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08:50 alleemoin
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10:51 h01germikap, do you have virtualbox 1.5 running with usb-support?
10:51 h01geri read your blog and used strace, but i can find "usb" in the strace...
10:56 h01germikap, in the opensource editition or the propietary
10:56 h01ger?
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11:09 mikaph01ger: I'm using the version from (so not the Debian packages from the debian pool)
11:09 mikaph01ger: and yes, IIRC usb worked (though not booting from USB IIRC)
11:10 mikapthough would have to check that again to verify it ;) don't use the usb stuff inside virtualbox because what I would need is booting from usb
Action: h01ger too
11:11 h01gerif i run "vboxmanage list usbhost" i get errors...
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11:38 mikaph01ger: ah ok; I'll check it if I have access to my system again
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12:10 alleeMrfai:  I've answered you nfs-common question on bts.
12:11 alleeto fai debian users: is the chroot size in debian 330 MB for a unmodifed fai-* installaiton as given in the doc?  Du -sh in gutsy gives 383 MB
Action: h01ger blames python
12:12 h01geru.a.
Action: allee kicks python
Action: allee ponders if it's worth fixing the size in the docs for (k)ubuntu
12:14 Mrfaino it's not worth it. I may change the guide and say this is the size for a Debian nfsroot
12:15 alleeMrfai: right, maybe a README.ubuntu listing the small diff debian<->ubuntu is the way to go (if I'll find more items)
12:16 siretartindeed
12:17 alleeMrfai: ah, one more:  License use often old FSF address '...Temple Place...'.  They moved to Franklin Street
12:19 alleeHits for Franklin 1, for Temple 25
12:20 alleehi siretart
12:20 siretarthi allee
12:21 alleebtw.  I've now a package that boots demohosts (still errors).  (== Head in uploaded trunk-ubuntu)
12:21 Mrfaiallee: please submit bug reports for whose little changes, otherwise I will forget to change those
Action: h01ger points Mrfai to linda+lintian. the ones in unstable
Action: siretart looks at
12:23 siretartahh. that's how I expected it to be. Mrfai should be able to easily merge patches like :)
12:26 siretartallee: is a very good catch! I wondered why your expr didn't work for me
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12:58 alleesiretart: :)
Action: allee fires up reportbug -bts debian
12:59 siretartallee: If you don't have more changes in your pipe, feel free to upload your package to our PPA. do you know how to do it?
13:02 alleesiretart: I once read about it.  and wasn't there a ppaput or so?  I'll find it again I hope ;)
13:03 siretartallee: ppaput is for reviewing purposes. you don't need that for this
13:03 siretartallee: <- add this to your ~/
13:04 siretartwhen uploading, double check the Distribution: line of your changes file
13:04 siretartin my last uploads, I batch uploaded all backports in the same upload. They mustn't contain the orig.tar.gz anyway.
13:05 siretartwell, not in the same upload, but without waiting for the ACCEPTED mail from the first upload
13:05 alleesiretart: oh, no .orig.tar.gz.  So like in debian archive?  only once for new upstream tarball, then only diffs?
13:06 siretartallee: like in the ubuntu archive. the orig.tar.gz must be contained in the first upload only
13:06 alleethey take tarball from the distro archive? Cool  (and dialup friendly)
13:07 siretartbut I already uploaded the fai-3.2.1 tarball
Action: allee feeds debian bts, then cares about the ppa pkg
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13:47 glanceMrfai: the nolocking bug is that the $romountopts or what the name is, isn't exportet from fai.
13:48 glancebecause the get-config-dir-nfs script is a script and not a function it doesn't get the $romountopt variable.
13:48 glanceromountopt is the name
13:49 glanceline 35 of fai
13:49 glanceand that one should have a -n in it because mtab is a symlink to /proc/mounts
13:51 Mrfaiglance: yep, romountopt will be exported in the next fai version. I will also add -n
13:52 MrfaiI just added thos changes to my fai version, but did not commit it yet.
13:55 glancecheck
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18:37 alleemhm, grub is installed after memtest86 and memtest (update-grub in postinst) complains /boot/grub not found.  Same on debian?
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18:55 Mrfaiallee: paste you log file to
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19:08 alleeMrfai: until my fai install finished again ...
19:08 alleegrub/postinst:   use /var/log/fai/  but when I reboot it's in /var/lib/fai/
19:09 alleeand why $target if it's designed to work only with softinst ;)
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19:27 alleeMrfai: software.log    Searching for memtest8|grub  shows the ordering problem
19:31 Mrfaiok, this is really a memtest86+ problem. If the ubuntu version of memtest86 need grub, it must have a depends on it.
19:33 Mrfaimaybe related to #129614 in LP
19:33 siretartubuntu changes
19:35 alleesiretart: I fail to see the related change/fix :(
19:37 alleeMrfai: yeap that's the bug
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19:38 MrfaiIn debian etch in memtest86+.postinst update-grub is not called. This is done in the ubuntu version.
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19:39 alleesiretart: your opinion where I should keep a todo/notes lists.  FAIwiki.  TODO.ubunt in source package somewere in lauchpad?
19:40 siretarthow about lp bugs?
19:40 siretartso we can make comments via email
19:41 MrfaiI think the faiwiki is a good place to keep ubuntu related todo's and notes
19:41 siretart*nod*
19:43 siretartfor really small notes/todo lists etc this is perhaps the easiest
19:44 alleeMrfai: any preference how to name ubuntu centric pages?   UbuntuWhatever? or ...
19:45 MrfaiFAIonUbuntu?
19:45 MrfaiFAI ist natuerlich ueberfluessig im faiwiki
19:46 MrfaiRunningOnUbuntu?
19:46 siretartUbuntuTeam/Todo
19:46 siretartUbuntuTeam/Minutes
19:46 siretart...
19:47 alleeah, I like UbuntuTeam prefix
19:47 Mrfaigood idea
19:47 alleefor now I will simple remove memtest86 and add to UbuntuTeam/Todo
19:55 Mrfaimemtest86+ on debian has a longer test in postin before calling update-grub:
19:55 Mrfaiif test -e /boot/grub/grub.cfg && which update-grub
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19:57 Mrfaiseems that ubuntu is just too old. Debian bug #425221 was fixed in 1.70-3. So ubuntu should update to debians version
20:04 alleeMrfai: interesting. Only  system installed from kubuntu lifecd there is no /boot/grub/grub.cfg and my sys uses for sure grub
20:07 Mrfaiseems that grub.cfg is new. I also didn't knew it before.
20:07 alleeso grub too old too :(   And I had the impression using ubuntu mean living on the edge ;)
20:19 alleeMrfai: uhm, problem with wiki confirmation e-mails?  received the mail.  clicked the link -> invalid confirmation code  (valid until 3-Okt was in email)
20:20 siretartwhat is too old? grub?
20:21 siretart      grub |    0.97-29 |      unstable | source, amd64, hurd-i386, i386
20:21 siretart      grub | 0.97-29ubuntu4 |         gutsy | source, amd64, i386
20:22 alleesiretart: ah, you know by accident why there no grub.cfg in gutsy?  debian test for it in memtest86+ postinst.  Nevertheless I've non here.
20:23 siretarterr, what's grub.cfg? where is it supposed to be?
20:23 allee[21:56] <Mrfai> if test -e /boot/grub/grub.cfg && which update-grub
20:24 siretartI don't have a /boot/grub/grub.cfg either
20:24 siretartis that an alternative name for /boot/grub/menu.lst?
20:25 alleesiretart: is completely new for me too
20:26 siretart
20:26 siretarthmmm
20:26 Mrfaimaybe used in grub2? I don't know.
20:26 MrfaiBut the newer memtest package in debian seems to fix the bug
20:27 siretartwll, since thats no new upstream version, lets just fixup that merge here:
20:28 alleesiretart: how to fixup.  As gutsy has no grub.cfg what's the right test?
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20:31 siretartthere seem to be some bashism reported in LP
20:32 siretarthmm
20:32 alleeokay.  /boot/grub in not in grub package or any other.  Postinst of grub and memtest use simple update-grub and update-grub abort when there's no boot/grub dir
20:33 alleeeh, /boot/grup dir should not appear from nowhere
20:34 siretartmmh, tired now
20:34 siretartallee: if you want to finish the merge today, feel free. If not, I'll finish it tomorrow
20:34 siretartgood night, folks!
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20:40 alleesiretart: I stick with testing fai for the rest of the night
20:40 alleesiretart: sleep well
20:46 lazyb0ysiretart: what's the best way to install gutsy (on real hardware, for now)?
20:47 lazyb0yare there cd's yet?
20:47 lazyb0yhmm, too late, I guess...
20:48 lazyb0yah, cdimage.ubuntu.cim is the answer...
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22:00 MTmikap?
22:01 MTmikap, I'll respond to your request on FAI_CONFIG_SRC via the BTS...
22:04 MrfaiI think we need to work on the FAI developers workshop on catching error codes during make-fai-nfsroot and dirinstall and other parts
22:06 MTMrfai, I was talking about #444213
22:06 MTfai-client: support for softupdate without need for FAI_CONFIG_SRC
22:07 MTIMHO this report is simply invalid
Action: lazyb0y just replied to this
22:11 lazyb0ydoes CONFIG_SRC already understand file:// urls?
22:12 Mrfaiyep  get-config-dir-file exists
22:13 MTjap
22:13 MTthough I'm not sure whether it's documented...
22:14 MThmm, at least not in the fai-guide
22:14 MTbut the comment in fai.conf contains it
22:15 MT# how to access the fai config space
22:15 MT# default if undefined here: nfs://`hostname`/$FAI_CONFIGDIR
22:15 MT# supported URL-types: nfs, file, cvs, cvs+ssh, svn+file, svn+http,
22:15 MT# git, git+http,
22:15 MT#FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://yourservername$FAI_CONFIGDIR
22:22 mikapMT: ok, feel free :)
22:22 MTfeel free ... to do what?
22:23 MTif it's about the comment to your bug report - I already commented on it, you should have received an email already
22:23 mikapMT: regarding "I'll respond to your request on FAI_CONFIG_SRC via the BTS..." I meant, sorry - read your mail right now
22:24 mikapif FAI_CONFIG_SRC is unset: where is the config stuff of fai dirinstall by default then?
22:25 mikaph01ger: VBoxManage list usbhost > vbox_usb.txt =>
22:26 MTI think FAI_CONFIG_SRC must be set in any case
22:26 mikaph01ger: you know the problem, right?
22:26 mikapMT: I definitely haven't set it :)
22:26 MTbut what's so wrong about setting it to a sane value?
22:26 mikapMT: that's why I never understood why I should have to set it at all ;)
22:26 h01germikap, yes + thx. thats with the non-ose version, right?
22:26 mikapMT: cause I don't know what it should be for ;)
Action: h01ger made himself a customized d-i cd, because usb-booting doesnt work anyway :/
22:27 mikaph01ger: yepp, 1.4.0
22:27 MTa "sane value" cannot be guessed easily
22:27 Mrfainormally FAI_CONFIG_SRC will be appended to /srv/fai/nfsroot/etc/fai/fai.conf which is then read by the install clients.
22:27 MT_you_ will definitely know a sane value
22:28 mikapMT: it would be OK for me to set it to a "sane value" if I don't have to deal with it any further; though I don't know yet what would be the benefit (instead of just not setting it at all) and what's the easiest solution
22:28 mikap% grep -r FAI_CONFIG_SRC /etc/grml/fai
22:28 mikap/etc/grml/fai/fai.conf:#FAI_CONFIG_SRC=nfs://yourservername$FAI_CONFIGDIR
22:29 mikapand I'm invoking 'fai -C/etc/grml/fai ...'
22:30 MTwell, then copy your config space from the NFS server to some directory
22:30 mikapMT: NFS-server? I don't have one
22:30 mikapthat line is not activated (see '^#...')
22:30 mikapit's just the default from simple-example of FAI, never activated it
22:30 MTwell, but somehow you got your chroot dir-installed, didn't you?
22:31 mikapMT: sure, running fai dirinstall ;)
22:31 MTwell, using which config?
22:31 mikapwhich config do you mean? :)
22:31 mikapsorry, I really don't know what FAI_CONFIG_SRC is for, never used that for dirinstall ;)
22:31 MTrunning fai dirinstall also requires a config space
22:32 mikapI definitely didn't define a config space
22:32 MThmm, Mrfai, was it the the simple example he used?
22:32 mikapwhat's supposed to be stored inside this config space?
22:32 lazyb0ymikap: the default is used - /srv/fai/config
22:32 mikaplazyb0y: I don't have such a directory
22:33 lazyb0yhmm
22:33 lazyb0ystrange, then
22:33 lazyb0ybut somewhere, you  must have it
22:33 mikapexaclty that's why I'm so such confused :) softupdate told me to use a config space which I never needed so far ;)
22:33 lazyb0ywhere do you define your package lists, etc?
22:34 MrfaiFAI_CONFIG_SRC is for the isntall client. They must know how/where to access the config space.
22:34 mikapls /etc/grml/fai/config
22:34 mikapclass/  debconf/  hooks/  package_config/  scripts/
22:34 lazyb0yah!
22:34 Mrfaiconfig space is not the same a config dir that is specified with fai -C
22:34 MTwell, there it is ...
22:34 mikap/etc/grml/fai/fai.conf:FAI_CONFIGDIR=/etc/grml/fai/config
22:34 mikap=> but that's not FAI_CONFIG_SRC?!
22:35 MTFAI_CONFIG_SRC="file:///etc/grml/fai/config"
22:35 lazyb0ymikap: Mrfai: it is the same from the contents
22:35 lazyb0ythis is obviously a bit confusing
22:35 mikapso I should just give it a try with FAI_CONFIG_SRC="file:///etc/grml/fai/config"?
22:35 MTyep
22:35 Mrfaiyep
22:35 mikapgreat :)
22:35 mikapI will try that tomorrow, bed is calling ;)
22:35 lazyb0ymikap: if you copied that into the chroot, yes
22:36 mikaplazyb0y: not manually at least ;)
22:36 MTmikap, please change your bugtitle
22:36 MTto
22:36 lazyb0yotherwise, as I wrote in the bts, bind.mount it into the chroot
22:36 MTdocumentation of FAI_CONFIG_SRC is incomplete and not clear enough
22:36 mikapMT: feel free to adjust it to whatever is more appropriate
22:36 MTwell, it's your bug report :-)
22:36 Mrfaimikap: I really like to see you at the fai developers workhop. Will you try to attend?
22:36 lazyb0ymikap: I'd guess dirinstall doesn't copy the configspace into the chroot, but i might be wrong
22:37 mikapas soon as I checked out whether it does what it need and if I understand the code I will provide a patch for the docs
22:37 MTthx!!
22:37 mikapMrfai: that's the one on 8/9. november, right?
22:37 lazyb0yhmm, but it copies /etc/fai, and as you "accidentally" have the configspace in /etc/fai, it might be there
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22:37 lazyb0y_normally_ it is not automatically there, e.g. when it's at the default location /srv/fai/config
22:38 MTguys, I'll leave for bed ...
Action: MT says good night!
22:38 lazyb0ygood idea :)
22:39 mikapgood n8! :)
22:39 Mrfaimikap: 9-11 november
Action: Mrfai bed is calling too
22:41 mikapMrfai: right, a pretty cheap flight would be available for Graz=>Köln and back, but IIRC just on 8th and 12th :-/ so I would need a place where I could stay in that time (assuming that I manage it to have time)
22:42 lazyb0ymikap: don't stay at Mrfai's place - he has dangerous cats!
22:42 Mrfaiok, first let's see if we get enough money to held the workshop.
22:42 mikaplazyb0y: *gggg*
22:42 mikapMrfai: ok
Action: mikap is back tomorrow, n8 :)
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Action: lazyb0y just installed gutsy and tried fai-setup... error log follows :(
23:33 alleelazyb0y: pastebin.  I've almost ready to upload gutsy ppa package, with contains several fixes:
23:34 alleelazyb0y: im rebuiding nfsroot, then a pxe demohost install.  and with luck then an upload to ppa
--- Thu Sep 27 2007

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