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09:20 mikapis there a way to force the installation of a specific package (and finish it) before continuing with other packages when running dirinstall?
09:21 mikapI've to replace sysv-rc with file-rc and fai dirinstall fails because of 'update-rc.d: not present yet. [...] You are replacing sysv-rc with file-rc or another -rc package, or the other way around. The replacement package must first be unpacked before you can configure other packages. Exiting with error status 1.'
09:24 h01germikap, use a hook
09:24 mikaph01ger: ok, thanks
09:25 h01geryou're welcome
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10:07 alleesiretart: hi, I've registered fai team on lauchpad.  Thx for creating it.
10:08 siretartallee: thanks for your interest!
10:09 alleesiretart: as I'm in hurry.  What the right bzr 'action to get the branch on my disk
Action: allee got @SIGLUNCH and would like to download while away
10:10 siretartallee: I have indeed a local bzr branch, but it is not published
10:10 siretartallee: I didn't knew that someone was interested
10:10 siretartallee: lets talk later about this
10:11 siretartallee: are you sure you've applied to the team? I don't see you at
10:11 alleesiretart: mhmm, I'm subscribed.  
Action: allee got SIGKILL :(
10:11 alleebye bbl
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10:12 mikapis it possible to handle "Error reading from server - read (104 Connection reset by peer)" within FAI without causing it to exit the dirinstall-process?
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Action: mikap just bootet the first bootable grml-version build via fai dirinstall :)
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12:09 alleesiretart: thx for addding me.  FWIW: I would, if I could, add the 2nd - 4th paragraph of your announcement (plus a ref to this channel in 4th para) and add it too team description
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12:49 h01gersiretart, allee: what do you plan to do with that launchpad group? co-maintain the package?</curious>
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13:38 siretarth01ger: I tried to explain that in my email: right now using the PPA. in the mid-term, gather people for co-maintaining it in ubuntu
13:41 siretarth01ger: is there a nice logo for fai?
14:50 h01gerPPA?
14:51 h01gersiretart, i made a logo scetch up a few years ago... most people liked it, but its not official. its on (/fai i guess)
14:52 siretartPPA == personal package archive. an apt-get'able repository with buildds
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15:16 siretartlazyb0y: welcome to the team ;)
15:16 lazyb0yI'm accepted? yippeeh! :)
15:17 siretarthrhr
15:18 oz_lazyb0y is ubuntu developer now?
15:18 oz_neat
15:18 kugghaha
15:19 siretartoz_:
15:21 lazyb0ylet's put it that way: I hope to be able to help a bit with fai packages in ubuntu and installing ubuntu with fai...
15:22 siretartyeah. that would also help a lot
15:22 siretartlazyb0y: you should be able to upload to the team's ppa now, so you could use that repository for testing, etc.
Action: oz_ offers testing
15:24 siretartoz_: I've prepared and uploaded test package for feisty.
15:24 siretartoz_: should give you instructions how to use them. if the text is not clear, enough, I can edit that a bit
15:40 h01gerlazyb0y, my condolences :-D
15:52 lazyb0yh01ger: ?
15:53 h01ger17:15-17:17 :) (and to be taken with a grant of salt)
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15:55 lazyb0yah, the good ol' ubuntu haters game :) actually, I'm not convenced of ubuntu that much anymore, running on only 1 machine of 5 machines at home, currently. vm's not counted (none ubuntu there)
15:56 lazyb0ybut it is important in two ways: 1) I don't think Debian would be where it is now without getting kicked that hard by ubuntu, and 2) it's making really fast success on the market - important for those who have to pay a rent
15:58 h01gerby market logic, you should sell windows
15:58 h01gerand, /me is not an ubuntu hater
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16:01 h01gerhai Mrfai
16:07 siretartlazyb0y: I don't think ubuntu is kicking debian "that hard" (or rather at all)
16:07 siretarti think the two projects have a bit different goals, and that's good
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16:15 h01gersiretart, i think lazyb0y ment that competition (from ubuntu) is "kicking" (as in motivating or so) debian. and thats good.
16:15 siretartindeed
16:15 lazyb0ykickin' in terms of "making debian to think more about getting more up to date software, more usable, released faster"
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16:19 lazyb0yh01ger: (about haters) sounded like that
16:20 lazyb0yh01ger:(market...) erm, with the assumption we are taling about the linux world :)
16:23 h01gerno. windows is the enemy (but not worth hating) and ubuntu is just the little kid misguided by some fancy eyecandy and sugar... seriously, i'm happy about ubuntus contributions and unhappy about some "moves". probably^w i dont even see windows as the enemy, i just want to live in a world with good free software.
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16:24 siretarth01ger: but it is still fun working there. (well, okay, working in debian is fun as well, else I wouldn't have become a DD)
16:26 h01gersiretart, sure
Action: lazyb0y hugs h01ger and siretart :)
16:28 h01ger:)
16:28 h01gerwasnt ubuntu hug day two days ago? :)
16:29 kuggI just made a faimond promotional video with the tools posted on you site h01ger , quite fun stuff.
16:29 h01ger(which is another example of what is good in ubuntu..)
16:29 h01gerkugg, nice
Action: h01ger looks
16:30 kuggI noticed how hard it was to keep the filesize down
16:30 h01gerdownloading with 4kb/s - DOSed? :)
16:31 kugguh, not from Im aware of but I have had connectivity problems
16:31 kuggLag: 1.72
16:32 kuggah one minute its my torrents slowing you down
16:32 h01gerup to 25/Kb/s now
16:32 h01gerdont worry
16:32 kugghehe the torrents were doing 75kb
16:32 h01gerabout to leave the house anyway..
16:32 kuggok
16:49 mikapMrfai: -> i've a first, minimal and working grml-ISO built via FAI
16:51 Mrfaimikap: WOW! You may want to announce it on linux-fai-devel to get more people testing it
16:52 mikapMrfai: I'm working on some few more nifty stuff, as soon as I think i've a alpha-version for public testing I'll announce it on linux-fai-devel :)
16:53 h01germikap, its a live-cd build with fai? but no fai (config or server) on it?
16:54 h01gerkugg, nice video, though IMHO the gompiz fun and (to some degree the music too) is distracting a bit from faimond. and the fonts for the task-"stages" is too small to read it (and thus understand faimond), but thats a faimond issue..
16:54 Mrfaih01ger: as far as I understand, it's a normal grml CD build with FAI
16:55 mikaph01ger: grml will ship FAI by default with the next release, and the build-process of the live-cd is based on FAI itself; the package grml-live ships a fai-configuration (stored inside /etc/grml/fai) which provides all you need for building your own grml-CD
16:55 mikapthe script grml-live is a wrapper around the fai-buildprocess
16:55 h01germikap, and the config space where? also inside /e/g/f ?
16:55 mikapwhat's missing now is just the stuff for boot/isolinux
16:56 mikaph01ger: /etc/grml/fai/config
16:57 mikap - a listing of the directories
16:57 h01gerand FAI_CONFIG_SRC is pointing to it, so you can do fai softupdates directly? (rather s/do/show how to/ because it doesnt really make sense to just softupdate the same config...)
Action: h01ger goes out - cu
16:57 mikapI think that's the best way to provide a working setup for grml-live without clashing with a normal FAI setup
Action: h01ger is not so sure
16:58 h01gerits better to stick with defaults, but -> OUT!
16:59 mikaph01ger: fai -v -C "$FAI_CONFIG" ...; and FAI_CONFIGDIR=/etc/grml/fai/config
16:59 mikaph01ger: cu
17:02 lazyb0ymikap: hmm, so grml can replicate itself then, I guess? (from a live cd, even?)
17:03 mikaplazyb0y: yes (from the live-system isn't tested yet, but it's supposed to be working then, yes)
17:03 lazyb0ymikap: very very cool!
17:03 mikaplazyb0y: :)
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17:26 kuggh01ger: yeah we dont even use that minifont anymore, however I think for the music and compis mumbojumbo it was all only an experiment in trying out the video tools.
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17:54 Mrfaikugg: Have a look at
17:55 kuggyeah!
Action: Mrfai prepares FAI 3.2.1. Please mail last changes until sunday night
17:56 Mrfaikugg: I reorganized the code a little bit, and changed the color of the header line. Now the name of tasks can be read better.
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17:56 kuggah great
18:00 kuggfurthermore its possible to add a 3d outline around the header
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21:11 mikapMrfai: :)
21:12 mikapI expect to be able to provide a public version of grml-live within the next few days (reducing the todolist before, see todolist at the end of
21:16 Mrfaiwe read this soon
21:17 Mrfais/we/will/
21:18 mikapok :)
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21:45 Mrfaimikap: building a chroot in /dev/shm may cause errors, if /dev/shm is mounted with nosuid. Is nosuid default? On all my machines this seems so.
21:47 Mrfaimikap: where can I find the sources of grml-live?
21:49 mikapMrfai: /dev/shm is uses only on my box and for developers currently, the first public release will use another directory of course :)
21:49 mikapMrfai:
21:50 mikapunp grml-live_0.1.tar.gz && cd grml-live_0.1 && debuild -us -uc && echo juhu :)
21:56 Mrfaidanke
21:57 mikapnp; i appreciate any feedback :)
22:13 Mrfaimikap: chroot $target = $ROOTCMD, ist aber nur kosmetik
22:13 mikapMrfai: ah, great :) thanks :)
22:16 Mrfai"$target"/etc/runlevel.conf.livecd => $target/etc/...... Die "" sind unnoetig
22:18 mikapMrfai: danke
22:18 Mrfaianstatt oefters cat > "$target"/etc/apt/preferences << EOF
22:18 mikapfcopy oder so?
22:18 Mrfaizu nutzen um neue Datein zu erzeugen, wuerde ich die Dateien in /etc/grml/config/files/etc ablegen
22:18 Mrfaiund dann ohne fcopy kopieren
22:19 mikapah ok, thx
22:19 Mrfaialso einfach cp
22:19 Mrfaifcopy ist nur sinnvoll wenn du mehrere Versionen fuer eine Dat hast, und die dann abhaengig von den FAI Klassen kopieren willst.
22:19 mikapach stimmt, thx
22:20 Mrfaiaber ablegen in files/.... ist besser als harcoded in den skripten
22:20 mikapdas heisst generell immer nur $target und nicht "$target" verwenden, oder?
22:20 Mrfaiyep
22:21 Mrfaiauch hier "" weg: rm "$target/root/grml_cleanup_chroot"
22:21 mikapdone
22:22 Mrfaifile-rc koenntest du vielleicht hier hinzufuegen: FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS=
22:23 Mrfaidann wird es schon mit debootstrap installiert und du brauchst vielleicht den hook nicht, der das jetzt installiert
22:23 mikapMrfai: ah, das wäre super
22:25 mikapdiese Dateien zum erzeugen: da source ich am besten meine zentrale konfigdatei um GRML_FAI_CONFIG=/etc/grml/fai zu erkennen und dann einfach 'cp $GRML_FAI_CONFIG/config/files/etc/...' zu machen, oder gibt's da von FAI hooks die ich nehmen könnte?
22:27 Mrfainormalerweise in /etc/fai/fai.conf ueber FAI_CONFIGDIR
22:27 mikapMrfai: hat $target eigentlich nie leerzeichen oder warum sollte ich die "" darum weglassen? (oder gehör ich jetzt schon ins bett? :))
22:28 Mrfai$target ist / oder /target
22:28 Mrfai$ROOTCMD ist chroot /target oder leer
22:28 mikapnaja, ich hab ja GRML_FAI_CONFIG=/etc/grml/fai damit es sich mit FAI nicht schlägt
22:28 mikapMrfai: hm, aber das /target kann ja "/grml/foo bar" oder so sein, oder?
22:29 Mrfaischau mal wie $FAI waehrend dirinstall definiert ist. DAnn kannst du $FAI/files nutzen
22:29 Mrfaimikap: stimmt bei dirinstall ist es nicht immer /target
22:30 Mrfaidann hoffen ich mal das keiner ein leerzeichen im directory hat.
22:30 MrfaiDAnn faellt FAI sicherlich auf die Nase
22:30 mikapMrfai: thx
22:30 mikapMrfai: ok :)
22:31 Mrfaija $FAI sollte auch bei dirinstall definiert sein
22:31 Mrfaisiehe /var/log/fai/dirinstall
22:32 mikapok, danke
22:33 Mrfaiso jezt muss ich mich aus ohr hauen. (besser als auf die Nase fallen;-)
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--- Sun Sep 16 2007

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