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10:08 MrfaiI think /var/lib/fai/FAI_CLASSES is the correct location
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12:51 jesper_Hi. I'm installing some extra packages by adding them to FAIBASE in the configuration, but some of them gives an ncurses-dialog for configuration. How do I stop that?
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12:53 asdfIDENTIFY
12:53 MrfaiThis should not happen. Which FAI version?
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12:56 jesper_3.1.3
12:57 jesper_Ok.. I have not added the package directly, but I've added a local meta-packages that depends on the set we want.. if that changes anything.
12:59 Mrfaiis this extra pacakge an official debian package? They should not give you a ncurses dialog if DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
13:00 Mrfaithat's what FAI is doiing
13:00 eartoast_moin
13:00 jesper_It is an official ubuntu package. nis to be precise
13:00 jesper_prompting for the nis-domain
13:01 Mrfaipromting interactivly is a violation of the policy IMO.
13:01 Mrfaithe debian packages do not do this
13:02 Mrfaibut setting up nis for a NIS master server is somewhat tricky. I'm just testing my main server upgrade including nis master, while the old server is still running and the new server will have the same hostname
13:03 jesper_It is just the nis-client.
13:03 Mrfaiworks for me with Debian without any questions.
13:05 jesper_Can I have somehow gotten the system up without setting DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive ?
13:05 MrfaiFAI will set this for you
13:07 Mrfai this is my shell script which configures nis after the packages was install by adding it to packages_config
13:07 Mrfaibut the installation does not ask anything (in Debian)
13:10 jesper_Mrfai: Thanks.
13:10 jesper_I'll try to debug some more..
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13:22 jesper_Any hints when the client has trouble accessing the NFS server?
13:23 jesper_nfs: server not responding, still trying
13:23 jesper_nfs: server OK
13:23 jesper_Stuff like that.
13:24 mxpx-hmmm had that before
13:24 MrfaiI think some timeouts. The same appears often when using the initramfs for netbooting
13:24 mxpx-not sure what it was though
13:25 mxpx-I only had it with pxe installations
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