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06:28 oz_moin
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10:03 Winkiehey guys, i am intending to install FAI on a series of optiplex 320s, these have problems with grub and also with every systemimager kernel i've seen
10:03 Winkiedoes FAI use grub for netbooting at all?
10:05 rcyI recently did an fai install to my laptop, grub wasnt involved in the netbooting at all
10:05 Mrfaino.
10:05 MrfaiFAI is not using grub for netbooting
10:06 MrfaiFAI 3.2 (just released yesterday) uses the plain Debian kernel.
10:06 rcycan grub be configured to netboot though, out of curiousity?  can i make a grub boot disk and do a pxe boot for a nic with no bootrom?
10:07 WinkieMrfai: is that on the etch repository? I ask because i spent a week or two screwing around with systemimager and frankly while the software seemed good these Dells are AWFUL
10:07 Winkiedon't ever buy an Optiplex 320
10:08 MrfaiWinkie: fai 3.2 ist not in the etch repository. But it's tested with etch. Add this line to your sources.list and you will get FAI 3.2 for etch:
10:09 Mrfaideb etch koeln
10:09 MrfaiThe easiest way to test if FAI will boot your machine, is to use the FAI CD.
10:09 WinkieMrfai: sorry that's what i meant, whether it was in FAI's etch repository
10:09 Winkieand unfortunately we have no CD burners in this building
10:09 MrfaiI'll will upload the new ISO image in a few seconds.
10:10 MrfaiThe FAI CD is using grub, but I don't think that this is a problem.
10:10 Winkieit would be for booting these machines i think, grub simply refuses to load
10:10 Winkiebut it's fine, i can't burn it even if i wanted to
10:11 Winkieso i will proceed with netboot
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10:15 MrfaiWinkie: did you look at #419766. Also grub and optiplex 320 problem, but it seems to be a xfs problem
10:15 WinkieMrfai: which bug reference is that? link? :)
10:17 Mrfaialso look at
10:17 WinkieMrfai: indeed pci=nomsi is the only way we can get them to boot, but grub refuses to load
10:19 Winkiestill FAI looks to do exactly what we need anyway, with the added bonus that doing softupdates on lots of machines at once is slightly less painful than with systemimager :)
10:31 oz_hmpf.
Action: oz_ got problems to boot some sata raid controller
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10:47 MrfaiThe new ISO image of the FAI-CD 3.2 is available
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11:04 Winkieinteresting, i just ran fai-setup on a stock debain etch and got:
11:04 WinkieCan't call method "exists" on an undefined value at /usr/sbin/install_packages line 413, <FILE> line 36.
11:04 Winkie413 is     if ($cache->exists($pack)) { # simple package name
11:05 Winkiehmm i may be missing AptPkg::Cache
11:06 Winkieand i was, libapt-pkg-perl i think needs to be added to depends
11:14 Winkiealso getting this, no idea if it's an issue: WARNING: These unknown packages are removed from the installation list: live-initramfs
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11:33 WinkieMrfai: indeed i think live-initramfs might be important as when it boots it's complaining about missing /scripts/live
11:33 Winkiecould you help me out?
11:36 oz_Mrfai: I'll test your new image in some minutes
11:52 MrfaiWinkie: add "deb etch koeln" to /etc/fai/apt/sources.list
11:57 oz_hm. anyone suggestion how to deal with a 82801GR/GH Raid controller?
11:58 WinkieMrfai: added, will that sort out the live-initramfs issue? otherwise it seemed to be booting just fine surprisingly :)
11:59 MrfaiWinkie: yep
12:00 WinkieMrfai: excellent, it makes sense now i understand how to fix it :)
12:05 oz_621 seconds installtme with fai-cd 3.2 ;)
12:05 oz_time, even
12:07 Winkiethat's pretty impressive, i am going to batch install on at least 25 machines later i hope
12:07 Winkiei assume it's pretty easy to set up a user with customised .gconf directories with FAI etc?
12:08 MrfaiWinkie: read the FAI guide and the man pages of fcopy and ftar.
12:09 WinkieMrfai: i will be doing, thanks for the help so far FAI seems like a very nice solution, especially as it uses cfengine which has been recommended to me
12:23 WinkieMrfai: well it seems to have gotten past that stage, however i can't get it to continue, these machines have a weird issue where linux can't do anything with the second sata port and sits there soft resetting it and getting internal errors for ages
12:23 Winkieis there a way to get FAI to stream logs?
12:26 MrfaiWinkie: Did you read in the guide were the log files are written to? Do you already know how to log in the install client from remote via ssh?
12:27 MrfaiAFAIK you can specify which devices should be probe (at least with IDE this is possible)
12:29 WinkieMrfai: I read some information about it FTPing logs using a username, but i would have expected that to be part way or post install
12:29 Winkiealthough remote ssh login is interesting, i never thought of that
12:29 Winkiethe problem is that it just fills the damn screen with ata errors and i have yet to find a way to force it not to probe :(
12:32 Winkiehmm it seems to be restarting part of the install, it's not on screen long enough to see
12:37 Winkiebah, hdb=noprobe, sdb=noprobe and ata2=noprobe are no help
12:40 MrfaiBoot your install client with FAI_ACTION=sysinfo
12:42 Winkieok one sec
12:44 Winkiejust doing the same thing as usual, i'll leave it for a bit though and see what happens
12:45 Winkieit usually takes a minute or two before it gets past this with a standard debian install
12:45 Winkiebut it does eventually boot
12:48 Winkieok i figured a way to stop it i think, the bios has an option for it
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12:51 Winkieaha yes this seems to be doing it!
12:57 Winkiehmm 245s but errors
12:58 WinkieMrfai: that's gotten much further this time, only grub is having an issue booting
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13:38 WinkieMrfai: if you still have a second, could you tell me how to easily get lilo installed instead of grub and add append="pci=nomsi" to the lilo config? i'm reading through the guide now but ideally need to show my boss this booting by 4pm :)
13:39 MrfaiThere's a class called LILO. Add the class LILO, remove the class GRUB. But it did not test lilo for a long time.
13:41 Winkiei'm not entirely sure how to do that, and I assume there's no class for grub2? :)
13:41 Winkiesorry to bug you like this
13:41 Winkiei promise i'll read the documentation thoroughly, it's a very nice product you've put together here
13:42 MrfaiWinkie: have a look at class/50-host-classes. replace GRUB with LILO
13:44 Winkieaha perfect, and should i be using 'liloappend' or adding a lilo.conf?
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13:57 MrfaiI do not use lilo since several years, so you have decide by your own
13:57 Mrfaianyone interested in booting from USB stick?
13:58 Winkieno problem, i added kappend to classes/FAIBASE.var if that was the right thing to do, and the lilo config shows that it should write it but we'll see
13:58 Winkieaha it worked :)
13:58 Winkiethanks so much Mrfai
13:59 MrfaiWinkie: please don't forget the FAI questionnaire after you've finished your project
14:00 WinkieMrfai: no problem at all, i was very impressed by how much you helped
14:00 Winkiejust out of interest, what's the largest number of hosts anyone has reported?
14:05 Mrfaimore than 1000
14:05 Mrfaihave a look at
14:05 Winkiedamn that's pretty impressive :)
14:05 Winkieah nice
Action: Mrfai also has to fill out the questionnaire :-)
Action: Mrfai is looking for testers for USB stick booting
14:08 Winkiewell when i've gotten all these optiplexes working i'll be happy to help out
14:08 Winkiei've had some errors in the initial install though
14:08 Mrfaipaste your fai.log to
14:11 Winkieyou'll have to give me a minute :)
14:12 Winkieah, it would appear the only errors in curent/error.log are because of BIOS issues on this board
14:12 Winkieno actual errors involved
14:12 Mrfaiperfect
14:16 Winkieindeed i am very impressed so far
14:16 Winkiejust out of interest, i am beginning to understand how the class system works, is this purely based on hostname or can i define any neater method? the reason i ask is that half of these PCs have 4:3 screens and half have 16:10 and the 16:10s require a customised X config
14:17 Winkienow ideally i'd detect this by probing the monitor for it's make, but i assume this would be an example of a post install script and not a different class of install?
14:17 Robinayor_what?
14:17 Winkiehaha
14:17 Winkiei have identical machines
14:17 Robinayor_mhh.. fuckin' highlights
14:17 Winkieall are optiplex 320s
14:17 Winkiehowever half have 1440x900 screens
14:17 Winkieand half have 1280x1024 screens
14:17 Winkiethe 1440x900 ones need a custom X config to work (shitty dell monitors)
14:17 Winkiehow do i do this, do i make them a seperate class of install or do i write a script to alter the xconfig post install?
14:18 MrfaiWinkie:
14:19 WinkieMrfai: i saw that, but I don't think 20-hwdetect is going to detect the monitor being different is it?
14:19 Mrfaino. But there's a commandscalled dcc-probe or similar which may do this
14:19 Winkieooh i was looking for something like that
14:20 Mrfaiit's called ddcprobe
14:20 Winkieah thanks very much!
14:20 Winkiethis channel is a beacon of helpfulness :)
14:20 Mrfaiit's in the package xresprobe
14:31 meandtheshellhi folks - the current guide ( --> chapter 7.1 still mentions "/srv/fai/config/basefiles". Since yesterday, I am with FAI 3.2 on DebianGNU/Linux sid - there's no .../basefiles around here - what am I missing?
14:32 meandtheshellI guess it's per option to use it and so I have to create it on demand - yes?
14:32 Mrfaiyep. the directory basefiles is empty by default and it does no exists in the package itself
14:32 Mrfaijust mkdir it and put something into it
14:33 meandtheshellah - ok - I see - thank you
Action: Mrfai brb
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14:55 meandtheshellHow does FAI avoid that a default task is called if the corresponding hook (the hook belonging to that particular task) has already run before?
Action: meandtheshell just read about the partition.DISKLESS example (it's done there with /etc/fstab ... but what about the other hooks?)
14:59 meandtheshellsorry ... it's /tmp/fai/fstab I meant
15:04 Mrfaiyou can call skipstask <taskname> in your hook
15:09 meandtheshellok - fine
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15:51 sepskiis the fai installation supposed to remove the pxelinux config file ? or must that be done manually after the installation ?
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16:25 h01gerhi sepski!
16:25 h01ger(dunno, dont use pxe much..)
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16:33 anonicksepski, task_chboot (in usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux) tries to disable the config file using fai-chboot -vd
16:38 Winkieinteresting, it didn't disable it on mine, but then again i didn't set up any log users or anything
16:48 anonicksame here, I think defining LOGUSER (and chown'ing the config files to him) was all that was needed to enable it
17:00 sepskianonick, thanks :)
17:00 sepskih01ger, just started looking into fai. i must say it looks awsome so far :)
17:02 h01ger:)
17:05 sepskiseeing if it's going to be viable to install debian edu ltsp servers using it :)
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17:15 h01gerMrfai, see /msg
17:15 h01gerplease :)
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21:08 stockholmhi
21:09 h01gerhi stockholm
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21:30 stockholmis the beta still beta or is it released now?
21:32 stockholmi just try to use the köln developers apt-sources line to download the latest and greatest and now see that there is only the initrd deb
21:35 stockholmh01ger: ?
21:36 h01gerno idea about the koeln apt repo
21:36 h01gerbuild it from trunk :) or /tages/
21:36 h01gerit should be in sid too
21:36 stockholmwhat is the etch repository?
Action: stockholm cries
21:36 stockholmyet another hoop
21:37 stockholmi do this on a xen machine and so far about everything that could go wrong did go wrong
21:41 h01gerisnt the etch repo the uni koeln one?
21:41 h01gerbut in any case, there isnt a difference between the fai binary packages
21:41 h01gerafaik
21:41 h01ger+atm :)
21:46 stockholmh01ger: so the etch repository in köln contains the same packages (compiled for etch) then the sid one?
Action: stockholm consumes chocolate
21:46 Barbarossastockholm: May I have some?
21:47 stockholmBarbarossa: ah, you here!
Action: stockholm tosses some chocolate bits to Barbarossa
Action: Barbarossa is virtually learning for any examination at friday :-/
21:47 Barbarossathanks
21:48 stockholmi feel generous: you can have a whole chocolate byte!
21:48 BarbarossaMay I also have a nibble? ;)
21:48 stockholmsure :-)
21:48 stockholmcocolate nibbles are great
21:49 Barbarossa..oO( How did he know, that the exam is about theoretical computer science and architectures )
21:49 Barbarossa:)
21:49 BarbarossaIs this Little or Big Endian Chocolate?
21:49 stockholmthis is swedish chocolate... definetly Little endian
Action: Barbarossa is going crazy about all this theory he'll most probalby never use in practice
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