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08:19 h01gerMrfai,
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09:02 Robinayor_lo guys
09:02 Robinayor_is the fstab for the installing-system (nfsroot) generated on-the-fly or should it be in the nfsroot?
09:04 Robinayor_after recreating the nfs-root my clients aren't starting clean and spaming lots of "/var/log/" couldn't write/remove because of readonly-fs things
09:04 MTfstab is created by setup_harddisks
09:04 MTduring installation
09:04 MTunless you forcefully overwrite it in one of your scripts
09:05 Robinayor_MT: the fstab for the net-boot-install-system or the fstab for the sytem which will be installed on harddisk?
09:06 MTthe fstab for the system that is installed on harddisk
09:07 Robinayor_MT: mhh okay.. but i want to know if the fstab for the net-boot-install-system is created :-)
09:07 Robinayor_*how/where
09:07 MTso /srv/fai/nfsroot/etc/fstab ?
09:07 MTthis one is actually a dummy
09:07 Robinayor_MT: yea+
09:07 MTroot@mole:~# cat /srv/fai/nfsroot/etc/fstab
09:08 MTmounting is done manually by the fai script
09:08 Robinayor_yea, but where is it generated then? the client have to mount some ramdisks and so.. but here it doesn't do so
09:08 Robinayor_mhkay
09:09 MThmm, which fai version are you using?
09:09 Robinayor_MT: momplz
09:09 Robinayor_ *** 3.1.8 0
09:10 Robinayor_oh.. 3.2.1 is out
09:10 Robinayor_*upgrading*
09:10 MTah
09:10 MTbe careful
09:10 MTthat might make a big difference
09:10 Robinayor_MT: why? it isn't running atm
09:10 MTfai >= 3.2
09:10 Robinayor_MT: mhkay?
09:10 MTuses live-initramfs and unionfs
09:11 MTyou need to add boot=live to your pxe-configs
09:12 Robinayor_MT: this shouldn't be a problem.. the pxe-configs are generated dynamiclly here because fai is only installing a box once usually
09:12 MTah, using fai-chboot?
09:12 Robinayor_MT: we use it to install firewall and router-basesystems
09:12 MTthen it's fine
09:12 Robinayor_MT: not really, but it shouldn't be too hard to change my scripts
09:12 Robinayor_so i'll update it now
09:26 sheldonhfor pxeboot, where are you supposed to get to say which class you want this host to become?
09:26 baldymoin
09:31 Mrfaisheldonh: normally you do not define classes during pxeboot. Classes are defined by script in your config space in class/
09:34 sheldonhoh.  then i haven't read the docs carefully enough.  i thought i'd be able to say which class of box i want installed, even with pxeboot. :(
09:34 sheldonhMrfai: so basically, i need to let go of pxeboot as an option, and use cdboot?
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09:38 Robinayor_sheldonh: there is a way to do this..
09:38 Robinayor_sheldonh: but it isn't so nice
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09:39 Robinayor_sheldonh: but ever as possible you should try to get your classes elsewhere :-)
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09:45 sheldonhRobinayor_: i'm not married to pxeboot.  if the easiest way is with cdboot, i can go that route
09:45 sheldonhRobinayor_: i _really_ like the idea of being able to have an idiot _very_ easily select what kind of box this is and press "go" :)
09:46 sheldonhRobinayor_: and from the looks of it, pxeboot would require me to adjust the dhcp all the time anyway, yes?
09:49 sheldonhRobinayor_: hmmm, your bootprompt hack looks like it might do the trick.  but i didn't notice menu.lst being presented to pxeboot clients.  was i just not watching closely enough?
09:50 MrfaiRobinayor_: can you put this into the faiwiki please.
09:51 Mrfaisheldonh: you can use pxeboot and show the user a simple menu later, where he can select which type of installation will be performed
09:52 sheldonhMrfai: okay.  and the appropriate hooks for that will be explained after chapter 4? :)
09:54 Mrfaihave a look at This is a simple menu which defined classes by using the variable $newclasses
09:54 Robinayor_Mrfai: its allready there i think
09:55 sheldonhi think my problem is that i went ahead of where i was in the docs, after running into a few problems.  time to pause, breath, and read
09:56 sheldonhspecifically, i got hung up on what's supposed to go in pxelinux.cfg, particularly with respect to FAI_ACTION and FAI_FLAGS
09:56 Robinayor_fine.. fai 3.2.1 seems to work for me now
09:56 Robinayor_*smiling*
09:57 Robinayor_sheldonh: do you now fai-chboot?
09:58 Robinayor_sheldonh: combine the things it gives to you with this:
09:58 sheldonhRobinayor_: i think i did fai-chboot -IBv default
09:59 sheldonhooooooh
09:59 sheldonhi thought pxeboot.cfg/default was a grub menu.lst :)
10:01 sheldonhRobinayor_: can i put FAI_CLASSES=... in an append line in the menu?
10:01 Robinayor_sheldonh: if you use the script i've postet before you can append -- MYCLASS1 MYCLASSfoo ...
10:02 sheldonhoh of course, sorry
10:02 Robinayor_then you have to put the script in the config-nfsexport at config/class/
10:03 Robinayor_this script will render the classes from "Kernel-line" (how is it called right?) and exports them to FAI_CLASSES
10:04 sheldonhRobinayor_: it's not clear to me how your local variable newclasses becomes available to anything outside the script.  i take it the script is sourced by another script?  i _really_ think i should stop and read more :)
10:05 sheldonhoh, nevermind.  got confused between your 35-bootprompt and Mrfai's 30menu.source
10:07 Robinayor_sheldonh: i often don't understand fai too..
10:07 Robinayor_sheldonh: but if i want to read all the docs and the source to understand it i can't do the other work anymore :-)
10:07 Robinayor_my dns-setup is kinda broken :-(
10:08 sheldonhit's all about balance :)
10:08 sheldonhchapter 5 is helping
10:11 MrfaiIn FAI you always have the TIMTOWTDI option like in perl. (There is more than one way to do it)
10:11 Mrfaiso you can define classes in the kernel command line by using the script from Robinayor_, you can use fai-class command or use the 30menu.source script.
10:16 Robinayor_Mrfai: you can just append FAI_CLASS= to the kernel-prompt? *wondering*
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10:18 theBrohello, is there some reason why fai-cd has been changed; when -g option gives grub menu.lst (different name) it is copied as is to cd, not under the name menu.lst that is looked for by grub (my version of fai-cd is: fai-cd 4558 2007-09-07 14:12:01Z lange)
10:32 MrfaiRobinayor_: no I don't think that this is working
10:34 MrfaitheBro: Oh, this is a bug. Please report it to the Debian BTS
10:35 sheldonhthe user guide's 5.4 refers to /fai/class ... where is this?
10:37 Mrfaithis is now /var/lib/fai/config/class during installation on the isntall client. It's /srv/fai/config/class on your install server
11:00 sheldonhah.  so i should expect some staleness in the user guide
11:10 sheldonhso if i put FAI_ACTION=install in DEMO.var, if you select DEMO from the menu, the FAI_ACTION is set to install.  neat
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11:16 Mrfaisheldonh: yep
11:17 sheldonhmind you, i don't think that's needed, given the chboot i have
11:19 sheldonh7.7 doesn't mention md and lvm.  do i have to handle that myself?
11:26 Mrfailvm and raid is not yet supported by setup_harddisks. But the new partition tool (alpha stage) has support for it
11:27 sheldonhhmmm.  so can i somehow disable setup_harddisks and supply my own?
11:31 Mrfaiyep, using hooks.
11:32 sheldonhhmmm...
11:52 sheldonhafter making changes in /srv/fai/config, must i re-run fai-setup?
11:59 sheldonhhow does setup_harddisks know which class dictates the disk layout?
12:00 Robinayor_in which file is the read banner over the fai-client stored?
12:05 Mrfaisheldonh: no.
12:05 sheldonhMrfai: looks like setup_harddisks uses the last class defined?
12:05 Mrfaisheldonh: built in magic. The class with the highest priority.
12:06 MrfaiRobinayor_: you should not change the red banner ;-)
12:06 sheldonhRobinayor_: unless you pay for the enterprise version :)
12:07 Robinayor_Mrfai: why not? :-(
12:07 Robinayor_sheldonh: hehe
12:08 Robinayor_Mrfai: I don't want to remove the "Thomas Lange" of course - I just want to add the company-name to make my boss happy
12:09 sheldonhapt-proxy for the win
12:09 MrfaiRobinayor_: it's lib/prcopyleft
12:10 Robinayor_Mrfai: thy
Action: Mrfai now leaves to openexpo in zuerich
12:10 Robinayor_Mrfai: isn't fai gpl btw▀
12:10 Mrfaiyep.
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12:10 Robinayor_Mrfai: Godspeed!
12:41 sheldonhwhere do saved logs go on the server?
12:55 torkelto $LOGUSER/$HOSTNAME
12:59 sheldonhta
12:59 sheldonhfound them in /var/log/fai/...
13:00 sheldonhdoes fai-setup use hooks too?  i'd love to get my package-signing key added before fai-setup runs "apt-get update" in the nfsroot
13:04 torkeldon't think so. Though I have been thinking of extending the hooks in make-fai-nfsroot to be run at different times
13:07 sheldonhwooohooo!  it boots!  it installs! *beam*
13:07 sheldonhnow to figure out why it's installing a -486 instead of -686 kernel
13:09 sheldonhaha.  package_config
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13:21 BarryAllenhi
13:26 h01gerBarryAllen, lets discuss qemu stuff here, please
13:27 BarryAllenok
13:28 h01gerwhat do you mean with first stage?
13:28 BarryAllen im having problems to bootstrap an and64 system with qemu... i did the first stage... but after, i cant boot with any amd64bit kernel/initrd todo the second stage of the bootstrap....
13:28 BarryAlleni know that is a lot off-topic, but, im trying todo an amd64  nfsroot to use with fai :)
13:29 BarryAlleni tried to use, the kernel/initrd of the netinst(amd64) iso...
13:29 BarryAllenim trying to boot with it:
13:30 BarryAllen qemu-system-x86_64 -localtime -kernel vmlinuz  -hda c.img  -initrd initrd.gz -append "root=/dev/hda1 rw init=/bin/bash -ls"
13:31 h01gerlooks good to me
13:32 h01gerbut if you want to install amd64 hardware, you must have that hardware. so why dont you bootstrap on it, and use qemu instead?
13:32 BarryAlleni just got an /bin/bash not found... but if i mount the c.img with loop, /bin/bash is there
13:32 BarryAlleni dont have the hardware now :(
Action: h01ger guesses /bin/bash is not in the initrd than.
13:33 BarryAllenso i tried /bin/sh]
13:33 BarryAllenthat works
13:33 h01gerif you mount c.img with loop, do "file /bin/bash" - is it an i386 executable instead of amd64?
13:33 h01gerhow did you create c.img?
13:33 h01ger/bin/bash != /bin/sh :)
13:34 BarryAlleni know, but, works to me to have a console and look around.... sou i saw, the / isnt the same that if i mount c.img with loop, havent an /debootstrap on it...
13:34 BarryAllenjust a sec
13:34 BarryAllenlet me see, the bash arch
13:35 BarryAllenbin/bash: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped
13:36 BarryAlleni create the c.img with  qemu-img create c.img 2G
13:36 BarryAllenthen i create the partitions...
13:37 BarryAllenthen i formated it .... and later, run the 1st stage of the bootstrap
13:39 h01gertry without init=?
13:41 BarryAllenyes
13:41 BarryAllenso, the installer is opened
13:41 h01geri dont understand
13:41 BarryAllenyou recommends finish the install with it?
13:42 BarryAllenmy plan was just run the second stage of the debootstrap
13:47 h01gerboot an amd64 live-cd with qemu, and the run the full debootstrap from there?
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13:49 BarryAllenh01ger, that could works....
13:49 BarryAllenh01ger, ill try
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14:17 VattaFarI/commands
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14:30 sheldonhgrrrr.  it can take some head-scratching to find that an FAI script isn't executable :)
14:31 juri_failint for the win! :)
14:32 sheldonhhuh?  where? where!
14:34 BarryAllenh01ger, i wait todo that @#*$&@*#$& just 1 time... man... that is too slow!!
14:39 sheldonhgrrrr.  new install still not working.  can't for the life of me get lvm root to boot
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14:41 BarryAllencorrect me if im wrong, after finish my amd64 install, i copy the / from the new installed system to an nfsroot, and i have to take a look, on the make-fai-nfsroot script todo what it does when is executed?
14:52 sheldonhi've added a script to add dm_mod, dm_mirror and dm_snapshot to the install client's /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and run update-initramfs -u, but when the installed client boots, /dev/mapper/vgr1-root doesn't exist (even though the modules got loaded and /dev/mapper/control exists). any ideas?
15:41 h01gerBarryAllen, you run the make-fai-nfsroot script there
15:41 h01gersheldonh, iirc failint is linked in the faiwiki
15:52 juri_failint needs an update... too bad i'm presently fighting with qemu and xrdp folks...
16:19 BarryAllenh01ger, ... but run the make-fai-nfsroot there, will not rewrit the nfsroot?
16:20 Robinayor_how does the fai-client (net-boot-installer) get his hostname if i haven't any working dns?
16:20 MTit may be provided by your DHCP server
16:20 BarryAllenor manually informed when you boot
16:21 Robinayor_BarryAllen: how can i manually set it?
16:21 BarryAllenlike a kernel parameter, HOST=myhostname (or HOSTNAME=myhostname), im not sure wich
16:21 MThmm, I'm not sure how its currently done
16:21 MTyeah, try these two
16:22 Robinayor_hehe ok :-)
16:22 Robinayor_thx - i'll try
16:22 h01gerBarryAllen, you basically have a 2nd fai-server then running in qemu. where you want to create a new nfsroot
16:26 BarryAllenhmmm understand now... i was think about use that, install like an nfsroot, tks
16:41 sheldonhany advice on my lvm root issue?  it feels like i'm sooo close :(
16:45 BarryAllensheldonh, sorry, i never tried to setup an lvm
16:46 BarryAllen(with fai)
16:47 sheldonhoh well, i'll soldier on
16:54 sheldonhgrrr, okay, home time.  will hack away at it later
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17:22 Robinayor_it's HOSTNAME= btw
17:23 BarryAllenRobinayor_, :)
17:38 sheldonhi think i've figured my problem out.  i didn't make FAI install lvm2 and mdadm packages into the software raid client, so update-initramfs wasn't putting the required bits in the initramfs
17:43 sheldonhYES!  it boots!!!
17:47 sheldonhnow to hack up a checklist dialogue so you can select multiple classes from a menu *drool*
17:59 mikapthere does not exist a possibility for mount --bind within dirinstall already, right?
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