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08:04 serieusI want help with the problem described on the following url: https://lists.uni-koeln.de/pipermail/linux-fai/2007-August/005283.html
08:05 serieusDoes anybody know the solution for this problem ? The author of this thread won't respond, and i'm out of possible options :-)
08:07 MTso what exactly is your problem?
08:08 serieusMy problem is that i'm getting the same error, but can't figure out which parameter in the fai.conf is causing or will solve this
08:08 serieusThe log files come up with an error that it can't find the package linux-image-486
08:08 MTplease paste your fai.conf to paste.debian.net
08:08 serieusone moment
08:10 serieushttp://paste.debian.net/39174
08:11 serieusIt's pretty standard
08:22 MTwhich architecture are you using?
08:23 serieusamd64
08:23 serieusOn both, the install server and the client
08:30 MThmm, then probably there is no such package as linux-image-486
08:31 MT(just a blind guess)
08:31 sepis this  http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Setup_harddisks_2 about the best docs ill find for setup_harddisk2 ?
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08:34 MTsep, yes, actually it is
08:34 MTand probably this channel :-)
08:35 sepMT the examples in the svn helped a lot :)
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08:45 Bokehmorning
08:46 Bokehjust in case someone's awake at this early hour, but i'm having the following problem with fai: when i try to install ubuntu gutsy, the /var/lib/fai/config/class nfs mount won't work.
08:46 Bokehi already installed nfs-common in the nfsroot, solving the first problem
08:46 Bokehhowever, now nfsmount requires me to either mount with -o nolock or start rpc.statd
08:46 Mrfaiwhich FAI version are you using?
08:47 Bokeh1 sec
08:47 Bokeh3.2.1
08:47 Bokehis there a simple solution, is it a known bug or will i have to hack the -o nolock option into the nfsroot's init.d
08:49 MrfaiHave a look at http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/UbuntuTeam
08:49 MrfaiThere's a ubuntu version of 3.2.1
08:49 Mrfaia gutsy ppa package
08:50 Bokehcool
08:50 Bokehlet me see how that works out
08:51 Bokehhmm..... that's the development tree though, do you know anything about how stable it is?
08:52 Mrfaiit's the stable version for gutsy
09:00 stockholmMT: sollte es möglich sein auch lvm volumen als unveränderlich zu markieren?
09:02 MTmeinst mit preserve?
09:12 Bokehcheers
09:13 Bokehthe packages from launchpad worked
09:41 stockholmMT: ja, preserve
09:41 MTda sollte das dann halt einfach nur "preserve" heißen
09:42 MTalso auch dort statt der size
09:42 stockholmMT: ich frage weil das auswirkungen auf die darunterliegenden platten hat
09:43 MTwarum das?
09:43 stockholmMT: ein "preserve" auf ein raid oder lvm würde auch "preserv" für alle beteiligten partitionen und ev. platten bedeuten.
09:44 MThmm, ja
09:44 stockholmansonsten finde ich dein teil dass du da gebaut hast ziemlich beeindruckend
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09:44 stockholmschade... :-)
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09:49 sepumm when i  use vg vg_system sda2   in order to make a lvm it fail, but vg system sda2 works.    is it prohibited to use vg_ in a volumegroup name ? vg_system is the default vg name in a debian-edu installation
09:51 stockholmMT: wie kann man denn lösen dass die bootreihenfolge der devices sich ändert?
09:51 sepalso i use disk_config disk1 in order to partition the first disk. is there any way i can omit using sda2   to specify the pv's     hda2 | sda2  | c0d0p2  
09:51 stockholmalso sda sdb sdc sdd das nächste mal nicht in dieser reihenfolge erkannt werden muss
09:57 sepdoes anyone know where Michael Tautschnig prefers comments or bugs on setup_harddrive2 ?
09:58 stockholmsep: you work on that one too?
09:58 stockholmsep: me too
09:58 sepstockholm, i only try to use it
09:58 stockholmsep: and how are you doing?
09:58 stockholmwhat kind of issue do you see?
09:58 sepi think i notice a oddity
Action: stockholm noticed several :-)
10:01 MTsep, comments either via ICQ or probably better via the mailing list
10:01 MTsorry, meant IRC instead of ICQ
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10:05 stockholmMT: weisst du wie man disk-ids in das system reinbekommen könnte om eine reproduzierbare bootreihenfolge zu garantieren?
10:05 MTin das - welches - system?
10:06 MTspäter, booten?
10:06 MToder in setup_harddisks?
10:07 sepstockholm, that i can not start the volumegroup name with vg_[name]
10:07 MToh, does that confuse the parser?
10:08 sepi tried vg_system, and it said in the fai.log    Volume group _system allready exsist.
10:08 stockholmMT: setup Hardsist muss das ja ermöglichen und einrichten!
10:08 sepusing only system or any other name that dont start with vg is ok
10:09 MTalso das sollte es schon können
10:09 oz_stockholm: das muss man noch mit nem hook machen
10:09 oz_geht derzeit so noch nicht
10:09 MTim neuen schon
10:09 oz_o gott, echt?
10:09 MTmach mal disk_config disk1 fstabkey:uuid
10:09 oz_dann muss ich ja meine config ändern! ;)
10:09 MTalso setup_harddisks_2 kann es...
10:10 MTnur die grub-config dürfte noch ein Problem sein
10:10 oz_hook.
10:10 MTda muss man AFAIK auch root=UUID=... haben
10:10 oz_hook und initrd
10:10 MTich hab da einfach ein preinst bei menu.lst dabei
10:11 MTaber die fstab sollte setup_harddisks_2 schon richtig mit UUIDs erzeugen
10:15 sepalso http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Setup_harddisks_2  might mention that you need dm_mod  personally i added a modprobe in  partition.<CLASS> but i'm sure there are more corerct ways
10:16 sepstockholm, other then that it seams to work for me atm
10:16 MTsep, could you change line 451 in shdd2-parser
10:17 MTto volume: /^vg\s+/ name devices
10:17 MTthis should do the trick
10:17 sepMT sure, let me try
10:17 MTin fact, it would be cool if you could test whether this then works with vg_system
10:18 septest is in progress
10:18 MTthanks, sep
10:18 MTI also updated the wiki page
10:19 MTadded the modprobe dm_mod to the hook
10:19 sepvery nice
10:21 sepfrom my previous test i notice that my lvm swap is correcty craeted as a lv swap , but no fstab entry is written. ? i use           vg_system-swap  -                       512         swap  -
10:21 MThmm, probably a bug :-)
10:22 oz_a bug! a bug! :)
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10:23 sepMT, test failed i used  vg  vg_system  sda2
10:23 sep(CMD) vgdisplay -s 1> /tmp/zGDqmuYLjB 2> /tmp/f6mJjzOwY4
10:23 sepUnexpected vgdisplay output   "system" 11.76 GB  [10.93 GB  used / 848.00 MB free]
10:26 MTok, well :-)
10:26 MTit seems to accept your name vg_system, which is the good news
10:26 MTbut the parser of vgdisplay output is broken
10:27 MTlet me see whether I can fix that
10:27 MTmom ...
10:28 MTok, sep, about the swap <-> fstab problem
10:32 MTits a bug in sshd2-fstab
10:32 MTit silently skips all partitions without a mountpoint
10:32 MTthus including swaps
10:32 MTI won't be able to fix this right now, I'll look into it this evening
10:33 MTso, let's go for the vgdisplay thing
10:34 sepsure
10:35 MTok, its about the MB/GB
10:35 MTI was only expecting GB
10:35 MTnot 848.00 MB
10:35 sepMT, what about TB ?
10:35 MTno idea whether lvm displays this
10:36 MTactually I had no idea whether vgdisplay was using GB only or MB, TB
10:37 MTok, could you please change line 379 of shdd2-volumes
10:37 MT( $line =~ /^\s*"(\S+)"\s+\d+\.\d+ [MGT]B\s+\[\d+\.\d+ [MGT]B\s+used \/ \d+\.\d+ [MGT]B\s+free\]$/ )
10:38 MThmm, shall I paste it to paste.debian.net?
10:39 MTI've committed the bugfixes to the SVN
10:40 sepMT is not not tricky to try to guess the output all the time ? vgdisplay -s --units m would make it more predictable
10:41 MToh, cool
10:41 MTdidn't know about that one
10:43 MTI'll do the respective changes this evening
10:48 sepMT, your test on line 379 is booting nowe
10:48 MTmeaning, it did the trick?
10:48 sepMT, you can use whatever units you want thol
10:48 sepmeanint i am booting the fai client now
10:48 MTfor another install attempt?
10:49 sepyeah
10:50 MTstockholm, did you already try the fstabkey:uuid thing?
10:52 sepMT,  it failed to add the partition into the vg vg_system becouse it was allready a member of vg system from my previous installation attempth
10:53 sepMT, then it failed to create lv's since vg vg_system does not exsists
10:53 MThmm, could you manually remove that volume group?
10:54 sepyeah ill do that and try again
10:55 sepill be back in 20 minutes, run to  lunch before they remove the food.  :)
10:56 MTI'll also be away for 40 minutes or so
10:57 MTsep, this is of course a bug, but manually removing it is the quick fix :-)
11:03 Bokehok, i'm a bit further now. i've installed the gutsy version of fai 2.3.1 from ppa.launchpad.net and the install procedure is working, until it gets to downloading the dkpg's with aptitude
11:03 Bokehit just stops downloading at a random package
11:04 Bokehwe're running a local apt mirror here, it doesn't seem to have any performance problems. Anyone who could point me into the right direction or a logfile which would show more info?
11:06 oz_Bokeh: what does software.log say?
11:06 oz_there must be something in the logs
11:07 Bokehthe only warning software.log gives is about the fact that fai-client is untrusted (which is correct because it comes from another repository) and that it's ignoring it because Ignore-Trust-Violations is set
11:07 Bokehthe last line is Get:32 http://apt.lorentz.leidenuniv.nl gutsy/main librpcsecgss3 0.14-2ubuntu4 [35.4kB]
11:08 Bokehthe package name and number is usually different
11:08 stockholmMT: the fstabkey:uuid thing is a solution, but it would need to be automated in order to work
11:08 Bokehdmesg is only giving me a message about unionfs (new lower inode mtime)
11:12 Bokehstatus.log ends with instsoft.FAIBASE     OK. in case that's interesting to know
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11:37 MrfaiBokeh: try using an official mirror. OR paste the whole fai.log to paste.debian.net
11:39 Bokehyeah, was already working on seeing if it works with the regular ubuntu mirrors
11:39 Bokehstill weird though, never had problems with installing from the local repo
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11:56 Bokehnope... still hanging while getting the dpkgs
11:56 Bokehi'll put the log up in a second
11:59 Bokehhttp://paste.debian.net/39195
12:00 Mrfaireally strange.
12:01 MrfaiLog into your install client and use top and strace (maybe not installed into the nfsroot) to check what is going on. Maybe a partition is full?
12:02 Bokehtop isn't really showing anything, i'll put strace in the nfsroot now
12:02 Bokehlooks like aptitude is hanging for some reason
12:02 Bokehit's still in pstree but not doing anything
12:03 Bokehbrb
12:29 Bokehhmmm
12:29 Bokehiostat isn't showing anything significant
12:30 Bokehand the only thing that aptitude is doing according to strace is [pid  7302] futex(0xa4d67c, FUTEX_WAIT, 1, NULL <unfinished ...>
12:31 MrfaiMmm, I never heard of this problem. Other people have success using ubuntu
12:31 Bokehcould be b0rked hardware, i'll give it a try on another machine later one
12:31 Bokehon*
12:32 Bokehyeah, i also didn't have any problems with installing dapper with fai
12:32 Bokehthough that was a while ago already on different machines with a different setup
12:33 Bokehit seems all processes (install_packages, aptitude, the http processes spawned by aptitude are all in a wait state
12:34 Bokehcould be a messed up harddisk or ram, though it's weird dmesg doesn't show anything interesting
Action: h01ger is hit by bashism in his own script :)
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12:57 stockholmMT: gestern hast du gesagt ich solle auch die zeilen 95 und 96 in shdd2-pasrer ändern wenn ich die disk1.2 notation hinzufügen würde.
12:57 stockholmMT: aber in den zeilen ist doch garnix was damit zu tun hat, oder sehen ich das falsch?
12:58 stockholmMrfai: http://www.zweinull.cc/spotify-neuer-musikdienst-stellt-alles-andere-in-den-schatten/
12:58 MTalso da sollte meines Wissens nach dieselbe regexp stehen wie im eigentlichen Code
12:58 MTach, stockholm, was hast Du eigentlich vorhin gemeint mit
12:59 stockholmMT: der witz ist dass die regexp glaube ich garnicht geändert werden muss.
12:59 MT"it would need to be automated in order to work"?
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12:59 MThmm, stimmt
13:00 MTdas nimmt ja alles
13:00 stockholmMT: ich meinte dass shdd das uuid labeling übernehem müsse und die richtigen werte in grubs boot.menu und fstab eintragen müsste
13:00 MTalso in fstab sollte er das ja machen
13:00 stockholmund grub muss ja auch davon wissen, damit der kernel die devices richtig ordnen kann
13:00 MTok, dann muss man also nur im parser das disk\d+\.\d+ besonders behandeln
13:01 MTja, grub ist schon noch ein Problem
13:01 stockholmgenau
13:01 stockholmdas habe ich gerade gemacht
13:01 stockholmund checke es mal eben ein
13:01 MTich schreib das mit grub mal auf die wiki-Seite
13:03 stockholmMT: schau mal ob das so passt in -parser
13:03 MTstockholm, vielleicht ist das mit dem grub gar nicht so kompliziert
13:03 stockholmich teste es mal geschwind...
13:03 MTes gibt ja die Variable ROOT_PARTITION
13:04 stockholmund die muss man einfach exortieren?
13:04 MThmm, mal kurz die Skripte ansehen
13:06 MTja, ich glaub schon dass das funktionieren sollte
13:06 MTalso man muss einfach nur in ROOT_PARTITION den richtigen Wert reinschreiben
13:06 Mrfaistockholm: danke. Interessanter Beitrag. Und meine FReundin ist immer noch begeistert von spotify.
13:07 MTstockholm, Zeile 124 in shdd2-fstab
13:09 stockholmMT: was sollte da rein, dann?
13:09 MTda muss man ROOT_PARTITION mit einem korrekten Wert belegen
13:09 stockholmMT: ja, das hatte ich verstanden.
13:09 MTim moment wird da halt /dev/sda oder so gebaut
13:10 stockholmah
13:10 stockholmdann müsste man also die infrastruktur zum uuid-holen besorgen?
13:10 MTich glaube, so ungefähr den Code ab Zeile 93 kopieren
13:10 MTist eigentlich alles schon da
13:10 stockholmohhh
13:11 sepMT,  seams to work when the disk is clean
13:11 MTok, thanks
13:11 MTjust one thing
13:11 MTyou had a volume group named system on disk and now have a volume group "vg_system", don't you?
13:12 MTstockholm, es ist noch viel einfacher
13:12 stockholmnoch einfacher??? :-)
13:12 MT$FAI::disk_var{ "ROOT_PARTITION" } = $fstab_line[0]
13:12 sepwell now it's called vg_system2, since i have been testing a few times.  and i wanted to make sure the old one got erased and not reused,
13:13 MTin Zeile 124 statt dem was dort steht
13:13 MTdas if in Zeile 125 muss bleiben
13:13 MTweil in fstab_line steht ja eh schon das richtige drin, muss man den device namen ja nicht nochmal bauen...
13:13 stockholmj
13:14 stockholmja
13:14 stockholmok, cool.
13:14 stockholmdas kommitte ich dann auch noch eben. :-)
13:14 MTsep, ok, I just wonder why it failed to add a logical volume to vg_system which had previously existed only in system
13:14 stockholmdann sieht das im svn log danach aus als hätte ich richtig was drauf. :-)
13:15 sepMT, becouse when the md_mod is loaded the vg and lv's from the disks are 'valid'
13:15 sepso the disk is in the vg, and the vg is in use by lv's
13:16 seppartman in d-i have the same problem
13:16 MTah, hmm, ok
13:16 MTthis will require some further debugging/testing then
13:17 MTstockholm, kannst Du dann auch testen, ob das mit den UUIDs so auch wirklich klappt?
13:18 MTstockholm, noch eine Bitte
13:18 MTkannst Du TODO statt ToDo schreiben?
13:18 MTmacht das grep einfacher :-)
13:18 oz_MT: grep -i
13:19 MTsicher, aber wenn man das vergisst...
13:28 sepMT, you can check out dm_wipe_lvm()  in  partman  http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/d-i/trunk/packages/partman/partman-auto/auto-shared.sh?op=file&rev=0&sc=0  
13:29 stockholmMT: ja, klar
13:29 stockholmMT: jetzt setzt er ROOT_PARTITION=/dev/my_pv/_root
13:29 stockholmwas ist mit boot?
13:29 stockholmer soll ja booten von /boot
13:29 stockholmund das ist auch das was grub liest
13:30 MTdas sollte AFAIK kein Problem sein
13:30 MTalso in /boot liegt grub selbst
13:30 MTbis dahin muss das BIOS kommen
13:30 MTund dann muss grub nur die richtige root=bla Kommandozeile an den kernel übergeben
13:31 MTund da muss dann eben root=/dev/my_pv/_root stehen
13:31 MTdas sollte dann eigentlich schon klappen
13:31 MTfalls die grub-tools das richtig reinschreiben
13:31 MT-> mal die erzeugte menu.lst prüfen
13:32 stockholmja, ich boote jetzt gerade das installierte system
13:34 stockholmgrup error 17
13:34 MTgrub error?
13:34 stockholmja
13:34 MTwas findet er denn nicht?
13:34 MTich mein, das hat dann ja mit root=bla noch nix zu tun ...
13:36 Mrfaivielleicht ist die device.map nicht OK?
13:37 Mrfai17 : Cannot mount selected partition
13:37 MrfaiThis error is returned if the partition requested exists, but the filesystem type cannot be recognized by GRUB.
13:38 stockholm17 : Cannot mount selected partition This error is returned if the partition requested exists, but the filesystem type cannot be recognized by GRUB.
13:39 MTstockholm, wenn Du die grub config beim booten editierst, findet er da den kernel und so?
13:39 MT(einfach mal tab completion probieren...)
13:39 sepMT, any way one can avoid hardcoding device names in  the line     vg  vg_system  sda2 ?  since i use the line  disk_config disk1,
13:39 stockholmgerade macht grub garnix mehr. ich probiere gleich
13:40 MTsep, stockholm comitted a patch for this just a few minutes ago
13:40 MTif you grab shdd2-parser from SVN again, you can use
13:40 sepMT stockholm great
13:40 MTdisk1.2
13:41 MTfor partition 2 on sda, if sda is disk1
13:44 stockholmMT: grub kommt garnicht richtig hoch, error 17 kommt "sofort" bevor ich was manuell machen kann
13:44 stockholmMT: was macht dein patch?
13:45 MTDu meinst, die Sache mit ROOT_PARTITION?
13:45 stockholmja
13:45 Mrfaiganz dumme frage. Kann grub denn lvm?
13:45 MTsollte eben eigentlich nur statt /dev/sda1 oder so evtl. eine UUID oder ein LABEL nehmen
13:45 stockholmMrfai: das muss er nicht
13:46 stockholmMrfai: erst bootet man /boot wo der kernel und die initrd drauf ist
13:46 stockholmMrfai: aber ich frage mich warum die root partition dann ins spiel kommt
13:46 stockholmMT: zuerst muss doch erstmal /boot auf der richtigen hd gefunden werden.
13:47 stockholmwie funktioniert das denn wenn die festplatten in beliebiger reihenfolge auftauchen können?
13:52 MTstockholm, der letzte Patch sollte eigentlich nichts ändern bei Dir
13:52 MTweil die root partition ja sowieso im LVM liegt
13:52 MThat es denn vorher funktioniert?
13:52 stockholmah
13:53 stockholmMT: das letzte mal war das error 17
13:53 stockholmjetzt boote ich wieder
13:55 stockholmwieder error 17
13:55 stockholmund hier ist die fstab
13:55 stockholm# <file sys>    <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
13:55 stockholm/dev/sde1       none    swap    sw      0       2
13:55 stockholm/dev/sdb1       none    swap    sw      0       2
13:55 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_root        /       ext3    rw,errors=remount-ro    0       1
13:55 stockholm/dev/sdc1       none    swap    sw      0       2
13:55 Mrfaistockholm: stimmt /boot ist wohl nicht im LVM nur /. Verstehe.
13:55 stockholm/dev/sdb2       /boot   ext3    rw,notail       0       2
13:55 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_var /var    xfs     rw,notail,noatime       0       2
13:55 stockholm/dev/sdd1       none    swap    sw      0       2
13:55 MTich meine, hat es schon irgendwann mal mit setup_harddisks_2 geklappt?
13:55 stockholmMT: nee, vorher hatten wir ja andere probleme  so dass es nie überhaupt gebootet hat
13:56 stockholmerrr
13:56 stockholmich meine: vorher ist shdd2 ja nie durchgelaufen
13:56 MTja, verstehe
13:56 stockholmjetzt macht es das.
13:56 MTwas steht denn in shell.log oder so drin?
13:56 stockholmwie markiert man die bootpartition denn?
13:57 MTirgendwelche errors, wenn er GRUB/10-setup ausführt?
13:57 stockholmMT: ich habe hier die fai.log, die ist fast nur shdd2 log :-)
13:57 stockholmich schau mal
13:57 MTshell.log brauchst aber ...
13:57 MThmm, boot partition
13:57 stockholmja
13:58 stockholmExecuting    shell: GRUB/10-setup
13:58 stockholmGRUB/10-setup        FAILED with exit code 1.
13:58 MTaber in shell.log sollte mehr drin stehen
13:58 stockholmok
13:59 stockholmfloood!!!
13:59 MThmm, vielleicht brauchst du sowas
13:59 stockholmReport bugs to <bug-grub@gnu.org>.
13:59 stockholmCan't open /target/boot/grub/device.map
13:59 stockholmSearching for GRUB installation directory ... found: /boot/grub
13:59 stockholmSearching for default file ... Generating /boot/grub/default file and setting the default boot entry to 0
13:59 stockholmSearching for GRUB installation directory ... found: /boot/grub
13:59 stockholmTesting for an existing GRUB menu.lst file ... found: /boot/grub/menu.lst
13:59 stockholmSearching for splash image ... none found, skipping ...
13:59 stockholmFound kernel: /vmlinuz-2.6.18-5-amd64
13:59 stockholmFound kernel: /memtest86+.bin
13:59 stockholmUpdating /boot/grub/menu.lst ... done
13:59 stockholmGrub installed on  on
13:59 stockholmERROR: postinst returned code 1
13:59 stockholmGRUB/10-setup        FAILED with exit code 1.
13:59 MTdisk_config disk1 fstabkey:uuid bootable:2
14:00 MTer braucht die Variablen BOOT_PARTITION und BOOT_DEVICE
14:00 sepi see this error too    <stockholm> GRUB/10-setup        FAILED with exit code 1
14:01 MTok, switching to English
14:01 stockholmMT: ok, i test that
14:01 MTBOOT_PARTITION and BOOT_DEVICE seem not to be set
14:01 MTcould either of you check that?
14:01 stockholmMT: i am reinstalling with that setting now
14:02 MTwith bootable:2 ?
14:02 stockholmyes
14:02 MTI'd be interested in what happens if you don't have that
14:02 MTit should have properly set the values itself
14:02 MTI hope ...
14:03 MTpaste the contents of disk_var.sh
14:03 MTwithout bootable:2
14:04 sepMT fai.log and disk_var.sh state that BOOT_DEVICE and BOOT_PARTITION is set
14:04 MTsep, do you have a separate /boot partition?
14:04 sepMT i have bootable:1 btw  and a primary /boot
14:04 sepyes
14:05 MTbut, did your grub report error 17 as well?
14:05 MTwhen booting the client for the first time?
14:05 stockholmagain, grub exited with error 1
14:05 MTwhat about the log?
14:05 MTdoes it still say
14:06 MTGrub installed on  on
14:06 MTor are there now sensible values?
14:06 MTafter the on's
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14:07 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39209
14:07 stockholmthat is the grub part from shell.log
14:07 stockholmit looks quite unhappy
14:08 sepGrub installed on  on
14:08 sepERROR: postinst returned code 1
14:08 sepGRUB/10-setup        FAILED with exit code 1.
14:08 oz_Can't open /target/boot/grub/device.map
14:08 oz_Thomas pointed in this direction already
Action: Mrfai filed a bug report that the postinst of grub/menu.lst should check if those variables are defined
14:08 MTjust a sec ... telephone ...
14:09 sephttp://paste.debian.net/39211
14:09 sepit's identical
14:09 stockholmthe uuid is not used in BOOT_PARTITION:
14:09 stockholm# <file sys>    <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
14:09 stockholm/dev/sde1       none    swap    sw      0       2
14:09 stockholmUUID=e6163ecf-98ff-41b8-ace6-a3ed7bd59ce3       none    swap    sw      0       2
14:09 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_root        /       ext3    rw,errors=remount-ro    0       1
14:09 stockholm/dev/sdc1       none    swap    sw      0       2
14:09 stockholmUUID=c3455830-36b4-45b2-aa7a-380c4c0ca295       /boot   ext3    rw,notail       0       2
14:09 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_var /var    xfs     rw,notail,noatime       0       2
14:09 stockholm/dev/sdd1       none    swap    sw      0       2
14:09 stockholmSWAPLIST=/dev/sde1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1
14:09 stockholmBOOT_DEVICE=/dev/sdb
14:09 stockholmROOT_PARTITION=/dev/my_pv/_root
14:09 stockholmBOOT_PARTITION=/dev/sdb2
14:09 stockholmbut it is used in the fstab
14:09 stockholmthat is something already
14:10 stockholmMrfai: can we work around those missing definitions?
14:10 stockholmcan we define them on our own?
14:10 sep#groot= is blank in the menu.lst
14:14 Mrfaisetup_harddisks2 should write those variables to diskvar.sh. Then they should be defined during postinst
14:15 MTI think the values written to disk_var.sh are ok
14:15 stockholmMrfai: they are there:
14:15 stockholmSWAPLIST=/dev/sde1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1
14:15 stockholmBOOT_DEVICE=/dev/sdb
14:15 stockholmROOT_PARTITION=/dev/my_pv/_root
14:15 stockholmBOOT_PARTITION=/dev/sdb2
14:16 stockholmin diskvar_sh
14:16 MTwhich is pretty fine IMHO
14:16 stockholmjupp
14:16 stockholmexcept that we need them in UUID form
14:17 MTno, you don't
14:17 stockholmwhy not?
14:17 MTbecause nothing changes in that sense until you run grub-install
14:17 stockholmah
14:18 stockholmand grub-install checks the fstab?
14:18 MTno, it is told
14:18 MTgrub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=$target $BOOT_DEVICE
14:18 MT$BOOT_DEVICE is /dev/sdb
14:19 stockholmand that can change its name, but grub maps that to something stable internally?
14:19 Mrfaiplease add set -x into postinst, wo we can see if the variables are really defined in the postinst script
14:19 Mrfais/wo/so/
14:19 stockholmwhich postinst script?
14:19 MTyes, maybe even add some debugging output for now
14:19 stockholmthe grub one?
14:19 MTfiles/boot/grub/menu.lst/postinst
14:19 MTin your config space
14:19 stockholmah
14:19 Mrfaigrub/menu.lst/postinst
14:20 sepin order to install grub manually i had to chroot /tartget ; cp /proc/mounts /etc/mtab ; grub-install  /dev/sda, edit meny.lst with the #groot line and update-grub
14:20 sepmy ride is here now so i have to leave.
14:21 stockholmMT, Mrfai do you have some suggestions regarding the additional debug output?
14:21 MTecho X${BOOT_DEVICE}X
14:21 MTsomething of that kind
14:22 MTand set -x would be pretty cool
14:22 Mrfaiyep, that's perfect for debugging
14:23 MTstockholm, is /target/var/log/fai/disk_var.sh really in place?
14:23 stockholmi can check next time around
14:23 MTstockholm, where from did you read the variable settings you posted above
14:24 stockholmMT: from the install server
14:24 Mrfai/target/var/log/fai/disk_var.sh is only needed for softupdates
14:24 MTno, it's read in exactly this postinst script
14:25 MTah, no, I get it
14:25 MTshould these variables be exported?
14:25 stockholm# during softupdate use this file
14:25 stockholm[ -r $target/var/log/fai/disk_var.sh ] && . $target/var/log/fai/disk_var.sh
14:25 Mrfaithe old (or current) setup_harddisks says this:
14:25 MrfaiWrite FAI variables to file /var/log/fai/current/disk_var.sh
14:25 stockholmMT: dont you export them currently?
14:26 Mrfaithe FAI automatically sources this file, so the variables are defined
14:26 Mrfais/the/then/
14:26 stockholmok
14:29 stockholmecho "BOOT_DEVICE:${BOOT_DEVICE}"
14:29 stockholm+ echo BOOT_DEVICE:
14:29 stockholmBOOT_DEVICE:
14:29 stockholmin shell.log
14:29 stockholmalso sind die variablen nicht definiert.
14:30 stockholmMT: aber das sollte ja einfach zu fixen sein
14:30 MTexistiert /tmp/fai/disk_var.sh
14:30 MT?
14:30 stockholmich schau gerad
14:30 stockholmfai-client:~# cat /tmp/fai/disk_var.sh
14:30 stockholmSWAPLIST=/dev/sde1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1
14:30 stockholmBOOT_DEVICE=/dev/sdb
14:30 stockholmROOT_PARTITION=/dev/my_pv/_root
14:30 stockholmBOOT_PARTITION=/dev/sdb2
14:31 stockholmja
14:31 MTBINGO!
14:31 stockholmfai-client:~# ls -al /var/log/fai/current/disk_var.sh
14:31 stockholm-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 127 Oct  9 16:32 /var/log/fai/current/disk_var.sh
14:31 stockholmwas bingo?
14:31 MT112     # now define variable for root and boot partition and boot device
14:31 MT113     . $LOGDIR/disk_var.sh
14:32 MTdas passiert natürlich im task partition
14:32 MTder ja geskippt wird
14:32 stockholmah, und das wird .... genau
14:32 MTMrfai, hast Du eine gute Idee für eine saubere Lösung?
14:32 stockholmdann müssen wir das in den hook mit reintun, gelle?
14:32 MTnaja, aber der hook wird nicht gesourct
14:32 MTDu musst dann den hook umbenennen
14:32 MTpartition.BLA.source
14:32 MTdann klappt's
14:32 Mrfaider hook wird gesourced wenn er mit .source endet
14:33 MTich ändere mal die wiki page
14:35 MTok, wiki page ist aktualisiert
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14:44 MTstockholm, konntest Du schon einen neuen Test machen?
14:45 stockholmja, gerade eben:
14:45 stockholmimmer noch grub error ...
14:45 stockholmgrub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=$target $BOOT_DEVICE
14:45 stockholm+ grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/target /dev/sdb
14:45 stockholmYou shouldn't call /sbin/grub-install. Please call /usr/sbin/grub-install instead!
14:45 stockholmProbing devices to guess BIOS drives. This may take a long time.
14:45 stockholm/dev/mapper/my_pv-_root does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.
14:45 stockholmerror=1
14:45 stockholm++ error=1
14:46 stockholmjetzt gibt es also die umgebungsvariablen
14:47 stockholmaber bood device ist falsch gesetzt.
14:47 MT?
14:47 stockholmnee
14:47 stockholmstimmt nict
14:47 stockholmer weiss nicht was /dev/mapper/my_pv-_root
14:47 stockholmist
14:47 MTkannst Du mal nochmal den ganzen Teil aus shell.log -> paste.debian.net?
14:47 stockholmja
14:47 MTthx
14:48 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39216
14:49 MTblöde Frage: macht der error wirklich was aus?
14:50 MToder tut's einfach
14:50 MTalso bootet der client?
14:50 stockholmnee, error 17
14:50 stockholmwieder
14:52 Mrfaiok ich haetter gerne noch "echo $1" in dem postinst
14:53 Mrfaidas ist wird als $ENV{$1} in dem perl einzeiler genutzt
14:54 Mrfaiist den der filetype fuer die /boot partition richtig gesetzt?
14:54 Mrfaiwas sagt fdisk oder file -s /dev/sdb...
14:55 stockholmdas hier ist falsch:
14:55 stockholm+ grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/target /dev/sdb
14:55 MT?
14:55 MTwarum falsch?
14:55 stockholmdas muss von /target/boot booten, nicht von /target
14:56 MTaber das root-directory, sollte das nicht der mountpoint von / sein?
14:56 MTsodass er dann /boot finden kann?
14:56 MTwas ich im Netz gefunden habe:
14:56 MTist /boot wirklich gemountet?
14:56 MTalso während grub-install aufgerufen wird
14:57 stockholmah
14:57 stockholmgute frage.
14:57 MrfaiIMO ist /target richtig.
14:57 MTich denk auch
14:57 Mrfaistockholm: paste mal das ganze fai.log
14:57 MTund bitte mal checken, ob alles gemountet ist ...
14:58 stockholmich habe jetzt $1 und mount noch in postinst dazugeschrieben und boote nochmal, dann paste ich fai.log und shell.log nach paste.debian.net
14:59 MTsuper!
14:59 Mrfaiecho $1 hoffentlich ;-)
15:08 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39218
15:08 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39219
15:10 MTalso wenn ich's nicht übersehen habe, dann ist /boot nicht gemountet
15:10 stockholmja, sehe ich auch nicht
15:10 stockholmdas ist ja *schlecht*
15:10 MT#
15:10 MTCalling task_mountdisks
15:10 MT#
15:10 MTMounting /dev/my_pv/_root to /target/
15:10 MT#
15:10 MTMounting /dev/my_pv/_var to /target/var
15:11 stockholmwarum kein /boot?
15:11 MrfaiPhysical volume '/dev/sdd2' is already in volume group 'my_pv'
15:11 Mrfaiist das OK?
15:11 MrfaiUnd hier scheint ein syntax error drin zu sein:
15:11 Mrfai/var/log/fai/current/disk_var.sh: line 1: /dev/sda1: Permission denied
15:12 MThmm, da brauchen wir wohl "
15:12 MTSWAPLIST hat vermutlich keine quotes
15:12 MTkannst Du mal die generierte fstab pasten?
15:13 stockholmja
15:14 Mrfaiund das fai.log war auch nicht ganz komplett. Nur als info. Weil am Ende von fai.log sieht man was alles gemountet ist.
15:15 Mrfaiecho '$1' bringt nichts. $1 muss in "" stehen sonst wird nicht die variabel ausgegeben
15:15 MTok, das mit SWAPLIST hab ich gefixt
15:15 MTr4612
15:15 stockholm# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
15:15 stockholm#
15:15 stockholm# <file sys>    <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
15:15 stockholm/dev/sdb1       none    swap    sw      0       2
15:15 stockholmUUID=621537db-f54f-4c57-bba7-c6ed2afb4176       none    swap    sw      0       2
15:15 Mrfaisorry vergiss mein $1 kommentar
15:15 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_root        /       ext3    rw,errors=remount-ro    0       1
15:15 stockholm/dev/sdc1       none    swap    sw      0       2
15:15 stockholmUUID=58e982cf-2632-45e1-9402-ffbff4c0183c       /boot   ext3    rw,notail       0       2
15:15 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_var /var    xfs     rw,noatime      0       2
15:15 stockholm/dev/sdd1       none    swap    sw      0       2
15:15 stockholm/dev/fd0  /floppy  auto  users,noauto 0 0
15:15 stockholm/dev/hda        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       0
15:15 stockholm/dev/sr0        /media/cdrom1   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       0
15:15 MTdacht ich mir doch
15:15 MTmount2dir kann vermutlich keine UUIDs
15:16 Mrfaine woher auch ;-)
15:16 MTkann mount direkt UUIDs?
15:17 MTalso kann man mount <UUID> /bla machen?
15:17 Mrfaistockholm: du hast vier swap partitionen? zwei nur mit UUID angegeben und zwei mit /dev/sd... ? STimmt das?
15:18 stockholmMrfai: ja, jede festplatte hat eine swap partition
15:18 MTja, mount kann UUIDs
15:18 MrfaiMT: mount -U kann das
15:18 MTalso bei mir hat's jetzt auch ohne geklappt
15:18 MTalso ohne -U
15:19 stockholmMrfai: aber ich weiss nicht warum die eine in UUID und die andren drei in /dev/bla2 angegeben sind.
15:20 MTkannst Deine disk_config mal pasten?
15:20 stockholmdie ist doch in fai.log mit drin
15:20 MTund Du wirst wohl vorerst mal $NFSROOT/usr/lib/fai/mount2dir hacken müssen
15:20 MTsorry, natürlich
15:21 MTfstabkey:uuid musst Du bei jeder disk angeben
15:21 stockholmMT: und mount2dir muss uuids verdauen können? wie sollen die denn *wirklich* aussehen?
15:21 MTdas sollte nicht weiter schwierig sein
15:21 MTZeile 76 von mount2dir
15:22 MT /dev/*|LABEL=*|UUID=*)
15:22 MTfalls fsck und mount mit labels und UUIDs umgehen können
15:22 MTsonst muss man wohl mehr machen
15:23 Mrfaischau mal in /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh
15:24 stockholmja
15:25 Mrfaipatch fuer mount2dir bitte per email an mich. Ich bau ihn dann ein
15:26 MTok, falls es nicht mit der obigen Änderung klappt muss man findfs bemühen
15:26 MTroot@joey:~# findfs UUID=f23dffd4-1e71-4a36-976f-9fffa8b22695
15:26 MT /dev/sda1
15:26 stockholmtesting...
15:32 stockholmfai-client:~# mount | grep boot
15:32 stockholmfai-client:~#
15:32 stockholmhm
15:32 stockholmimmer noch nicht
15:32 stockholmmount | grep target
15:32 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_root on /target type ext3 (rw,noatime,data=ordered)
15:32 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_var on /target/var type xfs (rw,noatime)
15:32 stockholmproc on /target/proc type proc (rw)
15:32 stockholmsysfs on /target/sys type sysfs (rw)
15:32 stockholmudev on /target/dev type tmpfs (rw)
15:32 stockholmfai-client:~#
15:33 MTsteht in fai.log irgendwas
15:33 MTirgendwelche Fehlermeldungen?
15:33 MTbzw. mount2dir nochmal manuell ausführen
mfl (~mfl@adonis.fnb.maschinenbau.tu-darmstadt.de) joined #fai.
15:34 MT /usr/lib/fai/mount2dir /target /tmp/fai/fstab
15:34 MTdas wär vielleicht eine gute Sache
15:34 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39221
15:34 Mrfaiund vielleicht sh -x mount2dir .....
15:34 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39222
15:36 MTähm, kannst Du mount /dev/sda2 /target/boot machen?
15:36 MT#
15:36 MTMounting UUID=51fe2312-d781-48c1-9287-ad41213c4357 to /target/boot
15:36 MT#
15:36 MTmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda2,
15:36 MT#
15:36 MT       missing codepage or other error
15:37 MT#
15:37 MT       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
15:37 MT#
15:37 MT       dmesg | tail  or so
15:37 MToffensichtlich kann er also die UUID mappen
15:37 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/39223
15:37 stockholmda ist das nochmal der set -xv output von mount2dir
15:38 MrfaiUUID= muss wahrscheinlich weg beim mount aufruf
15:38 stockholmja
15:39 MTsicher?
15:39 MTich mein, probier einfach mal von Hand /boot zu mounten
15:39 MTmount -t ext3 -o noatime -o rw,notail UUID=51fe2312-d781-48c1-9287-ad41213c4357 /target/boot
15:39 MTsolange anpassen, bis es klappt
15:40 stockholmmount /dev/sda2 /target/boot
15:40 stockholmdas geht gut
15:41 stockholmfai-client:~#  mount -t ext3 -o noatime -o rw,notail UUID=51fe2312-d781-48c1-9287-ad41213c4357 /target/boot
15:41 stockholmmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda2, missing codepage or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail  or so
15:41 MTmit -U, wie Mrfai gemeint hat, klappt das?
15:43 Mrfaimount -t ext3 -U 1234-123234234-234-2-34-234 /mnt klappt bei mir
15:44 MrfaiUUID=....... klappt aber auch
15:44 stockholmmount -t ext3  -U 51fe2312-d781-48c1-9287-ad41213c4357 /target/boot
15:44 stockholmgeht
15:44 MTok, dann musst wohl mount2dir doch etwas aufwändiger patchen
15:44 Mrfaistockholm: probier man UUID=
15:44 stockholmdie mountoptions waren das problem, nicht die uuid oder -U
15:45 Mrfainotail gibt es IMO nur bei reiser
15:45 stockholmfai-client:~#  mount -t ext3 UUID=51fe2312-d781-48c1-9287-ad41213c4357 /target/boot
15:45 stockholmdas geht
15:45 MTund -o noatime -o rw
15:45 MT?
15:45 stockholmja, das war der notail der hankt
15:45 Mrfaiyep, das notail bei ext3 erzeugt den FEhler
15:46 MTaber das steht in Diner disk_config
15:46 MT:-)
15:46 Mrfaistockholm: schick mir bitte den mount2dir patch
15:46 stockholmMT: ja das geht auch mit den -o options
15:47 MTMrfai, ich glaub es war einfach /dev/*|LABEL=*|UUID=*)
15:47 MTin Zeile76
Action: Mrfai ist gespannt ob der Rechenr das naechste mal bootet
15:47 MTstockholm, pleas confirm
15:48 stockholmmt, Mrfai ja, bisher ist es nur das  /dev/*|LABEL=*|UUID=*)
15:48 stockholmnotail entfernt
15:48 Mrfaiok
15:48 stockholmneu gebootet
15:49 stockholmwenn der jetzt gleich bootet verschwinde ich ganz schnell nach hause... dann kriege ich nämlich onch meinen zug :-)
Action: Mrfai drueckt die Daumen.
15:57 stockholmyes, grub OK!
15:59 stockholmYESSSSS!
15:59 stockholmtschüss!
15:59 stockholmweiter heute nacht zuhause.
Action: Mrfai gratuliert MT und stockholm
15:59 Mrfaigute Arbeit!
Action: MT dankt stockholm ...
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16:51 sepskihmm after svn up i cant get partitioning to work again, i did revert the changes MT instructed back to svn version of the files.  is it broken atm or ?
16:52 MTjust a sec ..
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17:22 MTsorry sepski ..
17:23 MTno, the current state _should_ be fine
17:23 MTin what sense is it broken?
17:25 sepskidoes not create partitions, but it might be related to some dd commands i put into the hook to overwrite lvm info before loading the dm module
17:26 MTare there any error messages?
17:27 sepskiill clean up my hook and try, ill post a log if it still fail
17:28 sepskiyeah it was my ugly dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda that did it in the hook.
17:28 sepskinevermind the noise
17:29 MThmm, was it really that line that caused the error?
17:29 MTwhy did it?
17:29 MTseems strange to me...
17:29 MTdid you check the wiki page in the last hour or so?
17:29 MTthere was a severe change to the hook
17:30 MTit must get sourced
17:30 MTotherwise we can't get the disk_var.sh contents along
17:30 sepskino ill check it out
17:35 sepski#dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1k count=1
17:35 sepski#hdparm -z /dev/sda
17:35 sepskicommented these and it worked again
17:36 MTI'd be interested in the error that setup_harddisks_2 reported (and that caused it to fail)
17:36 MTor does that simply mean that there was no error reported?
17:43 sepskiill uncomment and post a log
17:43 sepskiafter i see if this install ends with a successfull grub.
17:45 MTsepski, I'll be offline for little less than an hour
17:45 MTwill you be online later on?
17:45 sepskimost likely
17:45 MTI'd really be interested in your logs
17:45 MTwould be cool if you could tell me later on
17:45 sepskiperhpas not after 21:00 but ill be online again from tomorro 0800
17:45 MTI'll ask then...
17:45 MTok, see you soon
17:46 sepski:)
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18:11 stockholmnow i finished the Giga/Tera/Petabyte patch.
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18:31 jesper_Hi.
Nick change: MT -> Guest1344
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18:31 jesper_I get messages from the root-on-NFS like this:
18:31 jesper_http://pastebin.com/m37ccfd00
18:31 sepskihttp://paste.debian.net/39237
18:32 jesper_"Nfs server not responding, still trying".
18:32 jesper_Any debugging suggestions. It is not a persistent error.. it only show up "sometimes"
18:32 MTsepski, was it you who had an issue with the swaps not entering fstab?
18:33 MTthanks sepski, I'll look into this
18:33 stockholmMT: hilfe! ich habe den giga/tera/petabyte patch fertig, lasse perltidy drueberlaufen und habe jetzt einen riesen diff!
18:34 stockholmsvn diff | wc 2576   11495   90622
18:34 stockholmder patch selbst ist nicht SOOO gross
18:34 MThmm, ja, ich hab irgendwann manuell weiterformatiert
18:34 MTkönntest Du folgendes machen
18:34 MTDeine Änderungen reverten
18:34 MTdann perl tidy
18:35 MTund dann commit
18:35 stockholmich habe es nicht eingecheckt
18:35 stockholmah, ja
18:35 stockholmstimmt
18:35 MTund dann nur den eigentlichen patch
18:35 MTmacht es einfacher, falls es mal Probleme gibt
18:35 MTwenn im commit log drin steht, dass das nur perl tidy war
18:35 MT(und sonst wirklich nichts!)
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18:42 stockholmMT: ja, so habe ich es jetzt gemacht
18:42 MTsuper!
18:44 sepskiMT, yeah youll see the conffile in that paste actualy.
18:45 stockholmwie kriege ich denn das system dazu die initramdisk mit dm_mod zu bauen?
18:45 MTmom ...
18:46 MTstockholm: /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
18:47 stockholmMT: und wenn du mal den eigendlichen patch anschaust siehst du dass ich da auch kilobyte habe. aber es ist zweifelhaft dass das mit k und 1/1024 wirklich so funktioniert. weisst du man kommazahlen an parted geben kann?
18:47 MTnein, macht er nicht
18:47 MTrechnet alles in byte um
18:47 MT(und rundet wenn notwendig)
18:48 MTalso vielleicht könnte parted das sogar
18:48 MTaber kleiner als byte wird eh nicht gehen :-)
18:48 MTbzw. man muss ja sogar zu cylinders runden
18:49 MTsepski, which paste do you mean?
18:49 stockholmMT: aber du wirfst ja Mbyte in range rein. rechnest du das später in byte um?
18:49 MTsepski, I only saw the one with the error
18:49 stockholmdann ist das mit kbyte kein problem so :-)
18:49 MTthis has no fstab after all :-)
18:50 MTja, stockholm - siehe z.b. Zeile 628 in shdd2-sizes
18:51 MTdie perl-tidy version hast aber noch nicht eingecheckt, oder?
18:51 stockholmMT: doch
18:52 MTah, ich hatte die schon
18:52 MTsorry
18:52 sepskiMT, check line 94 in that one it's now i tried to do lvm swap
18:53 MTyeah, sure
18:53 MTbut due to some bug setup_harddisks_2 failed entirely :-)
18:54 MTso I can't see anything about a missing entry in fstab :-)
18:54 stockholmuhh, did i break it???
18:54 MTno
18:54 MTit is broken if you do hdparm -z before
18:54 MTfor some strange reason
18:54 sepskiwell you wont find that in any log. i just ment to indicate how i tried towrite the swap into the config file
18:54 MTstockholm, see http://paste.debian.net/39237
18:55 MTah, ok
18:55 MTah, sepski
18:55 MTthere's an error in that config
18:55 MTit should say
18:56 MTsystem2-swap    swap                       48         swap  -
18:56 MTthat is, the "mountpoint" is swap
18:56 MTnot "-"
18:57 sepskiMT, thanks
19:02 MTsepski, still there?
19:02 sepskiyeah
19:02 MTdid you fix the hook to use skiptask instead of skip at the end?
19:03 sepskiyes
19:03 sepskithis is what i get in fai.log now Calling hook: partition.EDUCONFIG
19:03 sepskiCould not find method: Parse::RecDescent::convert_unit
19:03 sepski at shdd2-parser line 729
19:03 sepskidisklist was:
19:04 sepskiperhaps a new dependency
19:04 MThmm, no
19:04 MTstockholm just added this method
19:04 sepskivn -u st
19:04 sepskiStatus against revision:   4616
19:05 MT1 minute
19:06 sepskii use the etch  package from  http://layer-acht.org/debian and setup_hardrives from svn
19:06 h01gerthats 3.2.1
19:06 sepskiyes
Action: h01ger waves :)
19:06 sepskih01ger, :)
19:07 stockholmMT: taht was a typo, i just fixed it
19:07 MTbut I think you need to say &FAI::convert_unit
19:08 MTwhen calling it
19:08 stockholmwhy? it is in the local scope only
19:08 stockholmit is just a local sub
19:09 stockholmbut it still breaks
19:09 stockholmhu
19:09 MTI think it's because of the parser namespace
19:09 MTusing &FAI::convert_unit should do
19:09 stockholmok
19:09 stockholmi can fix that
19:12 stockholmchecked in, testing it now
19:13 MTsepski, I guess it should do now...
19:13 sepski4618 worked for me now
19:14 stockholmhow fast are you guys booting?!
19:14 stockholmmy box is till just mounting the nfs root
19:15 stockholmand did not get it
19:15 stockholmduh
19:15 sepskistockholm, im booting a virtual machine it's booting in a sec
19:15 stockholma xen machine?
19:15 stockholmi need to do that too
19:15 stockholmlater on :-)
19:15 sepskivmware, but virtaulbox is cheaper
19:16 stockholmsepski: are you doing this for debian-edu?
19:17 sepski    ssh -X  me@work   vmware   does not lag my machine here at home at all
19:18 sepskiI'm trying to use it on a network i do consultant work for. but the idea is to at the very least make a howto for debian-edu and if it works very well it might become part of it.
19:19 juri_qemu. ;)
19:19 stockholmjuri_: is THAT fast?!
19:20 sepskijuri_, qemu dies on me for some reason. i think i have messed toooo much with kqemu vbox-drv and kvm at the same time...
19:20 sepskistockholm, with either kqemu or kvm its fast. otherways it's syrup
19:21 sepskione think that vmware does much better then virtualbox and qemu is the networking between virtual machines. it's just there. without any hassle.
19:24 stockholmi am working with xen machines
19:24 juri_stock: i work on reliable, not fast. :)
19:25 juri_my fai server is a qemu box.
19:25 stockholmi had  bad problems when trying to use it on my notebook
19:25 juri_it takes 74 minutes to spin a FAI CD. ;P
19:25 juri_(kqemu dosent work on my hardware/software)
19:25 sepskithe production machines are real servers in my case this is just me trying things out, seeing if i can learn to use it or not.
19:25 stockholmmy fai server ist a xen box :-)
19:25 MTsorry to interrupt, but sepski, does the whole thing now do it?
19:25 MTdoes it even work in case you add the hdparm and dd?
19:26 sepskiMT, as long as i dont do any silly things in the hook  yeah
19:26 sepskino that still fail
19:26 MThmm, that's really strange
19:26 stockholmgah, my boot fails because it cant mount root
19:26 MTboot after installation?
19:26 stockholmlets see if it has dm_mod now
19:26 sepskiand i had issues with grub eariler. going to be nice seeing how that went
19:27 stockholmMT: yes, boot after installation. the ramdisk is laoded and tries to mount /
19:27 MTI think we got things sorted out with grub
19:27 sepskiMT, swap got into the fstab ysy
19:27 sepskiyay
19:27 stockholmyes, this is no grub problem, it is a module/lvm problem
19:27 MTwhat is it trying to mount, i.e. what's there in menu.lst?
19:27 MTah, no LVM support in the initrd?
19:28 stockholmMT: yes, that is why i added dm_mod to /srv/fai/config/files/etc/initramfs-tools/modules
19:29 stockholmbut something must have gone wrong, dm_mod is not in the ramdisk
19:29 stockholmdo i need more modules?
19:29 MTare you sure it isn't there, or is there some other error?
19:30 sepskistockholm, was that copied into the client, and is the initrd created _after_ ?
19:30 stockholmsepski: hu?
19:30 Mrfaistockholm: I would use ainsl to add a module to $target/etc/initramfs-tools/modules
19:30 MTjep, that's what I wanted to point out too
19:30 MTthe entry must be there _before_ the initrd is built
19:31 MTalternatively, add a postinst script
19:31 stockholmok.
19:31 MTthat runs update-initramfs
19:31 stockholmMrfai: where would the ainsl go?
19:31 MrfaiThis is up to you.
19:31 stockholmwhen would the /srv/fai/config/files/etc/initramfs-tools/modules come into play?
19:33 stockholmi would have thought the /srv/fai/config/files/etc/initramfs-tools/modules was put into place right at the beginning
19:34 stockholmMrfai: if the directory is not yet there, will ainsl create the missing directories?
19:35 sepskistockholm, the initrd is made during the base installation, and there is no /etc to put it into before that
19:36 sepskiand if there was i guess baseinstall  would overwrite them ?
19:36 Mrfaiman ainsl or use ainsl -v and read the log files
Action: stockholm shoots Mrfai and thanks the dead body
19:38 MTsepski, could you do another try with the hdparm and dd stuff in a minute?
19:38 MTI think I've found the bug
19:39 sepskii still had issue with grub too http://paste.debian.net/39248
19:39 sepskiMT sure
19:39 stockholmMrfai: and the docs dont answer my question either
19:39 stockholmMrfai: i asked if the DIRECTORY would be created
19:39 stockholmnot the file
19:39 stockholmi guess it is not
19:39 MTsepski, it's r4619
19:40 MTsepski, what is the name of your hook?
19:40 MTI guess it's still partition.EDUCONFIG
19:40 MTbut it should be partition.EDUCONFIG.source
19:40 MTinstead
19:40 sepskihooks/partition.EDUCONFIG
19:41 MTjep, rename it to hooks/partition.EDUCONFIG.source please
19:41 sepskidarn missed that in the wiki
19:41 stockholmok, newbi question: where should i put things that do do stuff like ainsl? in hooks?
19:41 MTyeah, added that one to the wiki as well
19:41 MTit is necessary to properly source disk_var.sh
19:41 MTuse instsoft.FAIBASE
19:42 MTif you've got that one, stockholm
19:42 sepskiMT is thatone run after everything else ?
19:42 MTthen the line will be there before the kernel package is installed
19:42 MTthat one - the instsoft.FAIBASE hook?
19:43 MTno, it is run before installing packages
19:43 MTI thought you were looking for some hook to work before packages are installed
19:43 MTbut maybe I missed something
19:43 stockholmMT: jup
19:43 sepskithat was him,. i am looking for a way to run a script just before the machine is rebooted
19:44 stockholmsepski: LAST?
19:45 sepskiscripts/LAST ?
19:45 MTyes, you could put whatever you like to do in scripts/LAST/99-at-the-end
19:45 MTbut there's some more going on
19:45 MTlike saving logs
19:46 MTthat happens even after scripts have been executed
19:46 sepskithis is with dd and hdparm in the hook  http://paste.debian.net/39250
19:46 sepskithat's ok
19:47 stockholmsepski: what do you do with hdparm?
19:48 MTis that r4619?
19:48 MTI think sepski clears out any existing LVM
19:49 stockholmi see :-)
19:49 sepskithe idea is to clear the drive with dd then run hdparm -z to reload the partitiontable (that just got cleared away) before losing dm_mod
19:49 sepskiloading dm
19:50 MTdid you really use r4619 for what you pasted in 39250?
19:50 sepskiMT, AGGH /me hides
19:50 sepskiforgot !
19:50 MThuh
19:50 sepskisorry !
Action: MT hopes that it'll do in the next attempt :-)
19:52 sepskiit seams to do it
19:52 MTcool :-)
19:52 MTthanks a lot for testing!
19:52 sepskialtho it's a ugly workaround to dd the disk. :)
19:52 sepskiMT, stockholm  thanks a lot for developing code !
19:53 sepskinow lets see if grub likes it better
19:53 sepski:)
19:54 MTstockholm, any progress at your side?
19:55 stockholmMT: i have rebootet, the mounting of / hangs again and next i am going to see if dm_mod is in the initramfs
19:55 stockholmsepski: lol, not much from me:-)
19:56 sepskisystem2-usr     /usr                    2000        ext3        defaults
19:56 sepskiwhere do the mkfs arguments go ? the wiki seam to indicate after the mount arguments
19:57 MTyes, they do
19:57 sepskisystem2-usr     /usr                    2000        ext3        defaults       dir_index,resize_inode
19:57 MThmm, there's only a single example
19:57 MTprimary /         12000      ext3           rw        -b 2048
19:57 MT# /dev/hda3 should be formatted using ext3 filesystem; when calling mkfs.ext3
19:57 MT# the option "-b 2048" is appended.
19:58 sepskiahh right there
19:58 sepskisystem2-usr     /usr                    2000        ext3        defaults       -O dir_index,resize_inode
19:58 sepskiit must be like this then
19:58 MTyes, correct
19:59 stockholmyes, now dm_mod is there
19:59 stockholmand it is loaded
20:00 sepskiperhaps add     -O dir_index,resize_inode to the lvm example since i think that's a pretty common wanted feature
20:01 MTsepski, will do ...
20:01 MTstockholm, does your comment mean that dm_mod is there but it still doesn't work?
20:01 sepskiMT, i'v made a wiki user. so expect wiki spam later on :)
20:02 stockholmMT: yes, exactly
20:02 MTcool, feel free to edit whatever you like, sepski
20:02 MTI already added the _o dir_index,resize_inode to the last example
20:02 stockholmin /proc/cmdline it says that root=/dev/my_vp/_root
20:03 MTah, are you in busybox?
20:03 stockholm/dev/my_pv/_root
20:03 stockholmyes
20:03 MTdoes /dev/my_pv exist?
20:04 MTor does /dev/mapper/ exist?
20:04 stockholmin busybox, on the commandline from hell, without the / key due to my bad terminal emulation
20:04 stockholmdev/mapper is there yes
20:04 MTbut no volume groups below it?
20:04 stockholmthere is only control
20:05 stockholmno volume groups
20:05 stockholmpossibly the lvm creation did not work out?
20:05 stockholmno, we were intalling stuff into it after all
20:05 MTyep
20:05 sepskiMT didnt' think reiserfs had the same commands like dir_index and resize_inode
20:06 MToops, thanks, fixed
20:06 MThmm, do you have any of the lvm tools inside the busybox?
20:07 MTor could you just manually mount the root fs
20:07 MTand then use the lvm tools to see what's going on?
20:08 stockholmhow can i mount the root fs if the device is not there?
20:08 MTah - well -
20:08 sepskiMT, last try installed and booted OK
Action: MT hides
20:08 MTincluding LVM?
20:08 sepskiyes
20:08 sepskii have /boot as ext3 tho
20:08 sepskiand bootable:1
20:09 stockholmyes, me too
20:09 stockholmnot so root
20:09 sepskiroot on lvm
20:09 stockholmme too
20:09 stockholmwhy cant *I* boot /root and you can?!
20:09 sepskihttp://paste.debian.net/39252 this is the one i use
20:10 MTstockholm, could you try to run the dd and hdparm commands that sepski uses
20:10 MTsepski, could you paste these two lines?
20:10 stockholmwhy would that help? i dont want to get rid of anything.
20:11 sepskistockholm, are you preserving partitions between installs ?
20:11 stockholmno
20:11 stockholmno preserving at all
20:11 stockholmonly ERASING all
20:11 sepskido  you erase the lvm's manually between each install ? or does it simply work becouse the vg happen to be the same name ?
20:12 stockholmi dont know
20:12 sepskithe hook file i use http://paste.debian.net/39253
20:12 stockholmi think mounting the thing should be straight forward...
20:13 sepskiis it grub that fail to load or the kernel that fail to find root when booting ?
20:14 stockholmthe kernel does not find a /root after booting the initramfs
20:14 sepskistockholm, ohhh ! i know i can boot becouse i install the usplash package later on, then the initrd is recreated !"
20:15 sepskiso i get the dm_mod there probably
20:15 stockholmi have dm_mod in the initramfs and it is inserted in the kernel
20:15 oz_let's see if it works without usplash...
20:15 sepskiand use use ext3 ?
20:16 stockholmyes
20:16 sepskithen i realy dont have any idea
20:17 sepskioz_, it's installing again now without usplash
20:17 stockholmi will try to add the lvm tools onto the initramdisk
20:20 sepskihmm why does the partition with lvm pv on it dont have type 8e (linux lvm) ?
20:20 stockholm(STDERR) Warning - device mapper device, but no dmsetup(8) found
20:20 stockholmwhat is dmsetup good for?
20:20 MTno idea...
20:20 MT(just on the phone, so I'm sort of slow...)
20:22 sepskistockholm, i dont have that package installed either
20:22 stockholmsepski: do you get any error like the above in fai.log?
20:22 stockholmi will try to add the package
20:23 stockholmwhere did i specify packages i want?
20:23 stockholmah, i need it in the nfsroot
20:25 stockholm       dmsetup manages logical devices that use the device-mapper driver.  Devices are created by loading a table that specifies a target for each
20:25 stockholm       sector (512 bytes) in the logical device.
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20:30 sepskino not at all
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20:30 stockholmsepski: hu?
20:32 sepskibut i have added     libparse-recdescent-perl parted lvm2   to the nfsroot as explained in the wiki
20:35 sepskiwithout the late recreation of the initrd by usplash it fails to boot
20:38 sepskii am trying now with script/LATE/99-update-initramfs     containing  $ROOTCMD update-initramfs
20:39 MT$ROOTCMD update-initramfs -k all -u
20:39 MT(-k all -u might be necessary)
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20:42 stockholminteresting....
20:42 stockholmwhat is missing?
20:42 MTmissing where?
20:43 stockholmearlier, when the initramfs is generated
20:43 stockholmthe first time
20:44 sepskiprobably the mtab in the chroot or something
20:48 stockholmmtab is for raid, right?
20:48 stockholmi dont do any raid
20:49 sepski/etc/mtab is the mount list
20:50 stockholmah, right, sorry, i mixed that up
20:54 MThmm, stockholm, what is so fascinating about the point where the initramfs is generated?
20:56 sepskibooted fine with  script/LATE/99-update-initramfs
20:57 sepskidont know whats missing at the first kernel install time,. but i'd look at mtab or perhaps proc is not mounted before after base  install is finished.
20:58 MTis the kernel already part of the base.tgz?
20:58 MTor is it installed later on, together with the other packages?
21:00 sepskilater i think,
21:01 sepskibut now it's night. I'll be back at 0800 for more fai  fun :)
21:01 stockholmsepski: LATE was an existing class?
21:01 sepskiscript/LATE is a directory. i made a file called  in there
21:02 stockholmyes
21:02 MTLAST
21:02 sepskiLAST
21:02 sepskibah
21:02 sepskisorry
21:02 sepskinight
21:02 MTgood night!
21:02 stockholmright, i was confused abtou late vs last
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21:54 alvincby any chance, has anyone successfully FAI'd a Dell PowerEdge 2970?
21:55 MTwhat is it that troubles you?
21:55 alvinci'm having that "cannot mount root problem"
21:55 MTnot that I'd have such a machine, but maybe one can help anyway
21:55 alvinci'm wondering if it needs a new network driver
21:56 alvincit's getting PXE fine, kernel is loading, but mounting the nfsroot is being a pain
21:56 alvinci'm guessing maybe a network driver, but i was curious if it had been seen befire
21:56 alvinci'm loading feisty, btw
21:56 MTdoes it work  on any other machine?
21:56 alvinci'm building a 2.6.20 fai kernel now, just in case
21:56 alvincbut i was curious
21:56 alvincit used to.  :)
21:57 alvinci mean, i FAI'd a Dell 850 and 750 a while back, before i started hacking.
21:57 alvincand i can't re-FAI the 850 and 750 right now, because they are in use
21:57 alvinchehehe
21:58 alvincyeah.  the feisty default is linux-image-
21:58 alvincso i'm hoping 2.6.20 might be the quick fix
21:58 MTwell, with the Dells this may be true
21:59 MTyou might want to ask on the mailing list though
21:59 alvincmake-kpkg is being slow though, and i was restless.  so i thought i'd ask if anyone had already seen this one
21:59 alvincyess, i might do that
21:59 MTI know of some guys having lots of Dell systems, but no idea whether they already have a 2970
21:59 alvincnod
22:00 alvinctoday is not a good day for me, it seems
22:00 alvinci'm also having problems with a Realtek 8169 NIC
22:00 alvinci've successfully used an etherboot floppy with it on other machines before
22:00 alvincbut this one is being a pain
22:01 alvinchaven't quite figured it out yet.  i'm suspecting maybe spanning-tree on the cisco is not doing portfast correctly
22:01 alvinceven though i set it to portfast
22:01 alvincdhcp is not happening quickly enough
22:01 alvincguess it's just one of those days.  :-)
22:01 MThmm, cisco is popping up again and again in the context of FAI
22:02 alvincnod
22:02 MTseems like people have quite some trouble with that sort of switches
22:02 alvincit's not really FAI that is the issue, of course
22:02 alvincit's that dhcp is not returning within an acceptable timeout
22:02 MTsure, but rather DHCP/NFS/PXE
22:02 alvincso it's more to do with dhcp really
22:02 alvincyessir, exactly
22:03 alvincare you in Europe, MT?
22:03 MTyes, Germany
22:03 alvincah cool
22:03 alvincso it's already late for you
22:03 MTthus I'm leaving for bed pretty soon
22:03 alvincja
22:03 MTyep :-)
22:03 alvinc:)
22:03 alvinci'll try getting a dumber switch and see if it makes a difference
22:03 alvincif i see you'll tomorrow, i'll let you know what happens
22:04 MTok, cool, thanks
22:04 alvincbitte
22:04 alvinc(that's all the german i know)
22:04 alvincrofl
22:04 MT:-)
22:04 MTso, good luck
22:05 stockholmok, still no booting install, despite the late intiramfs
22:06 stockholmi could try to unmount and remount it right after boot.
22:06 stockholmsee if i get any errors or problems then
22:06 MTdid you manage to install any of the LVM tools into the initramfs
22:06 MT?
22:07 stockholmno, not yet, i still dont know much about lvm.
22:07 stockholmwhich ones would be good to have?
22:07 MTfor debugging it might be useful to move your root to a standard partition
22:07 stockholmyes, that is true
22:07 MTand only keep some not-so-important volume in LVM
22:08 MTthen debugging is probably a lot more fun
22:08 stockholmright
22:08 MTotherwise you'd somehow need all of lvm2 in your initramfs, including the libraries
22:09 MTI'd suggest to go for the only-swap-in-LVM way
22:09 MTthis shouldn't hinder it from booting
22:09 MTthen you can see what else you need to get it going
22:14 stockholmright. tomorrow :-)
22:14 MTjep, good night!
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22:30 alvinchm.  it looks indeed like it's the ethernet driver for Dell 2970
22:30 alvinci've got my nForce ethernet up fine
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--- Wed Oct 10 2007

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