitly possible. dont ask me how, though :-D
19:02 h01geretherom has a webpage, where you can create a floppy which only does netboot
19:03 h01geryou can burn that floppy on a cd...
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19:39 stockholmh01ger: mein drucker ist gerade nicht so fit, aber ich habe den link für die map aus der pageinfo gefischt:
19:39 stockholm,-6.336515&spn=0.006762,0.013947&z=16&key=ABQIAAAAVSz9nn01iRD48jmpOWH5TxTEsOJAN33SWiWXXkY7maQSLMIEgxRaqn565N9_R8gFh3284VWCu-9kbQ&oi=map_misc&ct=api_logo
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20:04 alvinci got some traction on the FAI issue I was having, for feisty on Dell 2970
20:04 alvincwho was interested in that?
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22:02 stockholmh01ger: mein drucker ist geheilt und die seite ausgedruckt
--- Thu Oct 11 2007

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