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02:11 jairHello my dear friends :)
02:12 jairdoes thomas ange hangs out here ?
02:12 jairlange
02:13 jairguys I has been reading a couple of documents just doing research about fai
02:13 jairand all i am trying to do is deploy debian etch in 40 IBM thinkcentre.
02:14 jairall of them whether LVM or just EXT3 partitioning
02:14 jairhas anyone a good howto in getting this accomplish?
02:14 jairif is a version etch of debian will be great if not I can document what I am doing and post it on my web site or something for people to follow :D
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09:06 h01gerjair, hi
09:06 h01gerjair, thomas hangs out here, but currently not. his nick is Mrfai
09:07 h01gerjair, for lvm you want to look at http://faiwiki.debian.net/index.php/Setup_harddisks_2
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09:58 jairh01ger: are you here ?
09:59 jairI just came back from a party, I have some drinks on me, but I will come back to talk better danke shun
09:59 jairgutten natch
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16:17 stockholmmisst ich habe mt wieder verpasst
16:38 jairHallo stockholm main deutsch ist arg
16:38 jairspanish, english?
16:38 jair:)
16:39 jairh01ger: are you here?
16:40 jairh01ger: I have just a quick question, reading through the fai's guide I see "no install nfsroot in a normal system" what exactly is in my case a "normal system"? the install client? or the install server?
16:41 jairand also it is not clear if I need or not to install this => The suggested packages for FAI are: debmirror, mknbi, apt-move, mkisofs, grub, aptitude.?
16:43 sepskijair, if you are going to install a lot of clients it is often adviced to use a local debianmirror, ence debmirror and apt-move, mkisofs is if you want to make cd iso images,   personally i use a approx proxy instead.
16:44 jairsepski: right, that is clear now, so I want to keep the "install server" clean and light as well.
16:45 jairsepski: so regarding my first question, do I need to install the package "nfsroot" on the "install server"?
16:45 sepskijair, if you dont use a proxy or a local mirror youll end up dl the same set of packages on each aand every installation
16:46 jairsepski: I would like to use a proxy though and a local mirror, but the debian mirrors are always up to date?
16:46 sepskijair,  reading     aptitude  show fai-nfsroot   sugest no,
16:47 jairsepski: so you are telling me that if I will do an install of 40 desktops all the same, I will install the packages from a debian mirror or I will create a local mirror on my intranet?
16:47 jairsepski: so when do I install "nfsroot" when do I need it?
16:48 sepskijair, i can't tell you how to do it, but it you dont have a proxy or a local mirror you will download each packages 40 times. and that's a waste of bandwith.
16:49 jairsepski: so I should then try to install a proxy server or create a system that mirrors the packages on the debian mirrors?
16:50 sepskijair, i'm not at all certain what you talk about, but the setup program did it all for me.
16:50 sepskiit creates the needed nfsroot
16:50 jairhmmm
16:50 sepskijair, that would be my advice yes
16:50 jairsee I am not sure now :(
16:50 jairyou sound not too sure :P
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16:51 sepskijair, im mearly a beginner as well
16:51 sepskibut i can't tell you if you should go for a proxy or a mirror, only that one of them would be wise :)
16:51 jairI will check the mailing list also.  it is ok I appreciate your help even when you are starting like me :)
16:51 RoboShimHi all. I have just checked out tag 3.2.1 from SVN and Makefile contains following lines:
16:51 RoboShimDESTDIR=$(shell pwd)/debian/tmp
16:51 RoboShimexport DOCDIR = $(shell pwd)/debian/fai-doc/usr/share/doc/fai-doc
16:52 RoboShimdo you this this is correct for universal make system? it looks like debian dependent and I am unable to use "make DESTDIR=image-dir install" for installation on gentoo.
16:54 RoboShimI think, the DESTDIR should not be defined in Makefile and DOCDIR should be either $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/doc/fai-doc, or (better for Gentoo) no docs files installation at all (Gentoo's portage/ebuild system makes destination directories for DOCS itself)
16:56 RoboShimfor my needs, I would like to use FAI for Gentoo only for configuration storage over svn so I don't need kernels and NFS
16:57 RoboShimprobably the best solution for Gentoo is to write ebuild with all commands copied from Makefile and changed as needed. Am I right?
16:57 RoboShimthank you for hints/ideas..
16:58 sepskiRoboShim, i have no idea. i think youll need patience for thatone
16:59 lazyb0yjair: can you tell us, where exactly this "don't oinstall nfsroot on a normal system" is written?
16:59 lazyb0y(to be able to improve the docs - such an unclear senetence should not be there)
17:02 lazyb0yah, I see now, you are asking about the package "fai-nfsroot" (please be excat, you only wrote "nfsroot", and it's totally different to say you have the nfsroot pon a normal system, or install the package fai-nfsroot on a normal system
17:02 lazyb0yso, the _package_ fai-nfsroot is ONLY to be installed INSIDE the nfsroot chroot system, which is created for you by the command make-fai-nfsroot (which is also called automatically from fai-setup)
17:03 lazyb0ythis package does some very special things, which you only want to have and happen _inside_ the nfsroot
17:03 lazyb0yyou abolutely never want this package to be installed anywhere else
17:04 lazyb0ybut, don't mix this up with "creating the nfsroot on a system"
17:04 lazyb0yhere, you can chose, what you want
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17:08 RoboShimsepski: no problem, I will try to do ebuild with all commands from Makefile (ebuild is only bash script, so it's easy). Thank you for you opinion.
17:08 jairlazyb0y: I am so sorry, I am reading what you are explaining me now :D
17:08 jairlazyb0y: are you there?
17:09 jairlazyb0y: but it looks like I do not choose where to install it right? will be installed automatically by the command "make-fai-nfsroot" right?
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17:11 jairlazyb0y: also if all I will be doing is: 1) booting the machines, 2) installing the very base system, and the just a couple of packages, partition the disk either LVM or two partitions (ext3 = /) and (swap) :) do I need all those suggested packages? The suggested packages for FAI are: debmirror, mknbi, apt-move, mkisofs, grub, aptitude.?
17:11 jairlazyb0y: I normally don't use aptitude I use the command "apt"
17:13 lazyb0yjair: yes, you don't have to do anything to get the package fai-nfsroot installed in the nfsroot
17:13 jairand I apologize for asking this basic questions but this is the first time I am configuring this system
17:14 jairlazyb0y: what about the suggested packages?
17:14 lazyb0yjair: alexanderwzno problem, I am not sure if the fai guide has this information clearly enough
17:14 sepskijair, apritude have been recomended over apt-get since sarge.
17:14 lazyb0yoops didn's want to call for alex..
17:14 jairhmmm
17:14 jairlazyb0y: I like apt, it is there something bad with apt?
17:15 sepskiyou dont need the mirror tools debmirror or apt-move unless you are going to setup a mirror.
17:15 lazyb0yjair: I really don't know why aptitude is in fai's suggest list
17:15 jairsepski: like you said, if is better set up a mirror so i don't need to download the package 40 times from the debian mirror server I will try to do that
17:16 jairlazyb0y: :)
17:16 lazyb0yI think, if you got for network installations, the only thing you should need is debmirror
17:16 jairI see
17:16 sepskijair, i use a proxy, but whatever scratches your itch
17:16 jairlazyb0y: should I set up a debian mirror in my local network then?
17:17 lazyb0yI like mirrors - so I don't fail because of lacking some single package when working on a train
17:17 lazyb0yjair: as sepski said, you can do what you want - use apt-proxy or set up a mirror, but you should have one of both
17:18 lazyb0yit makes your installations a lot faster, which is very helpful in the first stages of development, and decreases load of the mirrors on the internet
17:18 sepskijair, i'd recomend approx over apt-proxy, i feel apt-proxy is unstable and needs a kick once a day
17:18 jairlazyb0y: I just want to understand something, this mirror or proxy will be set up on my "fai install server"?
17:19 sepskinot nessecary. but it can be.
17:19 lazyb0yjair: you can set it up wherever you want, you just have to point to it on your fai config file - look at /etc/fai/ and /etc/fai/apt
17:19 sepskiyou can put it wherever you please
17:19 jairlazyb0y: and If I choose to have a mirror, this will be a complete copy of the packages I need from any other big mirror from the debian mirrors?
17:20 lazyb0yjair: it dependswhat you need and how you do it
17:20 jairthe mirror or proxy what will do is cache all the debian packages from other mirrors?
17:20 jairwell my gold image is very light and smal :)
17:20 lazyb0ythat's exactly gthe difference between the two
17:20 jairthe difference?
17:20 lazyb0yapt-proxy cahces, mirror make a copy of the mirrors from the internet
17:21 sepskijair,  the mirror is a copy of every packages, the proxy caches only the packages you use
17:21 jairsepski: I got it
17:21 jairlazyb0y: I see
17:21 lazyb0ybut, when creating a miroor, you don't have to copy the full ftp.debian.org
17:21 jairwell I really will have to go through the documentation and test both
17:21 sepskijair, the mirror have the package when you need it, the proxy need to get it from the net when it's first requested so a mirror is better for a disconnected network
17:21 lazyb0yyou can limit on architecture, debian release, and binary/sources
17:22 lazyb0yso, a minimal mirror has something like the binaries of etch i386
17:22 jairI see
17:22 jairI have to go to work guys, but I will come back more often :)
17:22 jairI can't wait to start testing this
17:22 jair:)
17:22 lazyb0yhave fun
17:22 sepskigood luck
17:23 jairThank you, Danke, Gracias, Grazie, Obrigado, Gum ma guo, :)
17:23 jairI will talk to you guys later
17:23 sepskiare there any more details about lvm then what's on the wiki ? i find it's geared more towards raid then lvm
17:23 jairI will be back in the night later
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19:09 stockholmwieder verpasst
19:10 stockholmgibt es einen trick die festplatten anders anzusprechen als mit sda sdb sdc etc?
19:11 stockholmgerade hat er wohl vier scsi platten gefunden, aber nicht a-d sonder b-e
19:11 stockholmalso nicht sda sdb sdc sdd
19:11 stockholmsondern sdb sdc sdd sde
19:11 stockholmdas mal vorher hatte er a-d
19:12 stockholmjetzt hat er schon wieder b-e
19:13 stockholmman kan ja disk/by-id benutzen um solche probleme zu vermeiden und eine eindeutige bootreihenfolge zu erhalten aber das ist ja bei fai völlig unerwünscht.
19:13 stockholmman will ja eine allgemeine beschreibung und trotzdem reproduzierbare ergebnisse
19:14 stockholmwieder b-e
19:14 stockholmgrummel
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19:26 stockholmstill no luck with the boot order
19:41 lazyb0ystockholm: geht nicht auch eine numerierung - disk1 etc.?
19:42 lazyb0yirgendsowas gibt's doch, ich hab's aber nicht im kopf grad
20:05 stockholmlazyb0y: ich benutze ja jetzt das setup_harddisks 2
20:05 stockholmvom mt
20:05 stockholmda gibts das nicht mehr
20:05 stockholmlazyb0y: aber ich stimme dir zu, das wäre sehr gut
20:06 stockholmich kann eine mail an die liste schicken
20:13 sepskiPACKAGE aptitude-r     don't install  all the recomendations, is that normal ? must they be specified manually ?
20:20 sepskitried with taskinst too, but same there
20:45 stockholmmail sent
MT (~MT@dove.informatik.tu-muenchen.de) joined #fai.
20:58 stockholmMT: hi
20:59 MThi!
20:59 stockholmMT: ich habe gerade eine setup_harddisks_2 mail geschrieben
20:59 stockholmschon gesehen?
20:59 MThmm, nö
20:59 stockholmschau mal auf der linux-fai liste
21:14 lazyb0yis noch nicht angekommen
21:14 stockholmduh
21:14 stockholmmal schauen ob es hier steckt
21:17 stockholmOct  7 22:41:52 barnabas postfix/smtp[31149]: 1CD4714C359: to=<linux-fai@uni-koeln.de>, relay=seraph.rrz.uni-koeln.de[]:25, delay=0.87, delays=0.11/0.01/0.6/0.16, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 ok:  Message 4602447 accepted)
21:17 stockholmwird das moderiert?
21:19 MTnö, aber ich glaube Du musst subscribed sein, das ist alles
21:19 stockholmbin ich ja
21:22 stockholmich schicke es dir nochmal direkt
21:22 stockholmMT: ich habe deine email von det arbeit in der liste gefunden
21:23 stockholmsoll ich es dahin schicken oder  liest du das heute abend eher nicht mehr?
21:23 MTdoch, schreib einfach!
21:23 stockholmok
21:28 stockholmsent
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21:28 stockholmMT: ich habe es nochmal geschickt und dich ins cc genommen
21:28 MTthx
21:31 MTcommit access kann Dir wohl nur Mrfai geben
21:32 stockholmah
21:32 MT-> aber ich freue mich sehr, wenn Du direkt in meinen branch committest
21:32 stockholmok
21:32 MTbin auch kein Freund der ewigen diffs/patches
21:33 stockholmdann werde ich mal morgen checken ob ich den nicht bekommen kann :-)
21:33 MTalso bloß nicht davon abschrecken lassen, dass der branch people/michael/ heißt :-)
21:33 stockholmok
21:33 stockholm:-)
21:33 MTam besten Mrfai direkt anmailen
21:33 MTbrauchst aber einen alioth account
21:33 MTfalls Du den nicht eh hast
21:33 stockholmhab ich doch
21:33 stockholmich dachte auch dass ich schon irgendwo commitaccess habe
21:33 stockholmim fai baum
21:34 stockholmfaibaum und maibaum reimen sich
21:34 MT:-)
21:34 MTzu Problem 2 (disk1)
21:34 MTalso vorgesehen ist das schon
21:34 stockholmah
21:34 stockholmsuper
21:35 MTist $disklist im environment?
21:35 MThast Du den perl-Code gerade vor Dir?
21:35 MTZeile 51 in shdd2-init
21:37 stockholmmoment
21:37 stockholmich war gerade bailys holen :-)
21:37 MTProblem 1 sollte relativ einfach zu fixen sein, ist wohl nur eine kleine Erweiterung des Parsers
21:37 stockholmja, das sollte man schnell hinkriegen
21:38 MTProblem 3 ist definitiv ein Bug, ich weiß nur noch nicht wo ...
21:38 MTalso wenn Du ein bisschen Zeit zum hacken/debuggen hast, wäre das super
21:38 MTich werde heute und morgen wohl keine Zeit für die bugs haben
21:40 stockholmich aber :-)
21:40 stockholmwie gebe ich denn debug ausgaben aus?
21:40 stockholmich würde gerne die disklist ausgeben
21:41 MT( $FAI::debug > 0 ) and print "Input was:\n" . $input;
21:41 stockholmok
21:42 MT( $FAI::debug > 0 ) and print Dumper "disklist:\n" . \@FAI::disks;
21:42 MT(sollte klappen)
21:43 stockholmwo soll ich denn nach dem lvm keyword suchen?
21:43 MTalso interessant wär zu wissen, wo er diese Fehlermeldung bringt
21:43 stockholmok
21:43 stockholmbist du online morgen?
21:43 MTja, meistens schon
21:44 stockholmsupi :-)
21:44 MTalso Du kannst jedenfalls mal debug-ausgabe in den parser reinbauen
21:44 stockholmok
21:44 MTnach Zeile 378 in shdd2-parser
21:44 stockholmgeht los
21:47 stockholmMT: in zeile 393 sieht es ja auch so aus als ob disk1 unterstützt würde
21:47 stockholmist der kode noch nicht vollständig?
21:48 MTalso eigentlich sollte der schon vollständig sein
21:49 stockholmfein
21:49 MTwir in init_disk_config (ab Zeile 142 in shdd2-parser) übersetzt
21:49 stockholmwie sollte dann die zeile mit der vg definition aussehen?
21:50 MTdie - welche Zeile?
21:51 stockholmin meiner mail die zeile vg  my_pv       sda3, sdb2, sdc2, sdd2
21:51 stockholmwenn ich disk1 etc statt sda etc schreibe
21:53 MTalso Fehler 1:
21:53 MTkein space zwischen sda3, sdb2
21:53 MTetc.
21:53 MTund mit disk1
21:53 MTalso das ist an dieser Stelle nicht implementiert
21:54 MTbzw. so noch nicht vorgesehen
21:54 MThmm, sollte man aber wohl
21:54 stockholmmuss man wohl
21:55 MTda brauchen wir noch eine Syntax
21:55 MTwie disk1.1
21:55 MToder so
21:55 stockholmwie macht man das mit der partition... genau
21:55 stockholmspricht eigendlich nix dagegen das so zu schreiben, oder?
21:56 MTnö, glaub das wär ganz gut so
21:56 MTkannst Du gerne implementieren
21:56 MToder sonst bitte einfach im Wiki in die TODO liste schreiben
21:56 stockholmdanke :-)
21:56 stockholmok, ich werde mal sehen wie ich da durchsteige :-)
21:57 MTalso im parser ist ja eine EBNF drin
21:57 MTals Kommentar
21:57 MTund genau so ist dann auch die Implementierung des parsers
21:57 MThmm, fast genau so :-)
21:57 stockholmEBNF?
21:57 MTalso im Kommentar heißt das ding size:
21:58 MTextended backus naur form
21:58 MTbeschreibung der syntax
21:58 stockholmwas ok
21:58 stockholmok
21:58 MTZeile 582
21:58 stockholmerwartungsgemäss kommt er scheinbar nie an die stelle mit dem lvm parser
21:59 stockholmund ich sehe auch keine ausgabe der disklist.
22:00 stockholmnaja, ich bin jetzt echt müde. ich hau mich mal aufs ohr :-)
22:00 stockholmgute nacht :-)
22:00 MTgute Nacht!
22:00 MTnoch etwas für den Start morgen
22:01 MTZeile 402
22:01 MTda müsste er dann landen, wenn er das lvm nicht richtig sieht
22:01 stockholmok
22:01 stockholmim parser?
22:01 MTgenau
22:02 stockholmja, richtig
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