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06:37 sheldonhso now i understand what all this "red logo" stuff is about
06:37 sheldonhi thought people were talking about the red box at the top of the screen during the install
06:38 sheldonhi _definitely_ want an enterprise license ;)
06:40 torkelsheldonh: or read the documentation how to get rid of it :-)
06:41 torkel(hint: search for nocolorlogo)
06:41 sheldonhhave no fear, it won't survive :)
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06:42 sheldonhi must admit, it looks nice.  but i hear it doesn't play nice with serial consoles
06:44 torkelnot very, no
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07:51 sheldonhi'm now writing our post-install hooks.  they need to copy some files onto the install client (i know, we should really be using packages).  is there a de facto standard location for resources that $FAI/scripts copy onto the client, or shall i just create $FAI/resources?
07:51 MT$FAI/files ?
07:56 baldymorgen
08:02 sheldonhMT: oh.  are those copied in automatically?
08:02 MTno, but fcopy helps you doing that
08:02 MTwell, actually you could do a recursive fcopy
08:02 MThmm, maybe they even are
08:02 sheldonhMT: that's good.  i don't want automatic copy of my goodies
08:03 MTsearch for fcopy in the scripts/*
08:03 torkelor use man fcopy
08:06 sheldonhinteresting
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08:08 theBroshould fai-cd work on 3.2.1? I am getting kernel panic with the following error msg: /init: .: 150: Can't open /scripts/live
08:09 theBrothat is when i create my own installation cd using the fai-cd command and try to install a machine
08:10 mikaptheBro: just a wild guess: do you have live-initramfs installed (inside the chroot system which is used for building the initramfs)?
08:11 theBrothat was my guess but i just installed it on host :( (gotta try under chroot)
08:12 sheldonhwhere is set_disk_info defined (as used by 20-hwdetect.source)?
08:12 mikapit has to be installed on the system where 'update-initramfs ...' is invoked (which builds the initramfs used for booting the system)
08:12 mikapsheldonh: /usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux
08:13 sheldonhshot, thanks
08:14 sheldonhmikap: i see it sets a variable disklist, but doesn't export it.  i'm guessing that, because my 60-menu.source is sourced, the variable will be available anyway?
08:17 sheldonhcool!  disk-info skips cdroms
08:21 theBromikap: where exactly do I need to configure the live-initramfs for it to be installed?
08:22 MTthat's defined in /etc/fai/NFSROOT
08:22 MT(I think...)
08:22 h01gertheBro, it needs to be apt-getable in the nfsroot-chroot
08:24 theBroit is mentionet in NFSROOT and koeln repo is in sources.list (under /etc/fai/apt/)
08:25 sheldonhdo you have to specify dependencies in package_config/*, or will dependencies get installed automatically becuase i'm using "PACKAGE aptitude"?
08:25 theBrosheldonh: dependencies get installed automatically
08:25 sheldonhwicked
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08:30 sheldonhwhereis ifclass
08:30 MThmm, either subroutines or subroutines-linux
08:31 sheldonhgrrr, i've got to stop being an idiot, sorry
08:31 MTidiot - why?
08:31 sheldonhwell i should have thought to check there :)
08:31 MTjust because you're asking questions?
08:31 sheldonhthanks, you're very kind :)
08:32 MThey, we're here because we like to help wherever we can...
08:33 theBrostill getting the same error :(
08:33 sheldonhthis is so going to rock.  i can pretty much handle the entire configuration of our standard authentication and backup systems as part of the install :)
08:34 MTin fact, you should be able to handle really _the entire_ config
08:34 MTthat's what we do here
08:34 MTno manual config at all
08:34 MTever.
08:34 sheldonhMT: well i'm a little nervous about giving our fai server root on our backup servers :)
08:35 MTsure, migration could be painful
08:35 sheldonhMT: i suppose i'll have to go there eventually.  but for now, i reckon an hour's work will shave 40 minutes off every install :)
08:35 stockholmi would need som kind of tool to add newly installed machines to supervising servics like munin
08:36 stockholminstalling and configuring the munin client is obvious
08:36 stockholmbut altering the munin server with each client install?
08:36 sheldonh:)
08:36 torkelMT: that may depend on your security policy...
08:36 stockholmis there a tool for that?
08:36 stockholmgpg signed mails send to the respective services at install time?
08:36 MTtheBro, did you check whether live-initramfs is installed?
08:37 sheldonhstockholm: the trick is (well, will be for us) , for the fai install to write the new install client's details to a provisioning database, and then the provisioning server takes care of updating nagios, munin, backup, etc. servers
08:37 MTtorkel, "that" - ehm - what?
08:37 h01gerstockholm, debian-edu does that. iirc it's done by sitesummary (another package)
08:38 torkelMT: if you can do everything automatically.
08:38 stockholmh01ger: debian-edu seems to be cool. i should check that out.
08:38 theBroMT: it should get installed...but i'll make sure...
08:38 stockholm:-)
08:38 h01gerstockholm, yeah, i you havent done so, you should really look at debian-edu ;-)
08:39 MTtorkel, if your security policy does not allow for fully automated (and thus reproducible) installs there might be some problem in your policy... :-)
08:39 MTof course, some manual checks may be necessary
08:39 MTbut manual changes is probably not what you want...
08:42 torkelMT: depending of the security level of the machine, we have to do some steps manually. Not on all the cluster nodes though, they are installed automatically
08:42 theBroMT: MT live-initramfs gets mirrored but there is nothing with the name live under the initrd.img
08:43 theBrowould guess that there should be something within the initrd image
08:43 MTh01ger, any idea about theBro's problem?
08:44 MTI've not yet started using live-initramfs, so I'm afraid I can't help that much
Action: h01ger thinks live-initramfs is not installed in the nfsroot
08:47 h01gertheBro, check the output of "make-fai-nfsroot -v"
08:47 h01ger(even if it ends in "nfsroot created successfully"
08:47 h01ger)
08:48 theBroack
08:50 theBroduring the retriving phase there is no live-initramfs mentioned (script is still running though)
08:50 h01gerusing 3.2.1?
08:50 theBroh01ger: yep
08:51 h01geralso inside the nfsroot? ;)
08:51 theBrohow do i make sure?
08:52 theBrodo I need to include koeln repository in make-fai-nfsroot.conf?
08:53 theBroI currently have: FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="etch http://localmirror/debian"
08:56 h01geri think its enough if you have it in /etc/fai/apt/sources.list but i'm not 100% sure
08:56 h01gerMrfai, ^
08:57 theBroi have it in that one and not working :(
09:01 theBrosomeone has forgotten to run make-fai-nfsroot after updateing the sources.list
Action: Mrfai gruesst aus Zuerich
09:03 h01gerMrfai, gruezi :)
09:03 h01gertheBro, and now it works?
09:05 theBroh01ger: yep, seems to be starting the installation
09:05 theBrothanks a bunch
09:18 sheldonhcan dialog(1) put multiple widgets (a checklist and a menu) in a single dialog?  i know it can chain multiple dialogs, but i'd like everything in one if possible
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09:22 mikapsheldonh: no, if you need that take a look at STFL
09:23 sheldonhooooo
09:23 sheldonhschweet
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10:12 sheldonhcan i just exit with nonzero status in a class source ($FAI/class/60-menu.source) to abort the install, or must i call a magic helper
10:12 sheldonh?
10:13 h01gerdefine an EXIT class and hook all tasks away if that class is defined
10:16 sheldonhummm...
10:16 sheldonh"hook all tasks away"?
10:16 lazyb0yhmm, I asked for such an enhancement (make it configurable if FAI should continue with an an install if a script exists with nonzero or not)... but I think I didn't file a wishlist bug yet
10:17 lazyb0ysheldon use the function skiptask TASKNAME
10:17 lazyb0yit's a workaround for the thing you want
10:17 lazyb0ycurrently, FAI just runs everything to the end as far as it can, whatever error occurs on the way
10:17 lazyb0ysome people want that, and it's useful in some cases
10:19 lazyb0ysheldonh: but even with this skiptask, the scripts would all run through, I assume - this would only skip all the tasks _after_ the configure task
Action: h01ger wouldnt call it a workaround :)
10:23 lazyb0ywhat else
10:23 h01gernormal fai usage
10:24 lazyb0yhe asked for a _solution_ of something he wants to...
10:24 lazyb0yand his proble is currently not solveable, but a worakround is possible
10:24 h01geryeah. its a feature of fai that you can use hooks for everything. so its no workaround, but normal usage
10:24 lazyb0yfrom the point of view of his requirements, this is a workaround.
10:26 sheldonhi guess i could print a message, read a line of input and then reboot -f
10:27 siretartMrfai: gruesse nach zuerich!
10:28 siretartMrfai: fai 3.2.1 ist in ubuntu nun. die letzte mail von mir haette eigentlich nicht an die listen gehen sollen, sorry fuer den spam
10:29 lazyb0ysheldonh: there's also the command faireboot, but I don't know excatly, in what it differs to reboot, and if it's good to call it in the middle of the configure task
10:29 sheldonhonly problem with my reboot approach is a log won't be saved back to the fai server
10:29 lazyb0yand yes, that's the way how you can skip all following scripts to run and any task
10:29 lazyb0ysheldonh: call savelog before reboot!
10:29 mikapI'd like to include scripts/config from a class in another class; what's the proposed way to do that? is symlinking supported? so .../fai/config/scripts/GRML/32-xorg is a symlink to .../fai/config/scripts/GRML_X/32-xorg?
10:30 sheldonhlazyb0y: aha!  looks like faireboot calls fai-savelog if called with the -s option :)
10:30 h01germikap, better define that class if the other class is defined
10:31 lazyb0ymikap: hmm, not exactyl, theres no such thing as inheritance
10:31 lazyb0ymikap: what's the difference between the two classes?
10:31 lazyb0ymikap: if it's packages, then you can define additional class dependencies in a package config
10:33 lazyb0yand in scripts, you can also to "ifclass X", and do additionall stuff for the X class in your script
10:34 mikaph01ger: lazyb0y: this sounds good, are there some recommended examples available to look at?
10:34 h01germikap, just use ifclass in a /class-script
10:34 lazyb0ymikap: in the simple examples
10:35 h01ger"ifclass FOO && echo BAR"
10:35 mikapmy problem is, that I've a base system, several different feature-sets and want to use several scripts depending of their "inheritance"
10:35 mikaph01ger: thanks!
10:35 lazyb0ygrep for ifclass, and look at package definitions that start with lines like "PACKAGES install CLASSNAME" instead of only "PACKAGES install"
10:35 mikaplazyb0y: thanks, found it
10:36 mikapexcellent, I'll play with that
10:36 h01germy example is to be used in fai-config-dir/class/50-host-classes or such...
10:36 mikapgreat
10:49 sheldonhgrrr, stupid dialog's saving the selected class names with quotes around them
10:54 sheldonh6 minute installs are nice :)
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11:07 sheldonhwhere can i find a list of hooks?  i expected to find it in "7.11 Hooks".  i want to scripts that are run after all packages are installed
11:09 sheldonhah i see... i could do 10-domagic.LAST, yes?
11:10 MThmm, no
11:10 MT10-domagic is not a task name
11:11 MT"after all packages" is before the default activity of configure
11:12 MTso you should instead do configure.LAST
11:12 sheldonhokay.  is there a list of these activities?
11:12 MT(well, I'd name it configure.DEFAULT)
11:12 MTI'm not sure whether there is one in the documentation
11:12 MTMrfai?
11:12 sheldonhah, i see.  i actually want configure.CLUE_STANDARD then
11:12 MTbetter look in lib/subroutines
11:13 MTsearch for task_install
11:13 sheldonhthe heart of it all :)
11:18 sheldonhand if my configure.FOO hook wants $disklist, it should source subroutines-linux, yes?  or is /usr/lib/fai in the path, in which case i can just call disk-info myself
11:23 torkelall tasks are listed in the documentation
11:24 torkelSee chapter 7.2 in the FAI Guide
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11:29 sheldonhtorkel: thanks.  and can my hooks trust that /usr/lib/fai is in the PATH?
11:35 torkelI think so yes
11:36 torkelsheldonh: If you haven't done it yet, I really suggest that you read the FAI Guide. It will give you a good understanding about FAI, and also some tips and tricks
11:45 Mrfaisheldonh: variables are available in all hooks/scripts. HAve a look at /tmp/fai/variables.log
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11:46 Mrfaisheldonh: grep PATH /usr/sbin/fai
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11:58 torkelsiretart: is PPA only building i386 packages? I'm missing live-initramfs for dapper/amd64
12:01 torkeland the build records says nothing about amd64 only i386 :-(
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12:04 torkelah now is it there
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12:20 Mrfaitorkel: live-initramfs is now arch all
12:32 siretarttorkel: right, live-initramfs is arch all.
12:33 siretarttorkel: PPA is btw building on both i386 and amd64. - that's because the builders are using xen, and xen doesn't work on anything but those 2 architectures
12:34 siretartbtw, did I mention that every member in the FAI team is able to upload packages to that ppa?
12:42 torkelMrfai, siretart: Yeah I noticed. My brain is a bit slow
12:44 torkelsiretart: You did. Though I'm not sure I trust my packaging skills enough to upload packages (yet)
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12:52 sheldonhMrfai: i keep reading, getting excited, having a look at something, and then getting lost because i should have read further :)
12:53 mikaphttp://paste.grml.org/58 => huh? does ifclass work different than I expect it to?
12:54 mikapgnaaaa, forget it :-/ fscking typo from myself ;(
12:56 h01gerif ifclass REMOVE_DOCS: ; then
12:56 h01ger:)
12:56 mikaph01ger: yeah, what a stupid typo from the code-rework ;-(
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13:16 sheldonhcan i use ifclass in class/*.var files ?
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13:35 sheldonhbleh. i've forgotten how setup_harddisks decides which class to use, and it's not documented in 7.7.  pointer?
13:38 sheldonhlooks like it works through them in reverse order of definition
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13:52 siretartwhile running fai, the variables seem to be sourced with '-x', this means that I can see things like to rootpw hash
13:52 siretarthas anyone else noticed that? how can I prevent that?
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14:08 sheldonh /srv/fai/config gets mounted on the install client as /fai, right?
14:09 sheldonhsiretart: is it worth trying to fix?  surely anyone who can see it could have seen it anyway, given physical access?
14:12 siretartsheldonh: yes, it is rather a cosmetical issue
14:21 sheldonhphew, this is mangling my head.  i can't find where fai chroots into $target.  i want to see where it happens, because i'm trying to find out whether i have access to anything from the fai server or the nfsroot from inside the $target chroot
14:44 mxpx-rgrep chroot *
14:45 sheldonhlooks ot me like /srv/fai/config is _not_ mounted as /fai by the install client.  my prepareapt hook couldn't find files in it
Action: h01ger found a new bug in fai. bashism.
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15:56 sheldonhdoes fai have hooks for including my own package signing keys into the fai nfsroot and subsequently into the installed client?
16:01 h01gersheldonh, yes, new in 3.2.1
16:02 sheldonhdamn
16:05 sheldonhh01ger: so for now i need an updatebase hook?  i've been trying (with http://rafb.net/p/Vuh25n99.html ), but i keep getting gpg NO_PUBKEY errors for the supposedly installed key at apt-get update time
16:07 h01geryes, i think so
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16:17 sheldonhha.  updatebase was the right task to hook, prepareapt was the wrong one :)
16:23 sheldonhwow!
16:23 sheldonhi wish i'd heard about debian-edu-config earlier.  it's got its own support for keeping etc under revision control with svk!
16:29 h01ger:)
16:36 sheldonhfai is the shit
16:36 sheldonhinterestingly, a colleague was reading The Debian System the day before i started working on automated installs, and suggested i look at it.  if he hadn't, i'd be busy with preseeding right now
16:37 h01germadduck used to hang out here
16:39 mikapis it possible to execute task_configure + later tasks only and not redo dirinstall completely btw?
16:39 h01gerfai -N softupdate
16:39 mikapcool, thanks :)
16:39 h01gernp, yw ;)
16:40 mikapcp: cannot create fifo `//var/log/fai/fuchsiatard/noaction-/logfifo': File exists - hm
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16:41 mikapwhen deleting the file (looks like on error the file isn't removed) I get:
16:41 mikapError: Provide the URL to obtain the fai config storage in $FAI_CONFIG_SRC - hm
16:41 mikapwhat should that be? :) I'm using dirinstall only, no NFS stuff anywhere ;)
16:42 h01gerthen you need to define $FAI_CONFIG_SRC in /e/f/fai.conf
16:42 mikapwhere should it point to? never defined that before :)
16:42 h01gernfs://server/path
16:43 h01geror svn://svn.hostname.tld/path
16:43 h01geror svn+ssh...
16:43 h01geror git ;)
16:43 mikapI use none of these ;)
16:43 h01gerwhat do you use?
16:43 mikapI never used that so far, so I've no clue what this should be ;)
16:43 mikaponly dirinstall feature :)
16:43 h01gerah
16:44 h01ger"normally" everybody starts with nfs...
16:44 h01geruse svn or git
16:44 mikapfor which task?
16:45 h01gerget_config(dir?)
16:46 juri_i've never used nfs. :)
16:46 mikaphm? I mean, the variable is described as "This variables described how to access the configuration space on the install clients." in the docs, but I don't have any "install clients"
16:46 h01germikap, svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/d-community/trunk/fai-config-dir ; cd fai-config-dir/doc ; less manual_adminwork.txt # read step 6 there
16:46 h01germikap, the machine you run fai on, is the install client
16:46 mikaph01ger: ahhh, thx - I'll check out :)
16:48 mikapinstead of svn://svn.debian.org/svn/d-community/trunk/fai-config-dir it should point to my localhost now?
16:48 h01gerMT, re: 443198: maybe,probably,hopefully ;)
16:49 h01germikap, yes, to your svn repo
16:49 mikaph01ger: hm ok, didn't want to use one but ok :)
16:49 MTh01ger, I think that trap code was developed during the first FAI workshop
16:49 MTbut I've no idea what that logical OR is good for...
16:49 h01germikap, its trivial to write /usr/lib/fai/get-config-dir-file and file a wishlist bug, so that Mrfai includes it in the next release ;)
16:49 MThmm, maybe eartoast knows about it
16:50 MTI'd guess it was him :-)
16:50 h01gerhehe
16:50 mikaph01ger: hm ok, I think I've to take a closer look at that ;)
16:51 mikapthough I don't really understand yet why's that needed at all, hm (why not just skip the steps I don't need again?)
16:52 h01geryou need to access the config space somehow
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18:00 mikaphm, I don't want to set up a full subversion server just to be able to skip the bootstrapping phase; isn't there a simple way how to skip the software installation? :-/
18:06 mikapcommenting out the relevant functions inside task_dirinstall() seems to do the trick :)
18:07 h01germikap, use svn+ssh ;)
18:09 mikaph01ger: that would be my fallback-solution ;) I don't want to have a dependency for a working subversion server, especially because I currently don't even know what would be the gain
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18:41 alleeoh, siretart away :(
19:02 mikap-       [ -f /etc/init.d/udev ] && umount $FAI_ROOT/dev
19:02 mikap+       [ -d $FAI_ROOT/dev/.udev ] && umount $FAI_ROOT/dev
19:03 mikap=> for /usr/sbin/fai, does this sound reasonable for you?
19:06 MTmikap, why do you propose this change?
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19:09 mikapMT: using this plus http://grml.org/tmp/fai_patch_for_dirinstall2.diff (that's a hack for now, I'm aware of this) would allow to re-execute dirinstall without headaches
19:10 MTwhat do you mean be re-execute?
19:10 mikapMT: I have a working chroot and just want to execute the class scripts without rebuilding the whole chroot
19:10 MTah, ok
19:11 MTwell, if this is the case -- file a bug report please :-)
19:11 mikapI'll do some more testing before, but will do that for sure :)
19:12 MTI think at the time this code was introduced udev was still pretty new and not used by everyone
19:12 MTthat is, it was before etch :-)
19:12 mikaphehe, yes looks like this ;)
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21:10 alleeMhm on client: mount <return> lists tmpfs on /cow type tmpfs (rw).  But there's no /cow dir  in / on the client
21:10 alleeother way round: anyone tried instaling gutsy client from a gutsy server? ;)  (fai 3.2.1-0ubuntu1)
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23:24 siretartallee: not yet
23:27 siretartallee: most probably because live-initramfs hasn't been synced yet
--- Thu Sep 20 2007

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