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14:43 h01gerMrfai, i've just upgraded my svn copy to review it but just now i finally found the fix for a longstanding bug in anaconda, so that i - for today - rather continue to use fai 3.1.8 - maybe later today i'll look at trunk and at latest tomorrow. i want to use something trunk-based...
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14:46 Mrfaih01ger: I hope to release FAI in a few hours. Just fixing the example log files for the guide.
14:48 MrfaiBut I can update the fai guide also after the release, if you send me patches or comments so we have a better guide for our tutorial.
Action: h01ger nods - cool
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15:05 h01gerlinda and lintian are quite verbose on 3.2~beta13 :)
15:07 Mrfaiyep, I saw it already. HAve a look at the commit mails. Fixes are now included
15:07 Mrfainot all is fixed, but some
15:08 h01ger:)
15:08 h01gerMrfai, i'd rename chapter 10.2: "using fai for online updates" -> "using fai for updates" or softupdates. but "online updates" is buzzword bingo ;)
15:09 h01ger(in the guide)
15:10 h01ger10.2.2 could have a note about "-N" - btw, what do you think about changing the default? (lots of people on the list seconded the idea..)
Action: Mrfai removed "online"
15:11 MrfaiIT's too late for changing the default of -N now. Maybe in the next release
15:11 MrfaiWe (who?) have to check if the default of -N will not load additional kernel modules in the simple examples. That's bad, if a softupdate would do this.
15:13 h01gerdoes make-fai-bootfloppy still work without fai-kernels?
15:13 h01gerMrfai, hm, good point
15:14 h01gerMrfai, but we can change 10.2.2 now to mention "-N" there :)
15:15 h01ger4.9.1 also mentions fai-kernels...
15:15 MrfaiI did not test m-f-bf, but IMO it will surely fail.
Action: h01ger nods
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15:16 Mrfai4.9.1I just writing on 4.9.1
15:17 MrfaiI have to create those problem and see how the new messages look like
15:19 meandtheshellMrfai, h01ger and other FAI experts ... I got a question - had the fcopy command been especially invented with FAI? Must be since I never stumbled across it before now ...
15:19 meandtheshellI think I need to try it in practice to fully understand its purpose ...
Action: meandtheshell skimmed over the man file for the first time --> didn't get it completely :)
15:21 h01germeandtheshell, fcopy has been written for fai, yes
15:21 h01geryou'll love it
15:21 meandtheshellh01ger: a ok - fine then - I surely will :)
15:21 h01gerwith it, you can use files/etc/apt/sources.list/CLASS
15:22 meandtheshellwell, my notion so far is that it copies "things" depending on class relations ... or so ...
15:24 meandtheshellI guess I'll go for a banana + green ginger tea break and then start to read over it again - ginger always helps the reluctant mind :)
Action: meandtheshell said and done ... off for a break
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16:06 h01gerMrfai, search for typo "teh nfsroot" in fai-guide.sgml :)
16:07 h01gerMrfai, probably also mention that live-* is not in etch but you can get it from
16:07 h01gerMrfai, and please explain -N in 10.2.2 ;)
16:07 h01ger(want a patch?)
16:08 Mrfai-N is already explained in the fai man page
Action: h01ger seufzt
Action: Mrfai seuftzt mit
16:16 h01ger"if you want to use softupdates on a system not installed with fai, the first tim eyou need to run fai with the -N switch: 'fai -N softupdate' - see fai manpage for details." - adding this at the end of 10.2.2 would be really nice. there are many people who rightfully think that reading the guide should be enough for a start..
16:18 MrfaiFAI 3.2 is finished. No more changes. Upload in a few seconds ;-)
16:18 h01gerthank you very much
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16:20 meandtheshellMrfai: congratulations folks! How long has work gone on for releasing 3.2?
16:21 MrfaiToo long ;-)
16:21 meandtheshell;-]
Action: meandtheshell checks Changelog
16:21 MrfaiNo, but I did not get much help :-(
16:21 h01gerMrfai, any objections to add the above to trunk now that 3.2 is released?
16:23 juri_mrfai: sorry, i tried. :)
16:24 MrfaiFirst I have to finish the release, means upload, updating web page,... Please send me a patch this week. I think I can update the guide in the trunk on monday. Then I have to send it to linuxhotel for printing. Do, deadline is monday for fai guide patches or comments (for the linuxhotel version)
Action: juri_ has patches to submit to qemu, xrdp, and rdesktop at the moment. behind!
16:34 MTMrfai, I'd proof-read the FAI guide this evening
16:34 MTwhat this the preferred way of reporting errors?
16:36 MrfaiMT,h01ger we should sync the patches you will create for the guide, otherwisae merging will cause problems.
16:37 MrfaiMT: if you will proof-read this evening and do not have major changes, I may include them tomorrow.
16:37 MTis h01ger doing the same at the moment?
16:37 MrfaiAfter that, h01ger may send his patches
16:37 h01gerMrfai, i just filed a bug
16:38 MTok, I'll try to finish by midnight, is that early enough for you, h01ger?
16:38 h01gerdidnt bother to create a patch, as its trivial and too much work with merging etc
16:38 h01gerMT, yes
16:38 h01gerMT, take your time
16:39 MTstill, Mrfai, do you prefer a patch for the sgml files?
16:40 MrfaiMT: this depends on the thigs changed. Inserting a few sentences is easier by just mailing it to me. A lot of samall typo fixes or similar are better to apply with a patch
16:40 MTor should I put the errors together pointing to the paragraphs/pages of the postscript file?
16:41 MTI guess it will mainly be typo fixes
Action: h01ger is a bit frustrated that Mrfai suddenly released fai, while we were talking about fixes for the fai guide, and taking some and not others...
16:41 h01gerMT, against the sgml file is better... thats the source :)
Action: MT was a bit surprised to, but no problem
16:42 MTI think it was important to release
16:42 MTbetter release often
16:42 MrfaiThe release was NOT suddenly! I announced it on aug 3 in
16:42 MTwith smaller changes
16:43 MTwell, the actual moment of the release is always a bit surprising :-)
16:43 MTh01ger, in fact this release helps getting more fixes into FAI
16:43 MTnow people will test 3.2
16:44 MTand in the meantime your patches can get included
Action: Mrfai is wondering why people didn't test 3.2beta
16:45 MTI wouldn't dare to test a beta release on my system...
Action: h01ger was busy with other stuff
16:45 h01gerMrfai, the day was not suddenly. the very moment was
16:45 MTIf FAI is broken, so is my system...
16:46 MTI would have tested the beta on one of my private machines, but didn't find the time to do the config there
16:46 MTI actually planned to test it there
16:47 Mrfainext time a counter will say: ... 3, 2, 1 meins^Wrelease ;-)
16:47 h01ger:)
Action: Mrfai is getting a huge amount of mails, that bugs where closed in FAI. Wow!
16:48 MTin earlier days, the kernel team also hoped that people would test the development releases
16:49 MTbut obviously it didn't work out, so the changed the model to release everything :-)
16:57 MTMrfai, does #434355 still apply?
16:58 MT"#434355: mkisofs recommendation should be genisoimage"
16:58 MrfaiMT: Sorry I have to leave. LEt's do this tomorrow
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17:07 meandtheshell"Do the users need a queueing system?" taken from
17:07 meandtheshellWhat exactly does "queuing system" describe here?
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